Digital Foci Picture Porter Advanced: Portable Digital Photo Manager (1TB HDD)

Digital Foci Picture Porter Advanced: Portable Digital Photo Manager (1TB HDD)

Digital Foci Picture Porter Advanced: Portable Digital Photo Manager (1TB HDD)

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Product Highlights

  • 1TB HDD Capacity
  • Portable Photo Backup Device
  • 5" TFT-LCD Color Screen
  • Built-In Card Reader for CF, SD, microSD
  • Supports RAW, JPG, BMP, TIF, and GIF
  • Video and Audio Recording/Playback
  • Copy To and From USB Drives
  • External Hard Drive Capabilities
  • Video Out: HDMI, Component, Composite
  • Windows, Mac, and Linux Compatible
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  • 1Description

Manage your digital media, including photos, videos, and audio files using the Picture Porter Advanced Portable Digital Photo Manager from Digital Foci. Using a built-in 1TB HDD and memory card slots, the Picture Porter Advanced is a portable battery-powered hard drive that will allow you to backup media directly from CF, SD, microSD, USB Flash Drives, and USB hard drives.

The Picture Porter Advanced supports RAW, JPG, BMP, TIF, and animated GIF files. Using its 5" LCD screen, users can easily view and manage files and folders both on the device or on any connected memory device. In addition, new folders can be created, individual or multiple files and folders can be copied, deleted, renamed, exported, added to a playlist, and more.

In addition to its photo backup, storage, and viewing capabilities, the Picture Porter Advanced also has recording and playback functions for video and audio. It can record video from a composite or component video-in signal in MP4 format at 640x480 resolution and supports H.264/AVC video playback for MTS and MP4 files at up to 720p resolution at 30 fps. Video and photo slideshows can be output from the device using HDMI, Component, or Composite cables. Audio can be recorded using the built-in mic or an external mic, and played back using the built-in speaker, or output to an external device using the included audio cables.

With compatibility for Windows, Mac, and Linux, the Picture Porter Advanced can also be used as an external hard drive when connected to a computer. It is designed for anyone who is looking to backup their media, whether working at home, on a professional job, or on vacation.

The Picture Porter Advanced operates on 100/240VAC and includes a Neoprene Carry Case with hook and loop fastener pocket, Wrist Strap, Li-Ion battery, AC adapter with USB output port, USB-to-DC Jack cable, microUSB/B to USB/A computer cable, microHDMI/D to HDMI/A TV/monitor cable, RCA x3 component video cable, RCA x1 composite video cable, RCA x2 audio cable, and a pair of earphones.

Portability & Storage Capacity
Featuring a 5" TFT-LCD screen, measuring less than 7 x 4", and under 1" thick, Picture Porter Advanced provides a very small form factor that holds a 1TB HDD.

Unlike a notebook computer which is much larger and more easily identified as a high value target for theft, Picture Porter Advanced is small enough to fit inside a camera bag or carry-on bag for safe, light-weight, and secure transport. Paired together with a Smartphone or Tablet for voice, email and Internet communications, using Picture Porter Advanced for photo backup, storage, and basic file management eliminates the need to carry a notebook computer
Backup Directly from SD, microSD, and CF Cards
Opening the protective rubber cover at the top of the device reveals a bank of memory card connectors for connection and data communication to back up the contents of a memory card to Picture Porter Advanced. SD and microSD cards, supporting all formats including SD, SDHC, and SDXC, and CF cards, including support for UDMA formats, can be used. Please be aware that only one SD or microSD card can be inserted in these slots at any time. A secondary SD card slot is available when both an SD card and microSD card need to be connected simultaneously.

Picture Porter Advanced - Backup Options
The Backup Options dialogue box provides a set of choices including accept default name for a folder to be created for quick action, renaming a folder to add important details, and select existing folder to perform incremental backup. The default folder name details the year-month-day, memory card type, and sequence number for easy identification and retrieval.

