iZotope RX 7 Advanced Reverb Bundle - Software for Post Production Sound (Download)

iZotope RX 7 Advanced Reverb Bundle - Software for Post Production Sound (Download)
Key Features
  • Includes RX 7 Advanced
  • Includes Exponential Audio Stratus
  • Includes Dialogue Match
  • For Mac and Windows Platforms
The iZotope RX Advanced Reverb Bundle packages three pieces of software together into one convenient download. First, you get RX 7 Advanced, which offers a hefty set of tools to restore, de-noise, clean, or otherwise fix troublesome audio signals. Next, you get Exponential Audio Stratus, which offers stunning surround sound reverbs. Finally, you get Dialogue Match, which uses many iZotope tools to automatically match looped dialogue with audio recorded on set.
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iZotope RX 7 Advanced Reverb Bundle - Software for Post Production Sound (Download)

iZotope RX 7 Advanced Reverb Bundle Overview

  • 1Description
  • 2iZotope RX 7 Advanced - Audio Restoration and Enhancement Software (Download)
  • 3iZotope Exponential Audio Stratus - Algorithmic Reverb for Stereo or Surround Applications (Download)
  • 4iZotope Dialogue Match - Dialogue-Matching AudioSuite Software for Post Production (Download)

The iZotope RX Advanced Reverb Bundle packages three pieces of software together into one convenient download. First, you get RX 7 Advanced, which offers a hefty set of tools to restore, de-noise, clean, or otherwise fix troublesome audio signals. Next, you get Exponential Audio Stratus, which offers stunning surround sound reverbs. Finally, you get Dialogue Match, which uses many iZotope tools to automatically match looped dialogue with audio recorded on set.

All three of these tools are very well suited for post-production sound editing in TV, film, radio, podcasting, and anywhere else sound is heard. This software supports Mac and Windows platforms. Stratus and RX 7 Advanced operate in AU, AAX, and VST formats, while Dialogue Match only operates in the Pro Tools AudioSuite format.

iZotope RX 7 Advanced - Audio Restoration and Enhancement Software (Download)

Available for download, iZotope RX 7 Advanced is the latest update to their audio-repair software, which is considered a staple within the recording, mastering, and audio-for-video, post-production communities. The software can operate either as a standalone application or plug-in for both Mac- and Windows-based DAWs and NLEs. From fixing common audio problems like noises, distortions, and inconsistent recordings, to repairing severely damaged audio using Spectral Repair, the software can transform previously unusable audio into something usable.

The advanced edition of RX 7 takes nearly all of the modules provided in RX 6 Advanced and implements a graphic overhaul more in line with iZotope's current aesthetic. You'll also find many new and powerful modules, including Dialogue Contour, Dialogue De-reverb, Variable Time, Variable Pitch, Music Rebalance, and the Repair Assistant. 

Dialogue Contour can fix the intonation of an otherwise usable line of dialogue, while Dialogue De-reverb can intelligently separate unwanted ambiance from an otherwise wonderful vocal take Variable Time lets you change the time stretch of an audio selection without affecting its pitch, while Variable Pitch does the opposite, allowing you to adjust the pitch of an audio selection without negatively impacting its duration. Previously, these processes were combined into one module.

Music Rebalance analyzes a full mix of music and allows you to rebalance the levels of its bass, vocals, drums, and harmonic content, doing so with four dedicated sliders. Do you have a bit of background music whose vocal line interferes with the dialogue? Use the Music Rebalance module to lower the offending vocal. Need to beef up the bass in an anemic mix that came your way? Use this tool to emphasize the bass with the bass slider.

Repair Assistant takes the concept behind iZotope's Mixing and Mastering Assistants and applies them to the restoration of audio. Simply select the audio you need to process, click on the Repair Assistant button, and let the program analyze your audio. It will offer you three options for processing (light, medium, and aggressive), and you can choose among them after auditioning each one. Next, hit render, and the Repair Assistant will automatically fix the issue.

All of the tools work as they did in earlier versions of RX, allowing you to paint away audio problems on the spectrogram. Multichannel processing is now available up to Dolby Atmos (7.1.2). Many algorithms which did not provide real-time preview now do, which makes working a bit faster. Additionally, many modules which did not previously work as plug-ins within your DAW or NLE now will. 

High-quality resampling and dithering are once again provided, as is batch processing. A detailed spectrum analyzer detects peaks automatically, and a suite of automatic, intelligent modules reduce manual tasks in the audio production workflow. RX 7 can be used as a standalone audio editor (including standalone but connected to your host via RX Connect or as your DAW's audio editor, in the case of Logic Pro), though much of it can be used as a suite of plug-ins.

