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IK Multimedia SampleTank 3 Sample-Based Virtual Instrument (Download)

IK Multimedia SampleTank 3 Sample-Based Virtual Instrument (Download)
Key Features
  • Over 33GB of Sounds
  • Over 4,000 Instruments in 21 Categories
  • Over 2,500 Drum & Percussion Kit Loops
  • Over 2,000 MIDI Files
This electronic download version of SampleTank 3 Sample-Based Virtual Instrument from IK Multimedia features over 33GB of sound samples organized into over 4,000 instruments in 21 categories, ranging from acoustic and electronic drums, string and synth basses, guitars, pianos, strings, woodwinds, vocals, percussion, loops, and many more. Not limited to instruments, SampleTank 3 boasts over 2,500 drum, percussion, and full construction kit loops and over 2,000 MIDI files to help you get started making grooves in a variety of styles.
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IK Multimedia SampleTank 3 Overview

  • 1Description
  • 2Play Environment
  • 3The Browser
  • 4The Part Viewer
  • 5Working with Patterns
  • 6Articulation
  • 7Layers, Splits, and Multi-Timbral Sequencing
  • 8The Macro Panel
  • 9The FX Panel
  • 10Mix Environment
  • 11The Part Channel
  • 12The Return Channels
  • 13The Master Channel
  • 14The Edit Environment
  • 153 Playback Engines - The Power of STRETCH
  • 16Sound Preservation
  • 17Like Having a Time Machine
  • 1810 Filters
  • 19LFOs that Sync and Swim
  • 20The Envelope, Please
  • 21Acoustic Drums
  • 22Electronic Drums
  • 23Bass
  • 24Synth Bass
  • 25Acoustic Guitar
  • 26Electric Guitar
  • 27Electric Piano
  • 28Organ
  • 29Chromatic
  • 30Strings
  • 31Brass
  • 32Woodwinds
  • 33Synth Lead
  • 34Synth Pad
  • 35Synth FX
  • 36Voice
  • 37Ethnic
  • 38Percussion
  • 39Sound FX
  • 40Loops

This electronic download version of SampleTank 3 Sample-Based Virtual Instrument from IK Multimedia features over 33GB of sound samples organized into over 4,000 instruments in 21 categories, ranging from acoustic and electronic drums, string and synth basses, guitars, pianos, strings, woodwinds, vocals, percussion, loops, and many more. Not limited to instruments, SampleTank 3 boasts over 2,500 drum, percussion, and full construction kit loops and over 2,000 MIDI files to help you get started making grooves in a variety of styles.

To help you further manipulate your sounds, SampleTank 3 features 55 integrated effects ranging from EQ and compression to guitar amp modulation, reverb, delay, and filters, including many derived from IK Multimedia's T-RackS and AmpliTube software. SampleTank 3's interface is composed of Play, Mix, and Edit environments for streamlined sound selection, editing, and mixing capabilities. The software can run stand-alone and supports 64-bit AAX, VST, and AU plug-in formats.

Play Environment

The Play Environment allows you to browse thousands of instruments from Hip Hop to classical as well as make adjustments on the fly.

The Browser

SampleTank 3 features a streamlined browser. Use it to quickly find the sounds you need. Its tabs let you easily navigate between all the essential elements of the Play Page: MULTI, INSTRUMENT, PATTERN and LIVE.
Need help? Try the INFO tab at the bottom of the Browser, that's where you'll find all the important details for each sound: its description, a list of its assigned controllers and a vivid 3D representation of the selected instrument.
For patterns, switch to the PATTERN tab for a quick way to try out new patterns at various tempos with the sounds you've already loaded.
Looking for something? SEARCH lets you use keywords to find the sounds you're looking for using simple terms like music genres or sonic attributes. For example, if you want a pad sound to fill out your electronic track type "atmospheric," and SampleTank 3 will present you with a tailored sound palette of Instruments and Multis. Now you can get back to the business of finishing your song.
With SampleTank 3, naming, saving and deleting your Multis or Instruments is easy. Just click on the menu icon in the bottom left.

