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Easyrig Vario 5 Bundle with Flowcine Serene & Flowcine 2-Axis Puppeteer

Easyrig Vario 5 Bundle with Flowcine Serene & Flowcine 2-Axis Puppeteer
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Easyrig Vario 5 Overview

The Easyrig Vario 5 Bundle includes the Easyrig Vario 5 along with the Flowcine Serene pre-installed and Flowcine 2-Axis Puppeteer.

The Easyrig Vario 5 with Gimbal Rig Vest and 5” Extended Arm is a body-worn support system that is adjustable to support camera rigs weighing between 11 and 38 lb. The system works by using a suspension line to support the weight of the gimbal rig, taking the load off your shoulder, neck, and arm muscles, and distributing it across your torso. The tension line is adjustable by turning a screw in the back, letting you dial in the appropriate amount of tension for your rig. The system consists of the Cinema 3 double shoulder vest, Vario support bar, and a standard support arm. A carrying bag is included for convenient storage and transport of the Easyrig system.

The Flowcine Serene is a two-axis spring arm stabilizer that attaches at the end of the Easyrig arm. It smoothes video results by mitigating vertical vibrations induced by walking or running during a tracking shot. It also stabilizes side-to-side motion in similar tracking situations by counter-pivoting around its center axis. The Serene also allows for full use of the Easyrig spring extension for going from high to low mode.

The Serene supports rigs weighing between 11 and 44 lb, and the spring tension can be fine-tuned without the use of tools. It works well with the separately available Flowcine Gravity One, as well as other gimbal rigs like the Freefly Mövi and B-Steady.

Designed to support a handheld motorized gimbal from an EasyRig system, the 2-Axis Puppeteer from Flowcine enables smooth and vibration-free operation by removing unwanted tilt and roll axis motion caused by the EasyRig cord while walking or running. Isolating the motorized gimbal from the cord also allows you to easily tilt your motorized gimbal when shooting in follow or majestic modes, without having to fight against the tension of the EasyRig cord. The 2-Axis Puppeteer is compatible with the Freefly MoVI, DJI Ronin, and similar models when paired with the separately available top handle or handlebar grips.

Easyrig Vario 5

Load capacity of 11 to 38 lb
Adjustable line tension for different cameras and configurations
Lockable camera hook
Vest and waist belt made of breathable material

Flowcine Serene

Completely reactive at both slow and fast walking/running sequences, with push/pull forces of 1.7 to 2.6 lb, depending on the camera load and total weight of the gimbal
One-knob adjustment that will change the weight capacity of the arm from 11 to 44 lb
Adjustment is tool-free and on the fly

Easyrig Vario 5 Specs

Load Capacity11 to 38 lb (5 to 17 kg)
ArmExtended: 5" (12.7 cm)
Suspension Line (Fully Stretched)35" (88.9 cm)
Belt Size31 to 51" (80 to 130 cm)
MaterialSerene: Aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, EPDM rubber
HeightMounted: 38 to 45" (97 to 114 cm)
Folded: 24" (60 cm)
Weight30 lb (13.6 kg)
Vest, arm, and Serene pre-installed
Packaging Info
Package Weight30 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)36 x 20.8 x 13.8"

Easyrig Vario 5 Reviews

Career extender

By Will
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2022-05-22

This is great for a cinema style camera build. I fly a Arri Amira with zoom lenses, FIZ and teradek, so something in the 25lb range. This system allows for me to go hand held all day with minimal effort. I'm a large guy, 220lbs and 6' tall, and the cinema 3 vest fits me just fine with plenty of room for larger guys. These things are built like tanks, you can zip tie the bag shut and check it on airlines no problem. Easyrigs are basically career extenders that save your back.

My back says Thank You

By Tanner
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2021-07-12

Good Lord I waited too long to buy this. It's a hefty purchase (for me), but I've been spending too much money renting this same Easyrig since this particular nonsense came out. The first week I had it I was strapped to an Arri Amira and some cinema zoom lenses that would've otherwise not been possible for me to operate handheld for as long as we were shooting. Had zero issues adjusting back to my much lighter RED DSMC2 and prime lens package. I went with the Vario 5 because I knew I'd be using this Easyrig with multiple camera packages and weights. The 5 Extended Arm option was great for me because it allows me to reposition for different camera builds, center of gravities, and easily switch between shooting a balanced shoulder mount or from the hip. I chose the Cinema 3 Vest over the Gimbalrig because I like the smaller profile and it fits me better. I'm about 5'8, 160lbs, and I'm a 30-31 waist size.