New Features

Variable Time

Adjust the time-stretch amount of an audio selection without altering its pitch.

Variable Pitch

Adjust the pitch of an audio selection while preserving the time and length.

Music Rebalance

Identify vocals, bass, percussion, and other instruments in a mix, and adjust the gain for each element. Isolate or remove vocals. This module is also available as an Avid AudioSuite plug-in.

Repair Assistant

Repair Assistant is an intelligent tool that detects noise, clipping, clicks, and more, allowing you to solve audio-restoration issues quickly and effectively. After analyzing any snippet of audio you select, it will provide three different options for processing, and let you make the ultimate choice.

Dialogue Contour

Using this module, you can reshape the intonation of dialogue to rescue or improve a performance in post production. The module utilizes pitch correction processing tailored to speech and designed to adjust inflection, allowing you to match phrases of dialogue that would not otherwise gel.

Dialogue De-reverb

Reduce and remove unwanted reverb from dialogue clips using this algorithm trained with machine learning and optimized to separate spoken dialogue from reverberant signal content. You can use this as one more tool in the arsenal before resorting to ADR.

Multichannel Support

Tackle audio issues that appear in any or every surround channel up to Dolby Atmos (7.1.2)

General Features


The De-rustle module removes the noise or rustle generated when a lavalier microphone rubs or brushes against a person's clothing during a recording. Lav rustle can vary unpredictably over time, exhibiting a wide variety of sonic characteristics in the process (high-frequency crackling and low-frequency thuds); this module significantly ameliorates the problem.


This module allows you to reduce—and sometimes remove—distracting wind noise from audio, addressing primarily the low-frequency rumble that occurs when intermittent bursts of wind come into contact with a microphone diaphragm.

Dialogue Isolate

The Dialogue Isolate module is designed to separate spoken dialogue from non-stationary background noise such as crowds, traffic, footsteps, weather, and more. It is suitable for increasing the level of dialogue in challenging low signal-to-noise ratio conditions.

Composite View

Composite View allows you to edit and apply processing to 16 individual audio tracks as if they were one, easily addressing audio issues that appear across multiple microphones. The Composite View feature in the RX Audio Editor combines all active tabs into one Composite tab that allows you to apply the same processing to multiple files simultaneously. Composite View can be used to increase expediency when performing repetitive spectral-editing functions. This makes it particularly useful when making repairs in recording situations with multiple microphones or repairs to multichannel files.


Working across multiple tracks, the De-bleed module reduces the leakage of one signal into another. De-bleed can help reduce or eliminate bleed from headphones, click tracks, multiple mics with small amounts of cross bleed, and even some drum bleed issues.


The De-ess audio plug-in and module in iZotope RX 7 attenuates or reduces sibilance—the harsh high-frequency sounds that come from S, F, X, SH, and soft C sounds. Two modes for handling sibilance are provided: Classic Mode detects sibilants and attenuates them with a broadband gain envelope. Spectral Mode is more transparent, intelligent, and frequency-specific than Classic Mode. Spectral Mode only attenuates the high frequencies where sibilance is most active, leaving the lower frequencies untouched.

Mouth De-click

The Mouth De-click module has been finely tuned to detect and reduce mouth noises such as clicks and lip smacks—many listeners' worst nightmare. It's designed for use on longer audio selections, but it can be used to remove individual clicks.

Breath Control

The Breath Control module intelligently detects breaths in dialogue or vocal recordings and suppresses them. Removing and reducing breaths in recordings can be a time-consuming process for dialogue editors and music producers alike. Breath Control can help reduce the time spent on repetitive editing without sacrificing audio quality.

Separated Voice De-noiser

The zero-latency Voice De-noise has been designed to focus on dialogue and sung vocal treatment. Voice De-noise has an Adaptive mode that can adjust to a changing noise floor in real time, making it ideal for dialogue denoising. Also added are optimization modes for dialogue and music. When optimized for music, Voice De-noise excels at attenuating unwanted background noise from like air conditioners and street noise from sung vocals in apartment recording situations.

