Autodesk Maya 2016 with Basic Support (1-Year Subscription, Download)

Autodesk Maya 2016 with Basic Support (1-Year Subscription, Download)

Autodesk Maya 2016 with Basic Support (1-Year Subscription, Download)

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Product Highlights

  • Comprehensive 3D Animation Software
  • Animation, Modeling, Simulation, Render
  • Character Creation & Digital Animation
  • Integrated Effects and Tools
  • Extensible CG Pipeline Core
  • Eight New Maya Features
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • Web-Based Tech Support
  • Free Software Updates
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  • 1Description

Autodesk Maya 2016 is a 3D animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering software featuring a comprehensive toolset for character creation and digital animation. Get integrated effects and tools on a robust, extensible CG pipeline core.

This is a one-year subscription to the standard, standalone version of Maya 2016 with Basic Support, which includes free software updates and web-based tech support with a 1-2 day turn-around time.

This subscription version can be accessed by one user from up to three different computers, but only one at a time.

New Features in Maya 2016

Dynamics & Effects

Adaptive Foam in Bifrost
Add froth, foam, and bubbles ("whitewater") to liquid simulations, creating even more realism and detail in scenes with oceans, beaches, lakes, and stormy seas. Create high-resolution simulations close to the camera, where detail is essential, while lowering the computation of foam particles in other areas. The result: shorter simulation times.

Faster, Easier-to-Use XGen
An all-new presets workflow enables you to quickly share looks between meshes by applying premade grass or hairstyles to the meshes for an improved starting point. The XGen library now includes presets previously included for Maya Fur, and allows you to build a library of descriptions with custom thumbnails. So you don't have to rebuild them from scratch every time.

Guided Simulation in Bifrost
Drive the behavior of liquids using a cached simulation or an animated mesh object. With a guided simulation, use a full-depth, low-resolution simulation to guide a high-resolution simulation on the liquid's surface. Use guided simulation for carefully art-directed hero waves and similar effects. You can perform multiple iterations at high resolution while retaining the basic look and motion of the underlying guiding simulation.

Adaptive Aero Solver in Bifrost
Create atmospheric effects such as smoke and mist. Aero produces simulations of higher detail and greater physical accuracy than Maya Fluid Effects. As with guided simulation, low resolution aero solves can drive higher resolution detail. The added benefit of adaptivity means that you can define regions of high resolution within a massively large computational domain.
3D Animation

Parallel Rig Evaluation
Increase the speed of character rig playback and manipulation. This new, multithreaded system distributes computation amongst existing cores and graphics processors in your computer. A new GPU-based mechanism performs deformations on your graphics hardware within Viewport 2.0. Create customized GPU-accelerated deformers with the provided APIs, and understand and target bottlenecks in scenes and plug-ins with the integrated performance profiler.

Delta Mush Deformer
Smooth deformation to help guide the final result closer to the original geometry. Use Delta Mush in many different workflows, such as paint-free skinning, smoothing of coarse simulation results, and shot post corrections. A popular user request.
3D Modeling

New Sculpting Toolset
Sculpt and shape models more artistically and intuitively. The new sculpting toolset represents a huge upgrade over previous editions. The new sculpting tools offer more detail and resolution. The brushes feature Volume and Surface falloff, stamp images, sculpting UVs, and support for vector displacement stamps.
3D Rendering & Imaging

Enhanced Look Development Workflow
We've made building and editing materials in the Hypershade more artist-friendly and intuitive, with simpler workflows and a revamped user interface. A rebuilt node-editing interface makes it easier to connect, arrange, and work with shading components. New workflows enable you to visualize and diagnose complex shading graphs. Customize your UI for the way you work; new layout tabs allow you to work with shading graphs in a far more organized way.

Other Features

Dynamics & Effects

Bifrost Procedural Effects Platform
Simulate and render photorealistic liquids.

XGen Arbitrary Primitive Generator
Generate curves, spheres, and custom geometry.

Bullet Physics
Create realistic rigid and soft-body simulations.

Maya nHair
Create hair and curve-based dynamics.

Maya nParticles
Simulate complex 3D visual effects.

