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Genaray Spectro LED 1200B1 Bi-Color LED 3-Light Kit

BH #GESPS1200B13 (B&H Kit)
Genaray Spectro LED 1200B1 Bi-Color LED 3-Light Kit
Key Features
  • 3 x Spectro LED 1200B1 Bi-Color Panels
  • 3 x Collapsible 12 x 12" Softboxes
  • 13.9 x 12.7" Panel, Color: 3200-5600K
  • Includes Wireless Remote Control
B&H has put together this Genaray Spectro LED 1200B1 Bi-Color LED 3-Light Kit to offer image makers a complete setup for small productions or location work. The kit includes three 13.9 x 12.7" Spectro LED 1200B1 Bi-Color Panels that can run on optional batteries and three collapsible 12 x 12" soft boxes to soften the light quality of the bright LEDs. The lights' settings can be adjusted with their included remote controls.
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Genaray Studio 1200 Bi-Color Overview

B&H has put together this Genaray Spectro LED 1200B1 Bi-Color LED 3-Light Kit to offer image makers a complete setup for small productions or location work. The kit includes three 13.9 x 12.7" Spectro LED 1200B1 Bi-Color Panels that can run on optional batteries and three collapsible 12 x 12" soft boxes to soften the light quality of the bright LEDs. The lights' settings can be adjusted with their included remote controls.

Genaray Spectro LED 1200B1 Bi-Color Studio LED Light

An asset in the studio or on location, the 13.9 x 12.7" panel Spectro LED 1200B1 Bi-Color Studio LED Light by Genaray employs 1200 LEDs for output that's variable from 3200-5600K for matching other fixtures or ambient light conditions while maintaining a high CRI/TLCI of 95 indicating faithful and accurate rendition of color. Light intensity is variable from 100-10%. Both functions are adjustable locally on the fixture or remotely at distances up to 65' with the included wireless remote control. Settings are displayed on the light's back panel LCD screen.

The Spectro LED 1200B1 has a yoke that permits tilting when stand mounting with its 5/8" receiver. The receiver also has side access to offer a more horizontal mount that allows for an expanded tilt range without the barndoors being impeded by the light stand. The receiver offers an additional benefit accessed by removing the tightening knob which converts the receiver to a 1-1/8" pin for stands with a Junior receiver.

The fixture is ready for worldwide use thanks to its included multi-voltage 100-240 VAC adapter but you can also take advantage of the light's V-Mount battery plate to operate the light on optional batteries when mains power is unavailable. Optional accessories include removable 4-way barndoors that limit spill light and allow you to further control the light's tight 45-degree beam spread. The barndoors have removable textured inserts that ensure maximum output while lending a slightly specular, snappy quality of light. Remove the inserts if you prefer a softer look.

Adjustable Color Temperature
Color is adjustable from 3200K-5600K or anywhere in between in 100K increments.
The Spectro LED 1200B1 is conveniently dimmable from 100-10% and can be adjusted by 1% increments to ensure the ideal light level for your requirements.
The high CRI/TLCI rating of 95 indicates faithful and accurate color rendering.
Flicker-Free Output
Flicker-free output allows you to shoot at a high frame rate for slow motion.
Power Options
The Spectro LED 1200B1 runs on the included multi-voltage 100-240 VAC power supply or on optional V-Mount batteries when mains power is unavailable.
Remote Control
Adjust both color temperature and light intensity from distances up to 65' with the included wireless remote control.
The Spectro LED 1200B1 has a combination 5/8" receiver / 1-1/8" pin for stand mounting.
Optional Barndoors
The optional 4-way barndoors have textured silver inserts for enhanced output that can be removed for a softer look. The barndoors provide control of the light's tight 45-degree spread.
UPC: 847628012905
Angler Collapsible Softbox for 1x1' LED Lights

The Collapsible Softbox for 1x1' LED Lights from Angler is designed for those times when you'd like to tone down the brilliant output of your fixture's LEDs. Ideal for the 1x1 Luxli Timpani as well as most 1x1 LED lights, the softbox attaches to and detaches from the fixture rapidly and folds flat in its supplied carry bag. The modifier features a front opening size of 18 x 18", which creates a soft, flattering quality of light with open shadows, while its reflective silver interior maximizes output. With its front diffuser removed however, the soft box becomes a reflector with a broad beam and a crisp, specular look. A fabric grid is available as an option to narrow the beam spread, control direction, and allow selective lighting.

Soft, Flattering, Quality of Light
Ideal for the Luxli Timpani 1x1 and most other 1x1 LED lights, the softbox lowers the contrast of the bright LEDs' output, opens shadows, and creates a subtle, flattering quality of light.
Integrated Rods and Fast Touch-Fastener Mounting
The softbox has integrated rods for rigidity and attaches and detaches quickly and folds down flat for storage and transport in the included carry bag.
Optional Grid
A quick-mounting optional fabric grid is available to narrow the softbox's beam spread and enable selective lighting.

