StudioLogic Sledge Black Edition Synthesizer

StudioLogic Sledge Black Edition Synthesizer
Key Features
  • 61-Key, Semi-Weighted Fatar Keyboard
  • 24-Voice Polyphony / Up to 999 Sounds
  • Waldorf DSP Modeling Technology
  • Auto Dual Mode for Layers and Splits
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The Sledge Black Edition from StudioLogic is a 61-key synthesizer with a TP/9S semi-weighted balanced spring-action keybed with a dual-switch detection system and aftertouch. The instrument offers an auto dual mode, sampler player, pitch & hold controls, simultaneous reverb and delay effects, 24-voice polyphony, and Spectre, a sample-editor software.
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StudioLogic Sledge Overview

The Sledge Black Edition from StudioLogic is a 61-key synthesizer with a TP/9S semi-weighted balanced spring-action keybed with a dual-switch detection system and aftertouch. The instrument offers an auto dual mode, sampler player, pitch & hold controls, simultaneous reverb and delay effects, 24-voice polyphony, and Spectre, a sample-editor software.

The Sledge Black Edition is powered by Waldorf with the latest modeling technology, delivering a wide range of classic analog synthesizer waveforms plus a complete set of wavetables derived directly from the mother of all digital synthesizers, the PPG Wave. The sample player is accessed through Osc 1, allowing for new sounds and waveforms to be loaded into 60MB of Flash memory and fully integrated into the sound shaping generators such as filters, envelopes, effects, and more.

Three oscillators plus a noise generator are fed into the powerful Sledge multimode filter, which produces sounds from smooth and soft to fat and harsh. The fast envelope generators pack some serious punch, while two onboard LFOs and the Mod-Wheel offer huge modulation capabilities. Additionally, two built-in effect units deliver synthesizer effects such as Chorus, Phaser and Flanger, as well as a rich Reverb and analog-style Delay.

The Sledge Synthesizer offers dedicated controls for all parameters, which have been clearly and ergonomically arranged and placed directly at your fingertips. There are no double or multiple functions on any of the knobs or push buttons, which makes sound design fun and easy.

What's New

  • Black Edition: The exclusive dark look includes a black case and a semi-weighted keyboard with reverse black and gray keys
  • Semi-Weighted Keys: The reverse-color keyboard perfectly matches the black look, and thanks to semi-weighted keys and new balanced springs, gives an unbeatable feeling for a more satisfying musical experience
  • Bigger Sound: The audio output level is enhanced, for a stronger, cleaner, and fatter sound
  • LFO2 Sync: Keeps the same modulation phase on all notes
  • Auto Dual Mode: Allows for the playing of two sounds simultaneously in Split or Layer mode. The Dual Sound combinations can be permanently stored in any of the 1000 available presets
  • Sample Player: Sound samples and new waves can be loaded in the internal 60MB of Flash memory, played by Osc 1 and modified by all parameters of the control panel, including the addition of other oscillators, setting filters, envelopes, and effects
  • Pitch & Hold Controls: Pitch and Hold can work in tandem with the Dual Mode Split function, allowing the use of the Pitch bend on the Upper sound (i.e. for solo parts) and the Hold pedal to control only the Lower (to keep playing a drum groove or as a damper for a piano sound) and vice versa. The function can be used when Layering sounds to enable Pitch Bend and Hold on both Upper and Lower sounds
  • Reverb+Delay: A new effect algorithm that mixes Reverb and Delay
  • Enhanced Polyphony: The total maximum number or notes that can be played at the same time has been expanded to 24, allowing for better real-time control over new sound possibilities obtained from synthesis and sampling together
  • Spectre Sample Editing Software: Samples can be edited (keyboard range, tuning, and other parameters) and transmitted to Sledge 2.0 by the USB port. With this easy-to-use software, samples can be loaded and played from the computer and then downloaded into the instrument's memory

