Denon AVR-X6700H 11.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver

Denon AVR-X6700H 11.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver
Key Features
  • Up to 140W per Channel at 8 Ohms
  • Audyssey MultEQ XT32 Sound Calibration
  • 7.1.4- or 9.1.2-Channel 3D Audio Support
  • Dolby Atmos & DTS:X
Enjoy up to 7.1.4-channel or 9.1.2-channel object-based surround sound with your favorite speaker system and the Denon AVR-X6700H 11.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver. It supports the Dolby Atmos and DTS:X object-based audio formats and has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HEOS, and Apple AirPlay 2 built-in for wirelessly connecting with your compatible smart devices. Additionally, the onboard network connectivity allows the receiver to be voice-controlled through your Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, or ecosystem, or via the HEOS app.
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Denon AVR-X6700H Overview

  • 1Description
  • 211-Channel Discrete Monolithic Amplifier
  • 33D Audio Support
  • 4DTS:X Pro
  • 5IMAX Enhanced
  • 6Auro-3D
  • 78K HDMI with eARC
  • 8Advanced Video Controls
  • 9HDR Compatibility
  • 10Modern Gaming Support
  • 11Works with Various Voice Assistants
  • 12High-Resolution Audio Support
  • 13AL32 Processing
  • 14Phono (MM) Input
  • 15Dual Subwoofer Outputs
  • 16Roon Tested
  • 17Digital Sound Processing
  • 18Front Wide Channel Support for Dolby and DTS:X
  • 19Dolby Surround Height Speaker Virtualizer
  • 20Dolby Center Spread
  • 21Pre-Amplifier Mode
  • 22Multi-Source, Multiroom
  • 23All-Zone TV Audio
  • 24Bluetooth Audio Transmission
  • 25Denon Setup Assistant for Simple Setup
  • 26Quick Select Functions for Simplified Audio Tuning
  • 27Smart TV Connectivity
  • 28Built-In Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2 & HEOS Compatibility
  • 29Mobile Control with the Denon AVR Remote App
  • 30Customized Sound by Audyssey MultEQ XT32
  • 31Two 12V Trigger Outputs
  • 32Custom Install Ready
  • 33Remote Monitoring Capability
  • 34Additional Features

Enjoy up to 7.1.4-channel or 9.1.2-channel object-based surround sound with your favorite speaker system and the Denon AVR-X6700H 11.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver. It supports the Dolby Atmos and DTS:X object-based audio formats and has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HEOS, and Apple AirPlay 2 built-in for wirelessly connecting with your compatible smart devices. Additionally, the onboard network connectivity allows the receiver to be voice-controlled through your Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, or ecosystem, or via the HEOS app.

The AVR-X6700H outputs up to 140W per channel at 8 ohms and features Audyssey MultEQ XT32 sound optimization to tailor the sound to your specific room. Eight HDMI inputs and three outputs are onboard; one of each support 8K video, and they all support 8K upscaling, HDR, and 4:4:4 color, and the main output supports eARC. A USB port on the front provides direct device connectivity and audio playback.

11-Channel Discrete Monolithic Amplifier

Featuring discrete power output devices on all channels, the AVR-X6700H is rated up to 140 watts per channel at 8 ohms for a dynamic, precise sound experience.

3D Audio Support

Enjoy immersive 3D audio from formats like Dolby Atmos, Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization, DTS:X, and DTS Virtual:X for a 3D soundstage. Dolby Atmos uses dedicated up-firing or overhead speakers to provide height sound effects in up to 7.1.4- or 9.1.2-channel configurations, while DTS:X and DTS Neural:X use your existing speaker setup to create virtual height channels from more traditional 7.1-, 5.1-, or 2.1-channel arrangements.


DTS:X Pro enables up to 13.2 channels of audio processing with DTS:X Pro; an additional stereo amplifier will be required to drive the two additional audio channels.

IMAX Enhanced

IMAX Enhanced certification designates that the AVR-X6700H meets certain audio and video performance criteria set by a committee of IMAX and DTS engineers and A/V technical specialists. These criteria include image, sound, scale, and content quality. Onboard IMAX calibrated modes are set and approved by Hollywood colorists to help provide enhanced picture and sound for HDR UHD content.


This technology is designed to provide 3D sound for music, games, broadcast TV, and movies with the Auromatic up-mixing engine.

