FiiO X7 Mark II Portable High-Resolution Audio Player (Titanium)

FiiO X7 Mark II Portable High-Resolution Audio Player (Titanium)

FiiO X7 Mark II Portable High-Resolution Audio Player (Titanium)

FiiO X7 Mark II Portable High-Resolution Audio Player (Titanium)

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Product Highlights

  • High-Resolution Audio Player & DAC
  • Supports PCM up to 32-Bit / 384 kHz
  • Native DXD and DSD Playback
  • Plays PCM, WAV, FLAC, AAC, MP3, & More
  • Wi-Fi at 2.4 & 5 GHz
  • Bluetooth 4.1 & aptX Supported
  • Up to 576GB Storage
  • Line, Optical, Coaxial & Headphone Outs
  • 8-Channel ESS ES9028PRO DAC
  • AM3A Amp Module, Case & Screen Protector
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FiiO X7 Mark II Overview

  • 1Description

Designed for audio enthusiasts, the FiiO X7 Mark-II is a portable high-resolution audio player which seeks to take fundamental concepts put forth in the original X7 and expound upon them. The player features premium components capable of playing files up to 32-bit / 384 kHz in a variety of formats including native DSD, DXD, WAV, WMA, ALAC, FLAC, APE, AIFF, and more, utilizing a redesigned internal architecture to offer more protection against electromagnetic interference than its predecessor. This is especially important, considering the unit’s extensive support of Wi-Fi (in both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands) and Bluetooth (with 4.1 and aptX offered).

The X7 Mark-II utilizes an 8-channel ESS ES9028PRO DAC coupled with three crystal oscillators and topped with an included amplifier module sporting custom-designed op-amps; all of this means a significant improvement in jitter-reduction, soundstage preservation, and other aspects of conversion over its predecessor, the X7—a unit that was nothing to sneeze at in the first place.  

The device provides a 3.5mm headphone output and a separate 3.5mm connector that can output analog (line-out) or digital signals (coaxial and optical). The FiiO also has a 2.5mm balanced TRRS headphone output.

2GB of RAM is on-hand for handling multiple tasks at once, while 64GB of internal storage can be augmented with micro-SD cards to give you up to 576GB of storage. For a more extensive list of this item’s capabilities, please peruse the features section.


