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DJI RSC 2 Gimbal Stabilizer

BH #DJRONINSC2 • MFR #CP.RN.00000121.01
DJI RSC 2 Gimbal Stabilizer
Key Features
  • Designed for Mirrorless & DSLR Cameras
  • 6.6 lb Payload for Camera & Accessories
  • Foldable into Underslung Mode
  • 1" OLED Screen
The DJI RSC 2 is designed for mirrorless and DSLR cameras and supports up to 6.6 lb camera and accessories loads. The motors of the RSC 2 are 50% more powerful than those of the Ronin-SC, which is the predecessor of this redesigned gimbal. A key feature of the RSC 2 is a foldable design that allows switching to underslung mode.
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DJI Ronin RSC 2 Overview

By B&H Photo's

The DJI RSC 2 is designed for mirrorless and DSLR cameras and supports up to 6.6 lb camera and accessories loads. The motors of the RSC 2 are 50% more powerful than those of the Ronin-SC, which is the predecessor of this redesigned gimbal. A key feature of the RSC 2 is a foldable design that allows switching to underslung mode.

The gimbal head folds down from the gimbal handle, and you can then flip the gimbal around and use it underslung for low-angle shots, without having to attach or detach anything. The gimbal handle remains integrated and has built-in batteries that provide up to a 14-hour runtime. Also, the batteries can be charged via the handle while the gimbal is being used in operation (except in extremely high/low temperatures). The handle supports PD and QC 2.0 fast-charging protocols and can be recharged in approximately two hours using an 18W fast charger, not included. The foldable design of the gimbal also allows for easier transport and storage.

The RSC 2 also features a 1" OLED black-and-white screen and has a horizontal dial on the front for focus adjustments with the same hand you hold the gimbal. On each side of the gimbal handle is a NATO mount with M4 threads for attaching dedicated accessories such as an optional briefcase handle.

The RSC 2 uses the DJI Titan stabilization algorithm, an improved version over the previous one that provides better stabilization and fluidity. There's also a built-in feature called SuperSmooth that complements the algorithm when working with up to 100mm zoom lenses. SuperSmooth compensates for micromovements and increases torque to achieve smooth motion with long lenses.

The gimbal has a dual-layer Manfrotto plus Arca-Swiss camera mounting system with two removable quick release plates. For social media content, a tap of a button positions your camera into portrait mode. The RSC 2 allows a total of six different configurations and comes with a companion iOS/Android app that provides access to features such as time-lapse, panorama, and Roll 360, which rotates your camera continuously along the roll axis. The gimbal also supports the optional DJI RavenEye transmission system, which allows for remote 1080p video transmission, ActiveTrack 3.0 subject tracking from the gimbal, and other functions.

A mini tripod is included with the RSC 2 that attaches to a 1/4"-20 thread on the bottom of the grip handle to function as a stand or an extension handle for two-handed maneuvering of the gimbal for certain shots. Camera control cables are also included that allow for control of select cameras and functions directly from the gimbal controls.

DJI recommends using only the dedicated Ronin quick release plates for mounting a camera and an 18W USB charger for fast charging of the built-in battery.
For a full list of compatible cameras, please see the most current compatibility information on the DJI website.
Key Features
  • Designed for mirrorless and DSLR cameras
  • 6.6 lb payload for camera and accessories
  • Foldable into underslung mode
  • 1" OLED black-and-white display
  • DJI Titan stabilization algorithm
  • SuperSmooth stabilization feature for long zoom lenses
  • Two NATO mounts for dedicated accessories such as a briefcase handle
  • Support for an optional DJI RavenEye 1080p transmission system
  • Integrated grip handle with built-in 14-hour batteries
  • iOS 11+/Android 7.0+ companion app
  • Time-lapse, panorama, Roll 360, and other creative functions
  • Dual-layer Manfrotto plus Arca-Swiss camera mounting system
  • Single-tap switching to portrait mode
UPC: 190021028661

