FXHOME PhotoKey 8 Pro (Download, Education Edition)

FXHOME PhotoKey 8 Pro (Download, Education Edition)

FXHOME PhotoKey 8 Pro (Download, Education Edition)

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Product Highlights

  • Chroma Keying Software for Photographers
  • Auto Green Screen Removal
  • Instant Background Replacement
  • Includes 250 High-Resolution Backgrounds
  • Realistic Light Spill, Luminance Control
  • Client Preview on Second Monitor
  • Hot Folders for Tethering, Export to FTP
  • Raw File, Retina/HiDPI Screen Support
  • Includes Adobe Photoshop CC Plug-In
  • For Mac and Windows Operating Systems
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Version: Education Edition

Education Edition Standard

NOTE: This product is an educational discounted version available to qualified students, faculty/staff, and accredited academic institutions only. Proof of current educational status is required. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact us prior to purchasing.

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A cohesive solution for green screen photography, PhotoKey 8 Pro from FXHOME allows you to automatically remove and replace backgrounds, enhance the look of imagery, and seamlessly process photos for sharing. Advanced chroma key tools can intelligently extract subjects from green screen backgrounds or manual selections can also be made for compositing imagery. Spill simulation and light wrap features help to maintain a realistic lighting quality in composites and a series of matte cleaning tools let you refine UV and alpha blur channels as well as edge sharpness. Enhanced keying controls also afford luminance control for realistic matte effects to suit working with translucent elements, such as smoke or fire. Additionally, this software also comes with a free library of 250 high-resolution, print-ready backgrounds spanning a variety of scenery types, ranging from city-specific scenes to textured patterns.

Beyond the series of keying tools, PhotoKey 8 has also incorporated a variety of batch processing and workflow-related tools to round out the green screen shooting process. When shooting tethered, you can configure a hot folder for automatic recognition and importing of just-shot files, and finished files can be automatically uploaded to an FTP server for sharing. Batch processing commands can automate this entire workflow, too, to allow you to solely focus on shooting. Image files can also be automatically previewed on a second monitor without the program's interface, making it ideal for real-time sharing with clients.

When editing and fine-tuning your composites, you can import multiple backgrounds at a time for quickly swapping between looks prior to export or simply export multiple versions of the same image with different backgrounds. Logos, borders, graphics, and text can be applied to imagery and a dedicated Photoshop CC plug-in is included for seamlessly switching between programs for expanded editing capabilities.