Maya nCloth
Create realistic deformable materials.

Maya Fluid Effects
Simulate atmospherics, liquids, and open water.

Rigid and Soft-Body Dynamics
Simulate multiple rigid and flexible objects.

Maya Fur
Create realistic fur, short hair, wool, and grass.
3D Animation

General Animation Tools
Keyframe, procedural, and scripted animation tools.

Natural-Looking Character Creation
Skin, rig, and pose believable characters.

Reusable Animation
Reuse existing characters to save time.

Camera Sequencer
Speed previsualization and virtual moviemaking.

Geodesic Voxel Binding
Get high-quality skinning results in less time.
3D Modeling

Streamlined Retopology Toolset
Streamline workflows for easier retopology.

Polygon Modeling
Model more quickly and reliably.

OpenSubdiv Support
Accelerate performance with interactive workflows.

UV Toolset
Create better UVs in less time.

Polygon and Subdivision Mesh Modeling
Create and edit meshes using an intuitive toolset.

Surface Modeling
Create mathematically smooth surfaces.

UVs, Normals, and Color-per-Vertex
Streamline UV creation and editing.
Pipeline Integration

Scripting and API
Create custom scripts and plug-ins.

2D and 3D Integration
Take advantage of streamlined workflows.

Data and Scene Management Tools
Manage data and scenes with specialized workflows.

Scene Assembly Tools for Smarter Data
Create large, complex worlds more easily.

Advanced File Path Handling
Quickly diagnose and fix broken file paths.
3D Rendering & Imaging

Enhanced Look Development Workflow
Hypershade work is more artist-friendly and intuitive.

Color Management
Preserve creative intent with color-safe workflows.

Integrated Renderer Options
Choose from a wide range of integrated renderers.

Painting in Maya
Use intuitive brush-based tools.

Toon Shader
Create cartoon animations from 3D scenes.

Next-Gen Viewport Display and Shading (Enhanced)
Work in a higher-fidelity interactive environment.

ShaderFX 3D Shading
Easily create 3D shading effects.

Rendering, 3D Shading, and Camera Tracking
Produce high-quality images with a range of tools.

Ptex Support in mental ray
Render Ptex UV-less textures in mental ray.

Maya Composite
Get a high-performance, HDR-capable compositor.

Professional Camera Tracking
Insert CG elements into a live-action scene.