The Part Viewer

The Part Viewer features an overview of the 16 Parts in your selected Multi. For each Part, you can see the loaded Instrument along with easy-access controls for volume and pan.
The Part Viewer is also where you select the Part to load an Instrument into or to access its Macro controls and insert effects in the control panel at the bottom.

Working with Patterns

Want to get in the groove? SampleTank 3 includes a collection of pre-made MIDI Patterns that you can use to spice up your songs. When you click the PATTERN tab you'll see a list of the MIDI Patterns available - all easily previewable with the Browser's dedicated preview button. You can load up to 128 MIDI patterns per part with each organized on your keyboard starting from C0 with one pattern per note.
With these Patterns you'll always find something that fits. Once assigned to keys you can edit your Patterns to suit the tone of your song by applying quantization, changing the intensity of the Pattern's dynamics or even transposing the Pattern up-or-down. And should you need to take it further you can drag your edited Pattern straight into the DAW of your choice, and it will retain all of your carefully considered fine-tuning.
Once your patterns have been loaded where you want them, you can use the Global Play button at the bottom to start and stop all enabled Patterns simultaneously.


Different playing styles are what give real instruments their distinct character. SampleTank 3 gives you dynamic expressiveness through its "round robin" feature and multiple articulations, both of which help you mimic the organic tonality of real instruments.
Think of articulations as different playing styles. For example, a violinist doesn't just trigger notes but instead uses a variety of techniques - like Pizzicato plucks, abrupt Staccato bursts and sustained Sostenuto tones - to express a full spectrum of musical emotions. SampleTank 3 lets you apply the same principle to a majority of its sounds. These articulations are easy to use and can be played in a variety of ways: assign them to a specific key, control them with the modulation wheel or simply cue them by playing different velocities. This is particularly noticeable when it comes to acoustic instruments where subtle changes in technique - like finger plucking versus pick playing on a bass - make all the difference.

Layers, Splits, and Multi-Timbral Sequencing

Mix, match and let your creativity run wild: SampleTank 3 allows you to use multiple instruments. Want to combine an Acoustic Bass with a Vibraphone? Just assign whatever Parts you'd like to the same MIDI channel. It's just as simple to split your keyboard to play multiple instruments. Just do the same thing but use the Edit page to choose which keys trigger which instrument. To play multiple parts at once, such as with a sequencer or DAW, assign each Part to its own MIDI channel. Now you can play each Part as though it were its own sound module.
With 5 insert effects and 4 effect sends on every Part - plus additional racks of outboard processors - it's like having 16 different sound modules to play with.

The Macro Panel

Immediately take control with SampleTank 3's new Macro Panel. Now every instrument in SampleTank 3's 33GB sound library comes with a customized instrument-specific Macro Panel that features 8 of the most relevant controls. Now you can quickly fine-tune the sounds you want: adjust the release of your pads, the key percussion of your organ, the volume of the kick in your drum kit and much more. Now you'll spend more time playing and less time editing.
As noted, these Macro controls vary from instrument to instrument. For example, on a piano you can control its lid, its harp resonance and the amount of room reverb applied. Or, on a drum kit, you can adjust the volume of each individual drum and cymbal as well as the level of compression applied.

The FX Panel

SampleTank 3 lets you quickly preview the effects in a Part's 5 effects slot via the "FX" button.
Click the FX button at the lower right to change the panel's display from the Macros to the FX. Select the Part you want in the Part Viewer above, then click the effect slot to view, edit or bypass the loaded effects.

Mix Environment

The Mix tab is where SampleTank 3 gives you the familiar interface of a DAW mixer with console-style channel strips and insert FX. There are three kinds of Channels: Part Channels that contain SampleTank Instruments, Return Channels that are used for global-style effects (like delay and reverb) that can be used for several Instruments simultaneously and the Master Channel where you can perform all your final mastering processing.