With the convenience of multiple memory card format support, it's easy to backup photos from different cameras in group situations
Incremental Backup
Using the incremental backup option allows photos from the memory card to be copied to an existing backup folder. In this process, photos on the memory card that have already been copied to the selected folder will be skipped and only the new or altered photos will be copied. This allows for new photos to be added to the memory card after doing a backup without having to back-up the entire card to a new folder and duplicating photos in the next backup
Support for USB Storage Devices
Picture Porter Advanced supports USB-Host functions that allow it to access data on connected USB storage devices. This includes both USB Flash Drives and external USB Hard Drives. This feature adds flexibility in providing a method to make secondary backups for increased data integrity or for easy sharing and distribution. Please be aware that special consideration must be taken to ensure that the USB Hard Drive can receive sufficient power to operate properly. Different USB Hard Drives have different requirements and not all models will be supported
Folder View Navigation
Folder View provides basic navigation to view files and folders on Picture Porter Advanced. It is used to view the contents of files and folders stored on Picture Porter Advanced or on any connected memory device.

For added convenience, the range of viewing options provided include Thumbnail View from smaller to larger thumbnails for quick review and search, List View that shows basic photo EXIF information, and Full Screen View for more careful review. Selection and File Management functions are also accessible in Folder View.
File Management
The File Management functions available in Folder View include (Create) New Folder, Rename, Paste, Copy, Export, Delete, and Add to Playlist. These functions can be applied to individual files/folders, or a selection of files/folders when using the Selection Mode to select multiple files/folders.

With its quick startup time, easy navigation, and these basic file management features, Picture Porter Advanced becomes a valuable timesaver by integrating into the photo workflow. Picture Porter Advanced can be used in a taxi, at the airport, or on a plane, and just about any situation where a few minutes of downtime becomes available
The Playlist feature allows for an unlimited number of unique collections that can contain photos, videos, and music to be created on Picture Porter Advanced. The files in the Playlist are selected from the files stored on Picture Porter Advanced. The Playlist playback order can be organized in a specific, desired sequence. Adding and removing files from a Playlist is easily done. For quick and easy sharing, the original files of the Playlist can be copied to a separate folder or external memory device using the Export function
The PhotoMemo feature allows audio recordings to be paired with individual photos to be played back with the photo. Using the onboard microphone or with an external microphone, it's simple to record greetings, instructions, or descriptions to individual photos. These PhotoMemo recordings can be set to automatically be played with each photo in a photo slideshow, or they can be manually chosen to playback when the photos are viewed in Full Screen Photo View. PhotoMemo recordings can be quickly removed or re-recorded
Video Record
The Video Record feature allows for live video sources to be recorded to a digital video file. The recorded files will be 640x480 pixel resolution MPEG-4 files at 30 fps. The video sources can be from composite or component video input connections
Audio Record
The Audio Record feature allows for audio memo recordings to be saved as digital audio files. This can be used to make notations or reminders or to record live audio sources like speeches or wildlife sounds. The recordings can be made through the onboard microphone or with an external microphone
Displaying Photos with Comments
When displaying photos that have text comments embedded in the photo file, Picture Porter Advanced can display this text as an overlay across the photo in Full Screen Photo View and Slideshow. This function will support the text comments method used by most online photo websites as well as photo organizer software
RAW Image Viewing, EXIF, Histogram, IPTC, and Zoom
For advanced users, Picture Porter Advanced supports RAW image display from select DSLR models, EXIF information display, Luminance Histogram display, IPTC information, and photo zooming
Display to a TV or Monitor
To share the Picture Porter Advanced display in a structured group setting, it can be connected to a large screen TV or monitor using the HDMI, Component Video, or Composite Video outputs. When connected, the display of Picture Porter Advanced will be transferred to the connected screen
User-Removable and Rechargable Li-Ion Battery
The battery used in Picture Porter Advanced is a Li-Ion battery with 3700mAh capacity at 3.7V. A single full battery is able to copy approximately 120GB when using CF cards and 76GB when using SD cards. It will be able to playback photos, videos, and music for about 4 to 4.7 hours depending on the type of storage device used.