All Features

3D Modeling
  • New sculpting toolset
  • Enhanced poly-modeling workflows
  • Polygon and subdivision mesh modeling
  • Primitive creation
  • Mesh creation tools
  • Polygon/mesh refinement tools
  • Polygon reduction tool
  • Edge and ring loops
  • NEX accelerated modeling workflow
  • OpenSubdiv support
  • Topology-based symmetry tools
  • Quad draw tool
  • Multicut tool
  • Brush-based sculpt geometry tool
  • Paint selection
UV & Texturing Workflows
  • New UV workflows
  • UVs, normal, and color per vertex (CPV)
  • Multiple UV set support
  • Per-instance UV sets
  • Unfold 3D integration
  • Multiple sets/color per vertex
  • 3D paint tool (texture)
  • Substance procedural textures library
  • 2D and 3D procedural textures
  • PSD file support
  • Transfer maps
  • Turtle texture baking
3D Animation
    Parallel rig evaluation
  • Keyframe animation
  • Graph and dope sheet editors
  • Animation layers
  • Trax nonlinear animation editor
  • Set driven key tool
  • Editable motion trails
  • ATOM animation file save and load
  • Point constraints
  • Aim constraints
  • Orient constraints
  • Scale constraints
  • Parent constraints
  • Geometry constraints
  • Normal constraints
  • Tangent constraints
  • Pole vector constraints
  • HumanIK full-body animation system
  • Built-in Spline IK, Spring IK
  • Live animation retargeting
Animation Rigging & Deformation
  • Delta Mush deformer
  • Nonlinear deformer
  • Lattice deformer
  • Blendshape deformer
  • Wrap deformer
  • Sculpt deformer
  • Soft modification deformer
  • Cluster deformer
  • Jiggle deformer
  • Wire deformer
  • Point on curve deformer
  • Wrinkle deformer
  • Texture deformer
  • Shrink wrap deformer
  • Geodesic Voxel skinning
  • Heat mat skinning
  • Paint skin weights
  • Substitute geometry tool
  • Maya muscle deformation system
Camera Sequencer
  • Multicamera layout and management tools
  • Sequencer playlist clip editing
  • Draw in viewport
  • Store pencil strokes
  • Performance markup
Next-Gen Viewport & Shading
  • Look development workflow enhancements
  • Third-party viewport renderer override
  • Microsoft DirectX 11 support
  • DX11 real-time shader effects
  • HLSL and CgFX support
  • Walk tool
Rendering & Imaging
  • mental ray renderer
  • Vector renderer
  • Hardware render window
  • Turtle renderer
  • Interactive photorealistic renderer (IPR)
  • Hypershade and Visor tools
  • ShaderFX
  • Color management
Toon Shader
  • Nonphotorealistic drawing styles
Maya Paint Effects
  • 500 editable, preset Maya Paint Effects brushes
  • Interactive previews
  • Render results in mental ray
  • Animation simulation
  • Complex, natural effects
  • Surface snap tool
  • Surface attract tool
  • Surface collide tool
  • Space Colonization algorithm
Dynamics & Effects
  • Bifrost procedural effects platform
  • Adaptive foam in Bifrost
  • Guided Simulation in Bifrost
  • Adaptive aero solver in Bifrost
  • Open procedural graph for Bifrost
  • XGen arbitrary primitive generator
  • Maya Fluid Effects
  • Maya Fur
  • Maya nHair
  • Maya nParticles
  • Maya nCloth
  • Rigid and soft-body dynamics
  • Bullet physics
  • NVIDIA PhysX integration (Available only for Windows)
  • Digital Molecular Matter plug-in
Pipeline Integration & Tools
  • MEL scripting
  • Python scripting
  • Write custom plug-ins with SDK
  • Create custom Maya objects
  • Customize UI for proprietary tools
  • Microsoft .NET API support
  • Load third-party plug-ins and tools
  • Write custom objects and plug-ins using Maya C++ API
  • Create custom UI tools using Qt development framework
  • Viewport 2.0 API
  • Send to Unity export
  • Send to Unreal export
  • Send to Mudbox export
  • Game export tool
  • Cloud integration
2D & 3D Integration
  • Render layer
  • Compositing tree for render layers
  • File edit interaction with Apple Final Cut Pro
  • File edit interaction with Adobe Illustrator
Data & Scene Management Tools
  • View and edit node relationships
  • Segment scenes
  • Group nodes for user-specific views
  • Modify modeled data without rebuilding
  • Read/write Alembic framework format
Scene Assembly Tools
  • Production asset management
  • Swap between scene representations
  • Apply, animate, or query edits
  • Track overrides on assemblies
  • Robust API to customize toolset
Enhanced File Path Handling
  • File Path Editor UI
  • Fix broken file paths
  • Set paths to nonexistent files
  • Access files on nonstandard paths
Maya Composite
  • Advanced compositing, image processing tools
  • 3D compositing environment
  • Rotoscoping tools
  • Disk-based playback
  • Support for render layers
  • Python script-based compositing
Professional Camera Tracking
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Automatic 3D camera tracking
Grease Pencil
  • Draw in viewport
  • Store pencil strokes
  • Performance markup
OS Support
  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux
Table of Contents
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System Requirementsrqtczssewureevrbwsfttzuffacvtsctsftwe
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1) and Windows 8.1 Professional
Apple Mac OS X 10.9.5 and 10.10.x
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 WS
CentOS 6.5 Linux
CPU 64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core processor
Graphics Hardware Please refer to the Recommended Hardware Wizard on Autodesk's website for a detailed list of recommended systems and graphics cards
RAM 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
Disk Space 4 GB of free disk space for install of Maya
3 GB of free disk space for install of Softimage
Browser Autodesk recommends the latest version of the following web browsers for access to online supplemental content:
Apple Safari
Google Chrome
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Pointing Device Three-button mouse
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