The Part Channel

Channels 1-16 represent each of the 16 Parts in SampleTank 3. Each Part can contain a single SampleTank Instrument with a channel strip that gives you mixing board style controls for volume, pan, mute and solo.
Use the 4 send buttons and use the send knob to adjust the send levels from the channel to the 4 Return Channels where you'd typically put multiple instrument effects as opposed to those used on each channel. You can also use the sends to create "groups" for processing with bus processors like compressors, limiters and equalizers.
At the top of each channel strip are the 5 insert effects slots. Click to load any of SampleTank's 3 effects into any slot - there are no limitations other than that of your computer's CPU power.
The effect slots are serial: the first slot feeds the second slot, the second slot feeds the third slot and so on. These effects process only their own channel, just the individual Part and its loaded Instrument.
Use an effect slot to view the effect in the FX Panel at the bottom of the window just like on the PLAY page.

The Return Channels

To the right of the 16 Part Channels are the 4 Return Channels. These channels do not contain Instruments but instead are fed a signal from the 4 effect sends on each of the Part Channels. This lets you send signals from any Part Channel to any Return Channel.
Typically, the Return Channels are used for effects fed from multiple instruments like reverbs and delays - for example, you can use just one ConvoRoom reverb for your piano, string pad or synth lead. But you can also use the Return Channels as "groups" to process several Instruments together with bus processors like compressors, limiters and equalizers. The Black 76, White 2A and Model 670 limiters and Tube Program EQ are exceptional for bus processing.
This technique is especially powerful with multiple drum channels. For example, put your kick drums on one channel, snare drums on the next channel and toms on another channel. First process them individually with their insert effects and then equalize and compress them as a group for a punchy and aggressive sound that's suitable for any genre. Bus processing helps you "glue" multiple elements together by using common processing on the group which adds clarity and punch to your production. Now you can use it right inside your Instrument before it even reaches the DAW. It's like having 4 additional master channel strips.

The Master Channel

The Master Channel has 5 effect slots just like the Part Channels and Return Channels. Once you have dialed in the effects on your individual Part Channels and used the sends to apply reverbs and delays - plus any bus processing of groups of instruments - you can then master your final output with effects on the Master Channel.
4 of the best analog-modeled mastering effects from IK Multimedia's T-RackS are included in SampleTank 3: the Black 76, White 2A and Model 670 limiters as well as the Tube Program EQ. All of these effects have been modeled after some of the most famous analog studio outboard gear of all time.

The Edit Environment

Imagine taking any instrument and being able to process it through a synthesizer. Now you can with SampleTank 3's Edit Page which lets you customize and sculpt your sound through a full array of oscillators, filters and envelopes. It gives you the power to combine SampleTank 3's sample library with a powerful synthesizer engine. Now you can take a classic guitar, a violin, a perfectly tuned custom snare drum or even a concert grand piano and then radically reshape and transform it to fit any song. You can do this with any sound in SampleTank 3.
The Edit page gives you 3 playback modes suitable for all kinds of source material, 10 classic and modern filters as well as all the LFOs and envelopes you'd expect.

3 Playback Engines - The Power of STRETCH

More engines mean more power. SampleTank 3 features a sampling engine that avoids the problems of more conventional samplers.
Have you ever tried to sample a vocal only to hear it played back in the upper registers with that dreaded unnatural "chipmunk" effect? SampleTank gets around this problem with its two new engines: The first is PS/TS which stands for "Pitch Shift"/"Time Stretch." This engine works to ensure your drum grooves and kits sound good and punchy - just like they were intended to be heard. The second is STRETCH, which stands for "SampleTank Time REsynthesis TeCHnology." It's there to give you realistic sounding vocals, woodwinds, basses and other organic sounds.

Sound Preservation

STRETCH is the engine that gets around that dreaded "chipmunk" effect produced by more traditional samplers. It does this by using an exclusive new re-sampling technology that shifts all aspects of a sound - sound fundamentals and formant components. This results in realistic sounds even in the upper register. Because of this, SampleTank 3 is able to provide extreme realism on Vocals, Woodwinds, Brass and other organic instruments.
Want to import your own sounds? Use the power of STRETCH to build your own instruments. With SampleTank 3 all you need is just one sample.

