Phase One Capture One Pro 9 (Download, Capture One 7 Express Upgrade)

Phase One Capture One Pro 9 (Download, Capture One 7 Express Upgrade)

Phase One Capture One Pro 9 (Download, Capture One 7 Express Upgrade)

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Phase One Capture One Pro 9 (Download, Capture One 7 Express Upgrade)

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Product Highlights

  • Image Processing and Raw File Conversion
  • Instant Tethered Capture and Live View
  • Catalogs and Sessions, EIP Export
  • Local Adjustment Curves and Luma Curves
  • Revised Contrast Engine, Color Edit Mask
  • Updated Brush Pack and Masking Tools
  • Keyword Tool, Sortable Keyword Libraries
  • Tethered Camera Battery Status Indicator
  • Over 400 Cameras & Raw Files Supported
  • For Mac OS X 10.10.5+ and Windows 10/8/7
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A well-rounded production and post-production application for photographers, Capture One Pro 9 from Phase One is an advanced raw conversion, photo editing, and tethered shooting solution affording extensive control throughout the photographic workflow. Updated for enhanced color handling, file management, and faster performance, version 9 sees improved processing capabilities when making local adjustments, fine-tuning color and contrast, and exporting files for a variety of final applications. Workflow enhancements give way to more efficient file tagging, through the use of configurable and sortable keywords, as well as simple additions such as a tethered camera battery status indicator. In addition to this edition's refinements, the application also supports both Catalogs and Sessions types of organization, compatibility with more than 400 individual cameras and raw file types, and rich metadata editing capabilities. Continuing its reputation as the workhorse of workflow, Capture One 9 increases the overall editing versatility and breadth in how it benefits the complete photographic process.

For fine-tuned editing, a range of curves and color tools can be used in both global and local methods, as well as reap the benefits of working with full raw color data. When files have been converted to a DNG file type, Capture One can interpret the file's colors as if it were the original file type and a revised color editor interface now enables easier masking and selection capabilities based on specific color values. Updates to selection tools now include both Airbrush and Flow tools for creating more natural masks and a Straight Line brush can also be used for more rigid applications. When saving files for the web, a redeveloped rescaling engine works to maintain the original file's sharpness and clarity at smaller re-sized resolutions. Additionally, benefitting photographers working among a team or with other editors, both Catalogs and Sessions can now be exported as convenient EIP files for simplified sharing of imagery.

This item is delivered as a download and is for users upgrading from Capture One 7 Express to Capture One Pro 9.

