NewTek Advanced Edition Educational Software Bundle

NewTek Advanced Edition Educational Software Bundle

NewTek Advanced Edition Educational Software Bundle

B&H # NEAEESB MFR # FG-001526-R001
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  • Tricaster Advanced Edition Software
  • NDI Telestrator
  • NDI Transmit
  • Virtual Set Editor Advanced Edition
  • Live Text 2.5
  • Connect
  • IsoCorder
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NewTek FG-001526-R001 overview

  • 1Description

Expand the capabilities of your NewTek products with this Advanced Edition Software Bundle. This version is priced for students and educational institutions. Several software programs are included which enhance the versatility of TriCaster hardware by unlocking useful capabilities for professional broadcast and studio workflows. See below for more information on the individual software programs.

Note: Not for TriCaster TC1 or TriCaster Advanced units.

  • TriCaster Advanced Edition Software for TriCaster Switchers

    Expand the capabilities of your TriCaster switcher with NewTek's TriCaster Advanced Edition Software. Because the Advanced Edition is only a software update, the physical setup of your switcher does not change, however the capabilities of the very same hardware are expanded. With the updated software, NewTek also refreshed the user interface with a clean, understated appearance.

    The Advanced Edition software enhances the graphics integration capabilities of TriCaster switchers. It enables data driven graphics with real-time updates, and advanced 3D implementation of layers of video, graphics, or text that behave like elements in the scene. Virtual inputs are also added for taking video sources over a network using the Dante protocol. Dante also provides network tally information for connected systems. You can also grab source material from the web, stream to multiple providers, and publish content to social media sites directly from your TriCaster.


    Dante Audio Networking: Expand integration and IP workflow possibilities with audio input over the network from devices that use the Dante networking protocol from Audinate.

    Audio Output Configuration: Dedicated output of Master and Aux audio mixes from TriCaster's built-in audio mixer directly to external audio gear. With this revised configuration, Master and Aux are supplied to the first two analog output groups, respectively.

    Audio Recording Options: Capture your configurable sound source for ISO recordings with per-channel audio signal selection.

    Default Media File Level: Reduce time spent on individually configuring audio levels for non-native clips and sound files, and instead assign a preset level to all files added to media players.

    Noise Gate: Manage audio signals with greater precision using new noise gate settings in the audio mixer to exclude low-level sounds.

    VU Meters: Determine audio clipping more easily and accurately with an updated VU meter interface.
    DataLink Integration: Use real-time data from internal and external sources in your live program without adding dedicated data input software. Built-in DataLink maps your selected data source to titles, comments, file names, and other fields in graphics templates, and updates their corresponding content instantly-automatically or on-demand-ensuring you have the most current and accurate information.

    DataLink File Watcher: Save time converting detailed information like sports statistics and sales data into graphics. With DataLink and a CSV, XML, or ASCII file, you can transform raw spreadsheet data into production-ready title pages that can be edited and updated in real time.
    Macro Automation
    Multi-Step Macros: When timing is everything but anything can happen, take control by creating automated sequences using macro commands with expert pacing and built-in pauses that wait for your cue to resume.

    Macro Triggering: Gain additional flexibility for activating automated macro sequences with new triggers that include audio level changes, media playback, and specific switcher actions, and the ability to assign multiple triggers for the same macro.
    Media Players
    Playlist Effects: Produce more engaging playlist sequences from your on-board media by adding transitions between playlist media; and even combining real-time, slow-mo, and fast-mo with per-clip playback speed settings.

    Real-Time Clip Editing: Speed up turnaround of raw recordings and video files for DDR (Digital Disk Recorder) playback with easy, built-in clip splitting and trimming tools.
    Display Outputs: Choose from more video signal selections to monitor, display, or project using the supplemental display ports and customize every screen in your setup to your workflow.

    Blue Only Option: Calibrate video signals with greater flexibility and accuracy with a Blue Only viewport overlay compatible with any monitor.

    Monitor Proc Amps: Compensate for environmental lighting conditions and external display settings with configurable color settings for the User Interface, Multiview, and display ports.

    Multiview Scopes: Eliminate the squint factor and calibrate video signals with greater precision using large waveform and vectorscope displays on Multiview.
    SDI Auto-Detect: Save time during SDI system setup with automatic detection of resolution and frame rate for most SDI cameras.

    IP Network Tally: Reduce on-air mistakes with visual indication of on-air status supplied over the network to compatible systems that are sending output to TriCaster network inputs.

    Metadata: Attach comments to sources, clips, and images to simplify your workflow. DataLink uses comments as internal data sources to feed titles, label published content, enter metadata, and more.