Like Having a Time Machine

SampleTank 3 includes thousands of ready-to-go loops for Drums, Percussion, and groove creation. And thanks to its advanced pitch-shift/time-stretch re-sampling feature, you'll have full tempo control while retaining the best possible sound quality. Change groove tempos and sync loops seamlessly

10 Filters

SampleTank 3 features 10 filters with all kinds of resonance and overdrive to help color your sound. With SampleTank 3, you can turn a pure piano into a synthesizer lead or turn a mighty electronic synthesizer lead into a soft and fluffy pad! SampleTank 3 gives you all the filters you need to make the sounds you want: there's a famous analog transistor ladder filter as well as formant, phaser and multimode filters. SampleTank 3's included filters let you color your sound any shade you can possibly imagine.
SampleTank 3 also gives you unique effects. One example is filter overdrive which lets you process your sound by soft-clipping the input to the filter section just like classic analog synthesizers of the past.

LFOs that Sync and Swim

Electronic music runs on LFOs. Now with SampleTank 3 you have full control of them. Called "Low Frequency Oscillators," these oscillators produce an inaudible frequency that can be used to control filter, amplitude and pitch - think the characteristic "wobble" bass of Dubstep or the warbling tones of moody film soundscapes. SampleTank 3 lets you create sounds resembling both and a whole lot more - plus the ability to sync your LFOs to your master tempo. Now you can make everything from machine-driven electro to subtly organic atmospheric sounds. The only limit is your own creativity.
SampleTank 3 also lets you sync each LFO independently or lock everything together with a single click using the Sync button.

The Envelope, Please

Most synthesizers provide a typical attack, decay, sustain, and release envelope section. SampleTank 3 goes far beyond this with an added "Hold" stage that lets you get creative when working with loops. Have you ever wanted to apply an envelope to a loop and have it timed with the start time? SampleTank 3's Hold stage lets you adjust the envelope to account for this. Try programming that with a traditional ADSR envelope - you simply can't.

Acoustic Drums

For those who want to pick up a drum and start grooving, SampleTank 3 features 5 all-new multi-velocity acoustic drumkits, each of which has been sampled to take advantage of SampleTank 3's "round robin" feature with an extensive set of drum elements sampled in multiple ways. For accuracy and realism these kits feature 6 velocity levels and up to 10 round robin samples. All these kits are mapped according to General MIDI standard. On top of these full drumkits, SampleTank 3's also features separate snares, kicks, toms, hi-hats, ride cymbals and crash cymbals sample sets with hundreds of variations for each element. This allows for extensive custom drum programming.
Should you not be a drummer, over 700 MIDI acoustic drum patterns are there to help. Let SampleTank 3 lay down the groove so you can jam with ready-to-go patterns like Blues, Country, Funky, Metal, Pop, Punk and Rock. All of these patterns include Intro, Verse, Chorus, Fill and Outro so you can build full drum tracks. And to kick things into high gear, all of these drum sounds can be used with SampleTank 3's new outboard effects derived from T-RackS like the Black 76, the White 2A, Model 670 and Vintage EQ1. With these in the mix you'll get a punch you can feel, a character you can appreciate and a definition you can hear.

Electronic Drums

If electronic sounds are more your style then check out SampleTank's 55 electronic drum sets, which cover nearly every modern style imaginable: EDM, Dance, Dirty Sound, East Coast, Electro, Old Skool, R&B, Reggaeton, Soulful House, Tech House and West Coast. From deep and subby kicks to cutting snares and fizzing FX, these kits have you covered. No matter your favorite genre, SampleTank 3's fresh and powerful sounds will help you own the dancefloor. Take charge and program your own beats or take advantage of each style's pre-made patterns for a total of over 500 MIDI patterns.


It features 11 new electric and acoustic bass instruments, each of which has been sampled for accuracy and precision. Browse the library and you'll find a comprehensive selection of bass instruments all with multiple velocities and articulations - including finger, pick, slap, pull and noise as well as more complicated techniques like harmonic effects and slides. There are 9 electric basses and two jazz double bass.

