Avid Media Composer Subscription Renewal License (Student Copy)

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Avid Media Composer Subscription Renewal License (Student Copy)
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Avid Media Composer Overview

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  • 2Media Composer | Software
  • 3Media Composer | Symphony Option
  • 4NewBlueFX Titler Pro
  • 5Squeeze Desktop Lite
  • 6Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) Lite
  • 7iZotope Insight

The Media Composer Subscription Renewal License from Avid Technologies is an annual subscription renewal license for your Student copy of Media Composer. To avail the education discount, you'll be asked to provide proof of eligibility after making a purchase. Once your eligibility has been verified, you will receive your academic license for your software. All eligibility verification is handled by Avid's partner, Identit-e. Avid does not collect any information for verification purposes. Identit-e's privacy policy can be found on Identit-e's site.

The Media Composer allows you to accelerate storytelling. Whether you're a Media Composer veteran, coming back to Avid, or new to video editing, working with Media Composer is now simpler. You can navigate, find, preview, and import media more easily with the new Source Browser. The latest version of Composer includes various audio features, including audio ducking, groups, and nested AudioSuite clip effects.

Avid Teacher and Student pricing is not available in Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Sudan, and Syria

Students and teachers are limited to one product approval per individual per year for each product type

Elementary/primary school students do not qualify for student discounts/pricing

Students taking courses at non-government accredited career/vocational schools are not qualified to purchase Avid Academic products

For higher education students, "current" is defined as within the last six months

Media Composer | Software

Edit with Higher Efficiently

  • Save time with project-level mask margins
  • Experience faster and more fluid effects and color correction performance when working with high-res media and other processing-intensive formats
  • Work with RED footage 4x faster with the new plug-in update
  • Quickly create a sequence based on a clip selection in the timeline

Stutter-Free Performance

  • Smoother, stutter-free performance when scrubbing or playing back a complex sequence multiple times
  • All played frames, and all effects applied to those clips, cached in RAM
  • High core count systems for performance boost when playing back and rendering effects

Preview Clips

  • Source Browser window enables you to look at and listen to footage quickly and then decide whether you want to import or link to the media—right from the window

Work with 8K and Other High-Res Media Natively

  • With native support for 2K, 4K, Ultra HD, and 8K media, you can acquire, manage, edit, and deliver content quickly and easily
  • Get support for various camera codecs, including Panasonic AVC-LongG
  • View 2K/4K media in its native resolution on a client monitor, in real-time, using Avid Artist | DNxIO or any third-party Open I/O-compatible hardware (available separately)

New Audio Tools

  • Create bigger, richer soundtracks with over 250% more audio tracks than previously available
  • Work on sequences with up to 64 audio tracks
  • Create groups for easier handling and discrete mixing of dialog, production sound, music, ADR, Foley, and sound effects
  • Automatically lower the music bed volume whenever a voiceover kicks in with the audio ducking feature
  • Nest multiple AudioSuite effects on a single clip for greater flexibility and more creative freedom

Work Without Size Limitations

  • With Avid Resolution Independence, you can work with practically any media in any resolution
  • Link to, consolidate, and transcode media to any raster size, from 8K to custom rasters
  • Automate duplicating and parking high-res media into nearline storage using Dynamic Media Folders
  • Automatically transcode media to working editorial formats
  • Deliver high-res masters right from Media Composer, eliminating the need for a finishing tool

Better Visual Feedback When Editing

  • Edit with better precision with high-visibility feedback displayed as you edit in the timeline
  • View clips in real-time as you drag them around
  • See the impact your edits have on all affected clips and tracks with the new live trim update
  • Drag clip directly onto the timeline to add a new track

Eliminate High-Res Challenges

  • Accelerate your high-res workflow, without blowing your storage budget, with Avid DNxHR
  • Work with a wider range of resolutions, from lightweight proxies for high-performance editorial, to more mastering resolutions for delivery, including 2K, Ultra HD, and 4K
  • Enable remote 4K collaboration
  • DNxHR is backwards compatible with DNxHD, as it's built on the same extensible, standards-based media codec

