MAGIX Sound Forge Pro 12 Suite Upgrade - Audio Waveform Editing Software (Download)

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MAGIX Sound Forge Pro 12 Suite Upgrade - Audio Waveform Editing Software (Download)
Key Features
  • From Older Standard or Pro Version
  • 32-Channel Audio Recording & Processing
  • Precise Audio Editing and Restoration
  • Low-Latency 64-Bit Architecture
MAGIX Entertainment Sound Forge Pro 12 Suite is an audio-waveform editing software that delivers pro-quality multichannel recording, broadcast-level mastering, precision editing, and pristine audio restoration, on your Windows computer. A perfect complement to your music-production DAW, it provides you with a suite of powerful post-production tools to easily edit, process, clean, finalize, and share your game soundtrack, podcast, video, LP/tape recording, CD, or music project in just a few steps.
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MAGIX Sound Forge Pro 12 Suite Upgrade - Audio Waveform Editing Software (Download)

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MAGIX Sound Forge Pro 12 Overview

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MAGIX Entertainment Sound Forge Pro 12 Suite is an audio-waveform editing software that delivers pro-quality multichannel recording, broadcast-level mastering, precision editing, and pristine audio restoration, on your Windows computer. A perfect complement to your music-production DAW, it provides you with a suite of powerful post-production tools to easily edit, process, clean, finalize, and share your game soundtrack, podcast, video, LP/tape recording, CD, or music project in just a few steps.

Sound Forge Pro 12 Suite features a 64-bit architecture, which harnesses the full power of your computer. It allows you to record and edit up to 32 channels of high-quality audio simultaneously at 64-bit / 384 kHz and with low latency. A set of three, noise-shaping POW-r dithering algorithms helps reduce the unwanted quantization noise created when the bit-depth of your audio is reduced, giving you the best possible sound when your audio is played at low levels, in various formats.

The software comes with DeHisser, DeClicker/DeCrackler, and DeClipper, four tools from the company's high-end broadcasting software Sequoia, designed to provide extensive audio-restoration capabilities. The Wave Hammer 2.0 plug-in includes a compressor and a volume maximizer to make your tracks sound louder.

Sound Forge Pro 12 Suite bundles the powerful spectrum analysis tool SpectraLayers Pro 5. Great for sound-design applications, it offers complete spectral visualization of your audio and allows every aspect of a recording to be shaped within a rich graphical environment, in real time. The VST3 support gives you access to a large variety of plug-in effects such as the included Analogue Modelling Suite, essentialFX Suite, VariVerb II, Vandal, Vintage Effects Suite, and more.

The Suite also contains high-quality plug-ins like iZotope RX Elements for cleaning up most common flaws in typical recordings and Ozone 8 Elements, a collection of mastering tools to render rich and loud final masters that are ready for uploading and sharing to any of the popular streaming formats.

This upgrade is available to owners of an older Standard or Pro version of the software.

Sound Forge Pro 12 Suite at a Glance

  • 32-channel file recording, editing, and processing
  • 64-bit architecture
  • High-fidelity up to 64-bit / 384 kHz
  • One-touch recording
  • POW-r dithering algorithms
  • Precise audio editing and restoration
  • VST3 effect support
  • Large collection of audio effects and plug-ins
  • Video sound optimization without re-rendering
  • SpectraLayers Pro 5
  • iZotope RX Elements
  • iZotope Ozone Elements
  • DeClicker/DeCrackler, DeClipper, and DeHisser high-end effects from Sequoia mastering software 
  • Support for more file formats (DSD)
  • Design and customize your own editing layouts
  • essentialFX Suite for everyday audio enhancements
  • Analogue Modeling Suite to simulate analog studio effects
  • Automate repetitive tasks with scripts

What's New in Version 12

64-Bit Architecture

  • Harnesses the full power of your computer
  • High-fidelity up to 64-bit / 384 kHz
  • Helps reduce latency problems when you run large projects
  • Record up to 32 channels of high-resolution audio simultaneously

VST3 Effect Support

  • Includes full VST3 effect support for all high-end plug-ins

POW-r Dithering Algorithms

  • Set of three commercial dithering algorithms
  • Type 1: has the flattest frequency spectrum in the audible range of frequencies—for less stereophonically complex material such as solo instruments and voice
  • Type 2: has a psycho-acoustically optimized low-order noise-shaping curve—for material of greater stereophonic complexity
  • Type 3: has a psycho-acoustically optimized high-order noise-shaping curve—for full-spectrum, wide stereo field material

