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ZEISS Supreme Prime 135mm T1.5 Lens (Feet, PL Mount)

BH #ZESPT15135F • MFR #2289-438
ZEISS Supreme Prime 135mm T1.5 Lens (Feet, PL Mount)
Key Features
  • Full-Frame/Super 35mm Coverage (46.3mm)
  • Internal Focus Design; Minimal Breathing
  • LEMO Port for eXtended Data Technology
  • Interchangeable PL Mount
Covering a 46.3mm image circle, the Zeiss Supreme Prime 135mm T1.5 Lens can be used with full-frame and Super 35mm sensors. The internal focus design of this compact lens ensures very minimal focus breathing. Additionally, during the production of the Supreme Prime series, Zeiss claimed plans to enable complete removal of the remaining small amount of breathing through its eXtended Data (XD) technology. eXtended Data transfers lens data to a camera, Master Lockit, or select other devices via a LEMO cable connection to allow for adjustment of distortion and shading. This can be done in real time or with various software, including Pomfort Silverstack. Distortion and shading can already be fully adjusted on the Supreme Prime 135mm with eXtended Data. The lens has an interchangeable PL mount and is marked in feet.
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