iZotope Trash 2 and Iris 2 Bundle - Distortion Software & Virtual Instrument (Download)

BH #IZ20TR2IR2 • MFR #20-TR2IR2
iZotope Trash 2 and Iris 2 Bundle - Distortion Software & Virtual Instrument (Download)
Key Features
  • For Adventurous Sound Design/Composition
  • Spectral Synth & Distortion Module
  • Includes Trash 2
  • 60+ Distortion Algorithms
Available for download, the iZotope Trash 2 and Iris 2 Bundle provides you with a plug-in that adds distortion and harmonic saturation, as well as a synthesizer that makes use of iZotope's spectral technology. As such, it is suitable for adventurous composers and sound designers.
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iZotope Trash 2 Overview

Available for download, the iZotope Trash 2 and Iris 2 Bundle provides you with a plug-in that adds distortion and harmonic saturation, as well as a synthesizer that makes use of iZotope's spectral technology. As such, it is suitable for adventurous composers and sound designers.

Trash 2 offers more than 60 distortion algorithms, as well as ways to combine the distortions to create your own, unique sounds. You can further convolve/amplify the distorted sound through over 100 impulse responses included with Trash 2.

Iris 2 is a sample-based synth with 11GB of content, extensive modulation, and the ability to highlight and process spectral portions of the sample's signal, thus creating entirely new sounds derivative from the original sample. You could, for instance, create chords, melodies, effects, and rhythmic parts, all from a single one-shot snare sample.

iZotope Trash 2 - Distortion Software (Download)

The iZotope Trash 2 Distortion Software is primed for an era of audio mangling, distortion, and experimentation. It features sonic architecture, optimized performance, better sound quality, and support for modern hosts and formats. Trash 2 combines the power of multiband, dual-stage distortions, and advanced post-filtering for immediate sonic transformation. Trash any track and not just guitars and basses, but drums, synths, pads, vocals, brass, woodwinds etc. Two expansion packs are included, further expanding the sonic possibilities of the software.

Design your own distortion algorithms with Trash 2's customizable Waveshaper; simply draw in, tweak, and create infinite distortions. Load one of Trash 2's 60+ distortion algorithms and adjust at will. The power to morph sound from one object to another is available with the Convolve module. Convolve includes over 100 impulse responses (IR): a collection of amps, objects, animal sounds, and mouth shapes for transforming your sound. Moreover, you can concoct a unique convolution and load any WAV or AIFF file into Trash 2.

Explore the sonic dimensions with the Filter, Delay, and Dynamics modules. Breathe life and movement into your audio using the dual filters, each with 20+ evocative filter types to shape your tone. Modulate, invigorate, and apply exotic filter sounds, and then control and manipulate each node with LFOs, envelopes, and side-chaining. With a filter bank, you are free to custom design your filter styles. Polish it all off with Trash 2's organic Delay options and the analog-modeled compressor.

The heart of Trash 2 is its dual-stage multiband waveshaping distortion, which allows you to chain pairs of distortions together for sonic manipulation. Split the signal into multiple bands and apply distortion independently to individual frequencies, each with their own custom waveshapes. Use the new Waveform Trace to see exactly how you're mangling your waveforms in real time, and DC offset filtering to keep them centered and on track.

Two redesigned filter modules to drive the frequencies you want into distortion or tame the ones you don't want. Shape the tone and customize it with re-engineered Filter shapes and Vowel Filters. Additionally, the software features realistic amp, device, cabinet, effect, and speaker convolution modeling, freeing you to place your audio into another space (or object) entirely. Choose from classics, combos, boutique models, and stacks, or play with creative synthetic impulses from a number of different sources including telephones, clock radios, sheet metal, plexiglass tubes, piano cabinets, tin cans, and more. With the Convolve module, you can teleport your sound wherever you please by loading in your own audio files.

Trash 2 includes a multiband Compressor and Noise Gate to squash the peaks, add grit and character, silence the noise, or draw out sustain. With the addition of sidechaining support, multiband processing, and an updated compression algorithm, the Dynamics module is a powerful tool. Go a step further by using a classic lo-fi Delay. Choose from delays that include tape delay with saturation and nonlinear tape machine artifacts, tape-tube delay with added tube saturation modeling, classic analog delay with analog degradation, and lo-fi digital delay with quantization noise and aliasing.

Multiband Trash Module

  • Apply different distortion types to up to 4 frequency bands.
  • Chain 2 distortion algorithms for each frequency band for up to 8 different flavors of destruction.
  • Choose from over 60 different distortion algorithms.
  • Design and edit your own distortions using the new graphic-based Waveshaper.
  • Filter each stage with the included Post Filter.
  • Further refine your distortions with the DC Offset Filter and Logarithmic Distortion modes.

Filter Modules

  • Experiment with 20+ sweepable filters for tons of tonal options that range from clean and warm to fat and juicy to harsh and clipping.
  • Get twice the filter action with brand new Filter 1 and Filter 2 modules.
  • Add LFO and envelope modulation per node to get wahs, wubs, tremolos, and other sweeping effects.
  • Let your filter settings react dynamically to other incoming audio with new sidechaining support.
  • Put both filter modules in parallel to achieve different combinations of filter settings simultaneously.

Convolve Module

  • Explore over 100 redesigned Impulse Responses, each one capturing the audio characteristics of another space or object.
  • Load your own custom Impulse Response using any WAV or AIFF file.
  • Adjust stereo width and placement using stereo imaging controls.

