Corel Painter 2015 for Windows and Mac (Academic Pricing, Download)

Corel Painter 2015 for Windows and Mac (Academic Pricing, Download)

Corel Painter 2015 for Windows and Mac (Academic Pricing, Download)

Corel Painter 2015 for Windows and Mac (Academic Pricing, Download)

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Product Highlights

  • Digital Painting and Drawing Software
  • Numerous Brushes, Paper Textures, Paints
  • Natural-Media & New Particle Brushes
  • Customizable Interface and Tool Settings
  • Cloning and Photo-Painting Tools
  • Enhanced Real-Time Preview
  • RealBristle Painting & Wacom Support
  • CPU Performance Upgrades
  • Native 64-Bit Application for Mac
  • Mac and Windows Compatibility
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  • 1Description

This download, academic license version of Corel Painter 2015 is the latest version of this advanced digital painting and drawing program that features a wealth of tools and modes designed to accurately simulate the look and feel of physical drawing and painting with the convenience and control of a computer. Painter 2015 integrates a host of modes, tools, and features to enhance the overall working process and to provide the greatest efficiency and seamlessness in how you operate within the interface.

A wide selection of customizable options are available for fine-tuning personal use in the program, including advanced brush controls for modifying parameters of existing brushes; Jitter brushes and expressions for mimicking realistic acts of randomness throughout the work; customizable surface textures; and malleable and modular interface designs for adding or removing elements as required by your own needs. This application utilizes RealBristle technology in order to emulate the most realistic appearances of materials in respect to oils, watercolors, and acrylics among other tools, and Flow Maps are available to control precisely how these different mediums interact with different surface types. For enhancing precision while working, perspective guides, reference images, and an intelligent cloning workflow can be used in order to attain realistic results akin to traditional media.

New to Painter 2015 are Particle Brushes, Universal Jitter Smoothing, customized interface palettes, and Windows tablet PC support for painting on the go. Updates include enhanced real-time effects previews, a brush tracking utility, and many new paper textures, nozzles, and images. Also, new, simplified Toolbox icons reflect the overall updated look of the program.

Painter 2015 has also optimized its cross-platform CPU performance for faster workflow, more efficient power use, and extended time between battery charges. Memory optimization can be applied to make use of all available memory in order to increase rendering and performance times, and native support is now given for 64-bit Mac and Windows operating systems. Images can be saved using a wide array of supported file types and compatibility with Adobe Photoshop file formats allows for seamless exporting of files for manipulation in other programs. Full support is also available for the entire line of Wacom tablets and pens, including multi-touch capabilities.

This educational edition of Painter 2015 is available for accredited schools, faculties, full-time or part-time registered students, academic supervisory organizations, hospitals, libraries, museums, or non-profit charitable and religious organizations. Organizations must be able to show proof of eligibility and applicable accreditation.

New and Enhanced Features

Particle Brushes
New Particle Brushes (Gravity, Spring, and Flow Brushes) offer a quick way to produce fur, smoke, hair, swirls, ribbons and other interesting and organic shapes. The brushes create chaotic or controlled strokes by originating particles from a central point and making lines and patterns as they move across the canvas. The behavior of the particles can be adjusted based on pressure, tilt, velocity, and other control factors.
Jitter Brushes and New Jitter Smoothing
Pre-built Jitter brushes are available to help mimic randomness or "happy accidents" that can occur when working with physical materials. These brushes can be further customized to create an even more organic and natural looking appearance depending on preference. New Universal Jitter Smoothing enhances the randomness and realism of your digital brushes including the new Particle Brushes.
New Custom User Interface Palette Arrangements
These customized, time-saving arrangements include new Brushes, Illustration, Cloning, and Minimal UI options that allow you to easily switch between tools and optimize your painting environment.
Enhanced Real-Time Preview of Effects
Add effects to your work and see them displayed on your canvas in real-time as they're applied. Now your entire canvas offers a world of effects experimentation--all completely in real-time.
Enhanced Brush Tracking Utility
Now you can control and customize pressure-sensitive memory to virtually any brush. A visual power curve captures every movement and every line on your canvas.
Enhanced Cross-Platform CPU Performance
Now utilizing half the power of previous versions, your laptop battery will last longer while using Painter. Experience brushes that on average now offer 40% more speed.
Native 64-Bit Application for Mac
Performance improvements for your Mac mean faster speeds when it comes to intensive operations. Zoom, rotate, transform, work with layers, and more--all without slowing down. Plus, experience improvements to brush accuracy and performance.
Real-Time Stylus & Windows Tablet PC Support
Paint on the go and find new inspiration anytime, anywhere. Plus, use the Painter Mobile for Android app and then import your work directly into Painter 2015 to add the professional finishing touches.
New Content and Toolbox Icons
Discover even more creative possibilities with new paper textures, nozzles, images, and more. Plus, discover all-new Toolbox icon updates that match the new look and feel of Painter 2015.