Take On Dynamic HDR Projects

  • Media Composer supports high dynamic range (HDR) workflows, enabling you to edit and grade projects using new color specs that display a wide dynamic range than standard video
  • Enhance color and contrast to achieve more realistic, dramatic imagery, with high detail in the shadows and highlights
  • Get support for Dolby Vision, Sony S-Log3, BBC/NHK, and ACES profiles

Edit Faster with Sleeker Interface

  • Streamlined yet still robust user interface
  • Access key tools and features faster, thanks to several updates that make your software interaction more intuitive

Rotate Images Quickly with FrameFlex Rotation

  • Quickly rotate images a little or a lot by rotating the framing box in FrameFlex
  • Horizontally straighten multiple sources at once
  • Reset the view for footage shot while the camera was upside down or on its side
  • You can even animate the rotation parameters in the effects editor

Get Powerful Performance and Speed

  • Instantly access and edit file-based media without transcoding or copying media
  • Edit multicam projects with ease
  • Get smooth playback and responsive bin handling
  • Render effects and transcode in the background

Playback High-Res Camera Media Natively

  • No need to copy or transcode media
  • Mix and match Avid DNxHR, Apple ProRes, Canon XF-AVC, Panasonic AVC-I, and Sony XAVC-I high-res media directly from the cameras immediately in the same Media Composer timeline
  • Access, play, and edit footage with smooth real-time playback
  • Even create XAVC-I masters at UHD and 4K resolution

Edit 3D

  • Full-featured 3D tools and workflows
  • Edit stereoscopic 3D material as quickly and easily as you do with standard 2D footage
  • Capture, edit, and manage the complete 3D end-to-end workflow
  • Mix and match 2D and stereoscopic 3D clips on the same track
  • Work with full frame and frame-compatible sources, dedicated 3D editing tools, video effects, and more

Collaborate with Everyone, Everywhere

  • Share media, projects, and bins to complete projects on time
  • Share assets using Avid shared storage
  • Collaborate with Final Cut, Premiere, and other editors
  • Share sound mixes with Pro Tools editors
  • Integrate directly with iNEWS and ENPS systems with the Media Composer | NewsCutter Option
  • Extend real-time production everywhere with Media Composer | Cloud
Media Composer | NewsCutter Option and Media Composer | Cloud available separately.


  • No need to switch out your existing interface
  • Media Composer is Avid Open I/O-enabled, so you can work with a wide variety of third-party hardware
  • Choose video I/O interfaces and cards from AJA, Blackmagic Design, Bluefish444, Matrox, and MOTU

Design with Visual Effects

  • Add visual drama and depth with the built-in effects, title tools, transitions, keying, and motion effects
  • Track and stabilize motion
  • Design 2D/3D composites, animation, and more with Boris Continuum Complete Lite, included with Media Composer subscriptions and the Symphony Option
  • Create high-resolution titles with the included NewBlue Titler Pro
  • Expand your visual palette with products from Avid's third-party partners

Deliver Rich Imagery

  • With support for higher frame rates, including 48p and 60p, you can preserve more image information and natural motion, delivering clarity in even the most chaotic action scenes
  • Produce vivid and realistic color detail with access to the full range of new color standards that high-res projects demand, including HDR
  • Gain more time to focus on your story with background effects rendering and transcoding

Create Studio-Quality Soundtracks

  • Make your projects sound as good as they look using the built-in multichannel audio tools
  • Record voiceovers, ADR, Foley, and more
  • Edit and mix in up to 7.1 surround sound
  • Polish sounds with high-quality AAX audio effects, the same plug-ins that come with Pro Tools
  • Expand your sound with various sound processing plug-ins, many of which can be purchased directly within Media Composer