Multiband Dynamics Module

  • Get analog-modeled and grit-filled compression and gating from the redesigned Dynamics module.
  • Apply Dynamics to different frequency ranges independently with 4-band Multiband support.
  • Trigger the Compressor or Gate via external sources with side chaining support, even to individual frequency bands in Multiband mode.
  • Keep an eye on extensive Dynamics metering for immediate visual feedback.
  • Determine exactly which frequencies trigger Dynamics processing using the new Detection Filter, or exploit the Filter's resonance for more creative applications of compression.
  • Dig deeper into additional Dynamics options like Hard or Soft Knee compression, RMS or Peak level detection, and Auto-Gain compensation.

Delay Module

  • Experiment with 6 Different Delay Types: Tape, Tape/Tube, Analog, Lo-fi Digital, Broken Bit, and Digital.
  • Adjust the special Trash slider for distorted delay effects.
  • Adjust the post filter with resonance to tweak the wet signal.


  • Trash your audio quickly with over 300 new presets for both wild and subtle audio mangling.
  • Trash your audio easily with a fully re-designed UI that makes more controls accessible.
  • Trash your audio safely with the Output Limiter.

Expansion Packs

Classic Textures
  • Thirty plus impulses include 1940's Explosion, Reel To Reel, Classic Film, Gas Burner, Lo Fi Arcade, and more
  • Seventy additional patches provide the sounds of UV Harmonics, Old Tele, Mason Jar, Fuzz Factor, Vintage Soundtrack, Cassette, and more
  • Thirty impulses include Voodoo, Muck, Gravel, Big Wheel, Magnum, Taxicab, Powerman, Ignite, and more
  • Seventy additional patches provide the sounds of Electric Blaze, Hard Cider, Parasite, Filter Shred, Bleached, Ugly Couch, and more


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iZotope Iris 2 Sample-Based Virtual Synthesizer (Download)

Available for download, Iris 2 from iZotope is a sample-based synthesizer that combines the power of a sampler with the flexibility of a modular synthesizer, along with spectral filtering. Load one of the hundreds of patches and easily experiment with the most relevant parameters via dedicated macro controls, or develop expressive, dynamic, and evolving musical sounds with the new modulation system.

Up to four different samples can be layered from the built-in collection of analog oscillator waveforms, the 11GB sample library, or using personal audio files. Unique filters can be created by drawing, selecting, and isolating sonic components from each sample layer using the company's spectral filtering technology. Access every control from a single window, or open only what's needed with a new user interface.

What's New in Version 2

  • Flexible new modulation system
  • New patches
  • Sample pools that can load a sample and classic oscillator waveforms
  • Completely redesigned interface
  • Enhanced effects and filters


  • Hundreds of new patches by world-class sound designers, in categories like leads, keys, bass, rhythmic, and more
  • 11GB sample library all provided as 24-bit WAV files for use in any sampler
  • Generate sounds from dozens of classic analog oscillator samples or oscillator waveforms (OSC WAVs) available in all four sample pools
  • Import custom audio files to craft one-of-a-kind sounds

Filtering Tools

  • Spectrogram display shows the frequency content of audio and sonic details a traditional waveform display doesn't
  • Draw custom filter shapes with the Spectral Filter and isolate specific frequencies to discover new sonic possibilities in the sample library
  • Selection tools include a lasso for free-hand drawing of any size or shape, an adjustable brush for more fluid selections, and a magic wand for intelligent selection of harmonic regions


  • Over 100 modulatable parameters using up to five LFOs, five envelopes, MIDI expression controllers and macro controls
  • Advanced ADSR envelopes allow you to experiment with amplitude through adjustable curves, dragging nodes, invert mode, and modulation of all four parameters
  • Morph and visualize shape changes with real-time animation with LFOs that contain twenty different wavetable types, each with multiple shapes and a modulatable control to move between them
  • Attach MIDI expression controls like key tracking, velocity, aftertouch, and the mod wheel, and save assignments with patches
  • Create Macro controls to control multiple parameters with a single knob in perfect proportions

Effects and Filters

  • Six distortion filters like tube, clipping, and aliasing, taken straight from Trash 2
  • Chorus effect inspired by a classic '80s synthesizer chorus with modern flexibility and controls
  • Tempo-syncable stereo delay with an analog-modeled overdrive algorithm that crunches and darkens the delayed signal like a classic tape echo or bucket-brigade pedal
  • Modeled plate reverb tailored specifically for synthesizers, perfect for everything from subtle ambiences to cavernous pads
  • Add smooth, sweeping sounds with seventeen different filter flavors, including classic analog low- and high-pass filters as well as exotic vocal formant, band-pass, and peak filters from Trash 2


  • Completely redesigned interface with a choice of an all-in-one view, or hide/undock modules for a more streamlined view
  • Macro Controls for easy customization of sounds via the Patch Browser as well as an undockable window that can always remain open
  • See the effects of modulation and filters in real time for every modulated parameter
  • Visualize spectral content with a spectrum analyzer from the Insight metering suite, included in the master section
  • Intelligent zero crossing for seamless sample looping

iZotope Trash 2 - Distortion Software (Download) Specs

Delivery MethodDownload
Supported Plug-In FormatsAAX, AU, AudioSuite, DirectX, RTAS, VST, VST3
System Requirements
Supported Operating SystemsWindows XP SP3
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
macOS 10.6.8
macOS 10.7
macOS 10.8
macOS 10.9
macOS 10.10
macOS 10.11
macOS 10.12

iZotope Iris 2 Sample-Based Virtual Synthesizer (Download) Specs

Delivery MethodDownload
License TypeStandard
Sound TypeEffects and Sound Design, Synthesizer
Supported Plug-In FormatsAAX, AU, RTAS, VST, VST3
Standalone OperationNo
Library Size11 GB (Full)
Visual Impairment SupportNo
System Requirements
Supported Operating SystemsWindows 7
Windows 8
Windows XP SP3 or Later
macOS 10.8.5 or Later
Internet Connection RequiredYes
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