2GB RAM, 64GB of Internal Storage, and Two Micro-SD Card Slots
The X7 Mark II utilizes 2GB of RAM, allowing it to multitask effectively. The Player also comes with 64GB of internal storage and two micro-SD card slots, each supporting up to 256GB expansion cards. This means that the X7 Mark II is able to hold up to 576GB of music—enough for over 19,000 lossless music files (at 30MB a song). With the X7 Mark II, you truly don't have to worry about leaving any of your music collection behind, wherever you go.
ESS ES9028PRO DAC for Resolution, Dynamic Range, and Soundstage
The X7 Mark II employs the 8-channel ESS ES9028PRO DAC. With a signal-to-noise ratio of 129 dB and a THD+N figure of -120 dB, the DAC is able to provide more resolving power, better dynamics, and a better soundstage over its predecessor. When combined with the ability to skip Android's native audio re-sampling, the ES9028PRO's THD-compensation feature and built-in filters ensure that your music will sound exactly as you expect it to.
Included Amp Module with Balanced and Single-Ended Connections
Bundled with the X7 Mark II is the AM3A, an all-new amplifier module with both single-ended and balanced headphone outputs. The AM3A uses the AD8620 JFET operational-amplifier, as well as the tailor-made OPA926 op-amp, which was designed for the X7 Mark II to satisfy FiiO's needs. This amp provides a 3.5mm output, as well as a 2.5mm balanced option.
3 Crystal Oscillators
The X7 Mark II utilizes three separate crystal oscillators—one for the DSD and multiples of 44.1 kHz, one for multiples of 48 kHz, and one for the 384-kHz sampling rate. Compared to the original X7, there are not only more crystal oscillators in the X7 Mark II, but they also run at a faster rate. This guarantees that jitter is reduced across the board, with increased clock precision, stability, and a more exacting conversion from digital signals to analog.
Interchangeable Amp Modules
The X7 Mark II uses an interchangeable amp-module design introduced by its predecessor. Though the new amp modules specifically designed for the new X7 are slightly different in design, the X7 Mark II is fully compatible with the original X7's various modules. Simply bolt the included side mounts onto the amp modules, and you are ready to listen.
Concealed Micro-SD Card Slots for Functionality and Aesthetics
The concealed micro-SD card slots in the X7 Mark II are designed for aesthetic purposes, but also allow you to easily insert your expansion cards quickly and correctly.
Reconfigured Internal Design
In the design of the X7 Mark II, much thought was given to how to make the interior less prone to EMI (electromagnetic interference). As a result, seven specific areas of the PCB are specially shielded, and there is double shielding for the main control area and op-amps due to their importance in maintaining excellent sound quality.
Refined External Design
The X7 Mark II utilizes design elements from the X5 (3rd generation). For instance, note the side-mounted volume wheel of the X7 Mark II-with its etched 45° lines, as well as the red ring that encompasses the power button. These links in design across models further solidify a solid, aesthetic identity for the unit.
Fast Charging Technologies
Despite the X7 Mark II being thinner and lighter than its predecessor, it also packs a bigger, high-voltage, fast-charging battery, sporting a capacity of 3800mAh. Due to support for the QC2.0 and MTK PE quick-charging standards, the unit charges 2.7x faster than the original model.
Improved Wi-Fi Experience Over Previous X7
Support for Wi-Fi has been added on both the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands. This allows for more stable, stronger signal reception and faster speeds. In addition, FiiO has engineered the unit's internal design to ensure that all of your wireless signals—whether Wi-Fi or Bluetooth—will not suffer from outside electromagnetic interference.
Dual-Mode Bluetooth
The X7 Mark II supports Bluetooth 4.1 and aptX standards. Full support for Bluetooth 4.1 means the X7 Mark II handles both classic high-speed and BLE (Bluetooth low-energy) specifications, allowing it to pair with just about any Bluetooth device. Combine this with support for aptX and the X7 Mark II provides you with true high-resolution music without the hassles of wires.
Optical and Coaxial Connection
Further expanding its functionality, the X7 Mark II outputs both coaxial and optical signals.
Automatic Lyric / Cover Detection
The X7 Mark II incorporates automatic detection and search of music lyrics and covers, saving you time and hassle.
Updated UI
The FiiO UI design has been designed to be stylish and functional in directing you to your music quickly. The X7 Mark II comes with three Android system-wide themes, which can be switched on the fly without having to restart the device. Additionally, the X7 Mark II uses a customized version of Android for enhanced audio playback.
Intuitive Interface
The X7 Mark II provides an intuitive interface that allows you to easily choose which buttons and functions are active while the screen is off and locked, so you can effectively prevent accidental, pocket-based mishaps.
Installed and Customizable OS and Apps
The Google Play framework, services, and related apps are installed onto the X7 Mark II. But for those in areas where these services are not available, these apps and services can be removed to both free up space and to have less processes running in the background during normal usage.
The X7 Mark II has a 7H tempered-glass screen protector, sporting a 90% light-transmittance rate. This screen protector is durable enough to be resistant against most scratches without compromising translucency. Also included is a leatherette case with smooth outer grains on the outside and synthetic leather on the inside for protecting the player.
In the Box
FiiO X7 Mark II Portable High-Resolution Audio Player (Titanium)
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • Coaxial Digital Adapter Cable
  • Tempered-Glass Screen Protector
  • Ejector Pin
  • Decorative Strip
  • Clear Case
  • Leatherette Case
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty on Player
  • Limited 6-Month Warranty on Battery
  • Table of Contents
    • 1Description