Key Features at a Glance

  • De-plosive eliminates every plosive from any dialogue track with transparency
  • Leveler smooths any volume inconsistencies with an automatic clip-gain envelope; leveler is optimized for dialogue using intelligent De-breath and De-ess algorithms
  • Instant Process tool is a one-click eraser for removing unwanted coughs, scene-interrupting sirens, and more
  • Module Chain can process multiple modules at once, save your customized chains as presets, and execute them all with a single click, enhancing workflow and reducing mouse clicks
  • Sync and integrate the RX Audio Editor with any DAW or NLE timeline using RX Connect
  • Pro Tools support for clip-by-clip and handles, which preserves the boundaries of clips, allowing for simpler conformation to future picture changes
  • Corrective EQ for removing harsh high frequencies, whines, rumbles, resonances, and distortion artifacts, and for accurately homing in on any problem-frequency areas
  • Sixty problem-oriented presets across several modules
  • Signal Generator creates accurate test tones, calibration tones for post-production delivery specs, and bleep tones for eliminating obscenities in dialogue
  • Markers and regions (search) provide greater flexibility for those longer edits, with the ability to perform text-based searches of any markers, regions, and comments in the metadata of the audio
  • Turn flawed audio into usable material by removing noises, distortions, and more
  • Edit audio with visual editing techniques using precision drawing tools, such as a brush and magic wand
  • Salvage unusable material by filling in audio gaps instantly with Spectral Repair
  • Seamlessly integrates with audio- or video-editing software, both as a standalone application or plug-in
  • EQ Match allows for quickly learning the EQ of a source audio clip and applying that EQ curve to a target audio clip, enabling sonic balance and smooth transitions between multiple audio sources with different EQ qualities
  • Ambience Match for matching the environment noise of two different audio recordings
  • Learn the ambient noise from a source audio clip and apply it to another audio clip, and create long sections of constant ambient noise to insert under inconsistent dialogue recordings
  • Loudness module processes whole program mixes or segments to comply with international industry standards, ensuring mixes never fail network specifications
  • High-quality resampling using the SRC sample-rate conversion algorithm
  • Reduce bit resolution for final delivery of a project without sacrificing quality with the MBIT+ Dither algorithm
  • Rebuild distorted audio caused by analog and digital overload, and get through projects faster with the automatic Suggest feature
  • Spectrum Analyzer delivers a detailed spectral display that detects peaks automatically
  • Adaptive Hum Removal notches out fundamental hum frequencies that may change over time, like when recording a shot in multiple locations
  • Non-destructive Clip Gain allows you to easily adjust and balance the volume of vocals and instrumentals
  • Export marker regions as files
  • Metadata display (see ID3 tags and broadcast WAV metadata like source timecode, etc.)
  • Time-reverse audio
  • Updated timeline ruler that displays original recorded source timecode
  • Movable tabs
  • Full-screen support for Mac

iZotope Exponential Audio Stratus - Algorithmic Reverb for Stereo or Surround Applications (Download)

Available for download, Exponential Audio Stratus from iZotope is an algorithmic reverb that can add depth, dimension, and even complexity to sound sources. The plug-in offers support up to 7.1 surround, and as such, you'll find it suitable for both music and post-production contexts.

Stratus provides comprehensive controls separated into tabs. Click the Early Reflections tab, and you can tailor the sound to your needs in highly specific ways. Click the Tails tab, and you'll find a whole new set of controls over the late reflections. You'll also see three sets of input filtering, providing high-, low-, and band-pass filtering on global inputs, early reflection inputs, and tail inputs.

A Warp tab lets you add compression and overdrive, and also facilitates other effects, such as bit-reduction for a vintage-digital sound. Lastly, a Balance tab is on hand to ensure you can tweak the signal for each channel independently. This section offers controls over levels and delays on a per-channel basis. Go into this tab when you want to create compelling soundscapes for surround-sound formats.

Whether you're looking for halls, chambers, rooms, plates, or exterior landscapes, Stratus has a reverb for you. Browse through them all by keyword, or click the magnifying glass in the top right of the GUI to dictate the terms of search. Over 1700 presets are provided in total, many of them for music, many of them for post-production, and many more suitable for both contexts.

This product is compatible with Mac and Windows platforms. It operates in AU, VST, and AAX formats. An iLok account is required for authorizing the plug-in, though an iLok key is not strictly necessary.

General Features

Key Features at a Glance

  • Natural surround reverb with support up to 7.1
  • Channel-specific control over reverb delay and gain
  • Advanced control of reverb tail and early reflections
  • Predelay and reverb delay adjustable by tempo
  • Over 1700 presets (rooms, plates, halls, chambers, and more)
  • EuControl support

iZotope Dialogue Match - Dialogue-Matching AudioSuite Software for Post Production (Download)

Available for download, iZotope Dialogue Match is a tool designed to make the lives of post-production engineers easier, specifically by matching the timbre and ambience of ADR dialogue with material recorded in production. Using iZotope's machine learning, the company's forensic technologies, and Exponential Audio's reverb algorithms, Dialogue Match expertly massages looped dialogue so that it naturally matches the tone of the original scene.

