Kawai MP11 - Professional Stage Piano

Kawai MP11 Professional Stage Piano Essentials Bundle

Kawai MP11 Professional Stage Piano Essentials Bundle

B&H # KAMP11SPK (B&H Kit)
Kawai MP11 Professional Stage Piano Essentials Bundle

Kit includes:

Kawai MP11 Professional Stage Piano Essentials Bundle Kawai MP11 - Professional Stage Piano Auray PBS-FF - Fixed Height Wood Style Piano Bench On-Stage KS7150 - Platform-Style Keyboard Stand Senal SMH-1200 - Enhanced Studio Monitor Headphones (Onyx) Kawai F-20 - Double Pedal for Kawai Digital Pianos Yamaha FC7 - Volume Control Foot Pedal

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Product Highlights

  • Kawai MP11 Professional Stage Piano
  • Kawai F-20 Double Piano Pedal
  • Fixed-Height Wood-Style Piano Bench
  • Platform-Style Keyboard Stand
  • Studio Monitor Headphones
  • Volume Control Foot Pedal
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  • 1Description

The Kawai MP11 Professional Stage Piano Essentials Bundle is a B&H Kit that comes with everything you need to get started playing on stage for performances, or in the rehearsal room. The kit comes with the Kawai MP11 Professional Stage Piano, the Kawai F-20 Double Piano Pedal, a fixed-height wood-style piano bench, platform-style keyboard stand, studio monitor headphones, and a volume control foot pedal.

  • Kawai MP11 - Professional Stage Piano

    The MP11 from Kawai is a professional stage piano that provides an excellent piano experience using a variety of concert, jazz, and pop grand pianos, along with a full-bodied traditional upright, and all appropriate for a broad range of musical styles. Sounds can be played as is, or adjusted to taste using the Virtual Technician.

    Additional sounds include authentic tine, reed, and modern electric pianos, crunchy clavs, and an electric grand, again all painstakingly sampled to preserve their characteristics and imperfections. Play them clean or apply over one-hundred different effects, including amplifier/speaker simulations that can be added as required.

    The instrument features quality strings, pads, basses, and other sounds suitable for combining with acoustic and electric pianos using splits or layers, or for simply playing solo. Each voice can be adjusted using ADSR parameters, or fattened using the parametric EQ. Connecting the included triple pedal unit provides realistic damper, sostenuto, and soft playing control.

    Professional grade XLRs are available for connecting directly to a house PA, while 1/4" connectors can be used for hooking up to personal monitors. Finished wooden side panels, gloss-black paintwork, and a raised fallboard give the instrument a distinctly visual presence, while an aluminum and steel chassis and reinforced base reassure players that the instrument is built for the rigors of the stage.

    Grand Feel (GF) wooden-key action with let-off, triple sensors, and ivory-touch surfaces
    Harmonic Imaging XL sound source with 88-key piano sampling
    40 voices, including 12 concert, jazz and pop grand piano sounds
    Vintage electric piano sounds with amplifier simulations
    Reverbs and effects all customizable
    Virtual Technician - customize virtually every element of the piano
    Up to four MIDI channels can be controlled at the same time, each with their own custom key ranges and user-definable pedal and knob CC# assignments
    Store and recall every customized sound, knob position, fader level, and adjustable parameter at the touch of a button
    USB recorder for capturing MP3 and WAV audio, plus MIDI files
    Large graphic LCD display
    Triple pedal assembly provides damper, sostenuto and soft pedal functioning, or assign a range of alternative functions to individual pedals
    Connect to a PC or Mac via USB and to favorite keyboards and modules via standard MIDI, then control both simultaneously
  • Auray PBS-FF - Fixed Height Wood Style Piano Bench

    The PBS-FF from Auray is an elegant seating accessory for use with any keyboard or piano. The traditional wood-styled piano bench features a one-inch black seat that provides comfort even after many hours spent sitting at the keyboard. The black wood grain finish provides a stylish and luxurious look that matches many pianos, keyboards, and décors.

    Classic and elegant wood-style design with black wood grain finish and black seat
    Finish matches many pianos, keyboards, and décors
    Seat consisting of one inch high-density foam cushioning provides comfort through many hours of sitting at the keyboard
    Tighten four bolts using the included wrench and the piano bench is ready to use - no other special tools required for assembly
    Sturdy construction with heavy-duty brackets and bolts supports up to 250 pounds
    UPC: 847628580596
  • On-Stage KS7150 - Platform-Style Keyboard Stand

    The KS7150 from On-Stage is a fully-adjustable platform-style keyboard stand for musicians that need to support large keyboards, electric pianos, or DJ equipment. The keyboard stand folds completely flat for easy storage and transportation. The optional KSA7500 can be purchased separately to add a second tier to the stand if desired.

