BenQ WDC10 Plug & Play Wireless HDMI Presentation System

BH #BEWDC10 • MFR #9H.JF878.N3E
BenQ WDC10 Plug & Play Wireless HDMI Presentation System
Key Features
  • Provides One-Touch Screen Mirroring
  • Supports Resolutions up to Full HD 60p
  • No App or Network Connection Required
  • Switch Presenters with a Button Tap
Enable multiple presenters to wirelessly share their content from any HDMI device in huddle spaces and medium-sized conference rooms with the BenQ WDC10 Plug-&-Play Wireless HDMI Presentation System. The system can support up to 16 sources and comes with two transmitter buttons. InstaShow also keeps your content and network safe with advanced encryption and cybersecurity certifications.
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BenQ WDC10 Overview

  • 1Description
  • 2Instant Visual Communication and Collaboration for the Modern Enterprise
  • 3One Simple Button to Start Presenting
  • 4No Software Set Up or Maintenance
  • 5Join Anytime with Simple Pairing
  • 6Presenter-Controlled Video Mode Switching
  • 7Powerful Compatibility on Any Platform
  • 8Trustworthy Security Protection
  • 9Optimal Intelligent Resolution Matching
  • 10Assurance of an All-Hardware Solution
  • 11Reliably Stable Wireless Connection
  • 12Response for Presentation Video and Animation
  • 13Eco-Conscious Operation for Efficiency and Productivity

Enable multiple presenters to wirelessly share their content from any HDMI device in huddle spaces and medium-sized conference rooms with the BenQ WDC10 Plug-&-Play Wireless HDMI Presentation System. The system can support up to 16 sources and comes with two transmitter buttons. InstaShow also keeps your content and network safe with advanced encryption and cybersecurity certifications.

Instant Visual Communication and Collaboration for the Modern Enterprise

It's human nature to resist change, which is why new technology can be intimidating. The InstaShow requires zero learning curve, plugging right into your daily routine to start sharing instantly. Anyone that tries InstaShow immediately knows how to use it for collaborative presentations. InstaShow is a wireless solution that ushers opportunities in network collaboration without additional facility investment or training. Any business customer, even those without a Wi-Fi infrastructure, can deploy InstaShow for employees and visitors to enjoy simple and quick wireless presentations without awkward moments setting up, allowing instant teamwork and immediate results.

One Simple Button to Start Presenting

With just a single button, InstaShow is an all-hardware solution that simply plugs into the source laptop. It takes mere seconds to start presenting wirelessly. There is no software at all to install, configure, or execute, reducing downtime and uncomfortable silences to kick off a productive meeting.

No Software Set Up or Maintenance

InstaShow significantly enhances corporate efficiency and agility by offering a natural, intuitive way for up to 16 presenters to start presentations without waiting and wasting valuable meeting time. With conference rooms always at a premium in today's enterprise settings, InstaShow significantly boosts corporate productivity by maximizing time and teamwork. Additionally, because it has no software to configure or update and no OS compatibility to maintain, InstaShow is free from IT support.

Join Anytime with Simple Pairing

Pairing the InstaShow transmit button to a receiver host is equally simple. It just takes holding down the pairing key on the host for five seconds and doing the same on the transmitter for automatic wireless pairing. The host can even be put into pairing mode via web control for cases where it is installed onto a ceiling-mounted projector or otherwise hard to reach location.

Presenter-Controlled Video Mode Switching

The InstaVideo function optimizes InstaShow's audiovisual settings to spontaneously switch from clear presentation mode to smooth video mode with stereo sound at the click of a side button. This is all done without IT support, cable clutter, or complex software settings. By letting presenters quickly customize displayed content, users can confidently blend text, graphs and charts, pictures, and video to create a powerfully effective meeting, all done wirelessly in Full HD.

Powerful Compatibility on Any Platform

Users can freely present on any device with a standard HDMI input, utilizing content from a wide range of devices such as laptops. Furthermore, InstaShow offers extended desktop mode in both Windows and OS X to enable presenter view. Presenters can privately view or take notes, backup data, and monitor other applications during the presentation while still delivering an inspirational performance.

