Sony Audio Master Suite Mac 2 - Waveform and Spectral Editing Software Bundle for OS X (Boxed)

Sony Audio Master Suite Mac 2 - Waveform and Spectral Editing Software Bundle for OS X (Boxed)

Sony Audio Master Suite Mac 2 - Waveform and Spectral Editing Software Bundle for OS X (Boxed)

Sony Audio Master Suite Mac 2 - Waveform and Spectral Editing Software Bundle for OS X (Boxed)


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  • Sound Forge Pro Mac 2.5
  • SpectraLayers Pro 3
  • Convrt Batch Processing Automation Tool
  • 25 Sony Sound Series Production Tracks
  • Mac OS X
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  • 1Description

The Audio Master Suite Mac 2 from Sony is a Mac OS X based software bundle featuring two advanced waveform and spectral editing applications, each with its own strengths that seamlessly integrate with one another. Whether the application is mixing, mastering, repair and restoration, sound design, forensics, or analysis, Sound Forge Pro Mac 2.5 and SpectraLayers Pro 3 provide a unified environment that serves to enhance creative audio design.

Additionally, the bundle includes Convrt's batch processing automation tool for mass file format conversions, plug-in signal and effects processing, and file metadata attachments including art. Also in the bundle are twenty-five production music tracks from the Sony Sound Series that can be freely chosen from the entire library and download either all at once or singly. Royalty free music beds are available in many genres including ambient/cinematic, country, electronica, jazz, news, pop, rock, urban, and world.

  • Sound Forge Pro Mac 2.5 - Digital Audio Editing Software (Download)

    Sound Forge Pro Mac 2.5 from Sony is a digital audio editor that has been rebuilt for the Mac OS X environment and provides a contemporary application that's perfect for recording, editing, processing, and rendering broadcast-quality audio master files. The software features a streamlined user interface with configurable viewing panels that allow for toggling to any view of the project in seconds, from the entire workflow, or just a specific area, even on laptops.

    Assigning hardware, metering input signals, arming tracks, and recording high-resolution, multi-channel audio is a simple and fluid process while bringing audio into a computer - up to thirty-two simultaneous channels at 24-bit/192 kHz resolution. In addition to native processes that include everything from EQ to dynamics, channel conversion and normalizing, the program includes specialized tools for carrying out repair and restoration tasks on audio files. Powered by iZotope, these plug-ins are configurable and easy to use.

    New features in version 2.5 include full bidirectional file transfer with SpectraLayers Pro 2, several event-mode improvements and expanded metering, including CALM-targeted metering. FLAC file support is now available, along with a batch processing automation application. iZotope Nectar Elements provides extensive vocal treatment, and several other plug-in tools are also added.

    What's New in Version 2.5

    Interoperability with SpectraLayers Pro 2
    • Transfer audio data between Sound Forge Pro Mac and SpectraLayers Pro 2.1
    • Open a large file in Sound Forge Pro Mac and transfer selections of any size to SpectraLayers Pro 2.1 for fast, precise editing, and then bring the result back to the source file in Sound Forge Pro Mac

    Event Mode Improvements
    • Convert regions to events
    • Lock event markers, region markers, and envelope points to events
    • Automatically ripple successive events forward in time while editing

    CALM-Targeted Metering
    • New metering options available for competing in the "Loudness Wars"
    • CALM (Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act) compliant metering features facilitate following the rules while maximizing the dynamic range potential of the audio

    FLAC file Format Support
    • Generate files in this popular lossless format that features space-saving compression and comprehensive metadata-handling capabilities

    Convert Batch Processing Automation Tool
    • Freestanding utility for mass file-format conversions, plug-in signal and effects-processing treatments, and file metadata attachments including art
    • Simply import files and create a script
    • Handles repetitive chores in the background while you continue recording and editing audio in the Sound Forge Pro Mac workspace

    Auto Trim/Crop Tool
    • Automatically remove unnecessary silence in a sound file while fading the edges of program segments in and out with user-controlled fade lengths

    Volume Plug-In
    • Modify the volume of a selection using this convenient process dialog.