    Extremely strong welded and bolted construction
    Fold-flat design for easy storage and transportation
    Great for large keyboards, electric pianos, and DJ equipment
    Optional attachment available separately to add a second tier
    Weight capacity of 230 pounds
    Adjustable height and width
    UPC: 659814358564
  • Senal SMH-1200 - Enhanced Studio Monitor Headphones (Onyx)

    The onyx version of the SMH-1200 Enhanced Studio Monitor Headphones from Senal is tuned for accurate music reproduction and studio monitoring. With a closed-back, over-the-ear, foldable design and features like interchangeable twist-locking cables, extra deep ear cushions, and a refined musical frequency response, the SMH-1200s are suitable for both audio professionals and enthusiasts.

    Using 40mm Neodymium drivers, the headphones deliver a wide frequency response of 10 to 20,000 Hz with minimal distortion, a slightly boosted low end for well-defined bass and sub-bass, a smooth and pronounced midrange, and a clear intelligible high end. The extra deep ear pads provide comfort while wearing the headphones for extended listening sessions and help passively isolate the sound from external noise.

    Physically the SMH-1200s are designed to be robust and appropriate for use with professional audio equipment such as mixing consoles and headphone amplifiers. Their 58-ohm impedance can also operate with lower-power devices such as smart phones or MP3 players for mobile listening. Color-matched elements combine for an elegant look.

    They come with two twist-lock detachable cables that can be easily swapped depending on the application. The coiled cable can extend from 4 to 10 feet and is intended for studio use. The 4-foot, tangle-free, fabric cable includes an in-line microphone for phone calls and a control button for operating smart phones and other mobile devices. A wide range of accessories is supported.

    To ensure years of reliable operation, the earcups feature wire guides to protect the cabling and maintain the performance of the SMH-1200.

    Note: Due to variations in cell phone manufacturing, the included mobile cable may not work on all models of cell phones. For full functionality on Android phones, a third-party app such as Headset Button Controller may be required.

    Tuned for Accurate Music Reproduction
    Provides a musical sound signature suitable for studio mixing and critical listening
    Slightly Boosted Low End
    Delivers well-defined bass and sub-bass frequencies without over emphasis
    Smooth Mid Range
    Articulates subtle details and production nuances in complex recordings without becoming harsh
    Clear High End
    Reproduces spatial details in the stereo image without artificial brightness and less than 0.5% distortion
    Close -Back, Circumaural Design
    Isolates the headphones from external noise and limits bleed when recording in the studio
    Extra-Deep Replaceable Ear Cushions
    Provides additional acoustic isolation and improves overall comfort during extended listening sessions
    40mm Neodymium Drivers
    Delivers a wide frequency response of 10 to 20,000 Hz with fast clearly defined transients
    Removable Locking Cable Design
    Enables fast swapping of the included 4' to 10' coiled and 4' tangle-free cables depending on the application as well as accessory attachment
    Wire Guides
    Prevent pinching and damage to the earcup cables to ensure years of reliable operation
    Coiled Cable
    Stretches from 4 to 10' and is suitable for studio use
    4-Foot Mobile Cable
    Features tangle-free fabric housing, an in-line microphone for making calls, and a control button for compatibility with smart phones and other mobile devices
    Adjustable Headband with Thick Padding
    Provides a custom secure fit and assures comfort throughout monitoring session
    Foldable Design and Included Carry/Storage Pouch
    Allows for convenient transport and storage of the headphones
    Included 1/4" Adapter
    Enables connection of the headphones to professional audio equipment such as headphone amplifiers, keyboards, drum machines, mixing consoles, and more
    UPC: 847628575394
  • Kawai F-20 - Double Pedal for Kawai Digital Pianos

    The F-20 from Kawai is an optional dual pedal assembly for the company's digital pianos. It provides both a damper pedal (with half-damper functionality) and a soft pedal in a single unit. A captive cable is used to connect the pedal assembly to the piano.

  • Yamaha FC7 - Volume Control Foot Pedal

    The FC7 is a ruggedly built volume controller pedal, and features an adjustable pedal angle, spring point adjustment, and a metal connection plate for multiple pedal cascading. All of which, combined, give the pedal a unique feel that accomodates various playing styles, and touch. A 5' cable, terminated with a 1/4" jack, is included. The FC7 can also be utilized with the Yamaha DG Series amplifiers.

