Hammond XK-5 - Heritage Series Hammond Organ (Single Manual)

BH #HA002XK5 • MFR #002-XK-5
Hammond XK-5 - Heritage Series Hammond Organ (Single Manual)
Key Features
  • 61-Note Single Manual Keyboard
  • Authentic Hammond Drawbar Organ
  • Modeled Tone Wheels (MTW) Engine
  • 5 Sets of Hammond Drawbars
Destined to become "The New Original B3," the single manual XK-5 Heritage Series from Hammond utilizes patented technologies to recreate the sound and feel of a vintage Hammond organ in an affordable and portable form factor. The instrument promises an absolutely authentic playing experience that will meet the demands of the most discerning B3 purist.
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Hammond XK-5 - Heritage Series Hammond Organ (Single Manual)

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Hammond XK-5 Overview

Destined to become "The New Original B3," the single manual XK-5 Heritage Series from Hammond utilizes patented technologies to recreate the sound and feel of a vintage Hammond organ in an affordable and portable form factor. The instrument promises an absolutely authentic playing experience that will meet the demands of the most discerning B3 purist.

The hybrid multiple-key contact system emulates the classic B-3's nine mechanical contacts; when played softly, they will engage the harmonics from each drawbar at slightly different times, creating the subtle chewy and soulful character. The time-spread between these note-on messages is programmable, as is the order in which you hear the harmonics speak. Additionally, the contacts all receive and transmit MIDI note data, allowing you to capture every harmonic nuance of your performance in your DAW program of choice via USB.

The redesigned keybed duplicates the heft, bounce, and key dip of a "new old stock" and well-maintained B3, while the updated sound engine accurately recreates the tone-wheel generator with accuracy and flexibility. Extended programmability of both the overall generator characteristics (such as leakage and crosstalk between pickups) and individual tone-wheel behavior (such as the purity of the sine wave) offer an almost unfathomable amount of control. Adding to the authenticity is the virtual matching transformer, which subtly provides the "breathing" effect by placing the matching transformer precisely in the signal chain with adjustable saturation and hysteresis amounts.

Other features include four full sets of harmonic drawbars plus pedal drawbars, 12 virtual tone wheels devoted to harmonically complex pedal tones, high-quality digital Leslie simulation, multi-effects complemented by a vacuum tube preamp, and dedicated on/off buttons for reverb, overdrive, and assignable multi-effects. Additionally, the XK-5 can be expanded to the XK-5 Pro System by adding the optional XLK-5 lower manual and the XPK-250 two-octave radiating pedalboard, which connects with the new H-BUS to simplify setup by carrying both data and power.

  • Hybrid Multiple Key Contact System: Three mechanical contacts at different points in the keys’ travel. Each of these in turn triggers three virtual contacts, giving you separate “note on” connections for every drawbar frequency in the same manner as the original nine-contact electro-mechanical Hammond organs
  • Completely Redesigned Keybed: Duplicates the heft, bounce, and key dip of a “new old stock” and well-maintained B-3
  • Updated Sound Engine: The XK-5 employs new proprietary technology to recreate Hammond’s storied tone-wheel-generator with unprecedented accuracy and flexibility. Modeling and sampling are combined in an exclusive process to capture the frequencies of all 91 tone wheels found in the original organs, not to mention other important sonic details such as key click, harmonic percussion, vibrato-chorus, and more
  • Virtual Matching Transformer: The matching transformer and its place in the signal chain is modeled precisely, and the saturation and hysteresis amounts are adjustable from barely-there to over-the-top
  • Four full sets of harmonic drawbars plus pedal drawbars, just like on original Hammond console organs including the B-3
  • 12 additional virtual tone wheels are devoted to harmonically complex pedal tones (i.e. more than just 16′ and 8′ sine waves), as found on Hammonds beginning in 1945
  • Custom tone-wheel profiles available via download
  • Exceptional Digital Leslie effect with continuously variable speed
  • Dedicated octave shift / transpose buttons
  • Improved DSP-based overdrive complemented by real vacuum-tube preamp
  • Improved vibrato-chorus
  • Dedicated on/off buttons and amount knobs for reverb, overdrive, and assignable multi-FX
  • Lower B drawbars can alternately control 9 MIDI CC messages for external gear
  • Left and right ¼” outs can be used at the same time as Leslie output, for running the XK-5 through a real Leslie in parallel to stationary speakers, a subwoofer, or house PA
  • More key-triggering modes for pedal-to-lower coupler (Manual Bass function)
  • Firmware updatable via USB flash drive or directly from computer
  • Crisp OLED display is more readable under different lighting conditions