Wish I had purchased 10 years ago

By Aaron
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2021-05-26

Have used now on four shoots, two all-day hand held, two Movi. At 45, I have back pain on almost any shoot where I have to go handheld for over 15 minutes with my large camera package. I had tried other rigs for the Movi, but never fully evading the 'end of the day discomfort' that was sure to show up. This package changed all of that. Of all the gear I've bought over the years, this has to be my best purchase. The impact was immediate... walked away from two 14 hour days with zero pain or stiffness. Next shoot, Stabil arm worked so well with my Movi walk-and-talk, again.. no back pain. The quality and build of this rig is top notch. Nothing overlooked, no expense spared with build quality. And to top it off... takes seconds to 'rig up' with the help of the easy lock waist belt. If I was hot, I'd easily take it off between setups. I could rig-up as late as talent walking to set which is something I could never do before with the movi and other setups. Bottom line, this rig is an investment in your future as a DP if you suffer from any kind of back pain. Wish I had purchased 10 years ago.

Best version of the EasyRig

By Carter
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2021-04-29

Unless you're doing gimbal work, this is the best EasyRig for most setups. The Vario gives the user the ability to adjust tension for a wide range of camera sizes and weights. The gimbal vest is great for waist support, much preferred over the original vest in my opinion. The 5 arm is the perfect size to get the camera off your shoulder but not be obtrusive in your environment. Only wish I bought this sooner.

Small Vest is perfect for average body builds

By Raymond
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2019-07-07

Unless you're renting in LA or NYC, it's nearly impossible to find a Vario 5 with a small operator vest. I'm 5'6, medium build (34 waist), and still need to tightly strap up on this rig. That tells me it'll fit someone taller and bigger than me. This rig is perfect for larger/heavier camera rigs and a Movi Pro. Fitted correctly, you don't feel any of the weight and I can see it working well with female operators as well. One thing Easyrig doesn't really make clear and immensely valuable to me is: The rig can quickly be raised and lowered about 5-6 inches. That might not seem like a lot but I'm short at 5'6 and the increased arm height allows me to raise the camera/Movi to film taller people without having to shoot up at them. It's just 4 screws that can be quickly adjusted within 2 minutes. Finding a proper hard case to fly with this rig is not easy/cheap. BUT the vest can be easily separated from the arm in order to make the entire rig smaller and portable. Just takes adjusting the same 4 screws. Also helpful if you want to throw on a standard/larger vest for other operators. The Serene Arm is amazing. Paired with a Movi/Ronin, proper handling, and rolling your steps, you can get some amazingly smooth footage. Remember to adjust the tension of your Serene Arm so it's parallel to the ground. Also remember to loosen the Serene Arm while traveling so you can safely bend it and make your rig smaller for packing.

Rolls Royce of Easy rigs

By Loh
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2017-05-11

Fantastic, I was mot a fan of Easy Rigs till I met the Vario 5

Waited years to get one. Should have done it sooner

By Arthur
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2022-05-10

After years of renting Easy Rigs, dealing w/ the uneasy feeling knowing that other people probably sweat in them as much as I do and not knowing how good the rental houses clean these things, I finally got around to investing in one of these. Perfect for low mode where it can hold the camera weight chest height or lower, or static shoulder shots to give the shoulder a break. I've used this countless times over the years and finally got one. Should have done it sooner. Now I gotta save up for the Stabil arm

New favorite

By Joshua
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2022-02-25

I don't know how I ever left home without it. My new favorite piece of gear.

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Are you able to adjust the extended arm? I'm 5'7 ...

