FileStream WinSettings Pro

FileStream WinSettings Pro
Key Features
  • Speed up Windows Startup
  • Reclaim Hard Disk Space
  • Erase Tracks for Privacy
  • Monitor & First Detect Tools
Clean your computer, protect your privacy, save space, and cut down startup time with WinSettings Pro from FileStream.
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FileStream WinSettings Pro Overview

  • 1Description
  • 2Monitor and First Detect Tools
  • 3Speed Up Windows Startup
  • 4Reclaim Hard Disk Space
  • 5Erase Tracks for Privacy
  • 6Windows Power Tools

Clean your computer, protect your privacy, save space, and cut down startup time with WinSettings Pro from FileStream.

Monitor and First Detect Tools

Auto Scan or Scan on Demand

You can set up automatic scans or scan on demand to detect any suspicious programs or activities. In Windows, programs can start via startup, scheduler, file association, or your commands. Some malicious programs put themselves into startup, scheduler, or change file association and usually make themselves hidden files. WinSettings Pro can either monitor those critical folders and registry entries, or can run on demand to scan for new tasks or services.

Delete Files on Reboot

Sometimes even when you remove the malicious program from the list, it doesn't go away. You can use the Delete File On Reboot feature to delete it for good.

Speed Up Windows Startup

Remove Startup Programs

WinSettings Pro lists all startup programs from different folders and provides detailed information on each of them for you to review. Some programs come with your computer, some come with newly installed programs, and some of them come from Internet. Too many programs starting up at the same time is the main reason why it takes forever for Windows to start up. Sometimes it's hard to remove a program because it's locked up or there is no uninstaller available. WinSettings Pro offers many ways to disable, remove, or delete these programs from Windows.

Reclaim Hard Disk Space

Remove Duplicate, Junk, and Temporary Files

Need more room on your drive? Use Junk and Duplicate Files Remover to scan your hard drives. You will be surprised how much space you can reclaim.

Review Before Delete

WinSettings Pro scans selected drives and folders, including all subfolders, for duplicate or junk files based on the criteria you specify. The duplicate files in the scan result are listed in groups with the same color for review. You have options to save or generate reports for the scan results. You also have options to move the duplicates or junk files to the Recycle Bin or to different backup folders. Or you can choose to permanently delete them from your hard disks.

Erase Tracks for Privacy

Erase Web Browser Tracks

Erase tracks such as History, Cache Files, Cookies, Passwords, History, Typed URL, and Form Data. You can do this for all web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox in one command. You also have the option to preserve stored data from your favorite sites whenever you delete your browsing history. This lets you keep any cached files or cookies used by sites in your Favorites, to avoid having them deleted.

Erase Windows Tracks

You can also clean up Windows tracks such as Auto Complete Forms, Auto Complete Passwords, Run History, Find History, Last Logon Users, and Documents Menu. Schedule auto cleanup daily, weekly, or monthly.

Windows Power Tools

Easy Access of Defrag, Fix Disk, and Repair System Files

Create easy-access icons for System Tools to increase your productivity. WinSettings Pro provides you with a quicker and easier way to access your system tools without using the Control Panel. You can create icons or menu items such as Defrag, Fix Disk, Repair System Files, Register Editor, Extended Cleanup, and Service Terminator in the System Tray.

Easy Multimedia Control

WinSettings Pro lets you customize the appearance of your Desktop with automated multimedia features like auto wallpaper changer, background music player, and screensaver control.

More Ways to Capture Your Screen

WinSettings Pro offers you 16 ways to capture all or part of your screen or just the application contents. You can save, print, email, and use them in other program.

1-Click Instant Backup

If you want to create a System Restore Point manually, you normally have to go through many steps. WinSettings Pro does the same job with one click. You can also choose to back up only your registry. Most of your settings and important information are saved in the registry.

FileStream WinSettings Pro Specs

Delivery MethodDownload
System Requirements
Supported Operating SystemsWindows 10
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows XP
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