Synth Bass

For deeper sounds, SampleTank 3 also includes 91 synth bass sample sets. Each sampled from iconic analog synthesizers famous for their warm and punchy bass tones. Whether you want a pulse, a saw, a growl or something more distorted, these basses have a character that will make your tracks stand out from the rest. MIDI patterns are included that match with the Electronic drums. Now you can build entire grooves in any style.

Acoustic Guitar

SampleTank 3 features 6 different acoustic guitars which have been sampled to cover all possible styles and tones. These include 4 high-end American-made steel-string guitars (including one 12-string), one Italian classical, and 1 vintage Brazilian Bossa Nova guitar. Each of these feature multiple velocities and articulations that let you access and express the full breath of this versatile instrument.

Electric Guitar

SampleTank 3 features 7 distinct electric guitars. Now you have the full dynamic range of this popular instrument. You get 4 different must-have, iconic solid bodies - with both single coil and humbucker variants, one semi-hollow body, one hollow body. All have been sampled from hard-to-find vintage instruments. With these sounds you have a complete palette of guitar tones from mellow blues and jazz to more extreme sounds like rock and metal. All instruments have been sampled with neck and bridge pick-ups separately and offer multi-velocities and articulations like finger, pick, harmonic, palm mute and slide. Pair them with the included amps and effects derived from AmpliTube.

Electric Piano

There are multiple Stage pianos and Wurlys, two Electric Grands and even more exotic electric pianos like the RMI, Cembalet and Pianet. All these instruments are sampled with multiple velocities - up to 6 - from hard-to-find vintage instruments. Get that authentic groovy '60s and '70s tone using the included AmpliTube effects like OptoTremolo, Uni-V, Chorus CE1 or Electric Flanger.


From the classic electric and combo organs of the '60s to pump and cathedral organs, SampleTank 3 offers a full spectrum of organ-driven sound with 25 unique sample sets. Each contains all the registries you'd expect to find, all represented by chromatic sampling for maximum accuracy and fidelity. Electric organs can be used with Sample Tank 3's new AmpliTube-derived Rotary Speaker. Or fill your room with sound by using the cathedral organs with SampleTank 3's new reverbs like its convolution-based ConvoRoom or the classic CSR Hall and Room - now included in SampleTank 3 as separate effects.


8 chromatic instrument sample sets are included in SampleTank 3. Together with your usual traditional Harpsichord, Vibraphone, Xylophone, Marimba and Glockenspiel, you will also find multiple samplings of multi-velocity Clavinets for that plucky 70's funk vibe.


With 17 string instruments from Miroslav Philharmonik, SampleTank 3's string section includes solo Violin, Viola, Cello and Contrabass sounds. You also get ensemble sections: Cellos, Violas, Cello plus Contrabass, full Strings, Orchestra, Contrabasses and 4, 11 and 23 Violins. All the sounds have been reprogrammed to take full advantage of SampleTank 3's new articulations giving you a new level of realistic playability right out of the box.


With Brass, you get the full ensemble. SampleTank 3 gives 19 Brass instruments that cover everything from Pop to Jazz to Orchestral. On top of 13 impressive Miroslav Philharmonik orchestral Brass - like French Horn, Flugelhorn, Trombone, Bass Trombone, Trumpet, Muted Trumpet, Tuba, Muted Tuba and Trumpets and Trombone ensembles. All have been reprogrammed to take advantage of SampleTank 3's new articulations. In addition, there is also a pop section with Trumpet, Mute Trumpet, Tenor Trombone, Bass Trombone and Piccolo Trumpet plus both solo and Brass ensembles. All feature multi-velocity sampling and take advantage of SampleTank 3's "round robin" effect and articulations. With a brass sonic palette this wide, you'll be ready for any type of musical arrangement.


Like the Brass, the Woodwinds category also includes 14 orchestral instrument from Miroslav Philharmonik: Bassoon, Contrabassoon, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Flute, Bass Flute, English Horn and also Oboe and Piccolo with Bassoons as well as Flutes and Clarinets sections. On top of that, you also get 4 new saxophones and 9 samples sets: Alto, Baritone, Soprano and Tenor that all feature all multi-velocities and "round robin" for realism and compositional flexibility.