Correct Color with Precision

  • Fix color or set the tone and mood with built-in color tools
  • Quickly match colors from shot to shot using NaturalMatch
  • Correct color with precision, thanks to advanced color space processing
  • Get fine control with animatable color correction
  • Speed up your color work with hands-on Artist Color control

Integrate Stock Footage

  • Browse for stock footage, plug-ins, and more right from within Media Composer in the in-app Avid Marketplace
  • Search for, preview, and purchase stock footage in context with your project
  • Shop for plug-ins, software options, and compatible hardware to extend your capabilities
  • Even find training material and other media that'll help perfect your skills

No Tape Archives Required

  • Media Composer supports AS-02/AS-11 MXF formats and is AS-11 DPP compliant, making archiving and distribution easy and space efficient
  • Manage multiple versions of a sequence in a single bundle, without duplicating assets
  • Move content between Avid and other AS02/AS-11-compatible systems, without repackaging content
  • Use JPEG 2000, DNxHD, IMX, AVC-Intra, and uncompressed media in your versioning/archive workflow

Work with Multiple Tools

  • Work with ACE-certified editing tools
  • Trim and manipulate on the fly using the Smart Tool
  • Mix and match media formats, frame-rates, resolutions, and more in the same timeline without rendering
  • Manage and organize media in bins
  • Edit high-res and HD material in real time using Avid DNxHR and DNxHD

Other Improvements

  • Experience better performance in full screen playback mode
  • Easily sync Broadcast Wave audio files with video clips with subframe accuracy
  • Add one or more custom columns to a bin easily through a contextual menu
  • Group and sync clips by audio waveform analysis
  • Find and filter effects faster and easier with the updated Effects palette
  • Rename, edit, and delete custom project presets with the Preset Manager

Media Composer | Symphony Option


  • Take your offline online and directly export high-resolution masters

Precision Control

  • Support for 4:4:4 HD-RGB processing

Professional VFX

  • Create everything from lens flares to motion tracker effects with Boris Continuum Complete Lite (included)

NewBlueFX Titler Pro

Rapid Title Creation

  • Develop titles quickly with Titler Pro’s easy-to-use interface, GPU acceleration and drag-n-drop animations

Resolution Independent

  • Titler Pro is vector-based in 3D space, conforming to any resolution video project, whether it’s 1080, 4K or 8K

Shape and Text Extrusion

  • Generate 3D text and logos with shape and text extrusion feature
  • Add multiple layers with different extrusion for rich detail

Quick Edit

  • Manage multiple titles from one interface
  • Easily update multiple title instances with new text or design elements all at once

Elastic Timeline

  • Design animated title templates that respond to your desired duration

Blending Modes

  • Create unique composites with various blend modes and apply them to any title object

Normal Maps

  • Apply normal maps on letters and shapes to cause light source highlights and shadows on surface textures


  • Create dynamic animations with Titler Pro’s animation presets
  • Customize by adjusting the parameters of any animation to create what you need for the job
  • Key frame your moves and combine with animations for rich results

30+ Style Presets

  • Choose from a library of designs with Titler Pro's style presets
  • From cinematic titles to timeless classics, it's simple to choose the right option for your project
  • Customize colors, shapes, logos, and animations to make every design unique

Squeeze Desktop Lite

Simple Format Conversion

  • Preserve your video's original properties like resolution, frame rate, or quality
  • Use presets that will easily convert a video into some of the most common formats

NLE Integration

  • Integrates easily with Avid so you can quickly move from editing to publishing your video

Professional Audio & Video Filters

  • Various audio and video filters to quickly help you create the look you want

Publishing Options

  • Quickly publish your video to YouTube, FTP, Amazon, or other sites

Other Features

  • Import sequenced still image files (.jpg & .tif)
  • Removal of output frame rate restrictions (via Source file info Dialog)
  • Multi-track audio (.mov)
  • H.264 compression

Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) Lite

BCC Scanlines

  • BCC Scanlines designer effect is capable of creating various popular looks for emulating analog equipment artifacts which are non-existent in digital video
  • Create effect of rolling scanlines of a TV monitor shot on video with a different refresh rate
  • Includes a user-controlled noise generator

BCC Colorize

  • Powerful and simple way to create color looks within Avid timeline
  • Uses a gradient of up to six colors to tone an image for a more desirable or artistic look
  • Complete with motion tracker and pixel chooser

BCC Swish Pan

  • Quick, fully-automatic, drag-and-drop transition effect emulating the cinematic look of a fast camera pan between two shots
  • New overlay adjustment curves for full control over the ease-in and ease-out of the effect

Pixel Chooser

  • NLE aid specially designed for applications where native masking tools are not available or not linked with the effects palette
  • Create a moving matte by choosing pixels based on their geometric position or color or luma value

Motion Tracker

  • Works well with the Pixel Chooser by allowing you to quickly track your mattes across multiple frames

Beat Reactor

  • Saves you hours of keyframe creation following the beats of your music track
  • Simply import an AIFF file with the music you wish to use
  • Overlaid frequency graph lets you sample specific bands of audio
  • Effect parameters are driven by audio levels of chosen frequencies

FX Browser

  • Highly configurable FX Browser custom window features a mini timeline for playing back fully animated presets
  • History panel that saves your browsing history
  • Lets you quickly go back to chosen effects

iZotope Insight

Loudness and True Peak Metering

  • Fully compliant with the ITU-R BS.1770-1, ITU-R BS.1770-2, ITU-R BS.1770-3, and EBU R128 standards
  • Provides the tools you need to be confident that your audio meets regulations
  • See important values at a glance with Loudness Meter Readouts that show Momentary, Momentary Max, Short-term, Integrated, and Loudness Range calculations, as defined by BS.1770 metering guidelines
  • Retrospectively analyze the loudness of a mix, or monitor loudness trends as they occur, with the Loudness History Graph
  • Ensure no audio will clip during analog playback with BS.1770-3-compliant True Peak Meters
  • Define your own loudness and clipping thresholds and be quickly alerted to overs with Adjustable Loudness and True Peak Targets
  • Quickly assess if current or past audio projects are in compliance by running an Offline Loudness Calculation
  • Write automation to your DAW to capture when the loudness level is above your target with Loudness Overflow Tracking
  • Prove adherence to loudness standards to clients, networks, broadcasters, and legislation enforcers
  • Document and archive a project's loudness data with an exportable log or graph
  • Quickly configure Insight to reflect the loudness settings in your region with Insight's Loudness Presets

Surround Scope

  • Display up to five channels of surround data in Film, SMPTE/ITU, and DTS channel configurations
  • Quickly deduce how a surround mix will be perceived in the surround space with a uniquely stylized, 360° Surround Amplitude Meter
  • Be instantly aware of any potential phase issues with Sound Correlation Alerts, which indicate when there's a chance of signal cancelation during summing or playback
  • Easily pinpoint the overall surround location of a signal with the Surround Balance Indicator


  • Choose between a high-resolution and real-time 2D or 3D scrolling Spectrogram
  • Perform detailed inspections with Freeze and Zoom modes
  • Easily examine Gain values by frequency with a convenient mouse pointer readout
  • Insight takes advantage of video card graphics processing for full-screen 3-dimensional metering, preserving more processing power for your audio work

Meter Taps

  • Use overlay, tile, or stack views to compare different Meter Tap streams and see their relationships
  • Bring different audio streams into focus to see how each fits in the mix
  • Tailor the display to your preferences with customizable colors for different tracks and buses.
  • Insert Meter Taps on mono, stereo, or surround tracks and buses

Stereo Vectorscope

  • Rapidly diagnose mono and/or stereo phase compatibility issues within the sound field partition
  • Choose between Lissajous and polar modes for multiple visualizations of stereo field activity and activity history
  • Check the balance between left and right channels with stereo balance meters
  • Compare the similarity between left and right channels with stereo correlation meters