The Picture Porter Advanced battery is user accessible, so when necessary, it is possible to bring additional batteries for long periods when there is no access to recharge the battery.

On very long trips in remote areas, it is also possible to power Picture Porter Advanced using an external battery pack with a minimum of 5V/2A output. The USB-to-DC cable that comes with Picture Porter Advanced can directly plug into the output of the USB external battery pack
Doubles As an External Hard Drive
When connected to a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, Picture Porter Advanced will be recognized by the computer as an external hard drive. Once recognized and connected, it's possible to copy files between the computer hard drive and Picture Porter Advanced
In the Box
Digital Foci Picture Porter Advanced: Portable Digital Photo Manager (1TB HDD)
  • Neoprene Carry Case with Hook and Loop Fastener Pocket
  • Wrist Strap
  • Li-Ion battery (3700mAh @ 3.7V [13.7Wh])
  • AC adapter with USB output port (5V/2.4A, 12W max.)
  • USB-to-DC Jack cable (for AC adapter)
  • microUSB/B to USB/A cable (for computer)
  • microHDMI/D to HDMI/A cable (for TV/monitor)
  • Component Video Cable (RCA to 3.5mm jack)
  • Composite Video Cable (RCA to 3.5mm jack)
  • Audio Cable (RCA to 3.5mm jack)
  • Earphones (3.5mm jack)
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty from Date of Purchase
  • Table of Contents
    • 1Description
    Display 5" TFT-LCD with 800 x 480 pixel resolution
    Viewing area: 4.3 x 2.6" (109.2 x 66.0 mm)
    Capacity 1 TB HDD
    Copy Speed CF - 1 GB in 1.2 min
    SD - 1 GB in 2.2 min
    Memory Cards Supported CF (including UDMA)
    SD and microSD (including SD / SDHC / SDXC with UHS-I)
    Copy Status Indicator Capacity to Copy, Percentage Completed, Copy Confirmation, Copy Speed, and Number of Files Copied
    Photo Viewing Options Full screen view, Zoom, Pan, Rotate, Thumbnail view, EXIF & Histogram display, Slideshow in manual or automated progression, Slideshow in sequence or random order, Slideshow Music option, IPTC information viewing, IPTC description display as comment on photo, Slideshow from Playlist, and PhotoMemo
    Image Format Support JPG (baseline), select RAW formats, BMP, TIF, Animated GIF
    Camera RAW Format Support Canon (.CR2)
    • 1D X, 1D Mark4, 1Ds, 1Ds Mark2, 1Ds Mark3, 1D Mark3, 1D Mark2N, 1D Mark2, 1D
    • 5D, 5D Mark2, 5D Mark 3
    • 6D, 7D
    • 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D, 60D, 70D
    • 1000D, 1100D, D30, D60, D400
    • 300D(Rebel), 350D(Rebel XT), 400D(Rebel Xti), 450D(Rebel XSi), 500D(T1i), 550D, 600D
    • G9, G10, G11, G1X, S90, S95, S100

      Canon (.CRW)
    • G1, G2, G3, G5, G6, G12
    • S30, S40, S45, S50, S60, S70, Pro1

      Nikon (.NEF)
    • D1, D1H, D1X
    • D2H, D2X, D2Xs
    • D3, D3S, D3x
    • D4
    • D40, D40X, D50, D60, D70, D70s, D80, D90
    • D100, D200, D300, D300S, D310, D600, D610, D700, D800, D800E (no thumbnails), D810
    • D3000, D3100, D3200, D5000, D5100, D7000, D7100
    • E5700
    • J1, V1

      Kodak (.DCR)
    • DSC Pro SLR/c, DSC, Pro SLR/n, DSC Pro 14n, P850, P880

      Kodak (.KDC)
    • Z981 (no thumbnails)