    Customizable Toolbar
    • Cluster and access frequently used functions in a single convenient location

    iZotope Nectar Elements
    • Vocal treatment
    • Whether recording or mixing, get great results quickly by loading one of the style presets in genres like rock, pop, folk, soul, and voiceover and dialogue
    • Easily customize the sound by adjusting dedicated controls like Presence, Drive and Grit
    • Fix pitch problems, perform de-essing, or reduce room noise in recording using simple and intelligent controls

    Disc-at-Once CD Burning
    • Create tracks and burn a disc from a single file, or burn all open files to disc
    • Burn gapless live sets and Red Book-compliant master discs

    Wave Hammer Compressor/Limiter
    • Sound Forge original plug-in now available on the Mac
    • Sophisticated compression and volume maximization deliver master recordings with classic Sound Forge clarity and punch

    Focused Editing
    • Configurable viewing panels allow for toggling to any project view in seconds
    • Easily navigate the entire interface and work quickly, even on laptops


    User Interface

    Editor Panels
    • Two discrete audio-editor panels, each with its own overview bars, file tabs, and transport controls
    • View the panels stacked or side-by-side, and drag tabbed files between them for editing

    • Fast, sample-accurate access to numerous locations within audio files, and easy ways to define, label, edit, and export regions
    • Drop and name markers, create regions from selections, subdivide regions, loop region playback, and fine-tune selections
    • Access the Regions List tool for list-based auditioning and fine-tuning

    Event-Based Editing
    • Allows you to divide a sound file into any number of independent sections that can be arranged and rearranged on the timeline
    • Manually or automatically create events, then move, split, copy and paste, fade, crossfade, and slip/trim event contents to achieve complex edits
    • Engage legacy Sound Forge event-based editing for effortless sequencing of audio on the timeline

    Pencil Mode
    • Zoom in, enable Pencil Mode, and easily make microscopic waveform alterations
    • Great for fixing digital glitches and other unwanted artifacts

    Time Formats
    • Perform sample-accurate audio file editing in a wide range of industry-standard time formats

    Summary Information, File Properties, Statistics Tools
    • Easily view, edit, and apply file metadata
    • The Summary Information tool displays file metadata - select a field and enter the information of your choice
    • The File Properties and Statistics tools display all the important attributes of your sound files and the selections within them


    Processing Power

    • Accomplish standard peak-level normalization, or modify an audio file's dynamics directly using average RMS-level normalization - great for matching the apparent loudness of different recordings

    Zplane élastique Timestretch
    • Time-stretching engine that offers high quality, making stretching artifacts obsolete
    • Based on state-of-the-art psychoacoustic models and signal-processing theory, the result is stable timing, inter-channel phase coherence, and sample-accurate stretching
    • Achieve formant-preserving pitch shifting that avoids the pitfalls that can occur when pitching up or down
    • Choose from various stretching methods that are tailored to your source audio, including Pro, Soloist, and Efficient modes
    • Monitor and adjust settings while previewing

    • Synthesis plug-in generates basic waveforms and noise

    Channel Converter
    • Change the number of channels in an audio file, reverse the channels of a stereo file or intermix the channels of a multi-channel file to create panning scenarios

    iZotope 64-bit SRC (Sample Rate Conversion)
    • Necessary process when converting material from one sampling rate (such as 192 kHz) to another rate (such as 44.1 kHz)
    • Protects against the loss of data, aliasing, noise, and unwanted ringing artifacts, utilizing a hybrid low-pass filter along with ringing control

    • Precise control over audio heads and tails with five different fade types

    Other Processors
    • Mute, reverse, volume, mix
    • Mix clipboard contents into a sound file, applying custom crossfades and adjusting both source and destination volume levels along the way

    iZotope MBIT+ Dither (Bit Depth Conversion)
    • Dither 24-bit or higher audio tracks to 16-bit without losing quality or introducing undesirable quantization distortion
    • Employs psychoacoustic methods to distribute the noise into less audible ranges, resulting in improved sound and smoother fades
    • Specifically designed for musical program material - MBIT+ models use real music and not test tones, resulting in musical and sonically pleasing processing

