Bosch Access Professional Edition Software 3.0 - Basic License (1 Client, 16 Readers, 2000 Cards)

Bosch Access Professional Edition Software 3.0 - Basic License (1 Client, 16 Readers, 2000 Cards)

Bosch Access Professional Edition Software 3.0 - Basic License (1 Client, 16 Readers, 2000 Cards)

Bosch Access Professional Edition Software 3.0 - Basic License (1 Client, 16 Readers, 2000 Cards)

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The Bosch Access Professional Edition 3.0 Software with Basic License provides self-contained access control for small and medium-sized companies. It eliminates the need to install and administer a database system. The system is easy to install and use, and enables a person with minimal training to create badges and administer access rights in a very short time. Specific event logging and reporting allows you to trace who was when and where on your company’s grounds.

You can choose your readers and cards from the same bundle of devices, which are supported by Bosch’s medium to large scale BIS/ACE Access Engine systems, thereby safeguarding your investment for future extensions. Card personalization is included in Access PE, providing you with the means to design your badges to perform image acquisition with USB cameras and to use most commercially available card printers.

In addition to given standardized door models, it is possible to use extended I/O functionality to exert influence on diverse conditions while monitoring inputs or setting outputs. The Access PE offers a map viewer, which provides a graphical representation of the premises with device control directly from the map (e.g., doors opened or cameras activated). Alarm events are queued in a list and are easily located with the support of navigation maps and animated icons.

The Access PE can be extended with a Video System on purchase of an additional license. Through integrated video functionality and using the wide range of Bosch IP devices (available separately), an operator, for example, can do a video verification by comparing live streams with the database image of the person requesting for access. The Access PE alarm list shows all incoming alarms to the operator. In case of an alarm, the location map will be displayed. The icon of the device that triggered the alarm is highlighted by animation. Access PE runs on a standard PC with a Windows operating system (Windows 2008 Server, 7, XP SP2 Professional). This can be a single workstation computer or a client-server system with a central server and remote workstations.

Note: The Access PE ISO image or executable setup must be downloaded from the Bosch Security Systems online product catalog. It comprises the Access Professional Edition & Card Personalization Software.
For video integration Microsoft Windows 7 can only be used in 32-bit mode.

  • Software for access control and security management utilizing the innovative Access Modular Controller family
  • Cardholder administration of up to 2000 records in the database (expandable up to 10,000 records with additional licenses, sold separately)
  • Graphical location map with device control via both maps and device tree
  • Alarm management with details via alarm list and animated GIFs on interactive location maps
  • Video verification, video alarm verification, and video monitoring of live and recorded events
  • Includes support for 1 client, 16 readers, and 2000 cards
Access Control
  • Supports AMC access controllers (not included)
  • A wide range of pre-defined and self-explaining door models allow fast and easy hardware configuration through one-click selection of the door type, such as standard door, turnstile, elevator, with entrance / exit reader, etc.
  • Real-time activation of reader and card holder configurations in the access controllers
  • Time zone support for AMC allows installations across different time zones
  • Time schedules for time-based access permission defined per weekday including the definition of extra days, holidays, etc.
  • Time schedules for automatic activation/deactivation of cardholder settings, such as access rules, pin codes, etc.
  • Time schedules for automatic activation/deactivation of system settings, such as setting door status to permanent open from 9 am to 5 pm
  • Online swipe verification via database image automatically provided through access request
  • Supports 3 pin code types: verification with alarm code, identification pin (substitutes a card), and IDS pin to arm special areas
  • Supports card only, PIN only, and PIN or card access modes
  • Temporary activation/blocking of cardholders, either manually or time controlled
  • Definable input fields for cardholder information
  • Anti-Passback
  • Card personalization for importing cardholder images and creating your individual corporate badge designs printable on standard card printers
  • Up to three cards can be assigned to a person
  • Creation of an acknowledgment of receipt together with the print of the picture and the badge design
  • Creation of logical areas, which could be single rooms, groups of rooms, whole floors, or parking lots where access control points could be assigned to
  • Full archival and restoral of system data
  • Uses the Bosch controller family AMC digital and monitored I/Os for additional control and monitoring functions or easy intrusion features
  • Supports English, German, Dutch, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese (Brazil) languages
  • Detailed event log for recording access events
  • Integrated filter and reporting features
  • Export into standard CSV format for further processing
  • Comprehensive online help
Alarm Management
  • Access PE alarm list shows all incoming alarms to the operator
  • Alarms can be accepted by the operator
  • In case of an alarm, the location map will be displayed and the icon of the device that triggered the alarm is highlighted by animation
Additional Functionalities
  • Alarm verification provides live images caused through typical alarms around a door
  • Video playback from archives reporting on access requests or alarm situation with minimum search time
  • Live video can be selected from single camera or 2x2 matrix (quad mode)
  • Entrances from special interest can be equipped with additional video devices providing different options
  • Integrated video functionality in Access PE allows you to assign up to five cameras to a door
  • Video verification compares the person's database image with a live stream while the environment can be observed for tailgating or possible threats
  • Any violation, such as door open time exceeds, will provide alarm images for further investigation
  • Offers support for Bosch video storage systems for storing the alarm images and retrieving the alarm archives
  • In the case of alarm events, video cameras provide live images to the operator, ensuring a proper response
  • Image streams can be recorded for later analysis or used as evidence
  • The recorded streams are linked in the logbook for fast and accurate retrieval
Table of Contents
  • 1Description
Capacity 2000 (expandable up to 10,000 records with additional licenses, sold separately)
Cards per Person: up to 3
Number of Time Profiles: 255 (max)
Number of Access Authorizations 255 (max)
Number of Area/Time Authorizations: 255 (max)
Number of Access Authorizations Groups: 255 (max)
Number of Readers: 16 (expandable up to 128 with additional licenses, sold separately)
Number of Remote Workstations: 1 (expandable up to 16 with additional licenses, sold separately
Number of I/O Extension Boards per AMC: 1
Access PIN Codes: 4 to 8 digits
PIN Code Types: Verification, Identification, Arming, and Door pin
Access Modes: Card only, PIN only, and PIN or card
Card Enrollment: USB enrollment devices, AMC connected readers
Mapview Maximum Number of Maps: 128
Maximum Number of Devices: 64/map
Maximum Map Links: 64/map
Maximum Map Size: 2 MB
Map Viewer Formats: JPEG, Bitmap, PNG
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