FrameForge Previz Studio 3.6 Stereographic 3D Version Premium Edition (Download)

FrameForge Previz Studio 3.6 Stereographic 3D Version Premium Edition (Download)

FrameForge Previz Studio 3.6 Stereographic 3D Version Premium Edition (Download)


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Product Highlights

  • Create Visual Blueprint for Shoot
  • Choose From Any Aspect Ratio
  • Mimics Optical Properties of Any Camera
  • Easily Build and Dress Sets or Locations
  • Add Actors and Customize Characters
  • Actors and Props Interact
  • Add Unlimited Virtual Cameras
  • Adds Stereographic Support
  • Virtual Camera Pan/Tilt/Dolly/Roll/Crane
  • MAC and Windows Compatible
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Functionality: Stereographic 3D


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Electronic Download

Stereographic 3D

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FrameForge PV3STE-P Overview

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With Previz Studio 3.6 Stereographic 3D Version Premium Edition, from FrameForge, you are no longer limited to stick figure storyboards, hiring an artist to draw your boards, or using clip art to create your storyboards. The Previz Studio 3.6 Stereographic version allows you to use your computer to create data-rich storyboards that are optically accurate and can save you time on the shoot day because your storyboards match the real-world conditions of your location. The stereoscopic 3D edition includes physical camera support and allows you to prep your boards and shoot with 3D production in mind. It also allows you to preview your shots in a wide variety of 3D systems.

You can choose to work in any aspect ratio, and your storyboards will mimic the optical properties of any camera format from Super8 to IMAX and HD in free floating cameras. The software allows you to build and dress virtual sets and locations, add characters, and have the actors interact with props. You can add an unlimited number of cameras to your set, and the storyboards / virtual shots you create in the software match your locations. The cameras that you create in the software can pan, tilt, dolly, roll, and crane so you can tweak your shots in pre-production instead of on location. Previz Studio 3.6 Stereographic version is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

The premium version adds a variety of expansion packs, which give access to new actor faces, ethnic and period clothing styles, and a stock of 40 fully-dressed sets. Also included are themed packs relating to emergency response, crime & justice, and the military.

Previz 3.5 Advantages Over Storyboarding by Hand
  • With this FrameForge software you'll be able to easily determine whether that shot you envision is actually practical to shoot before you get to the location and realize your hand drawn storyboards don't reflect the real world. When you're working in FrameForge's optically accurate virtual space with the real constraints of your actual shooting situation--space and equipment limits, true perspective, etc.--the software guides you so that you can only prepare what is physically able to be shot.
  • You can choose to pre-visualize using virtually any camera format from Super8 to IMAX, as well as HD.
More Than Just Storyboards
In addition to choosing the angles that make up your shoot, you can add important information to the storyboards that can be shared with the crew. This information includes the type of camera, equipment needed, camera data such as focal length and camera height, dolly, and dolly track. You can produce the view of the shot that the camera will see, including movement arrows, and provide a bird's eye view of the shot complete with camera positions and what the camera angle captures.

With Previz 3.5, you can share the storyboard information, which can aid in ordering the equipment you need to pull off the shot. Another benefit is that your crew can know with a certainty which parts of the location are camera safe, and they can dress, pre-rig, and light without having to work on areas that won't be seen.
Import and Build Your Own
Previz Studio 3.5 comes with basic building blocks and hinges so you can create new objects directly in the program if you wish. However, you can import 3D objects saved in VRML or FBX (which is the standard export format for Maya, 3DS Max, and many other 3D modeling programs). You can also import Sketchup files, millions of which are freely available on the web.
Previz 3.6 3D Stereographic Edition
  • The Stereographic 3D edition incorporates the same features as the Pro version, which includes both floating and physical cameras as well as multiple floating, physical, and practical lighting sources. The physical camera and lighting fixtures allow you to know if your planned camera and lighting setups will physically fit in the location / set.
  • The Stereoscopic version also adds the ability to prep shoots using stereographic rigs with the ability to view everything in real-time stereographic 3D on-screen as you work using virtually any standard stereo display technology from anaglyph glasses, to side-by-side, checkerboard, alternating lines, or quad-buffered stereoscopic 3D. The software supports HD-SDI, so you can drive a cinema projector real-time if your computer supports it. You can use fully customizable 3D rigs, control convergence, inter-axial distance, and your depth for your target screen size.

Included Object Libraries

Actors / Characters
  • The software includes four ethnicities. Adults can be aged anywhere between 20 to 60 years old and can be made fatter. Men can be made "buff" and women can be made "busty" or "pregnant".
  • Includes 32 adults, 32 teenagers, 8 children, and 4 babies.
Hair & Clothing
  • For adults and teenagers.
  • 18 hairstyles in 10 hair colors.
  • Over 5,000 different clothing combinations and 27 MB of clothing Textures & Decals.
World-Ready Objects
FrameForge Previz Studio Pro 3.5 comes with over 1,250 World-Ready objects that the actors know how to interact with, which means that if an object has something that opens, twists, lifts, or otherwise moves, it most likely does in FrameForge. Almost all of the World-Ready objects are customizable, from changing the color of a couch to removing the top of a convertible.
  • Animals are fully posable and capable of facial expressions.
  • Included domestic animals are 3 cats, 2 dogs, 8 horses, and 2 sheep.
  • Included wild animals are Bear, Wolf, Deer, and Elk (in male and female)
Pre-Built Sets
Eight pre-built sets to get you up and working quickly.
Blueprint View
The Overhead Blueprint View displays the camera's position as well as what the camera is able to view from its position.
Data-Rich Features
  • Automatic reports of all actors visible in the shot and the camera equipment necessary.
  • Full camera information including height, focal length, angle of view, roll, tilt, and optional depth of field info.
  • Printed shots can include movement arrows and framing notations.
  • Script notes section.