    Invert / Flip
    • Reverse the phase of sound files


    Restore and Repair

    • Identifies and removes clicks, pops and digital impulse noises.
    • Set the fader to the sensitivity level you need, then count the number of clicks that are identified and repaired over time as your audio file plays

    • Easily perform noiseprint-based noise reduction
    • Click the Learn button while playing a random sample of unwanted noise contained in the target file and the processor does the rest, applying a customized noise-reduction process across the entire selection

    • Reconstructs peaks damaged by clipping at either the analog or digital stage
    • Use the level histogram to pinpoint where the damage starts
    • Set the Clipping Threshold to determine where peak re-synthesis will begin


    Mastering Audio

    Mastering EQ
    • Six-band parametric equalizer featuring four bell filters, a high shelving filter, and a low shelving filter
    • Incorporates digital precision and analog modeling, as well as real-time spectrum analysis for essential visual feedback while adjusting parameters

    Multiband Compressor
    • Adds warmth and fullness to mixes
    • Allows independent control over the dynamics of four frequency bands, and adjustable crossover points let you fine-tune the range of each band
    • Real-time spectrum analyzer shows each frequency band in its own color, in addition to the combined spectrum of all bands

    Mastering Imager
    • Precisely adjust the stereo width and focus of your master
    • Work with up to four frequency bands for independent control over stereo width by frequency
    • Visualize the stereo image with a phase/channel meter display that highlights imaging, phase and potential canceling problems

    Mastering Reverb
    • Reverb designed to add depth to dull mixes and smooth over acoustic imperfections
    • Features two processing algorithms, plate and room, and a real-time spectrum analyzer

    Mastering Limiter
    • Create louder and fuller masters by limiting the dynamic range and boosting the perceived overall level of the mix
    • IRC (Intelligent Release Control) lets you dial in both aggressive and transparent limiting, and a histogram meter helps you fine-tune the effect for the best results

    Harmonic Exciter
    • Add analog character to your masters
    • With a selection of Harmonic Exciter modes, you can easily add tube or tape saturation, accentuate even harmonics, and add punch or sparkle to your project
    • Multiband and mid/side modes give you a huge range of sonic possibilities


  • SpectraLayers Pro 3 - Advanced Audio Spectrum Editor (Boxed)

    SpectraLayers Pro 3 from Sony is an advanced spectrum editor that allows for working with the individual sounds in an audio file as if they were objects in a photograph. Using graphic representation, users can make detailed repairs with precise tools, move sounds around, reduce noise, increase clarity, or get totally creative and transform a sound file into something new and different.

    For audio mastering engineers the program provides the tools for making small fixes to radical, project-wide transformations and to also repair, filter, and remix audio. Sound designers and remix artists are able to isolate individual sounds in an audio file, selecting material by frequency, and constructing new music directly on the spectral graph. Audio archivists can make old recordings sound their best.

    And for the audio-for-video producer the software provides the tools needed to eliminate unwanted noise with extreme precision, apply bandwidth-limited noiseprints across entire files, or perform surgical cuts to remove isolated sonic events. Forensic specialists can pull out target sounds for analysis, while music and dialog extraction can be performed for replacement or rights management purposes.

    Other features of the software include Spectral Casting/Spectral Molding, a process that uses the frequency spectrum of one layer as a cast or mold for carving an impression directly into the spectrum of a second layer. Pitch correction is also possible, and interoperability with Sound Forge Pro 11 and Sound Forge Pro Mac 2 is seamless.