8K HDMI with eARC

The main HDMI output supports eARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel) to enable uncompressed and object-based audio transmission directly from your TV to the receiver. A dedicated 8K input supports 8K UHD/60 Hz and 4K UHD/120 Hz video pass-through and upscaling. All HDMI inputs support 4:4:4 Pure Color sub-sampling, Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, various dynamic HDR formats, and BT.2020 pass-through for augmented color, clarity, and contrast. 8K upscaling (from as low as 480i) and HDCP 2.3 compatibility are available on all HDMI inputs. HDCP 2.3 processing lets you enjoy copy-protected content uninhibited. QMS (Quick Media Switching) is also supported.

Advanced Video Controls

Certified by the Imaging Science Foundation, the AVR-X6700H features a suite of video calibration controls for use by an ISF technician, along with ISF Day and ISF Night video modes.

HDR Compatibility

The AVR-X6700H supports HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, Dolby Vision, and various other dynamic HDR formats to allow the pass-through of enhanced brightness, contrast, and color from compatible source content and devices to your compatible TV.

Modern Gaming Support

In addition to 4K/120 Hz pass-through, the AVR-X6700H supports Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Quick Frame Transport (QFT), and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) for reduced lag and frame tearing to provide a smooth gaming experience.

Works with Various Voice Assistants

Control the receiver hands-free with your Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, or ecosystem. Adjust the volume, skip to the next track, switch inputs between your different connected media players, and more. Availability varies by region and country.

High-Resolution Audio Support

The onboard AKM 32-bit D/A converters feature high-resolution audio decoding for multiple lossless file types, including ALAD, FLAC, and WAV at up to 192 kHz/24-bit. It also supports 2.8/5.6 MHz DSD files, the audio coding format of SACD. Play them from memory devices via the front panel USB or over network sources. Other file types like MP3 and WMA are also supported.

AL32 Processing

This processing technology provides multichannel high-resolution digital audio filtering on all audio channels to help deliver a natural soundstage with enhanced audio imaging.

Phono (MM) Input

The onboard phono MM input lets you connect your turntable directly to the receiver.

Dual Subwoofer Outputs

Connecting two subwoofers can smooth out low frequencies and provide better dispersion with fewer audible peaks or dips.

Roon Tested

The AVR-X6700H is Roon Tested to provide searchable information about your favorite artists and songs. Find lyrics, concert dates, photos, bios, reviews, and more.

Digital Sound Processing

The AVR-X6700H has two sets of SHARC+ core DSP (Digital Sound Processor) chips for decoding up to 11 channels of audio.

Front Wide Channel Support for Dolby and DTS:X

With front wide channel support, you can have two front wide speakers to create a more seamless front surround stage in up to 9.1.2- or 9.1.4-channel speaker configurations; 9.1.4-channel setup requires an additional amplifier to power the extra two speakers.

Dolby Surround Height Speaker Virtualizer

This feature enables virtual 3D sound with just a 7.2- or 9.2-channel configuration with no actual height speakers.

Dolby Center Spread

Dolby Center Spread is designed to widen the sound image from the center channel.

Pre-Amplifier Mode

With Pre-Amplifier Mode, the receiver works as an A/V pre-processor to help provide a clean signal path and enhanced tolerance in clipping level by disconnecting internal amplifiers.

Multi-Source, Multiroom

With the AVR-X6700H, you can enjoy 11.2-channel surround sound in one room and a separate source or music stream in up to two others, so you can watch a movie in the main room and other family members can listen to music from two different sources in two different zones without interruption.

All-Zone TV Audio

Play the audio from your TV to all your zones. Enjoy full discrete audio like Dolby Atmos in the main zone for an immersive experience while playing the same source in the second and third zone. HDMI and other digital sources are supported for the second zone and third zones.

Bluetooth Audio Transmission

Transmit the receiver's audio to your Bluetooth headphones to enjoy your media without disturbing anyone else in the house. You can also play the audio on both your Bluetooth headphones and connected speakers simultaneously if you or a family member or guest are hearing impaired.

Denon Setup Assistant for Simple Setup

Once you connect the receiver to your TV, the Denon Setup Assistant appears on your TV to walk you through the setup. A row of color-coded speaker connections is laid out horizontally to simplify organization and connection. The receiver will automatically rename the HDMI inputs when they're connected, or you can rename them manually.

Quick Select Functions for Simplified Audio Tuning

The front panel features four Quick Select buttons that store your preferred audio settings for each source. Switch between TV audio, Blu-ray, media players, and more—and the receiver adjusts the EQ settings to your preferences for that media source. Use the buttons on the front panel or opt for the same Quick Selects on the remote for faster control.