The premium version adds a variety of expansion packs, which give access to new actor faces, ethnic and period clothing styles, and a stock of 40 fully-dressed sets. Also included are themed packs relating to emergency response, crime & justice, and the military.
ReelFaces Expansion Pack
  • This Expansion pack consist of men and women--who can all be aged up to 65 years old--along with teenagers of both sexes, all with a minimum of at least 10 distinct faces in each age, sex, and ethnicity.
  • This expansion pack gives all of your actors, both the new Reel Faces actors and your existing ones, 11 new, more realistic hair styles that make use of transparencies to give a much better appearance of real hair along with over 13MB of optional hair colors and textures for even more customization.
World Clothing Expansion Pack
  • Adds 83 new ethnic and period clothing styles covering Asia, Africa, the Middle East, India, Latin America, Medieval Europe, and the American West.
  • All costumes have a variety of accouterments and user options, including hats, jackets, footwear, facial hair for the men, and over 350MB of Textures and decals, allowing you to make literally thousands of different looks.
  • Also included are appropriate bonus props and animals, including a camel, cows, a bull, and snakes.
Emergency Response Expansion Pack
  • Adds over 200 high quality objects, set pieces, and actors covering the area of Fire Departments, Hospitals, and Health & Safety.
  • It includes all thirty-two standard men and women in four ethnicities dressed as doctors, surgeons, nurses, EMTs, patients & corpses (both with openable chest and brain cavities and removable organs), firefighters in tan and black uniforms (each of which also come as "clean" or "dirty"), and hazmat specialists in four colors of hazmat suit.
  • NOTE: The Patient/Corpse actors are realistic and are supplied fully nude, so they can be "opened up" to reveal their organs, which can be removed.
  • All costumes have a variety of accouterments and user options, and there are props and equipment for anything ranging from major surgery to checking for radiation leaks. Also included are fire and water spraying objects, a highly detailed and fully functional ladder fire truck, pump truck, and both fire and hospital ambulances with fully detailed interiors.
  • There are complete sets for a surgery, hospital room, morgue, waiting room, and doctor's office in addition to two types of exterior hospital buildings and fire stations with openable doors and emergency room entrances.
Crime & Justice Expansion Pack
  • Adds over 70 high quality objects and actors covering Police, Law Enforcement, Security, the Media, and the Justice System.
  • It includes all thirty-two standard men and women in four ethnicities dressed as judges, police officers (formal and motorcycle cops are available, in addition to a beat cop with both long and short sleeves), SWAT members with six different camouflage and solid patterns, and Masked Robbers/Terrorists in both standard street clothes and a para-military jumpsuit.
  • All costumes have a variety of accouterments and user options. Also included are a police car & motorcycle; SWAT van; a multitude of props for lawyers, reporters, judges, and courtrooms; security-related props such as safes, lock picks, security cameras, keypads, and secret service-style earpieces; and hundreds of new relationships to make using these new objects a snap! Also included are a building suitable for a courtroom or police station and three new sets: Courtroom, Police "Bullpen," and Jail.
Military Expansion Pack
  • Adds over 125 high quality objects and actors covering soldiers, vehicles, and weapons of war, such as tanks and aircraft, ranging from WWII to the present.
  • It includes all thirty-two standard men and women in four ethnicities dressed in a variety of uniforms, from casual to dress pilot jackts, everyday uniforms, trench coats, and various field uniforms, all with a wide range of customization, textures, and options.
  • Also included are vehicles, including a multi-truck with options ranging from troop carrying to flat-bed loading, a Jeep, and a configurable Humvee; numerous hand-weapons and explosion objects; and uniform accouterments like campaign ribbons, marine logos, and a wide variety of hats and dress swords. And of course, there are hundreds of new relationships for all of these props, and all of the weapons have appropriate and optional muzzle flames.
Stock Sets Expansion Pack
  • Unlike the other expansion packs, this one doesn't add any new actors or objects, but instead supplies you with 40 fully dressed sets.
  • Comprising twenty-four Interiors and sixteen Exteriors, these sets are suitable for immediate use as-is, or for adaptation to more specific locales.
  • These sets include: a Residential Basement, Bathroom, Bedrooms (adult, child, Baby), Dining Room, Living Room, a variety of corridors, Cafe, Diner, Restaurants, Offices, Hotel Rooms, Urban Streets, Alleys, Inner City Basketball Court, City Streets with Bus Stops, Parks, Brownstones, Playground, Country Roads, Residential Streets, and more.
Table of Contents
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FrameForge PV3STE-P Specs

Minimum System Requirements Computer
CPU: Dual-Core CPU or equivalent
Graphics: OpenGL Hardware Accelerated Graphics Card with 128 MB Dedicated RAM
RAM: 1 GB Disk Space: 750 MB

Mac: OS X 10.6 or later
Windows: XP through Windows 8

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