      Fuji (.RAF)
    • E550, F700, E900, S2 Pro, S3 Pro, S5 Pro, S5000, S5600, S9100, S9500, S6500fd, X100
    • Note: HS10 shows smaller preview images

      Olympus (.ORF)
    • E-1, E-3, E-20, E-30, E-300, E-330, E-410, E-500, E-510, E-550, E-620, C5050, C7070, C8080, SP500UZ, SP510, SP550
    • Note: E-5, E-400, E-420, E-P1, E-P2, E-P3, E-PL1, E-PL2, E-PL3, E-PM1, OM-D E-M1, OM-D E-M5, XSP350, XZ-1 show smaller preview images

      Minolta (.MRW)
    • DiMage 7, A1, A2, A200, DYNAX 5D, 7D, MAXXUM 5D, MAXXUM 7D, 7i, 7Hi

      Sony (.SR2)
    • DSC-R1

      Sony (.ARW)
    • Alpha A100, A200, A300, A330, A350, A550, A580, A700, A900
    • NEX-3, NEX-C3, NEX-5, NEX-5N, NEX-7

      Pentax (.ARW)
      *istD, *istDL, *istDS, K100D, K10D, K200D, K20D, K5, K7, K-r, K-x

      Panasonic (.RAW)
    • FZ50, FZ30, FZ18, Lumix-L1, LX2, L10

      Panasonic (.RW2)
    • FZ28, G1, GF1, LX3

      Leica (.RAW)
    • D-Lux3, V-Lux1

      Leica (.DNG)
    • R9, R8, M8

    • P45+, P30+, P25+, P21+, P20+

      Samsung (.DNG)
    • GX-10, Pro815


    Computer Interface USB 2.0 (with micoUSB connector)
    File Management Features Copy, Cut, Paste, Rename, Delete, Export, Create new folder, Selection for multiple items, Add to Playlist
    Playlist Features Create playlists from photos, video, and music files stored on the internal storage device. Play or view playlists in slideshow or manual view. Export original playlist files to an external memory device
    Playlist Management New Playlist, Duplicate, Rename, Export, Delete, Change Slideshow Playback Sequence
    Music Box Features Arrange music files in the MusicBox folder to be played as background music for a slideshow from any memory location (including SD, CF, and USB Flash Drives)
    PhotoMemo Features Record audio memos and announcements that are associated with specific photos and can be played back with Slideshow or activated manually
    USB Device Interface USB storage devices formatted in FAT, FAT32, or exFAT (Special power conditions required to support USB powered HDD)
    Music/Video Format Support Music: AAC, MP3, WAV
    Video: AVC/H.264 (.MTS) up to 720p/30fps, H.264 (.MP4) @ 720p/30fps
    Video Out HDMI, Component/YPbPr, Composite/analog
    Video Recording Record files from a Composite or Component Video-In signal in MP4 format (640x480 resolution)
    Audio Recording Record voice memos from the internal microphone or Line-In jack in AAC format
    Internal Speaker 8 ohms, 1 W
    Internal Microphone Unidirectional mono microphone
    Use As Portable Hard Drive to Backup Computer Data Yes
    Battery Life 3700 mAh at 3.7 V / 4 hours charging time empty to full
    Copy to Device: 120 GB from CF card, 76 GB from SD card
    Slideshow Playback: 3.5 hours using HDD, 4 hours using SSD, 4.7 hours using Internal SD
    Power Input Input: 100-240 V AC
    Output: 5 V/2.4 A DC 12 W(with USB port output)
    OS Compatibility Windows Mac, and Linux (using industry standard USB Mass Storage Device driver)
    File System FAT32
    Dimensions 6.7 x 3.9 x 1.0" / 16.9 x 9.8 x 2.6 cm
    Weight 15.0 oz / 425.2 g (with hard drive and battery)
    Packaging Info
    Package Weight 2.15 lb
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 7.8 x 6.4 x 2.7"
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