Pomfort Silverstack XT V6 + LiveGrade Pro V3 Bundle (Download, 1-Year Subscription)

Pomfort Silverstack XT V6 + LiveGrade Pro V3 Bundle (Download, 1-Year Subscription)

Pomfort Silverstack XT V6 + LiveGrade Pro V3 Bundle (Download, 1-Year Subscription)

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Product Highlights

  • Advanced On-Set Data Management for Film
  • Color Management for Live Camera Signals
  • Secure Copy with Common Checksum Methods
  • In-Depth Metadata Acquisition & Editing
  • Support for All Major Camera Formats
  • Clip Transfer to Various 3rd-Party Tools
  • Advanced Grading & ACES Color Processing
  • Multi-Camera Live HD-SDI Signal Capture
  • Apply LUTs to HD-SDI Signals
  • Create, Preview, Compare Looks On-Set
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Pomfort Livegrade Pro overview

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This bundle from Pomfort contains 1-year subscriptions to both Silverstack XT and LiveGrade Pro, which combines an advanced on-set data management application with a comprehensive color/look management program for live camera signals. Silverstack XT features include copying, playback, reporting, and transcoding tools for backing up, previewing, and preparing movie data right on the set. LiveGrade Pro lets you create, preview, and compare looks directly on set, apply LUTs to live HD-SDI signals, and much more.

  • Silverstack XT V6 (Download, 1-Year Subscription)

    Silverstack XT V6 is Pomfort's advanced software for on-set data management in all kinds of professional film productions. Main features include copying, playback, reporting, and transcoding tools for backing up, previewing, and preparing movie data right on the set. Silverstack XT offers a wider set of features and compatibility/support than the standard Silverstack, including advanced grading, advanced audio file handling, and an HD-SDI output. (Please see a full list of features below.) This is a one-year subscription license to Silverstack XT that provides you with unlimited free upgrades during the subscription period and which can be renewed when the year expires.

    Silverstack XT supports all major camera formats and handles all data the same way no matter which of these formats you use. On top of that, it automatically stores and organizes clip, audio, and look information in a central library, preventing data loss and enabling you to easily control, track, and access all assets. Footage can be instantly secured, checked for quality, and prepared for further distribution. The central library is clearly arranged and provides for a transparent data management workflow.

    For copying and backing up your data securely, Silverstack XT uses common and up to date checksum methods, and backs up the data to multiple destinations. Using the cascading copy function, you can back up footage to the fastest medium first, before a second copy process automatically begins to the remaining drives.

    Silverstack XT flexibly integrates with common 3rd-party applications, such as DaVinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, and Divergent Media ScopeBox, allowing for seamless transfer of data and color for further review and processing. Silverstack XT also lets you generate customizable shooting day, clip, thumbnail, or volume reports with just a few clicks to quickly give the production team a detailed overview of all relevant production data.

    To check for quality of the source material, Silverstack XT allows you to play back and inspect clips natively in different resolutions to detect image errors instantly. You can furthermore check clipping, focus, and exposure with Silverstack XT's visual controls, and use look management functionality for applying and adjusting colors.

    Note: Your purchase provides you with the latest version of Silverstack XT.

    Clip Library

    • Storage of all assets in one comprehensive library
    • Thumbnails for all assets
    • Access to all assets at all times, even when offline
    File Sequences
    • Automatic detection of file sequences
    • Treatment of entire file sequences as single clips for easier management
    • File sequence input for JPEG, TIFF and DPX files (e.g. for playback and transcoding of timelapse sequences)
    • Support for camera-specific metadata (for selected camera formats)
    • Extraction of metadata from clips and sidecar files (XML, ALE, etc.) (for selected camera formats)
    • Management of source and transcoded clips in one library
    • Transcoding statistics
    Color & Look
    • Typical grade controls
    • Node based CDL and LUT grading mode
    • Advanced grading modes (including ACES modes)
    • Basic grading nodes include ASC-CDL and 3D LUT
    • Advanced grading nodes include 1D LUT, HHS and curve nodes
    • Load and save ASC-CDL (.cdl) directly to/from grading node
    • Player grid view for side-by-side reference view of two clips
    • Look library
    • Grading panel support
    • Combine clip and look information in one library
    • Manage and download latest ACES versions (up to ACES v1.0.3)
    • RED IPP2 color processing for custom looks
    • Automatic detection of Broadcast Wave (BWF, .wav) audio files
    • Automatic assembly of audio tracks to audio clips
    • Manual audio sync with video clips
    • Audible frame stepping
    • Clip search by name, metadata, user info, etc.
    • Smart-folders for complex and recurring searches
    • Metadata import, merge different libraries with bins, folders, and projects
    • Relinking of files which were moved/copied outside of Silverstack