Capture One Pro 9 Features
  • Capture One Colors for DNG: When working with raw files that have been converted to DNG, Capture One can interpret the file's colors as if it were the original raw file rather than an adjusted or converted file.
  • Color Editor Interface: A redeveloped color editing interface incorporates a masking tool based on making specific color selections.
  • Camera Battery Status Indicator: An option that can be added to the toolbar during tethered shooting sessions, this feature provides you with a quick overview of the tethered camera's battery life as well as a warning when low battery levels are near.
  • Contrast Engine: Updated algorithms improve responsiveness and efficiency when adjusting color, saturation, and contrast values. The tool itself has also been redesigned to match the color balance tool, including the addition of handles for easier manipulation and a scalable profile to fit your workspace.
  • Export Catalogs as EIP: Simplifying multi-station editing and archiving when using a Catalog-based workflow, raw files and their adjustments can now be packed into a single EIP file for simplified exporting, archiving, and sharing with retouchers or other users.
  • Updated Brush Pack: Flow and Airbrush brushes are available for making subtle, more nuanced selections and masks for more realistic results. A Straight Line brush has also been added for working with subjects with defined straight edges.
  • Keyword and Libraries Tools: Keywords can be added to images to aid in locating specific photos within an archive, and keyword libraries are also employed to manage lists of specific keywords within a catalog or session. The library structure also helps to keep keywords consistent, and keywords can also be sorted and reordered based on personal preference.
  • Luma and Local Adjustment Curves: An addition to the curve tool palette, Luma curves can be used to adjust the contrast of an image without affecting hue or saturation. Additionally, all curves can now be applied to imagery using a local adjustment mask for refined control.
  • Rescaling Engine: An updated scaling engine benefits down-sampling imagery for web-sharing purposes and helps to maintain a higher degree of sharpness and clarity when resizing full-resolution photos to smaller, web-shareable files.
  • Three Activations: Each Capture One Pro 9 license includes three separate activations, allowing you to install the software on a home computer, a location laptop, and one other device.
The updated processing engine benefits both imaging capabilities and control as well as file handling to suit the most strenuous of tasks:
  • Color Balance: A dedicated Color Balance tool permits seamless control over hue and luminosity for shadows, mid-tones, and highlight values.
  • Dynamic Locations: Beyond just creating hot folders to save imagery, you can automate the destination of files into dedicated Import and Export workflows. Tokens can be used to extract metadata and also create multiple export threads for different sharing applications.
  • Keywords and Keyword Libraries: Keywords can be applied to imagery to aid in retrieving them from vast archives and keyword libraries offer simplified management of terms for consistency.
  • OpenCL: Image adjustments, processing, zooming, and moving about open files is accelerated through the use of dedicated graphics capabilities of your system.
  • Processing Engine: Rescaling, contrast, exposure and brightness tools, and local curves adjustments all benefit from a redeveloped processing engine for more fine-tuned control and greater responsiveness.
  • Instant Tethered Capture: When working with compatible Canon, Nikon, Sony, Mamiya-Leaf, and Phase One cameras or digital backs, tethered capture is available along with the ability to work with remote live view within the Capture One interface to aid in composing and focusing images. Capture Pilot is also supported for wirelessly sharing imagery via the dedicated iOS app or online.
A series of refinement and adjustment tools can be used to ensure a high degree of quality is attainable and controllable:
  • Clarity: Helping to improve contrast and definition, Clarity is a tool that enhances local and micro contrast values without destroying highlight and shadow details.
  • Color Management: Maintaining an accurate color workflow throughout the entire process is crucial, and Capture One helps to ensure consistent colors by producing dedicated camera profiles. For exporting images, both RGB and CMYK workflows are also supported depending on your output means.
  • Contrast and Brightness Algorithms: Updated algorithms in how contrast and brightness values are handled lend greater control over the look of imagery.
  • Lens Corrections: An extensive library of built-in lens profiles, from both manufacturers and Capture One, lets you correct distortion, chromatic aberration, and light falloff for a variety of lenses.
A series of tools and functions afford a wealth of precision and control when making local edits, selections, or masks:
  • Color Editor: For editing specific colors and hues, this tool lets you define exactly which colors to adjust and how to do it; these refinements can also be used with local adjustment masks for even finer control.
  • Dodge & Burn: Selective lightening and darkening is possible with dodge and burn controls, which can be accented through the use of opacity, flow, and airbrush modes as well as local adjustment masks and the ability to work with a file's complete raw data.
  • Focus Mask: Helping to expedite the process of determining which files are in-focus and which ones are out of focus, the Focus Mask effortlessly checks individual files to save you from having to open and manually inspect batches of files.
  • Keystone: A simple solution to correcting perspective distortions, the keystone tool lets you define areas of concern and correct them with a single click.
  • Local Curves: After selecting specific regions of an image, local curves can be used to affect contrast and brightness in the selected region without altering the rest of the photo.
Table of Contents
  • 1Description
Delivery Download
Mac System Requirements Mac OS X 10.10.5 to 10.11.x
Intel Core 2 Duo or better
4 GB of RAM (16 GB or more recommended)
10 GB of disk space
2 GB graphics or more recommended
Calibrated color monitor with 1280 x 800, 24-bit resolution at 96 dpi
Internet connection required during activation
Windows System Requirements Windows 7 SP1, 8, or 10 (64-bit versions only)
Intel Core 2 Duo or better
4 GB of RAM (16 GB or more recommended)
10 GB of disk space
2 GB graphics memory or more recommended
Calibrated color monitor with 1280 x 800, 24-bit resolution at 96 dpi
Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.6 (will be installed if not present)
PDF reader required for viewing release notes
Internet connection required during activation

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