Smart TV Connectivity

Control the receiver with your compatible smart TV remote via the HDMI CEC functionality associated with your smart TV. Simply set "HDMI Control" to "On" in the receiver, then set "Smart Menu" to "On" and begin controlling the receiver with your TV remote. The Smart Menu home screen provides you quick access to source and surround mode selections, the receiver's setup menu, and four Smart Selects.

Built-In Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2 & HEOS Compatibility

With a dual-antenna transceiver system, you can enjoy robust Bluetooth and dual-band Wi-Fi streaming, even in congested urban environments. Listen to your favorite audio content wirelessly from your compatible smart devices. With HEOS built-in technology, you can play the same song in every room or a different song in each connected room HEOS supports free and premium Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music HD, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, SiriusXM, TIDAL, and more. AirPlay 2 lets you enjoy all your favorite songs from Apple Music.

Mobile Control with the Denon AVR Remote App

The Denon AVR Remote app for iOS and Android allows you to adjust the receiver's volume, turn it On or Off, mute the music, and select a source.

Customized Sound by Audyssey MultEQ XT32

Every room has its own characteristics and acoustical anomalies, so the AVR-X6700H is equipped with Audyssey MultEQ XT32. With the included microphone, it measures the speakers in your home theater during setup and provides a smooth listening experience. Audyssey Dynamic Volume and Audyssey Dynamic EQ help smooth out annoying jumps in volume (such as TV commercials), letting you listen at lower levels and still enjoy clear dialogue, music, and sound effects, with tonal tailoring for full-range clarity at nearly any listening level.

You can store up to two Audyssey settings and switch between them on the fly, giving you the freedom to tweak your listening experience based on the content or your listening environment.

Two 12V Trigger Outputs

The receiver features two 12V trigger outputs that let you turn two external devices On or Off, even if the receiver is on standby.

Custom Install Ready

The AVR-X6700H features external control and IP control capabilities for easy customization and compatibility with third-party integration solutions, including Control4 SDDP (Simple Device Detection Protocol) certification for seamless integration with compatible equipment.

Remote Monitoring Capability

To allow custom integrators to monitor the status of connected products and remotely troubleshoot issues, Domotz Pro and OvrC remote system monitoring and management technology is onboard, reducing the time for installers to correct a problem.

Additional Features

  • Multichannel stereo
  • 32-bit D.D.S.C. HD Digital
  • Pure Direct
  • Gold-plated RCA terminals & binding posts
  • Clock jitter reducer
  • AL32 Processing Multichannel
  • Analog to HDMI video conversion
  • Audyssey LFC
  • Compressed Audio Restorer
  • Media Server
  • Apple HomePod compatibility
  • FLAC HD 192/24, WAV 192/24, ALAC 192/24 lossless format support
  • Spotify Connect, Napster, and Mood Mix streaming services
  • 3-language GUI on HDMI
  • HDMI pass-through in Standby Mode
  • Picture Adjust / Noise Reduction
  • Auto LipSync
  • Zone HDMI output from HDMI source
  • 2-line FL display
  • Quick Select Plus
  • Variable crossover
  • Optimized Bass Redirection
  • Bass Sync
  • ECO Mode
  • Sleep Timer
  • Assignable speaker A/B, bi-amp drive, and multiroom speaker terminal
UPC: 883795005050

