Photographers' Formulary Glacial Acetic Acid - 1 Liter

BH #PHAAGL • MFR #10-0015 1 LITER
Photographers' Formulary
Photographers' Formulary Glacial Acetic Acid - 1 Liter
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Photographers' Formulary 10-0015 1 LITER Overview

Photographers Formulary Glacial Acetic Acid is a colorless liquid that has a characteristic pungent odor, boils at 118°C, and is miscible with water in all proportions; it is a weak organic carboxylic acid (see carboxyl group ).

Glacial acetic acid is concentrated, 99.5% pure acetic acid; it solidifies at about 17°C to a crystalline mass resembling ice.

Acetic acid is the major acid in vinegar ; as such, it is widely used as a food preservative and condiment. For industrial use concentrated acetic acid is prepared from the oxidation of acetaldehyde .

Acetic acid is also a product in the destructive distillation of wood. It reacts with other chemicals to form numerous compounds of commercial importance. These include cellulose acetate, used in making acetate rayon, nonflammable motion-picture film, lacquers, and plastics; various inorganic salts, e.g., lead, potassium, and copper acetates; and amyl, butyl, ethyl, methyl, and propyl acetates , which are used as solvents, chiefly in certain quick-drying lacquers and cements.

Amyl acetate is sometimes called banana oil because it has a characteristic banana odor.

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Photographers' Formulary 10-0015 1 LITER Specs

SynonymsAcid methanecarboxylic, Ethanoic acid, Purified pyroligneous acid, Vinegar
AppearanceClear, colorless liquid;
Strong pungent vinegar like odor
UsesHardening and acid fixing baths
Stop bath
Clearing bath after ferrous oxalate development of bromide paper
Solvent of gelatin, celluloid, and pyroxylin
Chemical FormulaCH3COOH
NotesPhoto grade 28% is prepared by diluting 3 parts acid, to 8 parts water. White vinegar is a weak form of Glacial Acetic Acid, and can be used as a substitute.
Packaging Info
Package Weight2.4 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)8.8 x 3.3 x 3.3"
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