Support for More File Formats

  • Import and export DSD (Direct Stream Digital) audio files at 352.8 kHz / 24-bit PCM
  • Record and mix in PCM format and export to DSD format for Super Audio CDs (SACD), mastering, and high-quality archiving
  • Export DDP (Disc Description Protocol) CD masters, and your discs are ready for pressing—ideal for error-free CD production

Voice Activity Detection

  • Uses sensAI SINGING VAD technology from audEERING, based on artificial intelligence technology
  • Innovative tool can detect human voices in music pieces and marks the passages containing vocal lines
  • Voice activity detection detects lead vocals and choruses
  • Can be used for indexing extensive libraries efficiently as well as for professional DJing

New Effects

Wave Hammer 2.0

  • Tool for audio mastering—includes both a classic compressor and a volume maximizer for the ideal two-stage mastering process


  • Restore and recover analog or digital material with clipping artifacts


  • Easily remove unwanted hiss created when digitizing archival tape-based recordings or from a guitar or bass amp
  • Easily clean up background hiss with presets for hiss behind vocals, cassette tape hiss, analog tape hiss, and more


  • Detect and remove clicks and pops from old vinyl and other phonograph recordings
  • DeCrackler is suited to help remove continuous and low-level noise in your recordings

iZotope RX Elements

  • Collection of four real-time basic audio-repair tools 
  • Quickly clean up most common flaws in typical recordings
  • Standalone audio editor with spectral editing
  • De-Clip: Remove digital and analog clipping artifacts to restore distorted audio
  • Voice De-Noise: Fine-tuned for vocals, reduce unwanted continuous or changing background noise like air conditioning, refrigerator hum, and amp hiss
  • De-Hum: Easily remove noise and ground-loop hums
  • De-Click: Clean up vinyl clicks and crackles, and soften up clicky bass guitars with the new low-latency De-click algorithm 

iZotope Ozone Elements 8

  • Set of mastering tools to effortlessly achieve a final master with punch and clarity
  • Ideal for achieving quality radio- and streaming-ready mixes
  • New Mastering Wizard employs machine learning and artificial intelligence to suggest optimal processing. Then add your own creative touches in a few clicks
  • Over 75 professionally designed presets 
  • Full support for VST, AU, RTAS, and AAX plug-ins

SpectraLayers Pro 5

  • Displays your audio as a spectrogram for sound-design, editing, and restoration applications
  • Make precise edits and create original audio in real time
  • High definition spectrogram for pin-sharp visual detail
  • High-performance audio engine for seamless integration with other DAWs

essentialFX Suite

  • Collection of 11 effect plug-ins for everyday studio applications
  • High-quality algorithms, efficient features and controls, low resource consumption, and high-fidelity sound
  • Vocal strip, gate, stereo delay, flanger, reverb, compressor, and more

Analogue Modeling Suite

  • AM|MUNITION compressor/limiter makes your mix louder, adds definition, and can be used as a limiter
  • AM|PULSE transient modeler manipulates percussive audio-signal envelopes
  • AM|TRACK analog compressor and tape simulation in a single device
  • AM|PHIBIA tube amplifier/channel strip combining an optical compressor with a pre- and post-filter unit

Vintage Effects Suite

  • Ecox emulates realistic tape echo sounds
  • Filtox designed to control the frequency response of a modulation source
  • Corvex analog-style chorus and flanger effects make your instruments sound fuller

VariVerb II

  • Add depth and sound textures with numerous presets for drums, vocals, and guitars
  • Create reverb effects based on complex reflection patterns and different spatial models
  • Includes rooms, halls, reverb plates, spring reverbs, and non-linear effects


  • Complete simulation suite for guitarists and bassists
  • Characteristic sound and feel of real hardware with the flexibility and creative control of software
  • Tube guitar amplifier emulations
  • Cabinet emulations
  • Comprehensive effects rack


Professional Recording Workflow

  • Redesigned recording interface
  • Adjust and monitor up to 32 channels of incoming audio. Arm, record, and review your work all in a single workspace