Denon AVR-X6700H Specs

Object-Based Configuration: 7.1.4
Object-Based Configuration: 9.1.2
With External Amplifier: 13.2
Power Output per Channel2-Channel Driven:
140 W at 8 Ohms / 20 Hz to 20 kHz / 0.05% THD
175 W at 6 Ohms / 1 kHz / 0.7% THD
1-Channel Driven:
205 W at 6 Ohms / 1 kHz / 1% THD
Frequency Response10 Hz to 100 kHz +1/-3 dB (Direct Mode)
Speaker Impedance4 to 16 Ohms
Audio Processing
DTS CompatibilityDTS-HD Master Audio, DTS:X
Dolby CompatibilityDolby Atmos, Dolby Pro Logic IIz, Dolby TrueHD
Auro 3D SupportYes
Upmixing TechnologyDolby Surround, DTS Neural:X, DTS Virtual:X, Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization Technology
Supported File FormatsAAC, ALAC, DSD, FLAC, MP3, WAV, WMA
HDR CompatibilityHDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, Hybrid Log Gamma
Pass-Through Support8K60p 4:4:4 (3D, BT.2020)
Upscaling8K UHD
Rear A/V Inputs7 x HDMI
2 x 3RCA Component
4 x RCA Composite
2 x Optical TOSLINK
2 x Digital Coaxial
6 x Stereo RCA
1 x Stereo RCA (Phono) with Ground Screw
Rear A/V Outputs3 x HDMI
1 x 3RCA Component
2 x RCA Composite
2 x RCA Subwoofer
1 x 13-Channel RCA Pre-Out
1 x Stereo RCA Zone 2 Pre-Out
1 x Stereo RCA Zone 3 Pre-Out
Front I/O1 x HDMI Input
1 x USB Type-A Input
1 x 1/4" / 6.35 mm Headphone Output
1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm Setup Mic Input
Other Rear I/O2 x Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Antenna Terminal Input
1 x AM Antenna Terminal Input
1 x FM Antenna Terminal Input
1 x RJ45 (Ethernet)
1 x DE-9 (RS-232C)
2 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm (12 V Trigger) Output
1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm (IR) Input
1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm (IR) Output
Speaker Connectors13 x Binding Post Pairs
HDCP SupportVersion 2.3
Audio Return Channel (ARC)Yes, eARC
Input Sensitivity200 mV
Signal to Noise Ratio100 dB (Direct Mode / IHF-A)
Wireless Connectivity
Wireless Audio ProtocolsAirPlay 2, HEOS
Virtual Assistant SupportAmazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant,
Tuner Section
Tuner TypeAM, FM
Radio FrequenciesAM: 520 to 1710 kHz
FM: 87.5 to 107.9 MHz
AC Input Power120 VAC, 60 Hz
Power ConsumptionActive: 750 W
No Sound (ECO Off): 110 W
No Sound (ECO On): 65 W
Network Standby: 3.5 W
CEC Standby: 0.5 W
Standby: 0.1 W
Dimensions (W x H x D)17.1 x 9.3 x 15.3" / 43.4 x 23.6 x 38.9 cm (Antenna Up)
17.1 x 6.6 x 15.3" / 43.4 x 16.8 x 38.9 cm (Antenna Down)
17.1 x 6.6 x 14.9" / 43.4 x 16.8 x 37.8 cm (Antenna Removed)
Weight32 lb / 14.51 kg
Warranty LengthLimited 3-Year Warranty
Packaging Info
Package Weight38.735 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)20.9 x 18.5 x 11.8"

Denon AVR-X6700H Reviews

Simply Amazing

By AVmaster7272
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2022-06-14

I purchased this receiver to run my klipsch 7.2.4 atmos setup. The results are amazing! I haven’t had a single issue, setup was a breeze. The price is high but I am hoping to have this for a decade and it will be well worth it in the long run. I have had every major brand receiver and this one is the best.

Great but not Perfect.

By Medic73
Rated 4 out of 5
Date: 2022-02-26

Beautiful sound. Unit was a bit much to set up, on fact I had to purchase an additional amplifier to enable using Zones 2 & 3 as it would not send music without a boost. Also having glitches occur when using a mini computer for video, music & e-mails. Glad to have such a great unit, disappointed it is not perfect.

Mind blowing sound.

By Shrewka
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2022-02-15

Easy setup. Running 4 Klipsch r26fa w height channels. 2 subs. Center channel and klipsch surround speakers. The 11.1.2 configuration sounds amazing.

Amazing receiver that exceeds expectations

Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2022-02-14

Denon has always been impressive, but the AVR-x6700H really shines, especially with a home theater configuration. Have a 7.1.2 setup now, but will finalize my 7.2.4 configuration soon. Sounds so good!!

It's a beast of an amplifier!

Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2022-02-09

Although not as powerful as my Denon AVC-A110, it's still a beast of an amplifier and great value for the money. It's my secondary sourround amplifier and handles everything I throw at it with bravura. A very powerful, pompous and versatile surround amplifier and I can definitely recommend it (love the bi-amp feature). Best Regards, KC.

Clarity and Detail, a step up from my old receiver

By NicFred
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2021-12-26

I have long been a fan of Denon, only on their less expensive products. Recently I decided to upgrade from my AVR-X4500H to this receiver and I couldn't be happier. I've noticed an improved sonic detail (albeit not huge) improvement in both music and movies. Another thing I noticed is a quite noticeable improvement in picture detail being preserved and presented to my now older, 4K TV.