PhotoKey 8 Pro
  • Enhanced keying tools allow to simplify your green screen workflow down to drag, drop, and click. Luminance key control produces a realistic matte effect based on luminosity of source data, which is ideal for selecting subjects from white or black backgrounds or if working with translucent elements, such as smoke or fire. Additionally, color matting and dark or bright edges can be removed for more natural-looking compositions.
  • For versatility from the beginning, included are 250 standard backdrop images covering a diverse range of themes, including adventure, beauty, corporate portrait, Gothic, London sightseeing, pets, seniors, studio background, and urban. Each of the background images is a 20MP, print-resolution file.
  • An updated plug-in and full compatibility with Adobe Photoshop CC extends the versatility of PhotoKey 8 Pro and lets you easily work with both applications for more control. Additionally, PhotoKey 8 seamlessly integrates with existing Photoshop Actions to maintain an automated workflow.
  • Stealth Incognito mode is an optional upgrade that lets you remove the PhotoKey 8 Pro branding from the program's interface for a more streamlined, personal appearance when working in large scale events or other public applications.
  • Automatic skin tone filter utilizes intelligent facial recognition to analyze skin tones and ambient light, then adjusts the hue, saturation, and brightness of the image for more natural results.
  • Duo tone images can be produced by superimposing one half-tone color over another for unique, creative effects that emphasize mid-tones and highlights within a wash of color.
    A color vibrance tool can be used to boost the hue and saturation of an image to give it a comic book-like feel.
  • Vignette effects adjustment lets you adjust the brightness of the edges of the frame for subtle, natural results, or you can also brighten edges for a halo effect or reduce unwanted vignetting from the original image.
  • Up to 16 layers can be used within a project for more control when compositing imagery. Additionally, different blend modes allow you to fine-tune the transparency of layers for more natural-looking composites.
  • Enhanced interface affords quick access to backdrops along with the ability to rename layers and access a wide variety of filters and refinement tools.
  • Both HiDPI and Retina displays are supported for high resolution viewing.
Platform and Workflow
  • Preset templates can be used or you can set your own canvas resolution and shape for your project.
  • EXIF color management is supported, including embedded color and ICC profiles, for greater consistency throughout the keying process.
  • While shooting tethered, you can configure a second monitor to display a real-time preview of your imagery with the working interface elements hidden for a cleaner, professional appearance.
  • Finished images can be exported directly to an FTP server from the application, and a fully automated mode creates a streamlined workflow.
  • A dedicated Adobe Photoshop CC plug-in is included to permit seamless switching between the two applications.
  • In addition to standard JPEG, TIFF, and PNG files, various raw file types are also supported.
  • Both finished and work in progress images can be emailed from within the PhotoKey interface, and you can even upload directly to Facebook walls or pages for sharing.
Compositing and Realism
  • Automatic green screen removal instantly takes out and replaces the background of your photo. You can fine-tune the results or simply go straight to exporting the finished image.
  • An advanced chroma key filter lets you refine the green screen removal and matte cleaning processes for enhanced detail control.
  • Spill simulation pro removes unwanted green spill light from your subject and replaces it with realistically simulated ambient light from the new background.
  • Light wrap further helps to ensure realistic composites when working with bright backgrounds by allowing the ambiance from the background to bloom onto the foreground.
  • Flash reflections and other anomalies can be removed with the built-in red-eye removal tool.
  • A versatile set of matte cleaning tools allows you to refine the key of the image using UV and alpha blurs, as well as erode and edge-recovery functions.
  • The crop tool lets you refine your composition to remove any unwanted elements from the frame, such as lighting or other visible objects on the set.
  • Freehand masking lets you select elements within the image to omit from green screen removal, such as if your subject is wearing a green shirt or if there is a green object in the photo.
  • Photoshop layers can be imported into PhotoKey for a well-rounded, fully integrated workflow. The green screen removal features are a perfect complement to Photoshop's ability to combine and composite imagery using layers as well as stitch together multiple photographs for more complex compositions.
Batch Processing
  • You can individually process or batch process as many foreground images as you would like at once.
  • Multiple backgrounds can be imported for trying out different looks prior to exporting the final image.
  • When shooting tethered, you can configure your camera to save files to a specific folder, select that folder as a hot folder, and then have PhotoKey automatically import and process images as they are available.
  • For greater versatility, you can export each photo with different background variations in order to quickly offer clients a broad array of shots.
  • For a completely automated workflow, you can pair the hot folder feature and batch exporting with automated FTP uploading for direct, seamless sharing of imagery. This allows you to concentrate on the shooting aspect while the post-production is taken care of.
Photoshop Integration
  • Photoshop layers can be sent directly to PhotoKey for a fast, intuitive, and integrated workflow.
  • PhotoKey's green screen removal capabilities can be used in conjunction with Photoshop's extensive layering and brush feature-set.
  • Numerous green screen photographs can be composited within Photoshop to enable making more complex compositions.
  • The PhotoKey 8 plug-in is compatible with Photoshop Actions for a faster, automated workflow.
  • Free layer positioning lets you re-frame your foreground or background to adjust composition, re-orient your image between vertical and horizontal, and switch from a wide to a close-up perspective.
  • Layers can be added to your composition in order to place various elements in front of or behind your foreground.
  • Overlay graphics can be added for marketing or branding purposes, including adding a logo, frame, border, watermark, or other graphic on top of your main image. Text captions and titles can also be added.
  • A visual design aid helps you to purpose your image as a greeting card.
  • Automatic drop or perspective shadows can be added for increased visual separation between your subject and background.
Color Correction and Image Adjustments
A broad range of editing tools are available to help retouch or adjust the look your imagery:
  • Auto Enhance quickly adjusts color, contrast, and levels with a single click
  • White Balance lets you resolve color cast issues by selecting a white point
  • Levels can be used for contrast and brightness adjustment of the foreground or background
  • Contrast/Auto Contrast solely adjusts the contrast of the image without affecting brightness or color
  • Brightness, Saturation, & Contrast automatically adjusts the overall look of your image
  • Color Temperature gives you control to cool or warm the overall apparent color temperature
  • Color Balance Pro lets you adjust the color balance without affecting luminance values
  • Hue Colorize adjusts the tint of imagery
  • Hue Shift adjusts the entire color spectrum
  • Sharpen adds definition to imagery
  • Blur softens the appearance of imagery
Creative Filters and Effects
In addition to general image enhancements, a range of filters and effects can also be used to creatively refine the appearance of your photos:
  • 2-Point Color Gradient makes a simple color gradient with selectable, moveable start and end points.
  • 4-Point Color Gradient offers adjustable color blocks for a wider range of customization.
  • Bilateral Blur smoothes textures while retaining fine edge detail
  • Defocus lightly blurs and adds bloom to the photo
  • Diffuse softens the image quality
  • Vibrance enhances local contrast, saturation, and sharpness for a punchier quality
  • Leave Color allows you to isolate specific single colors for hiding or emphasizing
  • Half Tone creates a stylized look reminiscent of newsprint or pop art imagery
  • Silhouette quickly generates a single color silhouette of your foreground image
  • Three Strip Color simulates the classic tri-color separation look of the Technicolor cinema process
  • Bleach Bypass achieves a distinct high-contrast look to give a gritty appearance
  • Focus Blur softens a majority of the image while retaining a sharp focus area
  • Soft Focus applies a dreamy quality to imagery
  • Vignette allows you to adjust the amount of vignetting in your photo
  • Tint allows you to add distinct coloring schemes to an image, ranging from sepia to platinum
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  • 1Description


Delivery Method Download
Supported OS Versions Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-Bit)
Storage Requirements 550 MB
Processor Requirement  Intel Core i3
 AMD Phenom II
Supported OS Versions 10.9 - 10.11.
Storage Requirements 550 MB
Processor Requirement  Intel  
RAM Requirement 2 GB (Minimum)
4 GB (Recommended)
Internet Connection Required Yes
Image Formats Supported BMP, CR2, CRW, DCR, DNG, JPEG, KDC, MOS, NEF, PNG, RAF, SR2, SRF, TIFF


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