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u-he Uhbik FX Plug-In Bundle (Download)

BH #UHUFXB9SC • MFR #10-12084
u-he Uhbik FX Plug-In Bundle (Download)
Key Features
  • Plug-In Bundle with 9 Separate Modules
  • EQ, Phaser, Flanger, Verb, Delay & More
  • Surround Sound Compatible
  • 32- or 64-Bit Modes
The Uhbik FX Plug-In Bundle from u-he comprises nine individual software effects modules, each one suitable for use in surround sound applications. These plug-ins are available in 32- and 64-bit platforms, offer compatibility with AU, VST2, or AAX hosts, and are completely safe—if used as directed.
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u-he UHBIK FX Overview

  • 1Description
  • 2Uhbik-A
  • 3Uhbik-D
  • 4Uhbik-F
  • 5Uhbik-G
  • 6Uhbik-P
  • 7Uhbik-Q
  • 8Runciter
  • 9Uhbik-S
  • 10Uhbik-T
  • 11Optional Surround Processing
  • 12Bass Sanctuary

The Uhbik FX Plug-In Bundle from u-he comprises nine individual software effects modules, each one suitable for use in surround sound applications. These plug-ins are available in 32- and 64-bit platforms, offer compatibility with AU, VST2, or AAX hosts, and are completely safe—if used as directed.

A reverb module that aims to evoke ambiences as various as a simple plate, an outdoor landscape, or even a large chamber with pew-like rows of seats, Uhbik-A functions as a combination of early reflections. It combines different plate algorithms (small, direct, and open), independent control over high- and low-frequency decays, pre-delay options, diffusion possibilities, and opportunities for modulation.
This delay plug-in provides echoes with LFO modulation, multiple filtering options, and other modifiers, all of which offer, strictly speaking, the ability to travel through time-in the manner only a delay module can provide. You can also pan each of the five available independently variable echoes, as well as apply soft-clipping distortion to the module's feedback channel.
A flanger simulating two tape machines, this plug-in is capable of offering tones from dramatic jet-engine effects to classic stomp-box chorusing, and as such, is useful for creating shimmer and unsteadiness. Uhbik-F provides a mix knob for either adding or subtracting the sound of the second simulated tape-head, an auto-mix knob for controlling LFO modulation of the mix knob parameter, harmonic distortion via the drive knob, a high-pass "bass sanctuary" filter, and feedback options which simulate those of stomp-box flangers.
A granular pitch-shifting and FFT-based phase vocoder, Uhbik-G cuts audio into snippets and then plays them back at variable rates untethered to the physical limitations of its analog inspiration. It controls shift in semitone steps and can achieve reverse effects via the grain knob. Just like Uhbik-S, this module features both auto and manual reset options. In PhaseVoc mode, the plug-in becomes a vocoder whose input can be sidechained to external audio.
Uhbik-P is a phaser with the capability to deliver as many as 42 all-pass filters in series. It features controls such as a spectrum parameter (defining the center position of the comb before modulation occurs), a depth knob (controlling the amount of LFO modulation), and a high-pass "bass sanctuary" filter (maintains low-frequency stability). Similarly to the flanger, Uhbik-F features a feedback controller which, at high values, can lead to short bursts of self-oscillation.
Aiming to achieve maximum flexibility with a minimum amount of controls, Uhbik-Q is an equalizer featuring freely-tunable semi-parametric bands and four-pole filters rather than the usual two, as well as a low-shelf bass filter and two "brick-wall" cut filters.
Named after one of many Philip K. Dick characters to find himself in a parallel universe, the Runciter can likewise put you in a parallel universe of distorting filters: the state-variable principle is utilized here, providing low-, band-, and high-pass outputs all capable of being overdriven; this module pushes past authentic boundaries of common wah or envelope filters to deliver dramatic sweeps and precarious structures of personality, complete with external/MIDI knob and selector, fuzz and "colour" controls, and an envelope stage featuring a built-in generator based off input signals which can, in turn, modulate cut-off frequencies.
Uhbik-S is a frequency shifter / sideband filter for creating anything from serene rises & falls to full freak-out effects. It utilizes channel offsets, variable frequency shift and range selectors, and phase adjustments for effected signal. Phase options come with auto and manual reset to allow for further phase manipulation in real-time, if desired.
A fully modifiable tremolo which produces linear or exponential gain modulations, Uhbik-T also functions as a panner (complete with quad panning capabilities). It can modulate three parameters simultaneously (volume, stereo/surround position, and low-pass filtering) and features selectable gain laws, channel offset, haas-effect manipulation, filter attenuation, and pattern modes.
Optional Surround Processing
These plug-ins are surround-capable, able to handle up to eight channels—including quadrophonic, 5.1 and 7.1—with the option to keep the LFE or Center/LFE channels unprocessed.
Bass Sanctuary
Many of these plug-ins feature a selectable high-pass filter which keeps assignable bass frequencies from becoming over-processed; therefore, low frequencies can be kept from triggering effects best left for the mid and treble.

u-he UHBIK FX Specs

Supported Plug-In FormatsAAX (Native), AU, VST2
Standalone OperationNo
Visual Impairment SupportNo
System Requirements
OS CompatibilityWindows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
macOS 10.5 or Later
*As of August, 2019: Check with manufacturer for the most up-to-date compatibility
Memory RequirementWindows, Mac:
1 GB
Storage RequirementWindows, Mac:
30 MB
CPU RequirementMac:
Intel Dual-Core  
Display Resolution Requirement1000 x 600

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