Main Features

  • 61-key, analog-modeling synthesizer with the latest Waldorf DSP plus classic sounds and wavetables
  • Features 999 inspiring sounds and 24-voice polyphony
  • Offers three oscillators, two fast LFOs, and two envelopes per voice
  • Oscillator shapes include Sawtooth, Square, Triangle, Sine, and Pulse
  • Multimode filter includes low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and more
  • Built-in noise generator with selectable white and pink noise
  • Built-in arpeggiator features latch mode, direction up, direction down, alternate, and more
  • Two built-in effect units deliver Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Reverb, and analog-style Delay
  • User-friendly interface with an easy-to-read layout

StudioLogic Sledge Specs

Keyboard61 keys, TP/9S semi-weighted action
Balanced spring action
Dual-switch detection system
TouchSoft, medium, hard fixed (programmable) on MIDI output
Controls35 pots
3 chicken head rotary switches (7 positions)
1 rotary encoder with push function
Master volume (with panic and anti-thump circuit)
Numeric keypad
Display2 x 16 digits backlit LCD
WheelsPitch and modulation
Sounds999 user programs (+13 categories)
Fast sound selection via numeric keypad or encoder
Auto Dual Mode - Split/Layer - programmable Split for each program
GlobalMaster tune - Transposer - Pitch/Bend range - Pedal functions (volume, mod wheel, cutoff) - Pot mode (snap/direct) - Display time - Pitch wheel, hold pedal assign
Polyphony24 voices
ModesMonophonic with single or multiple trigger
Modulation RoutingLFO1, LFO2 (phase synchronized), WHEEL (for Mod wheel and Aftertouch)
Adjustable LFOs speed and depth
LFO Shapes: Sawtooth, square, triangle, sine, sample & hold, ramp
Destinations: OSC1, OSC2, OSC3, PWM / Wave / FM, Volume, Filter Cutoff
OscillatorsRange: From 64 to 1' with semitone and detune
Shapes: Sawtooth, Square, Triangle, Sine, Pulse (with Pulse Width Modulation)
Oscillator 1 with 66 original PPG Wavetables and sample player (60 MB internal memory)
FM (Tone generation): OSC2, OSC3 amount control - Oscillator hard sync (OSC2 to OSC3)
MixerVolume and On/Off switch for each oscillator
Noise Generator: White/Pink - Volume control
Multimode FilterFilter & Amplifier
Slope (24/12 dB): Low-pass, high-pass, band-pass
Resonance up to self-oscillation
Adjustable key track and drive
Filter Envelope: ADSR with amount control
Amplifier Envelope: ADSR with velocity control
Proportional velocity control on Filter and Amplifier sections
ArpeggiatorLatch mode
Syncable to MIDI Clock
Direction Up, Down, Alternate
Range up to 10 octaves
Effects2 simultaneous effects:
Effect 1: Chorus / Phaser / Flanger
Effect 2: Reverb / Delay / Reverb+Delay
OtherFrequency Modulation of sine and triangle
Oscillator Hardsync (Osc 2 to Osc 3)
Noise Generator with selectable white and pink noise
Mixer with Volume and On/Off switch for each Oscillator and Noise
2 fast envelopes per voice (filter / amplifier)
Auto Dual Mode: Split or Layer mode - programmable split point for each Program
MIDIIn and out
MIDI Channel
Local On/Off
Clock control
Send/Receive controls
InputExpression pedal
Hold pedal
OutputLine Out: 2 x 1/4" / 6.35 mm
Headphone: 1 x stereo 1/4" / 6.35 mm
USBUSB connector for MIDI In/ Out, firmware update, samples loading (with Spectre)
Uses standard USB MIDI driver provided by host computer OS
Windows ME minimum, Windows XP or newer recommended
macOS 10.2 minimum, macOS 10.3 or newer recommended
Power Supply Built-In: 110 to 240 VAC
Dimensions38.2 x 16.0 x 4.5" / 97.0 x 40.6 x 11.4 cm
Weight20.5 lb / 9.3 kg
Packaging Info
Package Weight27.1 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)42.8 x 22.5 x 9.8"
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