    Offload & Backup

    • Multi-destination file copy
    • Checksum verified copy for maximum security - MD5, SHA1, xxhash, xxhash64 (compatible to Google's xxhash)
    • Support for backing up to LTO tapes via LTFS
    • Support for backing up to Sony ODA (Optical Disk Archive)
    • Offload of camera storage cards
    • Cascading copy, first to fast drives, from there to slower drives
    • Preservation of folder structures
    • Creation of custom folder structures with wildcards
    • Provide custom bin name on offload
    • Offload wizard templates
    • Detection of duplicate clips for less confusion in post
    • Format-specific ingest preferences for look management, audio and format options
    • Easily register files in the library without copying
    • Overview of all used volumes
    • Inspection of capacity, fill levels, and stored files
    • Unmounting of volumes without going through Finder
    • Sealing of volumes to ensure completeness and consistency of media data
    • Seal management (seal info, delete, re-seal)
    • File name creation based on clip metadata


    Job Queue
    • Queuing of jobs for consecutive and parallel execution of multiple jobs
    Job History
    • Overview of all finished copy jobs
    Job Status
    • Constant access to the status of all jobs through a pervasive status display
    • Instant and notable indication of success or errors for faster turnaround times

    Quality Check

    Native Playback (for Selected Camera Formats)
    • Real-time playback of camera-native media
    • Comprehensive clip timeline for quick navigation
    • Audio clip playback with metering and channel mixer
    • Playback of single audio tracks
    • "Absolute time" and "every frame" playback mode
    Processing (for Selected Camera Formats)
    • Live processing with per-clip settings for playback and transcoding
    • Anamorphic de-squeeze for correcting images from anamorphic lenses
    • Flip horizontally (mirror), vertically (upside down) or both (180° rotation)
    • Look processing (e.g. log-to-video from file, preset or custom 3D LUT)
    Frame Lines
    • Framing assistance for multiple aspect ratios
    HD-SDI Output
    • Full quality 10-bit clip review on HD-SDI monitors
    External Video Supported Devices
    • AJA KONA series, AJA Io series, AJA T-TAP
    • Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio series, Mini Recorder, and DeckLink cards
    Video Scopes
    • Integration with ScopeBox (via ScopeLink) for professional video scopes
    Playback via Quick Look
    • Media Files: QuickTime, AVI, MPEG4, MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV, JPEG, JPEG 2000, Adobe PhotoShop, TIFF, BMP
    • Additional Formats: XDCAM HD, DPX and others with 3rd party Quick Look plugins
    • Production Documents: PDF, HTML, RTF, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TXT, CSV
    Display Options (for Selected Camera Formats)
    • Separate color channels
    • Black and white clipping indicator
    • Focus assist for inspecting focus on small screens
    User Information (for Selected Camera Formats)
    • Support for comments, labels, ratings, and flags
    • Cue points for commenting on specific frames
    • In- and out-points for marking relevant clip segments
    • Cue points are fully integrated into the library search


    • Comprehensive transcoding tab to manage transcoding settings
    • Path wildcards for custom folder structures of transcoding destinations
    • Transcoding preview player mode to preview the transcoding configuration
    • Automatic ingest of transcoded clips to the library
    Destination Formats
    • QuickTime ProRes
    • QuickTime H.264
    Transcoding Options
    • One custom transcoding configuration and multiple preinstalled transcoding presets
    • Multiple custom transcoding configurations
    • Multi-format and multi-destination transcoding to different resolutions
    • Output resolutions larger than Full HD (1920 x 1080)
    • Basic burn-in options (video TC, clip name) and watermarking
    • Embedded audio (stereo mixdown with Linear PCM and AAC codecs)
    • Automatic pause of transcoding during copy and playback
    • De-squeeze and flip conversion
    • Transcoding with look from file or as in library
    • Configurable resolution and cropping


    • Distribute well structured information to others on and beyond set
    • Export reports including all metadata from the library
    • Choose from multiple formats (CSV, HTML, PDF)
    • Choose from multiple report types
    • Customize metadata content of reports

    Import & Export

    • Matching of QTake XMLs for metadata import
    • Matching of MovieSlate XMLs for metadata import
    • Conforming EDLs for consolidating referenced clips in a new bin
    • Importing of sealed library archives
    • Export of FCP XML and FCP X FCPXML file with extended metadata
    • Export of ALE file
    • Export to DaVinci Resolve including clip (*.csv) and color (*.ccc, ColorTrace) metadata
    • Export to Assimilate Scratch including color metadata (via *.ale)
    • Export to Avid Media Composer including color metadata (via *.ale)
    • Export of clip metadata to Adobe Premiere Pro (via *.xml)
    • Export of still images (JPEG, TIFF) from player
    • Import of Looks from Pomfort's LiveGrade
    • Import of custom 3D-LUT files
    • Export of Looks to multiple formats
    Project Settings
    • Export and import of project settings
    • Default project settings template for new projects
    • Enables easy exchange of offload templates, library folder structure, smart folders, etc.

