Autodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Standard 2015 (Download)

Autodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Standard 2015 (Download)

Autodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Standard 2015 (Download)

B&H # AUMECSS2015 MFR # 660G1-WWR111-1001
Autodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Standard 2015 (Download)

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Product Highlights

  • Maya, MotionBuilder, Mudbox
  • Keyframe, Procedural & Scripted Tools
  • Maya nHair, nParticles & nCloth
  • Bullet Physics, Fluid Effects & Fur
  • 3D Digital Sculpting and Painting
  • Symmetrical Retopologizing for Meshes
  • Capture / Edit Character Animation Data
  • Motion Capture Data Editing and Cleanup
  • Supports Stereoscopic 3D
  • For Windows + Linux / Partial OS Support
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  • 1Description

Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Standard 2015 (Download) from Autodesk combines the animation and modeling tools of Maya with the motion capture utilities of MotionBuilder and the 3D sculpting and painting capability of Modbox. Together these applications provide a versatile solution for 3D animation being used in all sorts of contexts - from narrative production to video games. Maya and Mudbox both run on Windows, OS X, and select Linux distributions while MotionBuilder is strictly for Windows and Linux.

For more information on the individual applications in the suite, please follow the links below.

  • Maya 2015 3D Animation & Modeling Software (Download)

    Maya 2015 3D Animation and Modeling Software from Autodesk is a single user, perpetual license software download that features an assortment 3D animation tools to help with modeling, simulation, effects, rendering, and more. The software supports a variety of paradigms, including keyframe, procedural, and scripted animation.

    Dynamics and Effects

    Bifrost Procedural Effects Platform
    A separate compute application--capable of background processes--that takes inputs from Maya and returns the reaction data in order to create liquid effects procedural
    XGen Arbitrary Primitive Generator
    Helps you create curves, spheres, and custom geometry to serve as the basis for more complex forms
    Bullet Physics
    Create various rigid and soft-body collision objects, including compounds
    Maya nHair
    • Part of Nucleus, Maya's unified simulation framework
    • Bi-directionally interact with other n-modules, such as nParticles or nCloth
    • Self-collision attribute designed to recreate natural hair volume
    Maya nParticles
    • Part of Nucleus, Maya's unified simulation framework
    • Bi-directionally interact with other n-modules, such as nParticles or nCloth
    • Simulate complex 3D visual effects that are particle-based
    Maya nCloth
    • Part of Nucleus, Maya's unified simulation framework
    • Bi-directionally interact with other n-modules, such as nParticles or nCloth
    • Create realistic deformable materials
    Maya Fluid Effects
    Simulate atmospherics, liquids, and open water
    Rigid and Soft-Body Dynamics
    Using Bullet allows you to create active rigid bodies to define how soft bodies interact with rigid bodies
    Maya Fur
    Create realistic fur, short hair, wool, and grass

    3D Animation

    Geodesic Voxel Binding
    Binds geometry to joint skeletons and handles complex geometry that is not watertight
    Character Creation
    Skin, rig, and believable characters for animated video, video games, simulations, and more. You can also reuse existing characters to save time
    Camera Sequencer
    Camera placement and a non-linear editing environment allow you to cut together a scene comprised of "shots" from multiple camera angles as well as animate camera movement. Camera Sequencer can also import Final Cut Pro project files as well as cross-platform AAF interchange files

    3D Modeling

    Updated Retopology Toolset
    Designed to help you create complex UV meshes in less time, you can now create multi-threaded meshes with just a few clicks
    Polygon and Subdivision Mesh Modeling
    Build a rough polygon mesh that the software will round off into a smooth shape for you. With the selection too you can make more precise, component-level adjustments or high-level changes affecting a broad area
    OpenSubdiv Support
    A Pixel-developed technology designed to accelerate render performance in interactive workflows, using GPU and CPU parallel processing
    Surface Modeling
    Create mathematically smooth surfaces

    Pipeline Integration

    Scripting and API
    Customize your workflow with scripting, or tap into the API for even greater control
    2D and 3D Integration
    Interact with 2D and 3D objects from the same interface for a streamlined workflow
    Data and Scene Management Tools
    Tools such as File Path Editor are designed to simply media management, helping you stay on top of the large data sets associated with complex scenes
    Scene Assembly Tools
    Create large, complex worlds while expending less effort

    3D Rendering and Imaging

    A node-based editor that allows you to create realtime 3D shading effects, much of it driven procedurally
    Ptex Support
    Allows you to load Ptext texture nodes into Maya just like any other texture map
    Integrated Renderers
    Choose from a wide range of integrated renderers, choosing the parameters that best suit the requirements of your project
    Painting in Maya
    Brushed-based tool for drawing effects
    Toon Shader
    Create cartoon-style animations from 3D scenes
  • Mudbox 2015 (Download)

    Designed to enable the creation of production-ready 3D digital artwork, Autodesk Mudbox 2015 is an electronically downloaded, single-user license available in 64-bit binaries for Windows, OS X, and select Linux distributions. The software features a range of tools to aid in 3D sculpting and painting, and can be used standalone or in conjunction with other Autodesk and third-party software, in particular Maya and Photoshop. Notable enhancements for 2015 include multi-touch support as well as the ability to run on select computers with Intel HD 4000 graphics.