    UI Enhancements: Work more efficiently and keep a closer eye on the show with new visual indicators, updated shortcuts and control tools, hover tool-tips, and other on-screen improvements.

    Button Lock: Protect your live program from accidents or mistakes by locking control surface buttons to their current state.

    Session Recordings: Locate and verify active and completed recordings more quickly with a dedicated Session Recordings browser folder.
    Publish Target Expansion: Maximize productivity and reach more friends, fans, and followers with the ability to publish media to multiple user accounts on the same social network simultaneously.

    Flex Media Publishing: Publish more files to more places in more formats using an upgraded publishing workflow that also supports file import, export, and transcoding right from the Publish queue.

    Alpha Grabs: Grab stills of keyed visuals, complete with transparency, for publishing or post-production use.
    In-Show Replay Controls: Capture and replay highlights of the live show, with on-screen controls and other replay elements, including intro and outro transitions, clip speed and duration, and auto-playback action.

    Change Angle: Be ready for near-instant turnaround time between capture and playback of the best view of the action by changing the angle of ISO-recorded clips directly from the DDR.
    Automation and Integration Guide: Expand your knowledge and your program's potential with a detailed guide to macros, shortcuts, advanced automation and integrated production with TriCaster.

    Developer Library: Get even more out of TriCaster's deepest functionality and expand your entire production ecosystem using new tools and examples to develop your own workflow extensions.
    Enhanced Live Streams: Simplify your webcast workflow with easier setup and new one-click presets, including settings for Microsoft Azure, and YouTube Live; and upgrade your online presence with higher-quality live streaming video.

    Multi-Platform Live Streaming: Double your potential audience without adding a new encoder, reach more viewers and attract different audiences by live streaming to multiple platforms and services simultaneously.
    Router Support: Expand camera coverage with your TriCaster by connecting to a compatible upstream video router, then selecting and switching between router sources directly from the TriCaster Advanced Edition user interface.

    Undo/Redo: Skip troubleshooting and backtracking by handling unwanted changes or unintended results instantly with undo and redo commands.

    Effect View: On the TriCaster 8000 you can now double-check every frame of your next sequence before it goes to air with Effect View. This enhanced preview mode lets you screen everything your audience will see from start to finish in real time so that it appears exactly how you want it.
    Second KEY Layer: Each M/E now includes a second KEY layer to apply titles, graphics, and video overlays.

    Auto Color: Reduce manual effort in correcting for variable lighting conditions and camera settings, especially at outdoor events that would often require a dedicated shading station, with automatic color matching between video inputs.

    Border Effects: Create and customize on-screen elements and boost your production value with more detailed compositions, sophisticated visuals, and custom multi-box effects by adding borders and shadows to video layers.

    Buffers: Upgrade your presentation without sacrificing the DDRs with access to and playback of stored animations, motion graphics, and looping clips with animation buffers. (Not available on TriCaster Mini)

    Augmented Reality KEY Layers: Add another dimension to virtual set scenes with augmented KEY layers that track along with LiveSet zoom and pan movements-making them appear as an integral part of the set, instead of just overlays.

    Creativity Extras: With support for formats like JPEG-XR, JPEG2000, and WebP, accept even more image files without conversion; compose shots and sequences using new additive and non-additive fade transitions, configure LiveMatte visuals using a new Lumakey setting, and easily incorporate explanations, descriptions, quotes, and more with title pages that support paragraph text.

    Image Processing: Present more polished visuals with enhanced processing of still images and graphics, plus higher-quality LiveSet rendering and scaling.
    DataLink Web: Use any text or image from the web as content in your live production without complicated integration. Simply run the included plugin for Google Chrome on any external computer, and use DataLink to send data, photos, social media posts, and more across the network to instantly populate or update the designated title or graphic in TriCaster.

    TriCaster Home Page: Access IP management tools such as DataLink Web utilities, updates, downloads, documentation, tutorials, customer service, and more from a system-specific TriCaster Home Page accessible from your phone, tablet, or laptop - any supported device on the same network.
  • NDI Telestrator (Download)

    Use real-time illustrations and visuals to enhance your live productions with NewTek's NDI Telestrator installed on an NDI-compatible device. NDI Telestrator's intuitive feature set lets users draw and apply graphics to a live NDI video source for visual analysis, great for sportscasting and other news applications. Paint, shape, and highlight tools are available, enabling freehand drawing on touchscreen devices for labeling on live content and replays.

  • NDI Transmit (Download)

    Leverage NDI source video for high-quality videoconferencing with NewTek's NDI Transmit. With NDI Transmit installed on your networked PC any NDI video source available on your network can be transmitted via popular applications including Google Hangout, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Skype, and streaming encoders that support webcam input.