Genaray Spectro LED 1200B1 Bi-Color Studio LED Light Specs

Light Fixture
Photometrics45° at 5600K
2665 fc / 2862 Lux at 3.3' / 1 m*
321 fc / 3456 Lux at 3' / 0.91 m
45° at 4400K
588 fc / 6337 Lux at 3.3' / 1 m*
711 fc / 7653 Lux at 3' / 0.91 m
45° at 3200K
353 fc / 3803 Lux at 3.3' / 1 m*
427 fc / 4592 Lux at 3' / 0.91 m

*B&H Standard Metric Calculated Internally Based on Closest Distance
Color Temperature3200 to 5600K +/- 150K (with 300K Shift over Lifetime)
Color Accuracy StandardCRI 95 at 5600K
TLCI 95 at 5600K
Cooling SystemPassive
10 to 100% (Continuous)
Number of LEDs1200
Beam Angle45°
Rectangular Panel Size13.9 x 12.7" / 35.31 x 32.26 cm
Fixture Dimensions18.5 x 15.2 x 3.0" / 47.0 x 38.7 x 7.6 cm (Including Yoke)
Fixture Weight9 lb / 4.08 kg (Including Yoke, Barndoors)
Battery Plate1 x V-Mount
Power Input ConnectionD-Tap, XLR 4-Pin
Fixture MountCombination 1-1/8" Stud and 5/8" Receiver
Yoke TypeYoke/Bracket
Remote Operation
Remote Control TypeProprietary Wireless
Wireless Range65' / 19.8 m
AC Input Power100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz at 2 A
DC Input Power 24 VDC
Power SourceAC Adapter, External Battery
Max Power Consumption72 W
CertificationsCE, RoHS
*as per Manufacturer
Packaging Info
Package Weight14 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)23 x 19.3 x 6.2"

Angler Collapsible Softbox for 1x1' LED Lights Specs

Item Type18 x 18" Softbox (Square Shape)
Interior ColorSilver
Light CompatibilityDirect Attachment (Requires No Bracket/Speed Ring): For Universal 1x1' LED Panels
Quick Open TypeFoldable
Accepts GridsYes (Not Included)
Removable Front FaceYes
Interior BaffleYes
Light Loss/GainNone
Dimensions18 x 18 x 12.7" / 45.7 x 45.7 x 32.3 cm (Open)
Weight16.3 oz / 462 g
Packaging Info
Package Weight1.7 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)19 x 15.9 x 1.8"

Genaray Studio 1200 Bi-Color Reviews


By Constanze
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2021-10-16

Works exactly as described

Bright, Sturdy but Light, Highly Portable

By Joe
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2018-11-08

we use this light when our Genaray 360s dont provide enough light outdoors.  it is sturdy and well built but light.  comes in a nice case and is very user friendly.  we power it with 150wh batteries for broadcast V-mounts 99% of the time but it is nice to be able to power it with AC.  the controls are very intuitive and simple.  we have not used the wireless controller so cannot comment.  this unit has become our go-to key light on most all of our video and still shoots and despite being labeled a studio lamp, it is readily portable and performs as advertised.  this is our 3rd purchase of Genaray products and we have had no problems with any of our units.  would definitely recommend.

Great Light, Awesome Price

By Jeff
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2018-06-29

The Genaray SpectroLED 1200b is going to replace my (name redacted) which cost twice as much and not nearly as feature rich. This is billed as a studio light, and yes even though it is a bit larger than other LED panels on the market, it's not so large that you can't take it out in the field. It even comes with a nice padded travel case, which is a nice added touch. The build quality is super solid. I didn't feel like I had to baby this thing, which is always a plus. Just like other Genaray lights I've used, it's the little touches that they have added that lets me know they were thinking about the professional working filmmaker in the design process. The barn doors can be removed by an elegant push button latch system. The gel clips on the barn doors are something I never thought I'd ask for, but now that I've used them I'm wondering why other systems don't have them included. I especially like how the AC adapter has a notched groove that attaches to the back of the light where your v-mount battery would go. The unit gives off a really beautiful light and I have been more impressed with the quality of light thrown from this than I ever have been with (name redacted). Beautiful light=better images=more clients. My only issue is with the remote control. It's not that it doesn't work, it just feels a bit flimsy and cheap, compared to the rest of the kit. It has an extendable antenna that I know I'm going to end up breaking sooner rather than later. I don't feel like I'm going to be using it much, but since none of my other LED panels from (name redacted) have that feature, I'm not going to be missing much. All and all, I'm SUPER impressed with this light, especially at the price point. If you are trying to step your game up and transition from a hobbyist to a professional this light is going to help get you there ( along with talent and skill, but you get my point). *slow clap, high five*

SOLID contruction SOLID Light!

