Steiner DBAL-A4 Visible Green/IR Aiming Laser Sight (Desert Sand)

Steiner DBAL-A4 Visible Green/IR Aiming Laser Sight (Desert Sand)
Key Features
  • 520nm Green Aiming Laser
  • 835nm Eye-Safe IR Laser
  • 500 Lumen White Weaponlight
  • 850nm IR LED Illuminator
The latest in the line of iconic aiming devices, the Steiner DBAL-A4 Visible Green/IR Aiming Laser Sight is the culmination of form and function utilizing many of today's invaluable illumination tools.
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Steiner 9016 Overview

  • 1Description
  • 2Visible Laser
  • 3Infrared Laser
  • 4Weaponlight
  • 5Infrared Illuminator
  • 6Use and Handling
  • 7Construction Details

The latest in the line of iconic aiming devices, the Steiner DBAL-A4 Visible Green/IR Aiming Laser Sight is the culmination of form and function utilizing many of today's invaluable illumination tools.

Like the original, this Dual Beam Aiming Laser (DBAL) utilizes both a visible 520nm green laser with an 835nm invisible infrared (IR) laser for tactical use in a variety of situations during the day and night, and while using night-vision scopes and goggles. This model is outfitted with a 520nm green laser that is easier to see in low light and in the dark, especially at longer ranges, than the more common red lasers for easier target acquisition and tracking. Building on these aiming aids, Steiner added a powerful dual IR illuminator: one that is optimized for close use and another for maximum beam throw. This latest iteration of the DBAL sees the addition a visible white 500 lumen weaponlight. When put together, the visible and invisible aiming and illumination functions add a powerful accessory to a rifle or long gun without taking up a lot of rail space.

Designed for daily use by tactical professionals, Steiner specifically engineered the housing to be thin so it will fit under scopes, dot sights, and other optics without causing an obstruction. The housing is made of a lightweight and durable aluminum alloy that is treated with a desert sand scratch- and corrosion-resistant hard-anodized finish, and is waterproof and submersible to a depth of 16 feet. Intuitive tactile controls allow settings to be changed and the device to be activated in the dark. Rear facing ports enable the use of optional remote pressure pads so you can activate the DBAL without having to move your support hand and cause instability.

Visible Laser

  • Class IIIa visible green
  • Peak wavelength: 520nm
  • Visible laser marks targets day and night
  • Green laser wavelength is centered in the visual spectrum so it is easier to see at night than red
  • Output power: <5 mW
  • Beam divergence: <0.5 MRAD
  • Visible range, day: 16 yards
  • Visible range, night: 820 yards

Infrared Laser

  • Class I eye-safe IR
  • Peak wavelength: 835nm
  • Use to mark and track targets while using NVD scopes and goggles in stealth tactical situations
  • Output power: <0.7 mW
  • Beam divergence: <0.5 MRAD
  • 275-yard maximum visible range


  • White LED illumination
  • Maximum of 500 lumens of bright light
  • Light large areas for positive target identification while maintaining situational awareness

Infrared Illuminator

  • Class 3R eye-safe IR LEDs
  • Peak wavelength: 850nm
  • Output power: <600 mW
  • Invisible illumination is undetectable unless users are NVDs like scopes and goggles to identify and mark targets in the dark without giving their position away
  • Dual illuminators: one designed with a flood beam for close use, a second one works as a spot light for maximum throw
  • 1100-yard maximum visible range

Use and Handling

  • Windage and elevation adjustment dials simultaneously adjusts both visible and IR lasers for faster and easier zeroing
  • High and low visible/IR laser and illuminator outputs
  • Double-tap activation switch: single tap for momentary use, double tap for 5 continuous minutes activation
  • Rubberized positive tactile activation buttons are easy to find and use in the dark
  • Simple rear-facing throw-lever output selector enables fast visible/IR selection for rapidly changing situations
  • Dual remote activation cable ports for optional pressure pads

Construction Details

  • Low-profile housing is designed to fit under a scope to limit obstruction with magnified optics
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum alloy housing
  • Scratch- and corrosion-resistant desert sand Type III hard-coat anodized finish
  • Integrated 1.5" quick release long Picatinny/Weaver rail mount
  • Waterproof and submersible to 16 feet
  • Broad -4 to 149°F operating temperature range
  • 3.5x2.8" footprint
  • Tethered battery cover ensures it won't get lost when changing out batteries in the field
  • Light 10.8 oz weight including batteries
  • Runs on two included CR123A batteries
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Steiner 9016 Specs

Visible Laser
Laser TypeClass IIIa
Laser ColorGreen
Peak Wavelength520 nm
Peak Output<5 mW
Beam Divergence<0.5 MRAD
Range of Illumination820.5 yd / 750 m (Night)
16.4 yd / 15 m (Day)
IR Laser
Laser TypeClass 1 Eye Safe
Peak Wavelength835 nm
Peak Output<0.7 mW
Beam Divergence<0.5 MRAD
Range of Illumination273.5 yd / 250 m (Night)
IR Illuminator
Laser TypeClass 3R Eye Safe
Peak Wavelength850 nm
Peak Output<600 mW
Beam Divergence
Range of Illumination1094 yd / 1000 m (Night)
LED ColorWhite
Peak Output500 Lumens
MountQuick Release Picatinny / Weaver
Power Source2 x CR123 Batteries
Runtime3 Hours
Operating Temperature-4 to 149°F / -20 to 65°C
Water ResistanceWaterproof to 16.4' / 5 m
MaterialAluminum (Housing)
DimensionsL: 3.5 x W: 2.8 x H: 1.6" / L: 8.9 x W: 7.1 x H: 4.1 cm
Weight10.8 oz / 306.0 g
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