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Pyle Pro Heavy-Duty Flip-Open Cable Protector Ramp (13.6 x 35.4")

Pyle Pro Heavy-Duty Flip-Open Cable Protector Ramp (13.6 x 35.4")
Key Features
  • Safely Conceals Cables, Wires & More
  • Flip-Open Style, 3-Channel Track
  • Supports up to 33,000 lb
  • Rugged Engineered Thermoplastic Rubber
Engineered to provide reliable, waterproof protection of your cables and wires, this Heavy-Duty Flip-Open Cable Protector Ramp from Pyle Pro delivers a versatile solution for on-site cable protection needs with an easy-to-use flip-open design, a 13.6 x 35.4" footprint, and an impressive maximum load capacity of 33,000 lb. Each ramp features a 3-channel design for internal cable arrangement and interlocking segments, which makes it easy to expand your coverage by chaining additional cover ramps. With marine-grade waterproofing via its rugged engineered thermoplastic and anti-slip textured surface, this cable cover is versatile enough to be used in nearly any indoor or outdoor environment while safely handling everything from pedestrians to light vehicle traffic.
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