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Altman 130W 3000K LED Worklight with Yoke Mount (Black)

Altman 130W 3000K LED Worklight with Yoke Mount (Black)
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Altman LED Worklight 3000K Overview

The black Altman 130W 3000K LED Worklight is a suitable solution for any theater space, large or small. The 3000K, 130W single point source provides 10,300 lumens with a uniform output. The Worklight comes with a metal flter frame for use with diffusion and color filters. Also, it functions as an on/off only fixture for ease of use and comes with a yoke mount.

3000K white LED light engine with CRI of 90
10,300 lumen output
Asymmetrical refector providing even, wide distribution
Convection cooled with no fans
Made in the USA
Weighs approximately 12 lb
At 4' / 1.2 m
Beam Size: 9.3 x 10' / 2.8 x 3.0 m
Illuminance: 117 fc / 1905 lux
At 6' / 1.8 m
Beam Size: 14 x 15' / 4.3 x 4.6 m
Illuminance: 79 fc / 850 lux
At 8' / 2.4 m
Beam Size: 18.7 x 20.0' / 5.7 x 6.1 m
Illuminance: 44 fc / 474 lux
At 10' / 3 m
Beam Size: 23.3 x 25.0' / 7.1 x 7.6 m
Illuminance: 28 fc / 301 lux

Altman LED Worklight 3000K Specs

ConstructionCorrosion-resistant aluminum
Light Engine130 W with LED array
Color Range3000 K white
Output10,300 lumens
CoolingConvection cooled
FinishTGIC polyester electrostatic application
Power Requirements110-277 VAC, On/Off or 0-10 V operation only
Cable5' (1.5 m) with bare ends
Weight12 lb (5.4 kg)

Altman LED Worklight 3000K Reviews

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