Cubix Xpander Fiber 8 4U Rackmount PCIe Expansion Enclosure with Redundant Power Supply

Cubix Xpander Fiber 8 4U Rackmount PCIe Expansion Enclosure with Redundant Power Supply
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Cubix Xpander Fiber 8 Overview

The Cubix Xpander Fiber 8 4 RU Rackmount PCIe Expansion Enclosure enables fiber-optic connection of eight double-wide accelerators to a host computer.  It supports accelerators like GPUs or Intel Xeon Phi processors with passive cooling and rear-connected auxiliary power cables. The host computer must provide one PCIe Gen 3.0 x16 slot for the fiber-optic host interface controller (HIC).

The XF8 provides one MIB (Main Interface Board) connected via fiber-optic cables to a HIC in a host computer. One pair of fiber-optic cables support an x8 connection or two pair of fiber-optic cables support an x16 connection. The MIB in Xpander features eight PCIe x16 slots that support eight double-wide GPUs like NVIDIA Tesla Series, AMD FirePro 9000 Series, or Intel Xeon Phi.

The XF8 provides one set of eight PCIe x16 slots for GPUs for use with HPC (High-performance Computing) such as AI (artificial-intelligence) or deep-learning and other CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) applications like AMBER. With 8 x Intel Xeon Phi processors, XF8 supports parallel processing applications. The XF8 is designed with a single board specifically for applications like AI that require the fastest peer-to-peer (P2P) transfer rates possible.

Cubix Xpander Fiber 8 Specs

Expansion SlotsPCI Express Generation 3.0 x16
Number of Slots8 slots in 1 x MIB for a total of 8 slots
Form Factor8 full-height, full-length, double-wide controllers or adapters in 1 MIB
Auxiliary Power CablesRear-connected
8 x sets of 6-pin + 8-pin (6P + 8P)
Connecting CableExternal fiber-optic
Number of Fiber Cables: Determines the connection bandwidth and theoretical data transfer rate
PCIe x16 Connection: 4 x Fiber-cables support a 128 Gb/s transfer rate
PCIe x8 Connection: 2 x fiber cables support a theoretical 64 Gb/s transfer rate
Fiber ConnectorMTP-to-MTP, 12 fiber (8 used per cable), Type A-Straight
PCIe LanesOptical Mode 3 (OM3) Multi-Mode Fiber (MMF) maximum cable length
x16 @ 100%: 82.02' (25 m)
x16 @ 84%: 164.04' (50 m)
x8 @ 100%: 164.04' (50 m)
x8 @ 97%: 328.08' (100 m)
PCIe x16 HICInstall in a PCIe Gen 3.0 x16 slot of the host computer
End Bracket HeightStandard and half-height bracket included
Front Panel LCDMain menu: Left button
Sub-menu: Right button
Power Supply StatusRedundant power
StatusTemperature: 3 sensor readouts in °C
Fan status, voltage percent (%) speed
PCIe Link: Fiber cable connected, 8 Gb/s x8 or x16 link speed
Fiber-optic Cable: Connected or not connected
Fiber: Transmit / Receive, Temperature and Voltage Status
Transfer RatePCIe Gen 3.0 Gb/s x16: 128 Gb/s theoretical
ModeFan Mode Select: Low (Quiet) / Medium / High / GPU / Full On
LCD Panel BacklightToggle on / off using right button
FanFan Panel: Power input receptacles and PCIe cables
Fan Profile Settings: Use Xpander fan modes
Cooling Fan Profiles: Each fan runs at 112 cfm
Low (quiet): 2 x double-wide GPUs in slots 1 and 4
Medium: 4 x double-wide GPU in slot 2 or 6
High Performance: 6 x double-wide GPUs in slots 1 and 4, and 2 x single-slot PCIe cards
GPU: 8 x double-wide GPUs
Full on: 8 x double-wide GPUs
Power Supply1 MIB
3000 W power with 3 + 1 Hot-Plug Modules: Each module provides auto-ranging 100 to 240 VAC @ 15 to 7.5 A
Operating EnvironmentTemperature: 32 to 86°F / 0 to 30°C
5 to 80% non-condensing humidity
Altitude: 10,000' / 3050 m (operating), 50,000' / 15,240 m (storage)
DimensionsHIC: 2.6 x 7.29 x 1.05" / 66 x 185.1 x 25.4 mm
Enclosure: 7 x 19 x 26" / 177.8 x 482.6 x 660.4 mm
Weight50 lb / 22.68 kg
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