    UPC: 086792581941
  • Kawai MP11 - Professional Stage Piano
    Keyboard 88 weighted keys with ivory touch key surfaces
    Grand Feel (GF) action with let-off
    Polyphony 256 maximum
    Multitimbral Modes
    Full Keyboard
    Upper Split
    Lower Split
    Zone (adjustable split point/zone range)

    Piano, E.Piano, Sub
    MIDI (Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 4
    Synthesis Method Harmonic Imaging XL (HI-LX)
    88-key sampling
    Presets 40 voices (12 x Piano, 12 x E.Piano, 16 x Sub)
    Record and Playback Internal: 10 songs, approximately 90,000-note memory - transpose songs, convert song to audio, load SMF, save SMF
    Audio: Play MP3, WAV, save MP3 /WAV, overdub, record gain
    User Memory Sounds: 40
    Setups: 208 (8 memories x 26 banks)
    Power On: 1
    Effects Reverb
    6 - room, lounge, small hall, concert hall, live hall, cathedral
    Pre delay, reverb time, reverb depth

    129 (23 categories)
    Up to 10 parameters, depending on effect type

    Amp Simulator (EP only)
    5 - S. Case, M. Stack, J. Combo, F. Bass, L. Cabi
    Drive, level, amp EQ-mid, amp EQ-hi, mid-frequency, microphone type, microphone position, ambience
    EQ Section 4-Band
    Low gain
    Mid1 gain
    Mid1 Q
    Mid1 freq
    Mid2 gain
    Mid2 Q
    Mid2 freq
    High gain
    Controllers Volume
    Line in
    Piano volume
    E.Piano volume
    Sub volume
    Control knobs A ~ D (assignable)
    Pitch bend
    Metronome Click
    1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 3/8, 6/8, 7/8, 9/8, 12/8

    100 drum patterns
    Functions Touch Curve
    6 - light+, light, normal, heavy, heavy+, off, user 1 ~ 5
    Piano - voicing, stereo width, string resonance, damper resonance, key-off effect, damper noise, hammer delay, fall-back noise, topboard, brilliance
    E.Piano/Sub - key-off noise, key-off delay

    Temperament and Tuning
    7 - equal, pure major / minor, Pythagorean, Meantone, Werkmeister, Kirnberger, user 1 ~ 2, fine tune, stretch tuning, key of temperament

    Save/Load - one sound, one setup, SMF, all sound, all setup, all backup
    Other - delete, rename, format
    Menu Options Edit
    Sound Sections
    92 parameters (reverb, EFX / AMP, sound, tuning, key setup, controllers, knob assign, virtual tech
    MIDI Zones
    62 parameters (channel / program, setup, transmit, MMC, key setup, controllers, knob assign

    50 parameters and functions - utility, pedal, MIDI, offset, user edit, reset
    Connectors Input
    2 x 1/4" TS Line
    3 x 1/4" TS Foot Control

    2 x 1/4" TS Line
    2 x XLR with ground lift switch,
    1 x 1/4" TRS Headphones (front panel)

    3 x 5-pin DIN MIDI In, MIDI Out, MIDI Thru

    1 x USB Type B to host
    1 x USB Type A to device (front panel)
    Display 128 x 64 pixel backlit LCD
    Power Requirements 120VAC, 60 Hz
    20W power consumption
    Dimensions (WxDxH) 54.3 x 18 x 7.25" (1379 x 457 x 184 mm)
    Weight 71.5 lb (32.5 kg)
    Packaging Info
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 61.0 x 24.0 x 11.5"
  • Auray PBS-FF - Fixed Height Wood Style Piano Bench
    Height 19.25" (489 mm)
    Width 22.5" (572 mm)
    Depth 13.2" (335 mm)
    Weight 13 lb (5.9 kg)
    Seat Size 22.5 x 13.2" (572 x 335 mm)
    Weight Capacity 250 lb (113.4 kg)
    Packaging Info
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 23.3 x 13.7 x 5.4"
  • On-Stage KS7150 - Platform-Style Keyboard Stand
    Construction Welded and bolted
    Finish Black
    Weight Capacity Up to 230 lb (104 kg)
    Height 26 to 43" (660 to 1092 mm)
    Width 29 to 43.5" (737 to 1105 mm)
    Depth 12.5" (318 mm)
    Weight Not specified by manufacturer
    Packaging Info
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 30.5 x 14.5 x 3.6"
  • Senal SMH-1200 - Enhanced Studio Monitor Headphones (Onyx)
    Frequency Range 10 to 20,000 Hz
    Impedance 58 Ohms ±15% (at 1,000 Hz)
    Speaker Diameter 40 mm
    Maximum Input Power 1000 mW
    Magnet Type Neodymium
    Distortion Less than 0.5% at 1,000 Hz
    Sensitivity 103 dB ±3 dB (at 1,000 Hz/mW)
    Certification CE, ROHS
    Weight 0.6 lbs (272 g)
    Packaging Info
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 9.37 x 9.213 x 3.78"
  • Kawai F-20 - Double Pedal for Kawai Digital Pianos
    Packaging Info
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 11.5 x 9.9 x 2.2"
  • Yamaha FC7 - Volume Control Foot Pedal
    Packaging Info
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 10.9 x 5.5 x 2.8"
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