Class on Demand Video Download: Python for Beginners

Class on Demand Video Download: Python for Beginners

Class on Demand Video Download: Python for Beginners

Class on Demand Video Download: Python for Beginners

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  • Instructor: Alex Bowers
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Create stable and functional programs with the video download Python for Beginners from Class on Demand. In this course, instructor Alex Bowers will teach you how to quickly write your first program in Python. You will also learn how to create custom modules and libraries. This comprehensive video download covers the basics of Python as well as the more advanced aspects such as debugging and handling files. The course contains 13 chapters as well as labs and code files, and even covers database operations.

Python is a functional and flexible programming language that is powerful enough for experienced programmers to use, but simple enough for beginners as well. Python is a well-developed, stable, and fun-to-use programming language that is adaptable for both small and large development projects. Python reduces development time with its simple to read syntax and easy compilation feature. Debugging your programs is easy in Python thanks to its built-in debugger.

Lessons (Run Time)

Chapter 1: Getting Started

1.1 Acquiring the Tools (13:09)
1.2 Hello World in Python (3:50)

Chapter 2: The Basics

2.1 Getting Started with Variables (6:04)
2.2 Data Types (25:33)
2.3 Arithmetic Operations (4:35)
2.4 Understanding the Order of Operators (4:42)
2.5 Comments (3:54)
2.6 Variables Scope (5:53)

Chapter 3: Conditionals

3.1 If Statements (9:11)
3.2 Else Statements (1:33)
3.3 Elif Statements (3:00)
3.4 Switch Statements Workaround (3:48)
3.5 Inline If (3:16)

Chapter 4: Looping

4.1 While Loops (3:24)
4.2 For Loops (4:31)
4.3 Try, Except, Finally (4:41)
4.4 Break, Continue and Else (3:02)

Chapter 5: Lists

5.1 A Closer Look at Lists (5:59)
5.2 Modifying Lists (8:22)
5.3 Sorting Lists (2:01)

Chapter 6: Receiving Inputs

6.1 Press Any Key To Continue (3:26)
6.2 Data Input (4:48)

Chapter 7: Predefined String Functions

7.1 Using Strings as Object (4:32)
7.2 Splitting and Joining Strings (4:22)

Chapter 8: Custom Functions

8.1 Syntax Overview (4:45)
8.2 More on Parameters (5:50)
8.3 More on Returns (4:07)

Chapter 9: Classes

9.1 Overview of Classes and Objects (4:51)
9.2 Using 'class' (4:56)
9.3 Using Methods (6:37)
9.4 Use Object Data (8:54)
9.5 Inheritance (7:07)

Chapter 10: File Handling

10.1 Opening Files (2:49)
10.2 Reading and Writing Test Files (9:59)
10.3 Reading and Writing Binary Files (7:03)

Chapter 11: Database Handling

11.1 Creating a Database (4:51)
11.2 Insert and Update Records (6:16)
11.3 Retrieve and Delete Records (8:30)

Chapter 12: Modules

12.1 Using Standard Libraries (7:59)
12.2 Creating A Module (2:09)

Chapter 13: Debugging

13.1 Dealing with Syntax Errors (3:52)
13.2 Dealing with Errors at Runtime (2:44)

About the Instructor

Alex Bowers started his programming career learning PHP and MySQL for a small project that he wanted to complete. Two years later, he had completed the project and become a bonafide PHP and MySQL expert.

Since then, Alex has dedicated his time to teaching others. He started teaching in 2009 on YouTube, under the name 'TheTutSpace', teaching PHP and MySQL. Since then he has moved on to teach jQuery, Javascript, and HTML / CSS. Alex's primary expertise is in Web development, but he has also dabbled in Android and iOS.

Alex's style is very much compatible with's mission - to provide easy to access technical education for students worldwide. Traditional classroom teaching is passé for Alex. His goal is to teach thousands of students he has never met from all countries and cultures.

Since Alex began teaching, he has been an administrator on a hugely successful forum, PHP academy. Alex has also authored and produced content for various other educational sources all over the net.
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Instructor Alex Bowers
Total Runtime 4:00:55
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