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Gobe 72mm Essentials 2Peak UV, Circular Polarizer, ND8, and ND1000 Filter Kit

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Gobe 72mm Essentials 2Peak UV, Circular Polarizer, ND8, and ND1000 Filter Kit
Key Features
  • Clear, Protective UV Filter
  • Absorbs Ultraviolet Light
  • Reduces Bluish Cast of Daylight
  • Circular Polarizer Filter
This Gobe 72mm The Essentials 2Peak Filter Kit includes a 2Peak UV Filter, a 2Peak Circular Polarizer Filter, an ND2 2Peak Solid Neutral Density 0.9 Filter, and an ND1000 2Peak Solid Neutral Density 3.0 Filter. Each filter in this kit fits a lens with 72mm front filter threads and can provide enhancements to your imagery. Additionally, these filters are constructed from optical glass that features 16 layers of anti-reflection coatings on each side. These coatings also offer scratch protection to the filter substrate while promoting clarity as well as color fidelity, and result in an improved beading effect when in contact with water or oil for more efficient cleaning. For enhanced durability while remaining lightweight, the optical glass for each filter is set within a magnalium-alloy filter ring. Metal screw-in front and rear filter caps are included to help store as well as transport one or more filters in this kit. For one kit filter, or at least two kit filters that are stacked by screwing them together using their matching front and rear filter threads, the filter caps can be used to protect both sides of the filter or stack.
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