Operating has been made streamlined and simple: first, you capture a reference profile from a desired track such as a character's dialogue as recorded within the scene itself from a boom or lapel microphone. Then in Pro Tools, you highlight the audio you're intending to affect, such as the ADR. Hit the Capture button in the GUI, and the software will automatically calibrate an EQ curve and an ambience and reverb profile, creating the perfect match.

From here, you can tweak the EQ curve, the reverb, and the ambience by ear if need be. Hit render, and the processing is completed.

Dialogue Match allows you to save snapshots as presets, so you don't have to keep tweaking the chain every time you're working with similar audio. You can also save captured references for storage. This speeds up your workflow, because you won't have to keep recapturing the same audio for targeting.

This software is only available as an AudioSuite process in Pro Tools 11 or later. It is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems.

General Features

Intuitive EQ Module

By leveraging Ozone’s EQ-matching technology, Dialogue Match offers an intuitive EQ module right inside the AudioSuite GUI. The Dialogue Match EQ module includes:

  • Amount: Controls the dry/wet ratio for your processed audio file
  • Up to 8 frequency band nodes for sonic flexibility and versatility
  • 5 shapes for each band node: Bell, High Pass, High Shelf, Low Pass, and Low Shelf
  • Individual Enable/Bypass controls on each band node for easy A-to-B comparisons

Helpful Reverb Module

The Reverb module in Dialogue Match serves two functions. First, it analyzes the reverb profile of your reference file. It then produces an Exponential Audio reverb patch designed to emulate the reflections of your reference file, which you can refine using a number of intuitive parameter controls, such as:

  • Wet and Dry controls: Presented as individual parameters to better balance your desired reverb tone
  • Bypass: Enables and disables the Reverb module
  • Early Reflections: Controls the Level (gain) and Time (length) of the first reverb reflections
  • Tail: Controls the Predelay, Level, Attack, and Time (length) of the reverb tail
  • Reverb types: Choose from Chamber, Hall, or Plate reflections to tailor the right reverb for your project
  • Output Filter: Offers high and low pass filtering for your reverb signal
  • Density: Colors your reverb for even more precise fine-tuning

Ambiance Module

The Ambience module in Dialogue Match puts the finishing touches on the resulting sonic profile. This module learns your reference's ambience data (the background noise), in addition to its EQ curve and reverb characteristics. By doing so, Dialogue Match creates a more detailed, comprehensive profile which can then be applied to your target files with more precision and accuracy. Complete with a spectrogram display and Trim slider, the Ambience module lets you dial in the final layer of realism to your actors’ performances for unparalleled depth and authenticity.

iZotope RX 7 Advanced - Audio Restoration and Enhancement Software (Download) Specs

Delivery MethodDownload
Supported Plug-In FormatsAAX, AU, AudioSuite, RTAS, VST2, VST3
System Requirements
Supported Operating SystemsWindows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
macOS 10.8.5
macOS 10.9
macOS 10.1
macOS 10.11
macOS 10.12
macOS 10.13

iZotope Exponential Audio Stratus - Algorithmic Reverb for Stereo or Surround Applications (Download) Specs

Delivery MethodDownload
Supported Plug-In FormatsAAX, AU, VST, VST3
System Requirements
Supported Operating SystemsmacOS 10.8 or Later
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Memory RequirementWindows, Mac:
4 GB
CPU RequirementMac:
2 GHz Dual-Core and Faster  
2 GHz Dual-Core and Faster  
Supported USB Authentication DevicesiLok2
Display Resolution Requirement1400 x 900
Channel Formats5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, 7.1, LCR, LCRS, Mono, Quad, SDDS, Stereo

iZotope Dialogue Match - Dialogue-Matching AudioSuite Software for Post Production (Download) Specs

Delivery MethodDownload
License TypeStandard
Supported Plug-In FormatsAAX
Standalone OperationNo
System Requirements
Supported Operating SystemsOS X 10.9.5 or Later
Windows 7 or Later
Supported USB Authentication DevicesiLok, iLok2, iLok3
Software RequirementPro Tools 11
Pro Tools 12
Pro Tools 2018
Pro Tools 2019
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