Rollei 66 Dual P Projector - without Lens

Rollei 66 Dual P Projector - without Lens

Rollei 66 Dual P Projector - without Lens

B&H # RO66DP MFR # 66879
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Rollei 66879 overview

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Professional Possibilities
The Rolleivision 66 Dual P is the result of Rollei's many years of experience in the construction of high-grade slide projectors. Apart from its unique multi-format concept, it offers functions and modes which are regarded as exemplary in sophisticated projection. Specifically:

  • The ability to handle the 6x6, 4.5x6, 4x4, and 24x36cm formats via two different magazines.
  • A bright illuminated monitor on the top of the housing allows comfortable pre-sorting of the slides.
  • With the Variofade technique, the slides can be faded in and out anywhere in the magazine at speeds of 0.1, 2.5 and 5sec. thus creating impressive dissolve effects between CUT and SOFT.
  • Using the memo button on the remote control, up to 16 slides can be "tagged" during the presentation, and then called up again when the magazine has come to an end.
  • Three slide times (4,8 and 12 sec.) can be preselected via the timer for automatic presentation.
  • The "auto-reverse" mode, which can be programmed for slides 1-60, permits automatic magazine return and continuous projection.
  • The projector can be connected up for audio-assisted and dissolve slide shows; it also has a V-24 PC interface for linking up to the multimedia world.

    Maximum Reliability
    The Rolleivision 66 Dual P can be adjusted for 6x6 or 35mm magazines in no time at all. Inserting the magazine and start up take a matter of seconds. An integrated autofocus system with override function ensures optimum focusing on the screen. The interval light is automatically switched on in stand-by mode before projection starts and after the magazine has run through. The projector recognizes unoccupied magazine compartments and triggers a shutter to cut out sudden brightness on the screen.

    If a lamp fails, the spare lamp switches on automatically. All functions can be comfortably controlled via the infrared remote control which can be removed from the housing. The projector is equipped with MSC (Multi-Sensor-Control) technology. This means microprocessor-controlled direct drive which ensures maximum functional reliability, freedom from vibrations and a long life.

    Operating Comfort
    Everything you need for a live presentation is on hand in the infrared remote control. You can start and end the slide show, give command for forwards and backwards projection, activate the preset slide screen time (timer) for an auto advance, interrupt it at any time, fine-tune the focus by hand, set the dissolve times and, using the memo button, select up to 16 slides you would like to show again at the end of the presentation. There are no cords or cables to worry about. The ergonomically favorable layout and the different sized buttons means that you can have everything under control at all times.

    Automatic Focusing
    Autofocus ensures that, once the basic setting has been made manually, the rest is looked after automatically during projection. In certain circumstances, especially with different types of mounts, it may be necessary to fine-tune the sharpness on the remote control using the override facility. The 24V/250W halogen lamp ensures optimum illumination. To adapt the light to room conditions or to the size of the screen, the output can be reduced in 5% stages via a 5-step dimmer.

    An automatic voltage stabilizer protects the lamp from overload in case of fluctuations in the mains voltage. Should the lamp fail during a presentation, the projector automatically switches to the spare lamp. An LED display indicates that the spare lamp is in use. A quiet and powerful axial fan takes care of heat problems and keeps slides at the right temperature. For safety reasons, it also operates when the lamp is switched off. In case of a malfunction, an integrated overload cut-out prevents any damage to the projector or the slide.

    Unique Transport System
    Rollei's interconnectable magazines are particularly recommended. They can easily be hooked into one another during projection and, in conjunction with the optional magazine track extension allows several magazines to be projected without interruption, one after the other. In "auto-reverse" position, the magazine is returned to slide 1 with the lamp switched off after the last slide. The projector starts again in line with the set screen time. Continuous projection can be programmed for slides 1-60 or parts thereof.

    Synchronized Slide Shows
    In combination with a slide synchronizer and a tape recorder or cassette recorder, the Rolleivision 66 Dual P can also be used for sound-supported, automatic slide shows (via the 8-pin socket). Anyone wishing to present a more sophisticated slide show will need to look at the possibilities offered by the Rolleivision Dual 66 P. A dissolve option offers a wide variety of creative possibilities from flowing picture fade-overs at various speeds to special effects such as blinking, flashing, alternating and sandwich.

    Two Rollei projectors can be comfortably placed on top of each other with the optional AV Kit. It is adjustable and represents a space-saving alternative to conventional projection racks. A number of commercial pulse generators may be connected via the 14-pin dissolve terminal. In conjunction with a tape recorder (multi-track cassette recorder) the selected effects can be recorded on tape during the presentation in the form of control pulses in real time. The show can then be called up any number of times in sync with the sound.