It worked great for about 6 months

By LtotheOG
Rated 1 out of 5
Date: 2022-06-08

When it works, it's an amazing receiver. After 6 months of use though, this receiver starting having intermittent issues such as randomly muting for a few seconds, and sometimes it would also play audio that sounded super fuzzy until I powered it down and back up. I wanted to believe it was an issue with some other piece of equipment in my home theater so initially tried troubleshooting other components of my system. As time went on though, the muting started happening more frequently and I also started noticing my speakers crackling for a few seconds as well as the unit randomly powering off. I tried troubleshooting the issue more seriously. After a month going back and forth troubleshooting speaker cables, replacing them with lower gauge wires, replacing my HDMI cables, confirming the firmware was up to date, factory reseting the unit, testing different speakers, I'm confident that my unit is faulty. I wish I hadn't went through the trouble because now my warranty has expired less than a week ago.

Quality Issues

By Vic2665
Rated 2 out of 5
Date: 2022-03-14

I’ve been a Denon fan and customer for some time. In addition to the AVR-X6700H, which I’ve owned for over a year now, I've also owned an AVR 4310CI and AVR 3313. That said, I can’t in good conscience recommend this receiver or any of the current generation of Denon AVR until the current issue is resolved. Several months ago I noticed an issue with the HDMI operation. When there is a momentary break in the input signal, the output signal (i.e. Monitor 1/2) cuts out for approximately 7 seconds. This occurs as when the screen momentarily goes dark while starting or stopping a streaming program (Netflix, Prime, HBO, etc.). It also happens when the Blu-Ray player transitions from splash screen to a movie or back. The issue is particularly annoying because after four seconds my monitor (2019 LG 4K OLED C1 TV) displays the error message "No Signal Present" prominently on the screen. In addition the AVR appears to degrade the video signal quality. Recently, when I started an HBO movie on an Apple TV 4K, the sound track played for several minutes with no picture. When I restarted the program, my monitor displayed the error message “Unable to play this video: HDCP ERROR”. Rebooting the receiver corrected the problem. I’ve noticed that on the transition from program material back to home screen, the component home screen (eg. Apple TV 4K) appears for a blink before the signal cuts out again for seven seconds. When I bypass the AVR by inserting an HDMI coupler between the Device-in cable and the Monitor-out cable, these transitions are instantaneous - and the picture is distinctly richer - with no HDMI issues. Denon claims there is an HDMI "handshake" within the Receiver. Maybe. However, I've been around computers long enough to know that sloppy coding and/or firmware bugs are enough to weigh down the best electronics. After speaking with a service rep at Denon, I was supposed to receive a call back from a senior engineer. I’m still waiting for that call. The open ticket number with Denon for this issue is: 220204-0000664. I’ll update this review as appropriate.

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PS5 has 7.1 output. X6700H has no 7.1 Multi ...

PS5 has 7.1 output. X6700H has no 7.1 Multi Channel Inout. What's the setup gonna be? Thx a miilion.
Asked by: Albert
You can connect an HDMI cable from the PS5 into your Denon AVR-X6700H and then output to your surround speakers from the Denon AVR-X6700H.
Answered by: David
Date published: 2022-05-08

Does this receiver power 11 speakers? I have 4 ...

Does this receiver power 11 speakers? I have 4 Atmos rated ceiling speaker, and my current 9.2 receiver does NOT power them. I don't want to have to add an extra amplifier.
Asked by: Mitchell
Yes it does. But it is also capable of process up to 13.2 channels with an additional external amplifier.
Answered by: Davide
Date published: 2020-11-21

I see there are 11 binding posts for 11 speakers, ...

I see there are 11 binding posts for 11 speakers, but the product description states "7.1.4- or 9.1.2-Channel 3D Audio Support" suggesting two of those binding posts might need an amplifier to power the 10th and 11th speaker. Why does the description offer only 9 speakers?
Asked by: Mitchell
This AVR is actually capable of handling 13.2 channels, 2 needs additional power if you want to achieve this configuration. 7.1.4, 9.1.2 or any othe configuration is just the way how you setup your speakers. First number (7 or 9) is normally referred to the number of speakers at your hear height Second (1 or 2) is the number of Subwoofers Third (2 or 4) is normally the ATMOS/DTS-X or Ceiling speakers Hope that helps.
Answered by: Davide
Date published: 2020-11-20
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