    User Interface

    UI Layouts
    • Quick configuration buttons for the user interface: Manage, QC, and Color
    Second Display
    • Two screen working environment

    Advanced Camera Support

    • ARRI Alexa (.ari) (with audio support)
    • ARRI Alexa Mini (.mxf)
    • ARRI Amira (.mxf)
    • ARRI Alexa 65 (.ari) (with audio support)
    • Panasonic Varicam
    Canon XF Movies
    • Canon C300 Mark I and II (with audio support)
    • Canon C500 (with audio support)
    • Canon C700 (with audio support)
    Canon MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (.mts)
    • Canon C100 (with audio support)
    Canon Uncompressed RAW (.rmf)
    • Canon C700
    • BMCC
    • Bolex D16 (with audio support)
    • Ikonoskop
    • IndieCam
    Generic Image Sequences
    • JPEG
    • TIFF
    • DPX
    H.264 QuickTime Movies
    • Canon DSLR (with audio support)
    • GoPro HERO (with audio support)
    • Nikon DSLR (with audio support)
    Panasonic DNG RAW
    • Panasonic Varicam LT (with Convergent Design Odyssey7Q+)
    Phantom Cine
    • Vision Research Phantom Flex/Flex4K/Miro
    ProRes QuickTime Movies
    • AJA KiPro
    • ARRI ALEXA / ALEXA Mini (with audio support)
    • ARRI AMIRA (with audio support)
    • Atomos Ninja and Samurai
    • Codex Action Cam
    • Convergent Design Odyssey
    • RED Epic (with audio support)
    • RED One (with audio support)
    • RED Weapon (with audio support)
    • RED Scarlet-W (with audio support)
    Sony RAW
    • Sony F5/F55/F65
    • Panasonic Varicam
    • Sony F5/F55 (with AXS-R7 recorder)
    • Sony F5/F55 (with audio support)
    XAVC S
    • Sony a7S (with audio support)
  • LiveGrade Pro V3 (1-Year Subscription, Download)

    Bring color to your film set and dailies. Offering a lot of flexibility in working with looks in real-time, Pomfort LiveGrade Pro V3 allows you to apply LUTs to HD-SDI signals being sent from the camera to the on-set monitor -- either via LUT boxes or directly via compatible cameras. This will let you create, preview, and compare looks directly on set. The digital look becomes part of the image creation process on set -- together with camera setup, lighting, and the art department -- in order to follow one creative intent.

    Using the collected look metadata in the dailies creation process ensures that the look concept of the DP and director is carried on to editorial and viewing. Therefore LiveGrade covers a wide range of color management workflows with comprehensive import and export capabilities. Color correction settings can be annotated with metadata (e.g slate information) and exported as standard look exchange files such ASC-CDL files or 3D LUTs. Together with LiveGrade's new PDF reports and ALE export, matching looks and camera source media for dailies creation is now simpler.

    LiveGrade Pro supports grading modes that are specifically tailored to a broad range of workflows. Covering "log" material of specific digital cinema cameras, ASC-CDL grading, the Academy's "ACES" color space, and secondary grading options highly increase LiveGrade Pro's versatility as a color correction system for any project.

    LiveGrade Pro combines the flexibility of live image manipulation with the traditional, file-based approach for color grading. The video input interface enables capturing multiple camera's live HD-SDI signals. Movie clips or single frames can be recorded as reference for creating new looks and for maintaining the consistency of an entire project's look. A new split-screen view makes the comparison of looks even more convenient and accurate.

    LiveGrade Pro unifies the color creation workflow by supporting LUT box devices such as Blackmagic Design's HDLink or Fujifilm's IS-Mini, as well as cameras with color correction capabilities such as the Panasonic Varicam 35. (Fujifilm requires an additional device license file available within the LiveGrade Pro application.) You can use panel controllers from Tangent and Avid with LiveGrade Pro and control the software remotely via WiFi with the free LiveGrade Pro Remote app, which works with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. For capturing HD-SDI live signals, Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio, Mini Recorder, and Decklink cards are supported.