    FiiO X7 Mark II Specs

    Material of Construction CNC aluminum alloy
    Line Output 1 x 3.5 mm port (shared with S/PDIF output)
    Digital Output 1 x 3.5 mm port (optical and coaxial, shared with line output)
    Headphone Output 1 x 3.5 mm port
    USB DAC Supports up to 24-bit / 192 kHz
    Drive Ability 16 to approximately 150 Ohms (headphone output)
    16 to approximately 300 Ohms (balanced output)
    Volume Control 120-step digital potentiometer
    Equalizer 10-band EQ with ±6 dB boost / attenuation; 9 presets, 1 custom preset, and VIPER effect
    Balance Control 10 dB
    Gain Control Low/high
    Internal Memory 64 GB
    External Memory 512 GB (2 x 256 GB)
    Chipset SoC: Quad-core Cortex A9 Rockship RK3188
    DAC: ES9028PRO
    LPF: 2 x OPA1612
    OP: Customized OPA926x2 (AM3A)
    Controls Physical buttons, touch screen, volume wheel (on side)
    Font Sizes Adjustable
    In-Line Controls Supports most headphones with in-line control over play/pause, previous/next, volume up/down; does not support in-line volume control from Apple AirPods
    Wi-Fi 5GHz / 2.4GHz, IEEE802.11 b/g/n standards
    Bluetooth Supports Bluetooth v4.1 and aptX
    Firmware Upgrade Supports OTA upgrade and manual upgrade via internal memory or Micro SD card
    Display IPS TFT touchscreen, 480 x 800 pixels, 4" / 10.1 cm
    Line Output
    THD+N < 0.0008% (1 kHz/10 kOhms)
    Frequency Response 5 Hz to approximately 70 kHz(-3 dB)
    Crosstalk ≥ 103 dB (1 kHz)
    SNR ≥ 119 dB (A-weighted)
    Dynamic Range > 114 dB
    Line Output Level > 1.8 Vrms (10 kOhms / 1 kHz)
    Headphone Output
    Output Power Output Power 1: ≥ 200 mW(16 Ohms / THD+N <1%, using AM3A Amp Module)
    Output Power 2: ≥ 150 mW(32 Ohms / THD+N <1%, using AM3A Amp Module)
    Output Power 3: ≥ 17 mW(300 Ohms / THD+N <1%, using AM3A Amp Module)
    Frequency Response 6 Hz to approximately 60 kHz (-3 dB, using AM3A Amp Module)
    Signal to Noise Ratio ≥ 116 dB (A-weighted, using AM3A amp module)
    Output Impedance < 1.2 Ohms (32 Ohms loaded, using AM3A Amp Module)
    Crosstalk ≥ 73 dB (1 kHz, using AM3A amp module)
    THD+N < 0.003% (1 kHz, using AM3A amp module)
    Max Output Voltage > 6 V p-p (using AM3A amp module)
    Max Output Current > 150 mA (for reference, using AM3A amp module)
    Drive Ability 16 to approximately 150 Ohms (using AM3A amp module)
    Balanced Analog Outputs
    Connection 1 x 2.5 mm
    Output Power Output Power 1: ≥ 380 mW(16 Ohms / THD+N <1%)
    Output Power 2: ≥ 400 mW(32 Ohms / THD+N <1%)
    Output Power 3: ≥ 63 mW(300 Ohms / THD+N <1%)
    Frequency Response (-3 dB) 6 Hz to approximately 60 kHz
    Signal to Noise Ratio ≥ 119 dB (A-weighted)
    Output Impedance < 1.7 Ohms (32 Ohms loaded)
    Crosstalk ≥ 97 dB (1 kHz)
    THD+N < 0.003% (1 kHz)
    Max Output Voltage > 10 V p-p
    Max Output Current > 150 mA (for reference)
    Drive Ability 16 to approximately 300 Ohms
    Power 12 VDC / 1.5 A, 9 VDC / 2 A, 5 VDC / 2 A
    Quick Charge Yes
    Battery Charge Display Via LCD display and pulse LED, battery level shown in percentage
    Battery Capacity 3800 mAh
    Battery Life (approx.) > 10 hours (3.5 mm headphone output)>8 hours (2.5 mm TRRS balanced output)
    Charging Time < 100 minutes(12 VDC/1.5 A, quick charge)
    < 2.5 hours(5 VDC/2 A, normal charge)
    Supported Audio Formats
    Lossless Formats <DSD: DSD64 / 128(ISO and DSF)
    DXD: 352.8 kHz
    APE FAST / High / Normal: Up to 384 kHz / 24-bit
    APE Extra High: Up to 192 kHz / 24-bit
    APE Insane: Up to 96 kHz / 24-bit
    Apple Lossless: Up to 384 kHz / 32-bit
    AIFF: Up to 384 kHz / 32-bit
    FLAC: Up to 384 kHz / 32-bit
    WAV: Up to 384 kHz / 64-bit
    WMA Lossless: 96 kHz / 24-bit
    Lossy Formats MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG
    Packaging Info
    Package Weight 1.4 lb
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 7.2 x 4.8 x 2.7"

