Unfiltered Audio Sandman Pro Delay Plug-In

Unfiltered Audio Sandman Pro Delay Plug-In

Unfiltered Audio Sandman Pro Delay Plug-In

Unfiltered Audio Sandman Pro Delay Plug-In

Unfiltered Audio Sandman Pro Delay Plug-In

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Sandman Pro from Unfiltered Audio is a multi-mode delay workstation with loop-freezing capabilities. Sandman Pro builds on the legacy of Sandman by introducing six new delay modes while refining the original's tape mode. These delays include an instant delay that jumps to new delay times without clicks or pitch artifacts, a flexible stereo pitch shifter with feedback, a 16-tap multi delay, a unique reverse mode, and more.

Use Classic Tape mode to lather echoes, loops, and grains with virtual tape saturation, wow, and flutter. The artifact-free Multi-Tap mode gives you 16 simultaneous delay lines to bless vocals and guitar solos with doubling and stadium-size echo effects. You can use the ultra-smooth Reverse mode to produce click-free, haunting reverse echoes. Unlike with using other delays, you can modulate Sandman Pro's delay time in Modern Instant mode without producing audible pitch artifacts; suitable for cleanly transitioning vocal effects from doubling to echo trails at the end of a phrase. To create vocal harmonies, classic shimmer effects, metallic textures, or more, you can use the dual-mono Pitch Shifter mode. Or use Glitch Shifter mode for funky pitch shifting. You can even modulate the Sleep button in No Echo mode for crazy stutter and glitch effects. Sandman Pro can sound squeaky clean, severely damaged or anything in between.

Sandman Pro includes Unfiltered Audio's flagship modulation system, tripling the number of fully automatable modulation blocks to six and adding input followers and macro knobs. Every one of Sandman Pro's controls is automatable. Using high feedback levels, the diffusion network layers reverb with your echoes and multi-tap delays. And with stereo delays, you can offset the left and right delay times and apply cross-channel feedback to create intricate polyrhythmic ping-pong echoes and phase-y Sleep-buffer loops. Reverse the Sleep buffer to transform grains with backward envelopes. Or lock the length of the buffer and adjust its start and end points to change the grain's pitch.

Built-in lowpass and highpass filters sculpt your creation's timbre, while the Soft Clip function adds analog-style saturation. The M/S mode, adapted from Unfiltered Audio's Fault plug-in, lets you process mid and side channels separately and blend their outputs. Also included is an M/S Width control that adjusts Sandman Pro's soundstage from mono to stereo to super-wide stereo.

  • Seven delay modes (Classic Tape, Modern Instant, Pitch Shifter, Glitch Shifter, Multi-Tap, Reverse, and No Echo)
  • Produces variety of time-based effects, including flanging, phasing, chorus, ping-pong delays, 16-tap delays, automatic double tracking, reverse echoes, reverb, pitch shifting, harmonizing, granular synthesis, percussion resonator, stutter generator, glitch effects, and many other effects
  • Delay times range from 5 ms to 1,000 seconds
  • Sleep buffer can be reversed, re-pitched, down-sampled, trashed with noise, modulated, and shaped with built-in lowpass and highpass filters
  • Every control, including the Sleep and Kill (panic) buttons, can be automated
  • Unfiltered Audio's flagship modulation system provides six freely assignable and fully automatable modulators (sine LFO, sawtooth/triangle LFO, square-wave LFO, input follower, sample-and-hold noise, and macro control knob), with intuitive drag-and-drop patching to each and every one of Sandman Pro's controls
  • Left and right channels can have cross-channel feedback and filtering applied and their delay times linked, offset, or independently adjusted
  • Feedback, X-Feed, and Diffusion parameters to create thick delay tails or even reverbs
  • M/S mode processes mid and side channels separately and blends their output levels for ultimate control over stereo sources
  • M/S Width control adjusts the output's stereo field from mono to stereo to super-wide stereo
  • Soft Clip function provides analog-style saturation at Sandman Pro's inputs and outputs
  • Waveform display shows the effect of your control tweaks in real-time
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Plug-In Formats VST2, VST3, AU, AAX Native
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