MEPROLIGHT LTD Tru-Dot Tritium Rear Night Sight for H&K USP FS (Yellow)

BH #MEML11516YRS • MFR #ML11516Y R.S
MEPROLIGHT LTD Tru-Dot Tritium Rear Night Sight for H&K USP FS (Yellow)
Key Features
  • Replaces Stock Rear Iron Sight
  • Battery-Free Tritium Illumination
  • Fits H&K USP FS Pistols
  • Battery-Free Tritium Illumination
The fail-safe, maintenance-free yellow Tru-Dot Tritium Rear Night Sight from Meprolight does not require any external power source, and provides years of usable illumination in all weather and light conditions. It replaces the stock rear iron sights on H&K USP full-size pistols.
Special Order
Expected availability: 7-14 business days
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