Swift SM105T-C Stereo 10x-30x Zoom Trinocular Microscope

Swift SM105T-C Stereo 10x-30x Zoom Trinocular Microscope
Key Features
  • Dual 10x Eyepieces
  • Angled Eyepieces with 360° Rotation
  • 10x/20x/30x Zoom Magnifications
  • Achromatic Lens Configuration
The Swift Optical SM105T-C Stereo 10x-30x Zoom Trinocular Microscope makes it easy and comfortable for groups of people to share the magnified view of large and small specimens through the eyepieces.
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Swift SM105T-C Overview

  • 1Description
  • 2Optical Performance
  • 3Use and Handling
  • 4Specimen Stage and Illumination

The Swift Optical SM105T-C Stereo 10x-30x Zoom Trinocular Microscope makes it easy and comfortable for groups of people to share the magnified view of large and small specimens through the eyepieces.

Using a binocular head lets you view with both eyes open, which is not only more comfortable, but preserves true 3D stereoscopic vision with a rich depth of view. The two eyepieces are set at a comfortable 45° angle, and the eyepiece head rotates in a full 360° circle so people standing or sitting at a table or desk can all enjoy the view without having to have everyone move to the eyepieces. Optically the microscope is outfitted with two 10x power eyepieces that, when combined with the objectives, provide 10x, 20x, and 30x magnifications. The objectives are parfocal and parcentered, requiring little or no focus adjustment when changing magnifications and ensuring the same center of view for each objective so there will be no need to recenter specimens after changing objectives. These relatively low magnifications are ideal for larger objects like rocks and gems, textiles, models, circuit boards, and artwork. A diopter adjustment on the left eyepiece helps to compensate for individual eye strength and the eyepiece's interpupillary adjustment range makes it easy for all users to place their distance exactly where they need it.

The stage is integrated into the base to offer improved stability for larger specimens. Upper and lower LED illuminators light the stage and independent power control allows you to have just the upper LED on, just the lower, or both. Two stage plates are included: a frosted glass that passes light without the harsh glare, and a reversible white/black contrast plate that provides a stark difference between your specimen and background to enhance the view.

Optical Performance
  • Two paired 10x eyepieces
  • Zoom magnification knob allows you to choose from 10x, 20x, and 30x power with a simple turn
  • Relatively low magnification range is ideal for larger specimens like rocks, gems, textiles, parchment, paper, stamps, and coins
  • Achromatic lens design virtually eliminates chromatic aberration so colors are accurate and true to life
  • Parfocal objectives will require little or no focus adjustment when changing objectives
  • Parcentered objectives ensure the same center of view for each objective, eliminating the need to recenter specimens after changing magnification
  • Trinocular head design has a port on top to directly mount optional cameras or imaging systems to easily capture or stream view
  • Single-speed rack-and-pinion focusing mechanism brings the view into sharp detail, with a slip clutch to prevent damage due to overfocusing
  • Tension adjustment on the focus eliminates focus drift
Use and Handling
  • Binocular design makes it easier and more comfortable to use versus monocular heads, while also preserving a true 3D view and rich depth of field when viewing rocks or gems
  • Left-eye diopter correction enables precise accommodation for individual eye prescriptions to ensure views are tack sharp for all users
  • Head set at a 45° angle to place user's head in a comfortable viewing position
  • Head rotates a full 360° to make it easier to share with a group or class
  • Wide 55-75mm interpupillary adjustment range accommodates a variety of users
  • Runs on three included AA NiMH rechargeable batteries; charging cord included to charge them in the microscope
  • Integrated 5 VDC, 500mAh USB charging port to power accessories or charge devices like phones
  • Built-in handle facilitates proper handling
Specimen Stage and Illumination
  • Stage is integrated into the base to provide a wide area for larger specimens like circuit boards, rocks, parchment, fabric, etc.
  • Frosted glass stage plate transmits light without harsh glare
  • Reversible plastic black/white contrast plate enhances the view by providing a stark color difference between the specimen and the background
  • Blue filter for transmitted light
  • Locked-on stage clips hold specimen slides in place
  • Low-power LED illumination is energy efficient with a long life
  • The upper (incident) illuminator is used for opaque specimens, the bottom (trans-illuminator) illuminates the internal structure of transparent specimens. Translucent specimens may be seen in greater detail if both illuminators are used simultaneously
  • One angled 0.5W LED provides light from the top at a 45° angle for irregular shapes
  • Six 0.06W LED array around the turret lights from directly above the specimen
  • Lower 0.5W LED located in the base to provide trans-illumination through a slide or transparent/translucent specimen
  • Rheostat for upper turret illumination allows precise control of the light intensity
  • Independent on/off control allows top or bottom illumination only, or both


Swift SM105T-C Specs

Microscope TypeStereo
Head45° Inclined, 360° Rotating Binocular
Diopter CorrectionYes
Nosepiece1-Position Nosepiece
Optical MagnificationNone
Objective1 to 3x
Working Distance3.03" / 77 mm
Illumination TypeTop: 1 x LED
Top: 6 x LED
Bottom: 1 x LED
Power SourceBattery
Battery3 x AA NiMH
Interpupillary Adjustment55 to 75 mm / 2.2 to 3"
Dimensions4.9 x 3" / 12.5 x 7.5 cm
Weight10 lb / 4.5 kg (Microscope)

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