By Sean
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2018-06-24

Let me start by saying that I am SUPER impressed by this light. The build quality is excellent. If you are looking for a super lightweight light then this is probably not the light for you. It is SOLID with a little bit of weight to it but in a good way. I compare all modern consumer to semi professional LED's to Aputure lights. This light is beyond the build quality and construction of my Lightstorm. The CRI is accurate and High with an all metal construction. Even the control knobs are metal. The removable reflective pieces on the barn doors are even metal. I like how they designed the way you remove the barn doors as well. Its like a spring loaded system which requires no tools or unscrewing of any kind. Very quick and easy to do. It comes with a wireless remote for temp./output control and a nice carrying case. The case is a pretty good size but once you open it up you will understand why. I love all in one cases where they make room for the cords etc. One nice feature is that it can take V-mounts. Another cool feature is that when you are not using a V-mount the power brick has an attachment so you can clip it right to the back of the panel where the V-mount goes so you do not have a power brick dangling down or on the floor. This is a really great idea. You pay for quality and longevity with this light. If you want professional then this light is it. Very pleased.

The Professional Look I've Sought After

By Eric
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2018-05-22

I have been using some inferior & inexpensive multi bulb soft-boxes for the past 2 years. Lighting in my small studio has always been an eye sore for me (and others). Of all the things I was comfortable with in my studio, lighting NEVER was, and it drove me crazy. That was until I discovered the� Genaray SpectroLED 1200 Bi-Color Studio LED Light. I only have one at the moment, but you can bet I'm rushing back for a second. First impression: Build quality is as pro as you could ask for. No assembly required. Packed very well with foam around every barn door, nothing to scratch during shipping.� Comes with a beautiful carry case that allows transportation easy (and protecting your investment) Beautiful range of colour (although right now I am heavily on 5600k as it's my comfort zone, but will and have explored the full range, and there's a great sweep) The variable output is awesome from 10% to 100% and anywhere in between. The remote control is 4 buttons and works awesome. One button brings brightness higher, the next brings it lower. The 3rd button changes colour higher & the 4th lower. A blessing with that remote! All you have to do is take it out of the case, slip or snap on the power supply, put it on top of a light stand and you are off to the races. In your home, home studio, professional studio or on location, this unit will not disappoint. I plan on taking it with me this week for the 1st time on a remote shoot. Here in my studio, I cannot stop raving about it. I know it's just a light but it's incredible.� And like many other items that I've obtained through B&H, I have to give praise to their commitment to the customer, with the utmost professional, speedy & reliable customer service. I don't think I ever need (nor want) to shop anywhere else. In closing, I highly recommend the� Genaray SpectroLED 1200 Bi-Color Studio LED Light. You may find cheaper lights out there, but you will replace them again and again. Do it right the first time and you'll be satisfied.

Solid, not too expensive, but tilt knob is difficult to turn

By Vivian
Rated 4 out of 5
Date: 2020-08-11

The fixture and included carrying case were bigger than I expected them to be, but the case is sufficiently padded and seems like it will keep everything safe. I think having the AC adapter clip onto the back is useful, and the build quality seems sturdy. My one gripe is that the tilt knob is difficult to turn; I have to use a lot of force to loosen/tighten it. Plus it has to be loosened all the way to tilt the panel, and then tightened all the way to keep the panel in place. The first unit I bought was defective, but I was able to get a full refund and free return shipping.

Great for Products But Not So Much for Portraits

By Stephan
Rated 4 out of 5
Date: 2020-07-08

This is a very well made solid product. It's easy to use and will probably last a long time. Excellent for product photography where you can get the light close to the subject. My problem is that the lights are not as powerful as I need for photographing people. It just does not have the reach needed for larger work.

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Is the remote rechargeable? If not, what kind of ...

Is the remote rechargeable? If not, what kind of batteries does it use?
Asked by: James
The remote operates on a 23 A, 12 V battery ( B & H # ENA232 ) .To replace the battery, access it by removing the screw on the back of the remote with a small Phillips screwdriver.
Answered by: Shalom
Date published: 2020-08-21

Does this kit include barn doors?

Does this kit include barn doors?
Asked by: Geryll
No it does not , it can be purchased separately B&H # GESPS1200BD
Answered by: Joseph
Date published: 2020-11-01

Which softbox would you recommend?

Which softbox would you recommend?
Asked by: Mike
There is not made specific for the Genaray Spectro LED 1200B1. The Panel is 13.9 x 12.7". This one will fit but will cover up some of the panel, Angler Collapsible Softbox for 1x1' LED Lights BH #ANLEDSB1818 • MFR #LEDSB-1818 Next and larger is, Chimera TECH Lightbank for ikan ID1000/v2 LED Lights BH #CH1459 • MFR #1459 But to use that one you need the barn doors,
Answered by: Robert
Date published: 2021-09-06
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