  • Virtual Set Editor Advanced Edition (Download)

    Create and customize your own 360° virtual studio space with NewTek's Virtual Set Editor Advanced Edition. Leveraging NewTek's Animation Store Creator and TriCaster Advanced Edition software, you have everything you need to fully realize your vision for a virtual broadcasting space for each of your programs.

  • LiveText 2.5 with DataLink 3 (Download)

    The LiveText 2.5 with DataLink 3 from NewTek is a remote titling system which allows you to add a dedicated title station to your live productions. Build titles and graphics on any laptop or computer and send over a network to any TriCaster portable live production system.

    Scrolls, crawls, still pages, and lower thirds graphics can be sent directly to the live production or live web stream from your laptop or computer, which is directly communicating with the TriCaster. Pre-produce graphics and titles and use the integrated DataLink 3.0 application to deliver real-time display of constantly updated data instantly to your TriCaster. This is useful for adding scores, times, prices, and other rapidly-changing information.

    • Network-style production workflow with dedicated HD titles and graphics operation
    • Integrated DataLink 3.0 application to display real-time data and instant updates
    • Real-time clock and date displays embedded in title pages
    • Remote control over title creation and management
    • Hundreds of pre-loaded templates ready for use, including lower thirds, OSB, and full-page graphics
    • Powerful vector-based drawing tools and extensive text options for designing custom graphics
  • Connect Pro (Download)

    Expand your IP-based workflow with NewTek Connect Pro software. Once installed on a PC, that computer becomes a hub which can host up to four simultaneous video sources for use in your live production. Video sources can be in any combination of formats or standards, so you can have signals coming from a local webcam, IP cameras, baseband video, stored media playback, or other IP sources compatible with NDI, ASPEN, or SMPTE 2022 standards. All video sources can be color corrected, and up to 8 channels of audio are supported.


    Allows you to configure a host computer as a multi-channel video system for IP-based production workflows
    Supports interoperability between common IP standards to include NDI, ASPEN, and SMPTE 2022
    Accommodates up to 4 simultaneous video sources from any combination of hundreds of compatible systems, devices, and applications
  • IsoCorder Pro (Download)

    Install NewTek's IsoCorder Pro on your network-connected workstation to record up to 16 NDI sources simultaneously. Video streams are encoded in a highly-compatible Quicktime format, and can be color-corrected with built-in professional tools. Up to 8 channels of audio can be controlled simultaneously, and record streams can be toggled independently or as groups. Also, 32-bit NDI sources with transparency are supported.

  • NDI Telestrator (Download)
    Minimum System Requirements Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)
    CPU: Intel Core i5 Sandy Bridge
    Memory: 4 GB
    Ethernet: Gigabit
    Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768
  • NDI Transmit (Download)
    Minimum System Requirements Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista (64-bit recommended)
    CPU: Intel Core i3 Sandy Bridge (faster CPU recommended for HD video streams)
    Memory: 4 GB
    Ethernet: Gigabit
  • Virtual Set Editor Advanced Edition (Download)
    Minimum System Requirements Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (64-bit)
    CPU: Any that supports AVX instructions
    Memory: 4 GB
    Screen Resolution: 1280 x 800

    Note: Virtual Set Editor Advanced Edition is only compatible with the TriCaster 8000, 860, 460, 410, and TriCaster Mini (HD-4/HD-4i/HD-4sdi) systems running the latest version of TriCaster Advanced Edition, which supports enhanced LiveSet technology, custom virtual sets, shot presets, holographic virtual sets, real-time animated lens flares, and animation store transitions.
  • LiveText 2.5 with DataLink 3 (Download)
    Minimum System Requirements
    CPU CPU which supports the SSE2 instruction set (typically an Intel Core 2 or better)
    RAM 2 GB (4 GB or more preferred)
    Graphics Card Graphics display card (PCIe recommended) with Microsoft DirectX 9 (or better) compatibility
    Monitor Resolution 1280 x 800
    Network Gigabit network recommended for network transmission to TriCaster
  • Connect Pro (Download)
    Minimum System Requirements Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)
    CPU: Intel Core i5 Sandy Bridge
    GPU: Intel integrated GPU (NVIDIA GPU with 2GB of vRAM or more recommended)
    Memory: 8 GB
    Ethernet: Gigabit
    Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768
  • IsoCorder Pro (Download)
    Minimum System Requirements Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)
    CPU: Intel Core i5 Sandy Bridge
    GPU: Intel integrated GPU (NVIDIA GPU with 2GB of vRAM or more recommended)
    Memory: 8 GB
    Ethernet: Gigabit
    Storage: Local, external or shared storage accommodating the desired number of recording channels and capacity (write speeds of 20 Mb/s per channel required; high-speed storage recommended)
    Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768

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