    What's New
    • Redesigned layers panel
    • Color-coded layers
    • Drag to re-order
    • Floating panels
    • Double-click fader reset to 0dB
    • Selection tools redesign
    • Waveform display/overview bar updates instantly while displaying graphic, color-coded information about selection range, layer program length and location, layer phase status, mute state, and marker/region positions
    • 3D Displace Mode allows for exploring the amplitude envelopes of any sound in isolation
    • Audio scrubbing
    • Engine performance upgraded
    • 24-bit/192 kHz performance
    • New preferences panel makes configuration and personalization easy
    • Hardware support including touch, trackpad, pen, Retina/high-DPI displays, and automatic detection when used with convertible laptops
    • Up to eight channels of surround sound support
    • Three-step audio extraction for quick creative deconstruction
    • Selection Tool offers four options - rectangular, elliptical, time range, and frequency range for carving precise selections from the spectral graph
    • Waveform Display shows selections, color-coded project layer content, relative amplitudes, and more
    • Time and pitch manipulation
    • Frequency range display options
    • Frequencies and noise can be drawn directly into the Spectral Display
    • Noiseprint-based noise reduction
    • Amplify, clone, and erase tools can be used to edit audio on any layer at any time
    • Transfer audio data between SpectraLayers Pro 3 and Sound Forge Pro
    • Spectral Casting / Spectral Molding uses the frequency spectrum of one layer as a mold or cast for carving an impression of its frequency signature directly into the spectrum of a second layer
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Bundle Items

Also Includes

  • Convrt Batch Processing Automation Tool
  • 25 x Sony Sound Series Production Music Tracks
Table of Contents
  • 1Description
  • Sound Forge Pro Mac 2.5 - Digital Audio Editing Software (Download)
    Processes iZotope 64-bit SRC (sample rate conversion)
    iZotope MBIT+ Dither (bit depth conversion)
    Fade in/fade out (5- curve types)
    Insert silence
    Channel converter
    Effects Mastering Effects Bundle Plug-Ins, Powered by iZotope:
    Multiband compressor

    Restore and Repair Tools Plug-Ins, Powered by iZotope:

    Nectar Elements voice processing plug-in powered by iZotope
    Zplane élastique Pro timestretch and pitch shift plug-in

    AU plug-in support
    VST plug-in support
    Real-time effects previewing
    Tools File Properties
    Media browser
    Loudness meters
    Plug-in chain
    Plug-in chooser
    Regions list
    Summary information
    Editing/Workflow Time mode
    Event mode
    Pencil mode
    Envelope mode
    Multi-channel file editing and processing
    Offline signal and effects processing
    Nondestructive signal and effects processing
    Recording/Playback Supports up to 24-bit/192 kHz, 32-channel audio
    Multi-channel audio recording
    ASIO driver support
    Auto input monitoring
    Audio threshold record triggering
    Synthesis (simple waveforms and noise)
    Timing Absolute frames
    Samples, time, seconds
    SMPTE drop/non-drop
    SMPTE EBU/film sync
    Time and frames
    Audio CD time
    Meters Peak
    True peaks
    Loudness: Momentary, short term, integrated, loudness range
    Supported File Formats Opens:


    *Supported multi-channel format
    System Requirement Intel dual core processor
    Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), 10.8 (Mountain Lion), or 10.9 (Mavericks)
    2 GB RAM
    200 MB free hard disk space for installation
  • SpectraLayers Pro 3 - Advanced Audio Spectrum Editor (Boxed)
    System Requirements Mac
    Intel Dual Core processor (Quad Core recommended)
    OS X 10.7 (Lion), 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite)
    4 GB RAM
    2 GB of free hard drive space (for temporary files)
    Core Audio compatible audio hardware
    OpenGL 3.0 compatible graphics card
    1280 x 720 display resolution

    Dual Core processor (Quad Core processor recommended)
    Windows 7 SP1, 8, 8.1, 10 (64 bit)
    4 GB RAM
    2 GB of free hard drive space (for temporary files)
    Windows compatible audio hardware
    OpenGL 3.0 compatible graphics card
    1280 x 720 display resolution
    Internet Explorer 8 or later, Firefox 10 or later, or Google Chrome 13 or later (for viewing help)
    Supported File Formats Read
    Apple Core Audio Format (.caf)
    Real Media (.rm)
    Sun (.au, .snd)
    Video (AVI, MXF, MP1, MP2, MP4, MKV, QuickTime, .vob, .wmv)
    Ogg Vorbis

    Apple Core Audio Format (.caf)
    Ogg Vorbis
    Packaging Info
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 7.5 x 5.0 x 0.1"
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