Hammond XK-5 Specs

Keyboard ManualUpper and Lower: 73 notes each (61 playing keys plus 12 preset keys)
Square-front ("waterfall"-style)
Updated mechanical keybed design
SplitSplit panel control
Assignable split point
Tone GeneratorMTW (Modeled Tone Wheels)
61-note polyphony for manuals
5-note polyphony for pedals
ContactsVirtual Multi-Contacts
Custom Contacts:
3 factory
3 user
3 physical contacts
9 assignable virtual contacts
Adjustable attack, release, decay
Harmonic Drawbars5 sets (4 manuals, 1 pedal)
Upper 2 X 9 pitches
Lower 2 X 9 pitches
Pedal 2 pitches
DrawbarsDrawbar Voicing
4 Choices for Manuals: (A-100, B-3, C-3, Mellow)
4 Choices for Pedals: (Normal, Muted, Synth 1 & 2)
Tone Generating TechnologyCustom Tone Wheel (CTW)
3 Factory, 3 User: For A-100, B-3, C-3, and Mellow drawbar voicings
CTWs identified by model and serial number
Adjustable parameters for each tone wheel
12 complex tone wheels for bottom 12 pedal tones
Touch Response PercussionPercussion on
Normal/soft volume
Slow/fast decay
2nd & 3rd harmonic adjustable normal/soft volume settings
Slow/fast decay rates
Key Tracking
1’ Drawbar Cancel: ON/OFF
EffectsVibrato and Chorus
Virtual scanner (3 settings)
Adjustable rate, vibrato/chorus mix
Vibrato on Pedal: On/Off

Tube/solid state
Adjustable drive level
PresetsPreset Keys
9 presets plus cancel for each manual
2 adjust presets for each manual
9 programmable preset banks

100 user, 100 factory patches
Assignable to preset keys as favorites
Assignable Patch Load: Drawbar registrations, drawbar parameters, internal & external zones, multi-effects, reverb
PreampTube Preamp
12AU7/12AX7 tubes
Adjustable routing and drive level
TransformerMT Matching Transformer
Adjustable drive level
Upper/lower/percussion levels
DSP-Based Multi-EffectsTremolo
Auto Pan
Ring Modulator
Adjustable parameters for each effect
EqualizationMaster Equalizer
Bass/Mid/Treble panel controls
Adjustable gain & center frequency

Programmable Equalizer
Adjustable center frequency
Hammond Preamp Tone Control

RotorsLeslie Stop, Fast, Bypass panel controls Custom Cabinets (8 Preset, 8 User) Adjustable Slow & Fast Speeds, Rise & Fall Times, Horn/Drum/Subwoofer Volume Balance, Microphone Settings
ReverbOn/Off panel control
11 programs
Leslie On Reverb On/Off
MIDI5 MIDI templates
3 keyboard channels (Upper, Lower, Pedals)
6 external zones (3 Upper, 2 Lower, 1 Pedals)
Assignable MIDI channels, key range, Program Change, Pan, Velocity Curve, Min/Max Volume
In 1, In 2, Out connections
DisplayOLED, 20-character, 2-line
7 control buttons and value rotary knob
USBType-A Port: To USB flash drive
Type-B Port: To host
TransposeTranspose: ±6 semitones Fine Tune: ±10 cents Octave Up/Down: ±2 octaves
Pedal-switch In JackH-BUS Connector: To Pedals/Expression pedal
Audio ConnectionsLine Out: Left/Mono / Right
Headphone: 1/4" / 6.35 mm
Other Connectors11-Pin Leslie Connector:
Control 1: 1/4" / 6.35 mm
Control 2: 1/4" / 6.35 mm
8-pin DIN (EXP-100F Expression Pedal)
AC input
Dimensions (W x D x H)46.8 x 15.8 x 4.7" / 118.9 x 40.1 x 11.9 cm
Weight34.6 lb / 15.7 kg
Packaging Info
Package Weight45 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)50.5 x 20.1 x 9"
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