DJI Ronin RSC 2 Specs

Grip DesignSingle Handgrip (Slanted)
Load Capacity6.6 lb / 3 kg
Number of Axes3-Axis (Pitch (Tilt), Roll, Yaw (Pan))
Rotation RangeMechanical Range
Yaw (Pan): 360° Unlimited 
Pitch (Tilt): 335° (-240 to 95°) 
Roll: 326° (-112 to 214°) 
Camera ControlOn Compatible Models (See Full Compatibility List)
Inputs/Outputs3 x USB-C
Wireless Frequency2.4 GHz (2.4 - 2.483)
Wireless ProtocolBluetooth 5.0
Battery Type2 x 18650
Battery Capacity3400 mAh / 24.48 Wh
Battery Runtime14 Hours
Operating Temperature-4 to 113°F / -20 to 45°C
Display TypeFixed OLED
Mounting1 x 1/4"-20 Female
1 x Cold Shoe Mount
2 x NATO Rail
4 x M4 Female
Dimensions15.7 x 7.3 x 6.9" / 40 x 18.5 x 17.5 cm
10.2 x 8.3 x 3" / 26 x 21 x 7.5 cm (Folded)
Weight2.681 lb / 1.216 kg (without Battery)
2.906 lb / 1.318 kg (with Camera Plate)
Packaging Info
Package Weight4.95 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)12.3 x 11 x 4.2"

DJI Ronin RSC 2 Reviews

A huge upgrade from earlier gimbals - great for the FX3.

By Jacob
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2022-08-22

I'm a legacy user of the Ronin 1. We still fly it with our bigger cameras occasionally, but with the quality that the FX3 and other smaller bodies are offering currently, there's just no need for so much of a payload on most shoots. Having flown the Ronin S on other shoots, I knew what to expect from a hand gimbal. However, DJI really has done a ton of work making their gimbals more ergonomic and intuitive. The menu system is really clean, and the incorporation of the DJI Ronin app really does round out the whole package. A novice could learn this system very quickly, and an experienced gimbal shooter should be able to just pick it up and run with it. The addition of the physical axis locks it a total game changer with respect to balancing, and the all of the plate and axis tensioners are really nice and easy to manage, and above all, stay tight. The payload is supposedly just a bit over 6lbs. I can't speak to that, but it handily flies an FX3 with the Sony 28-70 ii. There's plenty of room to balance slightly larger rigs, but I definitely would get a bigger gimbal for something like a small red or an FX6. The battery is really nice. I've had it on several longer days already and entering the field with an 80% charge is most likely enough to run a good two days. If there's ever any doubt charging via USB-C PD with a portable battery bank is a quick way to top it off. While the gimbal motors are locked, I do notice some slight drift in the pan axis, but it's more of an annoyance than an actual issue. All in all, I highly recommend it, and for the price it's pretty hard to beat.

First Impressions from a first time gimbal user

By David
Rated 4 out of 5
Date: 2022-06-14

I basically shoot documentary run and gun stuff of my travels, for myself, friends, and family. I stepped into video from mostly stills within the past year and found that I have wasted a couple of months' time correcting tilt and stabilizing clips from some initial projects, before I can even create the docu. Initial footage shot with the gimbal was a game-changer from hand-held. Clips made by walking showed only the very slightest of motion, whereas walking shot without the gimbal were to a too large extent unwatchable and even un-correctable. With the gimbal I even stood on a floating dock that was rocking up and down from a passing boat's wake, and the horizon stayed put and level - very impressive. I bought the gimbal 1st for my Panasonic HC-X 1500/2000 4K camcorder and 2nd for my Canon 6DMkII and 28-70mm lens. I found the balancing process to not be difficult with either camera, it just takes a couple of minutes, once the rig has been assembled with the camera, Raven Eye and cables. As others stated, the manuals' and DJI on-line instructions leave a lot to the imagination, and I resorted to searching blogs and comments on-line to learn how to properly connect the Raven Eye so that it will track. Controlling the Canon 6D works as advertized, but the HC-x1500/2000 was not listed as controllable, so I have to start, stop, and Zoom it manually. Even so, having it on the gimbal is still worthwhile for me. With the Canon rig mounted in the gimbal, its focus motor becomes quite audible in the recording with or without the lens support. To avoid this I bought an extra DJI phone mount just for its cold shoe, to which I mount an external mic onto the gimbal's handle opposite of my phone holder. This required a very inexpensive extension cable for the mic, but it all works fine and allows the rig to swing down to an underslung carry mode. Memorizing the gimball's short cuts will help efficiency while shooting, and I've already set the 3 custom modes to correspond to the gimballs 3 tracking modes. Experienced videographers may find some features lacking, but as a first gimbal I feel this one will be fine for me as is (I don't know what I might be missing.) Looking forward to using this on my next trip to see how it travels and carries with my other stuff. Knocked off 1 star for incomplete instructions/tutorials, and the locking button for the rotate motor/arm needs to be moved to a more accessible spot. Otherwise, looks like a well-built and capable piece of gear that I think I'll be happy with.

