Class on Demand Video Download: Implementing Wireless Networks Using the HP ProCurve MultiService Mobility Solution (MSM)

Class on Demand Video Download: Implementing Wireless Networks Using the HP ProCurve MultiService Mobility Solution (MSM)

Class on Demand Video Download: Implementing Wireless Networks Using the HP ProCurve MultiService Mobility Solution (MSM)

Class on Demand Video Download: Implementing Wireless Networks Using the HP ProCurve MultiService Mobility Solution (MSM)


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  • Instructor: Bill Giannattasio
  • 1Description

The video download Implementing Wireless Networks using the HP ProCurve MultiService Mobility Solution (MSM) from Class on Demand is a comprehensive training course that provides the student with the knowledge to design, implement, and test a complete wireless solution using MultiService networks. This course describes how MSM wireless solutions address specific business requirements for enterprise and public access services.

Lessons (Run Time)

MSM Module 1 (00:26:44)

1.0: Course Introduction (04:19)
1.1: Wireless Networking Overview (00:33)
1.2: 802.11 Technology Basics (00:38)
1.3: Types of Access Points (02:27)
1.4: Important WLAN Product Features (04:09)
1.5: HP ProCurve MSM WLAN Product Overview (02:52)
1.6: Types of WLAN Controllers (01:04)
1.7: MultiService Mobility APs (10:42)

MSM Module 2 (00:21:59)

2.1: Wireless Network Design and Planning (00:28)
2.2: Overview of WLAN Design and Planning (04:00)
2.3: Step Details: WLAN Design and Planning (15:36)
2.4: Other Tools (01:55)

MSM Module 3 (00:35:10)

3.1: Initial Setup of HP ProCurve MSM Controller (00:21)
3.2: WLAN Scenario Using Controlled Mode with Single AP (01:01)
3.3: Configuration Overview (00:42)
3.4: Accessing the Controller GUI (14:01)
3.5: Initial Setup Differences for MSM765 Module (05:12)
3.6: AP Provisioning and Controller Discovery (13:53)

MSM Module 4 (00:20:24)

4.1: Setting Up a Basic WLAN (00:46)
4.2: Basic WLAN Scenario (01:14)
4.3: What is a VSC? (00:55)
4.4: Defining a Virtual Service Community Profile (04:50)
4.5: Implementing Groups for the APs (12:39)

MSM Module 5 (00:29:53)

5.1: Using 802.1X in the WLAN (01:11)
5.2: WLAN Scenario Using 8021.1X (03:19)
5.3: Authentication and User Data Traffic Flows (02:09)
5.4: Security Decisions (01:23)
5.5: Infrastructure Preparation (08:24)
5.6: Controller and AP Configuration (07:58)
5.7: Wireless Client Setup (05:29)

MSM Module 6 (00:17:03)

6.1: Migrating to 802.11n (00:59)
6.2: Advantages of 802.11n (01:55)
6.3: Sidebar: 802.11n Performance Consideration and Channel Bonding (01:54)
6.4: WLAN Supporting 802.11n (02:18)
6.5: Overview of Tasks for 802.11n Deployment (09:57)

MSM Module 7 (00:32:09)

7.1: Adding a Warehouse Location (01:12)
7.2: WLAN for a Warehouse Scenario (14:24)
7.3: Connectivity Challenges (07:43)
7.4: Deploying the MSM317 Access Device (08:50)

MSM Module 8 (00:23:16)

8.1: Supporting Guest Users (01:01)
8.2: WLAN Supporting Guest Users Scenario (17:55)
8.3: Guest Management Software Tutorial (04:20)

MSM Module 9 (00:24:16)

9.1: Adding Local Mesh Capability (00:31)
9.2: WLAN with Local Mesh Scenario (02:15)
9.3: Local Mesh Concepts (21:30)

MSM Module 10 (00:13:14)

10.1: Troubleshooting (00:50)
10.2: Multipath Challenges (04:27)
10.3: Hidden Node Challenge (02:33)
10.4: Spectrum Analysis (03:03)
10.5: Centralized WLAN Monitoring (01:59)
10.6: Course Conclusion (00:22)

About the Presenter

Bill Giannattasio is a Senior Network Consultant and Trainer at Versatile Communications. He is a seasoned information technology professional with extensive knowledge of ProCurve Networking by HP, Cisco, and MITEL products as well as Microsoft and UNIX/Linux operating systems.

Bill's hands-on experience includes the integration and troubleshooting of switches, routers, firewalls, wireless devices and VoIP phone systems, servers, desktop PCs, and laptops. He also has in-depth and hands-on knowledge of how to plan, map, and secure a network infrastructure. He possesses broad networking industry knowledge of companies such as Cisco, 3Com, Nortel, Intel and of emerging technologies, and his real-world experience offers him the ability to provide a wide range of customers the technical information they need on products and solutions that address alternative or competitive technologies as well as configuration considerations.

Bill has industry training and certifications in networking, security, and wireless from vendors such as ProCurve Networking by HP, Cisco, Mitel, and RedHat. He holds a Master level certification in both Secure Wireless and Convergence from ProCurve which encompasses their full range of networking products and a comprehensive, solution-oriented focus in security and wireless implementations. He also does formal platform training for a variety of technical networking courses including course topics such as Secure WAN, Convergence, Security, Mobility, and general networking.

Table of Contents
  • 1Description
Instructor Bill Giannattasio
Run Time 4:04:08
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