Spectrum Analyzer

  • Display one of four different types of spectrums; linear, octave, 1/3 octave, and critical bands
  • Select between specific peak hold times to hold the peaks for different millisecond values, or select infinite to hold peaks until you click to reset
  • Click and zoom by both time and frequency, or hover to pinpoint exact Hertz/decibel values
  • Adjust advanced controls to customize how the analyzer appears and how frequently it updates

Customization Highlights

  • Make the most of your screen real estate
  • Keep Insight compact when space is limited, or maximize it to full screen when you're free to see more
  • Pick and choose which meters you want visible, then adjust each partition's size to your preference
  • Configure each meter precisely to your needs with a variety of per-meter display options and settings
  • Perform deeper analysis with flexible zooming, scrolling, scaling, and freezing of meter data
  • Easily save your favorite meter settings and recall them later, or cycle through various views within the same session as you move through different workflows
  • Try out common metering views with 30+ Insight presets, and choose metering options based on the loudness standards in your region

Avid Media Composer Specs

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Can a MacBook Pro with an Intel Core M3 , 8GB Memory, and 256GB Flash Storage be compatible with this software?
Asked by: Anonymous
The AVID requirements for Mac are located here. http://bit.ly/1OITQOb You should check the link regarding AVID qualified Apple computers. The OS must be: Mac OS X 10.10.x, 10.11.x, or 10.12.x Looking at the RAM requirements, you should upgrade to as far above 8GB as you can as soon as possible. In video editing, other than holding the AVID operation software, you will not be using the internal drive space; you will be getting redundant external drives to hold your media. You might consider downloading the trial version for a 30 day test drive. http://bit.ly/1OITQOb
Answered by: Dennis A L.
Date published: 2018-08-25


At our college we have 7.03 can I make my files work back and forth compatible or cannot go both ways?
Asked by: Anonymous
I have had no problems opening files from AMC 8 into AMC 7. I have version 7 and have to open files from students who work in 8. AVID has always been very good at keeping backwards compatibility unlike other editing platforms. You will have problems opening a newer file under version 5 though.
Answered by: Melissa L.
Date published: 2018-08-25


How long does this take to process order and ship?
Asked by: Anonymous
The card will ship by the next business day. Avid will contact you to provide proof of your academic status. Once approved, you activation card will go through. You should be able to use it by the time the card arrives.
Answered by: Dennis A L.
Date published: 2018-08-25


I have an Avid perpetual license with expired support contract and is past the deadline to renew. What are my upgrade options if I don't want to buy a subscription?
Asked by: Anonymous
For this question you will want to contact Avid directly. Avid will be able to look up your account with them and tell you what you pricing options will be. Here is a link to their contact page.http://bit.ly/2f11NjK
Answered by: Joseph P.
Date published: 2018-08-26


We're a two person shop in different locations. How easily can we share projects in process?
Asked by: Anonymous
Avid is very cognizant of the need for people in different locations to collaborate. They therefore built that ability into their program. Essentially, two users with the same version Media Composer share via the internet, the cloud or Media Composer Cloud. http://bit.ly/2nSb42W
Answered by: Dennis A L.
Date published: 2018-08-25


How much to extend the subscription after the first year?
Asked by: Anonymous
After your first year, the monthly cost for your Media Composer is $49.99.
Answered by: Dennis A L.
Date published: 2018-08-25


Does the student version include Symphony Option?
Asked by: Monte M.
This program includes access to the Media Composer/Symphony Option.
Answered by: Dennis A L.
Date published: 2018-08-25

What is a one year Subscription? Do I have to Pay ...

What is a one year Subscription? Do I have to Pay every year to use this Software?
Asked by: brian
That is correct, this is a 1 year subscription that allows you to use the program for 1 year. Once that year is up you will need to renew your subscription.
Answered by: Joseph
Date published: 2019-08-04
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