Other Features

Brush Search Engine
Quickly find and select the desired brush simply by typing its name or properties and Painter will find it for you. A visual preview mode ensures that the selected brush is the exact one specified.
Advanced Brush Controls
Brushes and their characteristics can be easily manipulated and optimized in a quick and intuitive manner. The program can dynamically highlight the primary parameters of each brush and then advanced edits to customize the final appearance of a brush can be made. Real time preview is available to further aid in modifying the brushes in an expedited manner.
Jitter Expression
Jitter can be applied to all Painter brushes and each brush can be further adjusted for Opacity, Grain, Size, and Angle amongst other settings. By adding Jitter to these customized brushes there is a greater element of randomness in work, making it appear more akin to physically created results.
Perspective Guides
Guides can be used on images to help accurately draw in a one-, two-, or three-point perspective. Vanishing points can be selected and individual brush strokes will automatically snap to these grids in order to realistically portray perspective. Perspective Guide presets can be saved for later use and their line colors and the number of guidelines being used can also be adjusted.
Reference Image
A reference image can be placed within the Painter interface anywhere onscreen without disrupting the workflow. This image can be visually referred to and reference colors can be sampled from it, too.
Meet the Artist Paint Jam Sessions
Online live talks are available to provide assistance and inspiration when using the program. These sessions feature live artists who offer insight and share personal experiences with using the software.
Transform Across Multiple Layers
Multiple layers can be selected and transformed in one step, helping to increasing efficiency by eliminating the need to continuously cycle through layers within a project.
Brush Sharing and Management
Individualized and custom brushes can be easily exported as a proprietary file type and then sent or shared with other users for use. When the brush's file is clicked on, it will automatically be imported into Painter for use.
RealBristle Media
RealBristle technology provides a highly realistic portrayal of traditional physical art materials, such as oils, watercolors, and more. Color intensity and shading can be controlled with each medium by adjusting the angle and pressure of the pen on your tablet.
Flow Maps
Flow Maps provide control over how the paint interacts with different canvas types when using Real Watercolor, Real Wet Oil, and Flow Particle brushes. Flow Map textures and brushes can also be personally adjusted for individualized results.
Smart Photo-Painting Tools
Photos can be transferred into paintings by hand or by using the Auto-Painting palette. This feature uses SmartStroke brush technology to intelligently follow the photo's lines and contours in order to mimic traditional procedures.
Customizable Surface Texturing
A wide range of different paper and canvas textures can be utilized and customized to best suit your own work. The extensive detailing capabilities work to produce a unique look that is based on individualized directions and afforded control.
Move and Copy Brush Variants within a Library
Different brush variants can be simply moved and copied to any category by dragging the variant within the brush selector. Updated variants and category creation also adds to a faster overall workflow.
Temporal Color Palette
The Temporal Color Palette allows you to quickly and easily change brush colors without disrupting the overall workflow. The palette is only visible for as long as you need it and then disappears, leaving an open and free workspace.
Workspace Creation and Management
Different Workspaces can be created, imported, and deleted, allowing you to select and customize the amount of tools and features visible while working. Once the settings have been fine-tuned, individual Workspaces can be exported, saved, and shared for use on different computers.
Adobe Photoshop Compatibility
Built-in Adobe compatibility works to preserve colors and layers when transferring files between Photoshop and Painter.
Wacom Multi-Touch Pen Tablet Compatibility
Full support is available for the entire Wacom product line, including Cintiq interactive pen displays and Intuous pen tablets. Wacom multi-touch support is also available and allows you to navigate throughout Painter's interface using simple finger taps on the tablet.
Corel Cinco for Painter
Corel Cinco is an app designed specifically for the iPad that works to map commonly used buttons using a tethered Wi-Fi connection. This allows you to work in Painter with one hand while also cycling through custom palettes and buttons with the other hand.
Extensive File Support
Full support is available for the following file types: PNG, PSD, TIFF (CMYK and RGB), BMP, TGA, GIF, JPEG, MOV, AVI, RIFF, PCX and FRM. Files can also be saved in the EPS format. With regard to PSD, while Corel Painter preserves layers, layer masks, alpha channels, and composite methods, layer effects and adjustment layers are not supported and should be merged or flattened in Adobe Photoshop. Corel Painter does not support LZW compressed TIFF file format. Only uncompressed TIFF files can be opened in Corel Painter.
Multi-Platform Support
The installation disc includes copies of both the Mac OS and Windows version of Painter, allowing the use of different and multiple operating systems.
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Mac System Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or 10.8 or 10.9 (with latest revision)
  • Intel Core 2 Duo
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 500 MB hard disk space for application files
  • Mouse or tablet
  • 1280 x 800 screen resolution
  • Internet connection
  • Safari v5 or higher
Windows System Requirements
  • Windows 8.1 (64-bit) or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit) with latest Service Pack installed
  • Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon 64, or AMD Opteron
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 650 MB hard disk space for application files
  • Mouse or tablet
  • 1280 x 800 screen resolution
  • Internet connection
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher
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