    FiiO X7 Mark II Reviews

    X7 Mark II Portable High-Resolution Audio Player (Titanium) is rated 3.6 out of 5 by 5.
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Good Sound Quality It has a little less power than the X5 but that is not an issue for me as I have the FiiO A5 external Amp.? However, paired with Hifiman Edition S headphones, the X7 has more than adequate power.? The improvements in sound quality are worth it.? I have experienced a few software lockups that are to be expected in a new product.
    Date published: 2017-11-28
    Rated 2 out of 5 by from Good sound but terrible interface and cost/value ratio I compared the X7ii to my X5ii which cost me a fraction of what the X7ii's price is. I listened to Lindsey Sterling, Pentatonix, Pat Metheny and various other jazz, classical, pop and rock recording. I listened through a pair of HD-750, HD-650, Momentum2 and ATH-MSR7 and a few IEMs. I did not use any external amplifiers, the X7ii shouldn't need one and the X5ii only sounds marginally better with the amps I own (all FiiO branded). I would say that in most cases the X7ii sounded crisper with more instrument separation but to my ears the X5ii was much smoother and more enjoyable. I noticed a wider sound stage when listening through open back headphones but the closed back ones and the IEMs sounded better on the X5ii. What prompted me to return my unit was the constant lock up, lag in playing the songs, hard to navigate interface which in combination with the much higher price and weight/bulk doesn't warrant an upgrade for the marginal sound improvement over my X5ii. I'm not an audiophile and I'm not much analytical when listening to music but I do appreciate a good quality sound especially when listening to quite classical sections and I appreciate each instrument sounding as they would in a concert hall.
    Date published: 2017-12-20
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from For the price point, it's a great player! The unit needed to be burned-in for about 30 hours before it sounded it's best. I use with Shure SE846 earphones, with the black tuning tube inserted to really bring out the amazing bass. The best thing about the MKii is the bass detail and power. Coupled with the Shures, the bass really comes alive! The mids and treble are great too, very neutral and detailed. The sound stage is very wide, and deep enough. The treble is a bit forward but smooth and detailed. The mkii has a very fun, powerful and dynamic sound. The balanced output sounds great, smooth and focused and even more dynamic. DAC function on PC works great. Optical out. Swapable amp. Good interface. Buttons are a bit sensitive and the volume wheel is on the left side, which is awkward. BTooth works great. Wireless works fine, nice display. Leather case included. TWO memory card slots.
    Date published: 2018-08-11
    Rated 1 out of 5 by from not that great For what this fiio cost I'm very disappointed in this fiio it's just way overpriced.
    Date published: 2018-06-08
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from The sound is astounding I bought this player after having the FIIO X5 MkII for awhile, and the sound is head and tails better. I am listening to it through a pair of NAD headphones, and while not the best cans you can get, the sound coming from this little device is absolutely stunning. I hooked this up to my computer audio system that is a pair of self powered studio monitors with a Yamaha studio subwoofer through XLR cables and I couldn't be more impressed with the sound. The software can use an upgrade however, as the unit has some hiccups in the deployment of the Android interface. The ability to connect to the 5GHz WiFi is a nice feature, while the Bluetooth is a really nice connectivity interface solution as well. The unit has really been a step up from my previous player, and I have just hooked some 24 bit files to it and it really has some nice punch to the detail and the low end. The highs are clean and the midrange doesn't seem to be lacking in any area that I can tell. I haven't found any 32 bit files to sample