Smooth, easy to set up

By Dayyan
Rated 4 out of 5
Date: 2022-06-07

Took a second to figure out how to balance it but once you get it down once, its easy to set up, and amazingly smooth. Great battery life.

Portable and great performance

By Franklin
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2022-04-29

It is a very portable gimbal, you will get smooth shots and will not be disappointed.

Unbelievable good

By Samir
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2022-04-23

I'm really glad I went to B&H and they told me to buy this. It is the perfect fit for my camera.

Compact stable gimbal

By Andrea
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2022-04-22

As a first time user I was amazed how manageable this gimbal is to learn and use. It holds my Sony 7R with a adapter and Zeiss lens with ease. I also appreciate the way it folds together to a very manageable, compact package which makes it easy for being on the move.


By Walter
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2022-07-25

No me arrepiento haberlo comprado

Fantastic DJI RSC 2 Gimbal

By Gabriela
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2022-06-22

Fantastic DJI RSC 2 Gimbal, perfect stabilization, cinematic images. I recommend 100%

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Will a sony a7c with kit lens work on rsc2?

Will a sony a7c with kit lens work on rsc2?
Asked by: Andrew
What about the length of it? Same question for Sonys new pancake lens the 50,40, and 24? Are they long enough the plate wont get in the way?
Answered by: Andrew
Date published: 2021-05-19

how to replace the old battery? as battery is non ...

how to replace the old battery? as battery is non removable in Ronin sc2.
Asked by: Naresh Chandra D.
It's not replaceable and must be handled by an authorized battery disposal agent.
Answered by: Bruno
Date published: 2020-11-19

will it work with sony a7sIII and sigma 24-70mm ...

will it work with sony a7sIII and sigma 24-70mm zoom?
Asked by: martina
With all respect to B&H answer stating “it is not an acceptable combo” in Dec 2020, here are more details in March 2021. It appears Sony cameras like a7s3 and a6600 are supported for some features. What features depend on which type of cables are used to connect the camera to the gimbal: Sony style or usb-c? Power zoom lenses are supported. So, to an expert, that may still be unacceptable for some reason. For example, you can’t trigger stills with the Sony cable, but you can with the usb-c. GOOD IDEA: Go to camera compatibility list, (already provided by B&H) select your camera, see which cables support what features. There’s a link for “setup instructions” and that briefly lists EVEN MORE info like: (!) RavenEye doesn’t work with USB-C cable (?) (!).
Answered by: Joaquin
Date published: 2021-03-06

Can the RSC2 power other devices via usb-c port?

Can the RSC2 power other devices via usb-c port?
Asked by: Bernard
From what I can gather, currently it is just for camera control and connectivity to the DJI Ronin RavenEye Image Transmission System
Answered by: Marcell Makher
Date published: 2020-10-28

Will a Sigma 35mm f/1.2 fit on this gimbal, with ...

Will a Sigma 35mm f/1.2 fit on this gimbal, with a Sony A7S III? I’m concerned about clearance.
Asked by: Emberlens
Yeah. I have a 24-70 g master on it with no problem.
Answered by: Andrew
Date published: 2021-01-15

Is this compatible with the canon rebel t8i?

Is this compatible with the canon rebel t8i?
Asked by: Lucas
According to DJI, the Canon Rebel T8i is not compatible with the RSC 2.
Answered by: Kirk
Date published: 2022-02-28

Is the DJI RSC 2 compatible with the Panasonic ...

Is the DJI RSC 2 compatible with the Panasonic GH6? If so, does Raveneye also work?
Asked by: Zagham
The Panasonic GH6 is not listed as a compatible camera on DJI's website for the Ronin RS2. However, the RavenEye will work with the GH6.
Answered by: Peterm
Date published: 2022-06-30

Will this work with the Red Komodo?

Will this work with the Red Komodo?
Asked by: Kenny
Doesn't work w Komodo
Answered by: Reggie
Date published: 2021-07-07
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