Synth Lead

SampleTank 3's 20 new synth lead sample sets cover sounds including Brassy, Saw, Square, Sync, Hollow, Phat and more. These sounds can cover dance floor-centric Electronic Dance Music to Progressive Rock and Jazz.

Synth Pad

Add atmosphere to your music with 41 new synth pad sample sets. These cover all the bases: Crystalline, Noisy, Emotional, Warm, Morph, Harmonics and more.

Synth FX

A new category for SampleTank 3, now you have over 400 sounds that cover all of your special synthesizer needs. These are useful effects like Stabs, Chords, Synth and Bass hits, Percussive Hits and others. They're just what you need for that extra dramatic electronic touch in your tracks.


SampleTank 3's voice category sings out loud with 84 single sample sets obtained from 4 brand-new soloist ensembles (two male, two female) plus a 40-person gospel choir recorded in a state-of-the-art modern church. These vocal sounds have all the syllable singing you'll need, plus they take full advantage of SampleTank 3's "round robin" effect for that extra human touch.


Travel the world with sound via the included 42 ethnic sample sets, which includes samples that span Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Asia and North America. SampleTank 3's Ethnic sounds include: Accordion, Banjo, Bouzouki, Cumbus, Gu Zheng, Dulcimer, Santour, Tamboura, Electric Sitar, Arabic Oud, Turkish Oud, Turkish Saz, Anklungs, Log Drums, Kalimba, Gamelan, Tibetan Bowls, Tibetan Bells, Tibetan Temple Bells, Tibetan Temple Gong, Tibetan Ting Shaw, Crotales, Indian Horn, Poongi Snake Charmer Flute, Conch Shell, Indian Bamboo Flute, Native American Flute, Irish Pennywhistle, Chinese Ocarina, Bag Pipes, Balalaika, Bottle Blow, Koto, Mandolin, Pan Pipe, Shamisen, Sitar and Tamboura. Depending on the instrument you'll find multi-velocities, multi articulations and "round robin".


Beyond the standard drum kits, SampleTank 3 also offers additional percussion sourced from African, Middle Eastern and Latin American instruments: Agogo Bells, Bongo, Cabasa, Cajon, Castanets, Claves, Congas, Afro-Cuban Latin Congas, Cowbells, Cuica, Djembe, Dumbek, GM Percussion Set, Guiro, Maracas, Shekere, Studio Shaker, Tambourines, Vibra Slap, Woodblock, Samba Whistles, Sleigh Bells, Marktree, Timbales, Triangles, Tablas, Udu and more. All of these sounds future multi-velocities, articulations and "round robin." And with over 100 included MIDI patterns, you'll be ready to immediately add complicated global rhythms to any song.

Sound FX

Add zest and color to your songs with Birds, Explosions, Gunshots, Jungle sounds, Rain sounds, River sounds, Water sounds, Pink Noise, White Noise and Zaps.


In SampleTank 3 there are over 2,500 loop samples organized in over 100 instruments. You will find drum grooves played by world-renowned drummers covering Funk, Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop and much more. There's also more worldly loops like Salsa, Merengue, Rumba, Bolero, and more - all played by world-renowned Latin and Cuban percussionists. And for more modern styles of music, SampleTank 3 has a full set of EDM, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, House, Reggae and Reggaeton construction kits that include drum loops, kicks, basses, percussion, melodic lines, pads and effects that will allow you to build great sounding grooves in a snap.

IK Multimedia SampleTank 3 Specs

Supported Plug-In FormatsAAX, AU, VST2, VST3
Standalone OperationNo
Visual Impairment SupportNo
System Requirements
Supported Operating SystemsWindows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
macOS 10.7 or Later
Memory RequirementWindows, Mac:
4 GB (8 GB Recommended)
Storage RequirementWindows, Mac:
34 GB 
CPU RequirementMac:
Intel Core 2 Duo and Faster  
Intel Core 2 Duo and Faster  
AMD Athlon 64 X2 and Faster  
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