Are you able to adjust the extended arm? I'm 5'7 and with the Minimax, I find myself to short for taller talent. But how comfortable is the extended arm in most cases?
Asked by: Daymian
The extended arm has a 4 inch / 20mm adjustment. The manual on the product page contains detaled instructions on all adjustmens. Click on the overview and read the manual on right side of the page.
Answered by: Gary
Date published: 2020-08-10


Is there a carrying case for this product?
Asked by: Anonymous
All Easy Rig products come with a transporter bag. Once it is in stock, we will list it In the Box.
Answered by: Dennis A L.
Date published: 2018-08-26

Hi, I'm a Movi-Pro operator and looking for a rig ...

Hi, I'm a Movi-Pro operator and looking for a rig to use it with, and separately for just the camera sometimes too. My question is, which is better, 5" arm extension or 9" arm extension? I've used an EasyRig 2, I believe, with no arm extention and it was a waste of time and energy having to hold it far out front.
Asked by: Jason
5 inches and 9 inches are not that far apart and depending on your setup, physical size and arm reach there is some overlap where either option may work for you. So to help you decide I'd look at the options like this: If you felt that the Easyrig with the standard arm was "too close" but "usable" then the 5" model will probably work for you If you felt that the standard arm was "way too close" and "completely unusable" then the 9" model is probably best.
Answered by: jabarih
Date published: 2021-08-04

For Gimbal work, MoviPro, is a 5" extended arm or ...

For Gimbal work, MoviPro, is a 5" extended arm or the 9" extended arm better? Currently shooting with a Canon C500 and want to be able to use both the Movi and without the Movi. Earlier this year I rented a friend's EasyRig 2.5 and had to push the Movi far out in front of my body, which made the EasyRig basically useless, the weight was in front of the arm.
Asked by: Jason
For gimbal work, 9" arm extensions or 5" arm extensions with Flowcine Serene stabilizer would be optimal for distance from body. If you need to do double duty, then the 5" arm may be able to work for your needs without being at the extreme ends of the standard arm or 9".
Answered by: Richard
Date published: 2021-08-03

what size bag comes with the Easyrig Vario 5 with ...

what size bag comes with the Easyrig Vario 5 with Gimbal Rig Vest and 5" Extended Arm? I see they have a few different sizes: Standard, Plus, King, Queen... ect.
Asked by: gordon
The Easyrig Vario 5 with Gimbal Rig vest and 5" Extended Arm comes in the Plus Bag.
Answered by: Joseph
Date published: 2021-02-07

is the carry bag the STANDARD, PLUS, KING, QUEEN, ...

is the carry bag the STANDARD, PLUS, KING, QUEEN, ect. size?
Asked by: gordon
The Easyrig Vario 5 with Gimbal Rig Vest and 5" Extended arm comes in the Plus Bag.
Answered by: Joseph
Date published: 2021-02-07

I will be using the Sony FX9 and the Sony A7s3. ...

I will be using the Sony FX9 and the Sony A7s3. Should I get the 5" or 9" extended arm with the Easyrig Vario 5 with STABIL G2 & Standard Gimbal Rig Vest? Small, Medium, or Large size? I am 5'7" 170 lb with 33 waist.
Asked by: Thomas
If you shoot from your shoulders, or very close to the body, stick with the standard arm. If you shoot from your shoulders, but want to have the versatility to shoot further out from your body as well. The 5" extended arm is the most popular, as it allows you to have the best of both worlds without going to the ”extreme." If you want the camera far away from your body, the 9" extended arm is mainly used for Gimbal purposes, such as a Ronin or a MöVI etc. You can not mount a Serene arm on a 9" extender. The large vest offers a waist adjustment range of 46 to 54". The medium vest offers a waist adjustment range of 33 to 47". The small vest offers a waist adjustment of 26 to 31". The standard-size Gimbal Flex Vest offers a 30 to 36" waist adjustment.
Answered by: Nicholas
Date published: 2022-05-02

Especially for documentary work, would this be a ...

Especially for documentary work, would this be a recommended option for the new Sony fx9 (with the extension unit, v-mount batteries, external monitor, etc.)?
Asked by: Chris
This system is designed to work with a camera set up between 11 to 38 pounds. Just as long as the camera rig you have set up is between 11 to 38 pounds this system will work very well.
Answered by: Joseph
Date published: 2019-12-17
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