NewBlueFX Titler Pro 4 Elite (Download)

NewBlueFX Titler Pro 4 Elite (Download)

NewBlueFX Titler Pro 4 Elite (Download)

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Product Highlights

  • Use with Adobe, Apple, Avid, Blackmagic-
  • Grass Valley, and Sony Software
  • Create Professional Looking Titles
  • Over 40 Title Templates
  • 2D and 3D Titles
  • Includes 2 Additional Title Packages
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
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  • 1Description

Add professional looking titles and text to your videos inside your editing software with NewBlueFX Titler Pro 4 Elite. While titles can be created and edited inside most NLEs (Non-Linear Editing software programs), the overall selection and the manipulation options are usually lacking. Titler Pro 4 comes with over 40 built-in styles and templates for creating engaging titles in as little as 30 seconds. Those titles can then be manipulated with transitions, animations, scrolls, and other moves. Titler Pro 4 can even import PSD (Adobe Photoshop) and EPS (Encapsulate Post Script) files to use your existing image creations when making titles. 3D titles can be easily created and managed since no round-tripping between your NLE and compositing software is required. Processing efficiency also contributes to enabling real-time playback of video with your created titles.

The Titler Pro 4 Elite package includes two extra title bundles to expand on the initial Titler Pro 4 library. The GraphPax Lower 3rd package comes with 12 lower-third designs geared towards high-tech, sports, and entertainment productions. The Classics Styles Collection adds 40 color options and gradients to make flashy headlines and eye-catching titles.


Quick Edit
Manually updating your titles one by one is not only tedious, but time-consuming. Instead get instant results with the Titler Pro 4's Quick Edit workflow. Fix 10 titles at once with Quick Edit's multi-title management technology. Change templates, update graphics, and switch styles all within the Quick Edit UI.
Improves timeline performance by caching titles.
PSD Import
Import, manipulate and animate Photoshop design directly in Titler Pro 4.
Open FX Support
Add effects and transitions from OpenFX supported software.
Interface Skin Options
Choose the skin to match your NLE with 3 skin options.
Quick Edit Library and Template Adding
Explore or add design templates directly from the QuickEdit interface.
Preview and Render Quality Options
Adjust preview and render quality to maximize Titler Pro's performance.
Guidelines and Rulers
Apply guidelines and rulers for precise alignment.
Redesigned Marking Grid
Simplified marking grids to assist in title layout.
Snapping to Grid or Guideline
Snapping functionality simplifies alignment and subtle adjustments.
Text Layout Modes
Fit text to a variety of bounding boxes.
Timeline Snapping to Frames
Snap to frames for easy timeline placement.
Timeline Trim Modes
Choose the trim mode to set animations length and more.
Object Locking
Lock text and objects together for consistent movement.
Group text and paragraphs for quick adjustments.
Keyboard Shortcuts
Simplify your life with new keyboard shortcuts to quickly close, copy and more.
Bounding Box Object Masking
Set boundaries for moving text with masks.
Save Presets Library
Save custom designs in fully functional library interface.
RGB Mode in Color Picker
Find colors with HEX or RBG mode.
New Effects, Transitions, and Animations
Add more dynamic motion and energy to your titles with 16 new effects, transitions, and animations.
Drag-n-Drop Animations
Drag-n-drop animations allow you to apply rich animations without manual keyframing.
Fully GPU Accelerated
Titler Pro 4 leverages the power of your graphics card to provide the fastest performance possible. Native CUDA, OpenCL and OpenGL engines allow Titler Pro 3 to maximize the performance of your graphics card, regardless of which NLE you use.
Resolution Independent
Whether you're editing HD, 4K or 5K, Titler Pro 4 is resolution independent, so that the format you use processes in the native resolution of your project.
Full Customization
Gain complete control over timing, velocity, blending modes and more with Titler Pro 4. Save time while developing your own style by creating your own customized looks to use again and again.
Native Controls
Your NLE's native control set displays Titler Pro 4's parameters, so that you can work with the controls most familiar to you.
Shape and Texture Extrusion
Generate 3D text and logos with Titler Pro 4's shape and text extrusion feature. You can easily make custom bevels and generate standout graphics. Titler Pro 4's options beyond simple typeface and color settings create unlimited opportunities for 3D text and titles.
2D and 3D Vector Text Inlays
2D and 3D text layers combine the benefits of raster effects and 3D animations into one stunning result.
Preset Styles
Choose from a library of compelling designs with Titler Pro 4's style presets. From cinematic to lower thirds graphics, it's simple to choose the right option for your project. Customize colors, shapes, logos and animations simply and intuitively.
Import/Export Project Packages
Save out a complete project, with all relevant assets, ready for you or someone else to import and load.
XYZ Rotation
Rotation in true 3D space lets you create "deep" looks to your titles and rich animations.
Manual Keyframing
Keyframing effects lets you control effect changes over time just as you want.
Video Textures
Add video as a 3D picture-in-picture or as background element.
True Motion Blur
Use True Motion Blur to output smooth, realistic motion titles at the time of your render.
Multiple Light Sources
Light your text scene with three keyframe-controllable light sources to create the mood you need.
EPS File Support
EPS file support allows you to import vector files and extrude them for 3D logos and custom objects.
3D Impact Wide Angle
Control the scene "lens" to be an extreme wide angle for strong perspective, or flat oblique projection look.
Elastic Timeline
With the Elastic feature, make animated templates at a generic duration which adapt to any final use length.
Background Video Playback
See your animated composition directly over the video in your NLE timeline, while you compose.
Depth of Field Lens Control
Choose at what depth your text will be in focus, and what depths it will blur out of focus.
Normal Map-Textured Materials
Add a texturized normal map to your style layer to create a bump surface which reacts to light and shadow as your scene moves.
Video and Still File Export with Alpha
Export stills and video, with alpha, to deliver rendered titles to other team members or systems.
Standalone App Operation
Run Titler Pro outside your NLE for quick design work, video file exports, and title project management.
Supports Stereoscopic Workflows
Set Titler Pro to send a stereoscopic result to your NLE that supports stereoscopic workflows.
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  • 1Description
System Requirements 2 GB RAM (4 GB RAM or greater recommended for HD)
2 GHz processor (multicore or multiprocessor CPU recommended for HD)
250 MB hard-disk space for installation
512 MB or higher recommended for HD
Mac OS X v 10.6.8, v10.7.2 or later
Microsoft Windows XP (SP 3 or later)
OpenGL 2.1-capable graphics card and minimum 256MB VRAM
Windows Vista (SP 2 or later), or Windows 7
Software Compatibility Adobe After Effects 7.0+
Adobe Premiere CS6/6.5, CC
Apple Final Cut Pro X
Avid Media Composer & Symphony 6+
Black Magic DaVinci Resolve
Grass Valley EDIUS 7
Sony Vegas Pro 10+ (64-bit OpenX)
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