Trustworthy Security Protection

AES 128-bit security encryption and WPA2 authentication protocol ensure that corporate intellectual property remains private and safe from tampering or unintended disclosure. The security handshake also ensures smooth, high-quality wireless streaming of presentations. This allows presenters to share confidential information without the concern for security breaches during the presentation. InstaShow also supports HDCP to ensure all content with digital rights management will play smoothly without delay, error messages, or interruption.

Optimal Intelligent Resolution Matching

Utilizing EDID, InstaShow automatically configures the source laptop's resolution setting to match the display device pixel-by-pixel for perfectly clear picture quality, whether it is a projector, flat-panel display, monitor, or TV. InstaShow users can focus on the meeting rather than adjusting resolution settings or requesting IT support to adjust display timing.

Assurance of an All-Hardware Solution

InstaShow provides integrated hardware encoding and decoding, providing peace of mind for assured wireless presentation performance regardless of the operating system capabilities of the source laptop.

Reliably Stable Wireless Connection

The automatic Wi-Fi channel selection and auto-reconnect features allow presenters to depend on InstaShow without concern for any stoppages or interruptions caused by unstable Wi-Fi environments. Equipped with 5 GHz Wi-Fi for high performance up to 400 Mb/s, InstaShow provides smooth wireless streaming of Full HD 1080p content without lagging, even in wireless traffic-heavy environments.

Response for Presentation Video and Animation

An input latency lag of less than 100 ms enables natural, precise mouse movements and smooth execution of PowerPoint animations and transitions for professional-looking presentations. Corporate presenters and participants can concentrate on the meeting with the smoothest flow and follow critical points of the content intuitively.

Eco-Conscious Operation for Efficiency and Productivity

With InstaShow, there are multiple ways for eco-conscious corporations to conserve energy. First, HDMI Standby cuts the InstaShow's power consumption to near zero after the connected device is turned off, extending the InstaShow's lifespan. When the display device is turned back on, the InstaShow also wakes up automatically without the need for a separate remote control, which is especially useful when InstaShow is ceiling mounted.

In addition, the InstaShow can be configured to enter network standby when there is no source activity within a user-defined timeout, cutting HDMI transmission and triggering sleep mechanisms on connected display devices, which simply need to be turned back on when the presentation or meeting resumes. This reduces corporate TCO not only from power savings and extended life from the InstaShow device, but from meeting room displays that are left running unused as well.

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BenQ WDC10 Specs

Wired Connectivity1 x HDMI 1.4 Output
1 x RJ45 Ethernet LAN
Power ConsumptionOperating: 5 W
Network Standby: 2 W
HDMI Standby: 0.02 W
Power Requirement5 VDC ±10%, 1.5 A via Micro-USB
Dimensions (WxHxD)Without Antenna: 4.33 x 1.06 x 4.33" / 110 x 27 x 110 mm
With Antenna: 4.33 x 3.9 x 4.33" / 110 x 99 x 110 mm
Weight22.22 oz / 630 g
Connector1 x HDMI Type-A Male
1 x USB Type-A Male (Power)
Power Consumption4.5 W
Power Requirement5 VDC ±10%, 0.9 A
Dimensions (WxHxD)3.33 x 7.46 x 0.78" / 84.5 x 189.55 x 19.9 mm
Weight3.53 oz / 100 g
System Specifications
System RequirementSource Device with HDMI Output
Display Device with HDMI Input
Wireless Connectivity5 GHz Wi-Fi, 2T2R
Wireless Data RateUp to 867 Mb/s
Latency<100 ms
Authentication ProtocolsWPA2 (WPA2-PSK (Pre-Shared Key) / WPA2-Enterprise)
EncryptionAES 128-Bit
Wireless RangeUp to 26.25' / 8 m
Resolution SupportUp to Full HD 1080p @ 60 Hz
Audio Support Stereo, 16-Bit, 48 kHz
Simultaneous ConnectionsUp to 16
TemperatureOperating: 32 to 104°F / 0 to 40°C
Storage: 14 to 140°F / -10 to 60°C
Relative HumidityOperating: 10 to 80%, Non-Condensing
Storage: 5 to 90%, Non-Condensing
Packaging Info
Package Weight4.76 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)19.2 x 13.5 x 6.8"

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