iZotope Stutter Edit and BreakTweaker Expanded Bundle - Creative Effects and Instrument Package (Download)

iZotope Stutter Edit and BreakTweaker Expanded Bundle - Creative Effects and Instrument Package (Download)
Key Features
  • For Producers & Composers
  • Includes Stutter Edit
  • Manipulate FX with MIDI-Based Gestures
  • Delay, Gating, Filtering & More
The iZotope Stutter Edit and BreakTweaker Expanded Bundle packages two items together for your convenience. In one single download, you get Stutter Edit and Breaktweaker Expanded.
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iZotope Stutter Overview

The iZotope Stutter Edit and BreakTweaker Expanded Bundle packages two items together for your convenience. In one single download, you get Stutter Edit and Breaktweaker Expanded.

Stutter Edit is an effects manipulation plug-in that allows you to play its processing like an instrument, as in, with your MIDI controller. Delay, gating, various filters, and more can be performed elegantly, by means of what the software calls gestures.

BreakTweaker, on the other hand, is a virtual instrument giving you drum sculpting and beat sequencing geared towards EDM producers, DJs, and electronic composers. Its Generator features one-shot sample loading and wavetable synthesis, while its Sequencer gives you the ability to craft patterns of beats. The MicroEdit Engine allows you to turn your drums into full-on sound design, slicing a division of your beat into potentially thousands of slices, and letting you manipulate these slices in pitch and rhythm. The Expanded part of BreakTweaker Expanded refers to the Expansion Libraries included in this download, which give you more sounds to work with.

Stutter Gestures

Combine real-time sampling and audio chopping with a range of versatile color effects—trigger Stutter Gestures back-to-back to create limitless combinations of rhythmic variation and audio decimation.

  • Stutter - repeat audio at a rhythmic note value; create incredible sweeps that transition from one rhythmic value to another.
  • Quantize - sweeps between note values continuously; with it on, you can create stepping effects that transform your audio into complex rolls, trills and even arpeggios.
  • Delay - dual-channel Delay can slide between 1/8th to 1/64th note rhythmic delay times, flying from a subtle chorus to a springy rubber-band effect; dedicated resonant band-pass filters provide perfectly tweakable results
  • Gate - achieve intense chopping effects that modulate in sync with your track by gating each individual event created by the Stutter module.
  • Filters - shape the sound of each key-controlled Gesture individually. Perfect for cutting the bass, making aggressive resonant sweeps, or creating LFO-like modulation that locks to each Gesture's timeline.
  • Stutter Matrix - choose from a note value from 1/4 to 1/1024 for the stutter module to sweep or step between; you can also make your audio repeat at a high enough frequency to turn it into musical pitches.
  • Buffer Position - use this slick radar screen to choose where Stutter Edit pulls audio out of the buffer; dice drum loops, jump between notes in a vocal phrase; you can even randomize playback order for unexpected results.
  • Bit Reduction - digital distortion or add a periodic growl and will in sync with the tempo if required.
  • Pan - send stuttered patterns flying left and right at breakneck speeds, or create subtle width and doubled audio that sweeps side to side.
  • Lo-Fi - adjust the settings to get a "vintage digital" vibe or bury the whole track in fuzz.


Generator Gestures

While Stutter Gestures process audio, Generator Gestures mix noises and crashes with your tracks, providing the ideal tool for creating washes of noise, dramatic build-ups, and hits that add excitement to a track. For performance, choose where you want the Generator Gesture to end, and no matter where you trigger it, it will intelligently stop on the perfect beat. You can even hold a Generator Gesture as you jump between different Stutter Gestures—the result will be an improvised arrangement that sounds like you've spent hours toiling in the studio.

  • Pitch - scale the pitch of the Generator's noise tables over twelve octaves automatically. Build tension, or drop a track into a breakdown with a downward swoosh of noise.
  • Band Pass - the Generator can automate this resonant band-pass filter to shape and squelch blasts of noise.
  • Global Filter - grab the Pitch Wheel of your MIDI controller to engage a dual low- and high-pass filter; push it up to cut lows and add resonance, push it down to roll off highs and bring things down to a low rumble.
  • Lo-Fi - for a little more bite, add some Lo-Fi to a Generator Gesture for a grainy, gritty noise wash or stab.
  • Delay - the Generator has its own dedicated delay: when you release a dramatic build-up, it can decay into a trail of echoes for a perfectly smooth transition.
  • Timeline Override - while Stutter Gestures automate everything in sync to the beat, you can also take control of the Gesture timeline with Timeline Override; grab the Mod Wheel of your controller to hijack the motion of all of the modules at once; improvise wild rolls, fills, transitions and even "freeze" the Buffer Position.


iZotope Stutter Specs

Delivery MethodDownload
Supported Plug-In FormatsAAX, AU, AudioSuite, RTAS, VST, VST3
System Requirements
Supported Operating SystemsWindows XP SP3
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
macOS 10.6.8
macOS 10.7
macOS 10.8
macOS 10.9
macOS 10.10
macOS 10.11
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