yet, but this unit can handle them. I don't consider myself to be an audiophile per se, but I was hooked when I got the FIIO X5 Mk II on a great sale from B&H, and connected it to the output of my computer to act as a DAC. I was really impressed with the setup, until I got this bad boy! I was hesitant to splurge on a glorified cell phone, is what I had considered one of these units to be, until I heard it in person. The difference between this unit and the X5 Mk II is remarkable. While the price is a bit steep, the comparable solutions were even more costly with minor technical gains. I didn't hesitate to impress myself with audio that I can't imagine being any better with units costing much, much more. The prices on some of this gear in the media player world is a considerable drawback to the average consumer, as the benefits of this kind of audio is only realized when you take the plunge and commit yourself to engage in the sophistication of these small units. You would think you are listening to something in the full sized audio gear line when you plug in the headphones for the first time, as you just can't believe that you are getting all of this wonderful sound out of such a diminutive device. That may be holding some people back from splurging on these small devices, but once you hear the sound, you are confident that your money has been well spent. The ability to hold so much music in such a small package just continues to floor me to this day. I have two 200 GB micro SD cards in this thing, and the unit recognizes them without a hiccup. I have a vast music collection, and this unit can search for the covers and lyrics on it's own if enabled in the menu. That is a great feature on it's own. The Neutron player I have purchased allows me to do so many things with the music output that it is overwhelming still. Not many people realize that you have so many options to control the parameters of the sound output in these units. It is truly eye an opening experience. I hate to gush over something that seems so insignificant, but what this unit empowers you to do with your music is just stunning. I have been tempted to purchase a AM5 amp unit to compliment the AM3 that this one comes with, but haven't finished exploring the balanced output option this unit is capable of. I just can't stress enough how the awesome output of this device continues to impress me when hooked up through a coax interface with my home sound system. It truly sounds like there is a full sized , heavy, expensive piece of equipment hooked up, putting out this wonderful sound. For those just entering into the world of these digital media devices, you can't go wrong with one of these units. I can honestly say that this device has changed my opinion of what truly excellent music sounds like that these devices are capable of putting out. You can get all that by carrying it in your pocket wherever you go with a pair of headphones, or hook it up to your computer for a eye opening experience or better yet, go with a coax or optical connection to your home sound system and be prepared to be blown away by the superior sound this little device produces! I would recommend auditioning one of these at your audio store if you can, but like me, I took the plunge blind, and am really glad that I did. This unit is excellent, and worth every penny once you realize how versatile it is. I take it wherever I go, and it sounds so good in a typical car audio system that I would not be without it now. The battery life is really good, and the output to hard to drive cans is good as well. I have a FIIO A5 amplifier I have hooked up to it and it was really clean, without coloring the sound. You will only need the amp if you have a set of cans that are difficult to drive. There is the option of getting the AM5 amp module as well to seamlessly add volume without having to add an external amplifier. This unit is worth looking into if you are serious about good music at a reasonable price. Try one out for yourself, you'll be sure to be amazed.
    Date published: 2018-06-16
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