    New Features in Pro V3
    • Capture and display live HD-SDI signals
    • Record movies or take frame grabs
    • Capture timecode for matching looks with footage
    • Advanced color correction filter for secondaries (hue-dependent hue and saturation controls)
    • Fully featured ACES color processing (v1.0.0, and older versions)
    • Apply multiple different CDL or 3D LUT filters for individual color pipelines
    • Full LUT device options including Fujifilm IS-mini, Varicam 35, and Pandora Pluto
    • Create look reports as PDFs
    • Extended look library
    • File grading with JPGs, TIFFs, and QuickTime files
    • Split screen view for comparing and matching looks
    • Color controls for tint
  • Look and Clip Library
    • Save and recall an unlimited number of looks
    • Extended metadata fields for storing slate information, episode info, and timecode
    • Live-updating thumbnails for visual reference
    • Projects and look groups for look management
    • Search and filter functions for fast access to looks
    • Imported still images from JPG, TIFF, and DPX files and extracted images from MOV files
    • Recorded movies and frame grabs from HD-SDI signals
    • Each interaction is stored for later re-use and undo
    Color and Signal Processing
    • Node-based color pipeline, different modes for different scenarios
    • CDL and LUT, CDL Advanced, Alexa looks, Amira compatible
    • ACES CDL, ACES CDL Advanced, Varicam compatible, Freestyle, Freestyle ACES
    • "Freestyle" grade modes for custom, more complex color pipelines (such as multi I/O LUTs)
    • ACESlog v0.2.0, v0.7.0, v0.7.1, ACEScc v1.0.0
    • Input Transforms (IDTs): ACESproxy, ARRI, Canon, Panasonic, Sony
    • Output Transforms (ODTs): Rec.709, Rec.2020, P3
    • ASC-CDL, 3D LUT, 1D Curve editor
    • 3D LUT presets for ARRI, Blackmagic Design, Canon, Panasonic, RED, and Sony cameras in 3D LUT node
    • Import of custom 3D LUTs in 3D LUT node
    • HHS secondaries (hue-dependent hue and saturation controls)
    • Grading nodes can be enabled and disabled individually
    • Multiple ASC-CDL nodes can be combined to one CDL filter (such as for export)
    • False color mode for quick-check of exposure
    • Regions mode and Gradient mode
    HD-SDI Live Image and Capture
    • Blackmagic Design UltraStudio, Mini Recorder, and Decklink card support
    • QuickTime ProRes capture at different bit rates (ProRes 422 LT, 422 Proxy, 422, 422 HQ)
    • Frame grab as 16-bit TIFF files
    • Quick-entry panel for fast editing of look and clip metadata
    • Multi-record for triggering record for multiple attached capture devices
    • Auto-record for triggering record by HD-SDI rec-flag from ARRI Alexa camera
    • Capture timecode from video streams for look creation
    Supported LUT Boxes / Cameras & LUT Features
    • Blackmagic Design HDLink
    • Fujifilm IS-mini (an additional device license for IS-mini is required)
    • Pandora Pluto
    • Panasonic Varicam 35
    • Manage multiple devices and control them independently
    • Group and mix multiple devices and control them combined
    • Legal / extended HD-SDI signal settings for each LUT device
    • Import and apply ICC profiles for use of DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, and HD-SDI displays
    • Restore all looks on all devices on startup
    • Connection indicator warns on offline devices
    • View and color-grade live images with HD-Link
    • View and color-grade imported stills
    • Color processing in all LUT boxes and supported cameras
    • View and color-grade live image (GPU-based)
    • View and color-grade recorded clips and frame grabs
    • Compatibility mode for display matching (e.g. with HD-SDI video, DaVinci Resolve)
    • Compare different looks in Split View for look matching
    • Compare live images to stored clips and frame grabs for look matching
    Transfer Options
    • 3D LUT export in various formats (all grading modes)
    • Batch export, export multiple formats at once
    • Resolve, SpeedGrade, Filmlight, Lustre, SCRATCH, Nucoda, HDLink, AJA LUT Box, Odyssey7
    • Other formats available from Pomfort on request
    • Import/export of CDL files (ASC-CDL and ACES grade modes)
    • Import/export of Alexa Look files (Alexa look mode)
    • Export of Amira Look files (CDL look mode)
    • Customizable, automatic schemes for file names of exported looks via metadata wildcards
    • Transfer of looks as ALE file for automatic look matching in Assimilate SCRATCH
    • Import of LUT file (ASC-CDL grade mode)
    • Provide CDL information via network for Codex recorders and Alexa XT
    Hardware Controls
    • Panasonic Varicam 35 in-camera processing
    • Tangent Element (all modules), custom mappings via "Tangent Mapper"
    • Tangent Wave
    • AVID Color Artist
    User Interface
    • Intuitive, easy to learn user interface
    • Resizable color controls
    • Dark user interface for dark studio and on-set environments
    • UI dim configuration
    Remote App
    • iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (iOS 7 needed)
    • Communication via WiFi
    • Switch between stored look presets
    • Switch between device slots
    • Bypass color, apply false color mode
  • Silverstack XT V6 (Download, 1-Year Subscription)
    System Requirements Intel Mac, macOS 10.10 or higher
    Languages English user interface
  • LiveGrade Pro V3 (1-Year Subscription, Download)
    System Requirements Intel Mac
    Mac OS X 10.9.0 or higher operating system

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