    What's New and Enhanced for 2015

    Symmetrical Retopologizing
    Enforce topologically symmetrical results when retopologizing meshes
    • Base symmetry on the source topology or on a local or world axis for completely symmetrical results
    • Copy painting and sculpting detail from one or both sides of the source
    • Use the new Make Symmetrical tool to make existing meshes across one or more axes without retopologizing
    Efficient Layer Grouping
    Organize Sculpt Layers and Paint Layers into layer groups to more quickly and easily identify certain layers in complex scenes
    • Toggle visibility to focus on a particular aspect of the work, or to duplicate multiple layers at once
    • Use Sculpt Layer groups to receive and store Blend Shape targets from Maya 2015 software
    • Use Paint Layer groups to manually merge layers or flatten groups on export
    Maya Interoperability for Textures
    Import and export Ptex and multitile UV textures to and from Maya
    • Single-step interoperability provides an iterative round-trip workflow between Mudbox and Maya using Ptex and multitile textures texturing methods
    • Ptex textures offer a UV-less painting workflow
    • Multitile textures enable artists to paint outside of the 0-1 UV space
    Maya Image Plane Matching
    Enjoy a more efficient multiproduct modeling workflow when using images for reference in both Maya and Mudbox software

    Set up an image plane in Maya, and use it as a reference for base mesh modeling. Then, send it to Mudbox along with the model to add finer details as part of the single-step interoperability workflow. The software retains many image plane parameter settings, so you can continue to use the same reference without the need to readjust the image to match
    Maya Blend Shape Interoperability
    Create Blend Shapes in Mudbox and merge them into a Maya scene via Layer Groups
    • Store Blend Shapes as Sculpt Layer groups in Mudbox
    • Add new targets or delete existing ones within Mudbox, and correctly update them in Maya
    • Take advantage of the intuitive Mudbox sculpting toolset to create facial shapes and carry out shot sculpting
    Texture Export and Updating
    An enhanced texture export and updating workflow enables you to set different export paths for different channels and paint layers
    • Mudbox remembers the paths, so textures can update with a single click during painting, regardless of the target downstream application or whether the shaders are supported by Mudbox
    • This capability offers greater flexibility for iterative painting workflows within custom or proprietary pipelines and reduces manual relinking, helping to increase artist productivity
    Caliper Tool for Proportional Measurement
    Measure the distance between two points on a model or along a curve
    • Gauge and maintain proper proportions during the sculpting process
    • Help to ensure that meshes match a desired real-world scale or fit with other objects or environments that may be created separately
    Support for Intel HD Graphics 4000
    Run Mudbox on certain hardware configurations with processors that employ Intel HD graphics 4000. Additionally, take advantage of a wide range of hardware to implement intuitive pen-based and multitouch workflows

    Digital Sculpting Tools

    Paint Directly Onto 3D Models
    Supports true 3D painting across multiple channels, in multiple formats
    Advanced Retopology Tools
    Create clean, production-quality meshes from scanned, imported, or sculpted data
    Texture Baking
    Create accurate normal, displacement, and ambient occlusion maps
    Interactive Control and Display
    Multitouch interaction and render-quality results in the viewport
    3D Layer Capabilities
    Experiment with design concepts and make revisions before committing
    Autodesk Interoperability
    Mudbox offers single-step interoperability with select products in Entertainment Creation Suites 2015 and enhanced Photoshop compatibility
    In-Product Community
    Access a library of free tools and communicate with peers in the Mudbox Community - accessible through the Autodesk website
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Table of Contents
  • 1Description
  • Maya 2015 3D Animation & Modeling Software (Download)
    System Requirements
    Software Operating System
    Windows Professional 64-bit: 8.1, 8, 7 SP1
    OS X: 10.8.5 or 10.9.x
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 64-bit: 6.2 WS
    Fedora 64-bit: 14
    CentOS 64-bit: 6.2

    Browser: Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox
    Hardware CPU: 64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core processor
    Graphics Hardware: Refer to the Recommended Hardware wizard at the Autodesk website
    RAM: 4 GB (8 GB recommended)
    Disk Space:4 GB for installation
    Pointing Device: Three-button mouse
  • Mudbox 2015 (Download)
    System Requirements
    Operating System Microsoft Windows Professional (64-bit): 7 (SP1), 8, and 8.1
    Apple Mac OS X: 10.8.5, 10.9.x
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux: 6.2 WS
    Fedora: 14
    CentOS: 6.2
    Browser One of the following browsers is recommended to access supplemental online content:
    Apple Safari
    Google Chrome
    Microsoft Internet Explorer
    Mozilla Firefox
    Hardware CPU: 64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core processor
    Graphics Hardware: Refer to the Recommended Hardware wizard on the Autodesk website for a detailed list of recommended systems and graphics cards
    RAM: 4 GB (8 GB or more recommended)
    Disk Space: 1 GB of free disk space for installation
    Pointing Device: Three-button mouse
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