Alpine Astronomical Baader AstroSolar White-Light Safety Film 5.0 (Medium Roll)

Alpine Astronomical Baader AstroSolar White-Light Safety Film 5.0 (Medium Roll)
Key Features
  • Front Aperture White-Light Filter Film
  • For Safe Solar Viewing and Photography
  • Use on Scopes, Binoculars, Photo Lenses
  • View Penumbra, Granulation, and Faculae
Specifically designed for photographing and viewing the sun and solar eclipses through an optical device such as telescopes, binoculars, or camera lenses, this 39.4x19.7" roll of Baader AstroSolar White-Light Safety Film 5.0 from Alpine Astronomical filters the sun's intense light to a safe level and blocks harmful ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation. Viewing through the film reveals solar surface details including penumbral detail, solar granulation, and lighter-colored faculae. The film improves sharpness and contrast while showing the sun in its proper white color, instead of the orange/red or blue tint common with broad-band filters which filter a portion of the visible spectrum and inhibit observing fine details. Also, since the entire spectrum is being passed through, the use of secondary filters is possible to selectively observe specific bands or highlight targeted solar features.
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Safe for Solar Observation
Warning: Viewing the Sun without proper protection can cause permanent eye damage, blindness, and equipment damage. As this product meets the standards of ISO 12312-2 specifications, though certification status is not available for such items (removable filters for optics and telescopes), it is safe for solar observation through its intended optics equipment. Always use approved ISO 12312-2 certified safety glasses when viewing the Sun directly. Never use photographic neutral density filters for direct solar viewing, viewing the sun through an optic, or when using cameras with an optical viewfinder.
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