  • Note: This item contains a Rollei 66 Dual P projector. It does not include a lens

    Handles 6 x 6, 6 x 4.5, 4 x 4cm ad 24 x 36mm slides; Slide formats 6x6, 4.5x6, 4x4cm and 24x36mm projected from two different magazines
    Brings all the advantages of medium format to the screen by providing a clear and true color reproduction, even illumination and edge-to-edge sharpness
    First medium-format slide projector with direct drive technology; Slide claw, magazine transport and focusing are all controlled via the projector's microprocessor and operate completely independently of each other; Contact-free sensors and robust drive cabling; Designed for absolute reliability; Vibrationless operation and a long service life
    Die-cast aluminum chassis
    Convenient slide pre-sorting via a brightly lit viewing window in the top of the projector casing
    Variable fade technology provides fade-ins and fade-outs at any place in the magazine with duration's of 0.1, 3 and 6 seconds; Allows effective switches between CUT and SOFT
    All functions can be conveniently controlled via the detachable infrared remote control unit
    If a lamp fails, the standby lamp takes over immediately
    Memo button on the remote control lets you mark up to 16 slides to be shown again at the end of your presentation
    Timer lets you pre-select from three screen times (4, 8 and 12 seconds) for an automated projection run
    Pre-programmable auto-reverse function (for 1-60 slides) provides automatic magazine reverse transport and continuous projection
    Projector has sockets for audio slide presentations and dissolve projection; V-24 PC interface allows integration in a multimedia environment
    Integral autofocus system with an override function delivers optimum on-screen sharpness in seconds
    Interval lighting comes on automatically when the projector is in stand-by mode before the presentation and after the magazine run
    The projector recognizes empty magazine compartments, and a sliding shutter excludes unwanted light - "No-slide-no light"
    In the Box
    Rollei 66 Dual P Projector - without Lens
  • 30 Slide Tray
  • Lamp Extractor
  • AC Cord
  • 2-Year Warranty
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    Rollei 66879 specs

    Type of Projector High-quality, compact autofocus projector to use with two slide sizes and two magazine sizes with override function and manual adjustments
    Focusing Autofocus with override function and manual setting
    Lighting System
  • Two 24v/250w halogen lamps; Automatic switchover to stand-by lamp
  • Continuously adjustable dimmer
  • Concave mirror, heat filter, rear aspherical condenser element, front spherical condenser element
  • Interchangeable condenser elements for lenses with focal lengths of 250mm
  • Slide Change
  • Remote or automatic forward/reverse
  • Auto program by timer or tape control with signal device
  • Sliding shutter keeps out unwanted light during slide changes - '"No-slide-no-light"
  • Timer Fixed slide screen times of 4,8 and 12 seconds for automatic projection
  • 90mm f/2.8 AV-Apogon - B&H# RO9028P66
  • 120mm f/2.8 AV-Apogon HFT - B&H# RO12028P66
  • 150mm f/3.5 S Heidosmat - B&H# RO15035P66
  • 180mm f/3.5 Heidosmat - B&H# RO18035P66
  • 250mm f/4 AV-Xenotar HFT- B&H# RO2504P66
  • 400mm f/4 AV-Xenotar HFT - B&H# RO4004P66
  • 110-160mm f/3.5 Vario Heidosmat - B&H# RO11016035P6
  • Displays Clear LEDs for the various modes; Bright illuminated monitor for slide preview
    Control Sockets
  • 8-pin socket for cable remote control, external units (via adapter cable) and magnetic tape control via synchronizer
  • 14-pin AV socket; Additional V-24 PC interface for control of all projector functions and connection or integration into current and future multimedia environments
  • Power Supply Connection for AC supply 110V with automatic voltage stabilization; Mains connection for alternating voltage between 190V and 250V with automatic stabilization
    Cooling System Enclosed radial fan; Cooling also with lamp switched off; Ventilation outlet at rear; Mechanical and thermal overload cut-out
    Magazine Type Rollei 77/30 for 2-1/4 slides or type CM/55/50 for 35mm slides
    Dimensions 12 x 11.5 x 6" (300 x 290 x 150 mm)
    Weight 17 lb (7711 g)
    Packaging Infobsuwcvaqrcderbrvdubyws
    Package Weight 21.34 lb
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 19.5 x 15.0 x 9.5"

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