One-Touch Recording (OTR)

  • Push record, stay on the main screen, and access everything within the same workspace

Threshold Recording

  • Set up recording to begin automatically from the selected input device by detecting when audio exceeds a set threshold
  • Great for recording yourself while you're in a booth or away from the control room

MIDI Timecode

  • Trigger playback or recording by receiving timecode from another device

Timestamp Recording

  • Set up your recordings to begin automatically from multiple selected input devices using a timer
  • Use the manual record button to begin recording, and your settings will automatically determine when the recording should end

Input Bus Effects

  • Use to sweeten your source signal with plug-in effects
  • Create a headphone mix for musicians while they perform

Waveform Overview Bar

  • Makes it easier to navigate through lengthy recordings
  • Use it to quickly shift your edit position
  • Serves as an excellent locating and auditioning tool



  • Use the Edit tool to select audio data that you wish to modify
  • Perform basic edits on envelope points


  • Magnify tool lets you zoom in to a region using your mouse


  • Edit the waveform by drawing it


  • Edit multiple audio events in a single data window
  • Simplifies laying out tracks for Disc-at-Once CD creation


  • Add, remove, or adjust points on automation envelopes for effects


Multichannel File Editing and Processing

  • Multichannel- capable spectrum analysis shows multiple graphs depicting fundamental frequencies and overtones in your recordings depending on how many channels are selected
  • Monitor audio and effects changes, take multiple snapshots, and overlay views to compare and match frequencies
  • Great for surround-sound mix or audio-for-video project

Multitask Background Rendering

  • Multitask by editing a new file while Sound Forge Pro 12 processes and renders in the background

ACID Loop-Creation Tools

  • Create your own music loops for ACID software
  • Edit WAV file properties like tempo, root note, audio clips, and shift selections

Interface Customization

  • Waveform and envelope colors, markers, and default window heights can be adjusted and saved to fit your preferences and workflow
  • Create and save multiple interface layout configurations for single- and dual-monitor systems

Customizable Layouts

  • Design your own editing environments to maximize your productivity
  • customize the layout and positioning of the workspace
  • Dock and group windows within the Sound Forge interface


Phase Scope and Mono-Compatibility Metering

  • Phase Scope helps you to find phase cancellation among the channels in an audio file
  • Mono compatibility meter helps detect correlations or differences between the channels that can cause phase cancellation when downmixing to mono

CALM-Targeted Metering

  • Provides accurate loudness metering with clear visual indication of the dynamic range of your audio
  • Meter your audio’s perceived levels
  • Conforms with Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act (CALM) standards


Batch Processing

  • Apply the same effects and processes to multiple files, saving hours of editing and conversion time
  • Save and easily recall your most frequently used batch scripts

Mastering Wizard

  • Enables quick and easy mastering of your mixes
  • Software guides you through a typical mastering process and the different effects used
  • Includes collection of presets

Cleaning Wizard

  • Helps remove noise and other artifacts from your audio
  • Guides you through a typical cleaning process to quickly and easily reduce hum, pops, and crackles

Other Features

Acoustic Mirror Software Plug-In

  • Digital signal processor allows you to add environmental coloration to your existing recordings
  • Incorporates the acoustical responses of a given environment or venue into your audio files

Disc-at-Once CD Burning

  • Create a master disc to send to a disc manufacturer for mass duplication
  • Multiple tracks of audio are written to the CD
  • Add track markers to a single-file recording of a live set
  • Burn a gapless, disc-at-once, Redbook standard audio CD

Channel Converter

  • Change the number of channels in an audio file, reverse the channels of a stereo file, or inter-mix the channels of a multichannel file to create panning scenarios

Clipped Peak Detection and Marking

  • Automatically scans files and marks clipped peaks

Zplane élastique Time-Stretching

  • Artifact-free time-stretching and pitch-shifting plug-in
  • Stable timing, interchannel phase coherence, and sample-accurate stretching without audio deterioration

MAGIX Sound Forge Pro 12 Specs

Delivery MethodDownload
License TypeEducational, Upgrade
System Requirements
Supported Operating SystemsWindows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Memory RequirementWindows:
512 MB
Storage RequirementWindows:
500 MB 
CPU RequirementWindows:
1 GHz and Faster  
Internet Connection RequiredYes
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