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PDMOVIE PD Movie Blackmagic Armor System

Key Features
  • Dual Integrated Batteries
  • Focus, Zoom, and Iris Motors Included
  • For Handheld and Tripod use
  • Selectable Modes for Lens Control
Designed to provide added functionality and improve upon the utilitarian ergonomics of your Blackmagic Cinema or 4K Production camera, the PD Movie Blackmagic Armor System from ikan provides an all-in one cage, integrated power solution, motorized focus, zoom, or iris control, and sliding baseplate solution for shooting with your Blackmagic Cinema or 4K Production camera. The PD Movie provides protection for your camera and provides attachment positions for the handgrips, which can be mounted above for handheld work or below your camera for operating on a tripod in the classic studio-style position. The handgrips feature integrated thumb wheels that control the motors, and you can select from two different speed modes.
No Longer Available
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