Capture One Pro (Download)

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Capture One Pro (Download)
Key Features
  • Advanced Photo Editing
  • Raw Processing / Tethered Photography
  • EIP File Export Collaboration
  • 500+ Cameras and Raw Files Supported
Capture One Pro is an advanced photo editing software with tools for cataloging, raw image file processing, tethered photography, and collaboration. The application offers compatibility with more than 500 individual cameras and raw file types as well as feature rich metadata editing capabilities.
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Capture One Pro 23 Overview

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  • 4AI Integration (16.4)
  • 5Faster Culling
  • 6Smart Adjustments
  • 7Layers in Styles
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  • 9Change Capture Time
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Capture One Pro is an advanced photo editing software with tools for cataloging, raw image file processing, tethered photography, and collaboration. The application offers compatibility with more than 500 individual cameras and raw file types as well as feature rich metadata editing capabilities.

For fine-tuned editing, a range of curves and color tools can be used in both global and local methods. When saving files for the web, a refined re-scaling engine works to maintain the original file's sharpness and clarity at smaller resized resolutions. For team projects or working with other editors, EIP files can be exported for simplified sharing. This version adds multiple new features, and the program is compatible with Mac or Windows systems.

AI Integration (16.4)
  • AI Crop: Create consistent crops by automatically aligning your reference image
  • Faster AI: AI masking performs up to 4x faster when creating subject or background masks and 18x faster for AI selection
  • Tethering Boost: Route file types to specific devices during tethering with file destination selection.
  • Improvements have been made to better the tethering experience for FUJIFILM and Sony camera users
Faster Culling
  • Cull your images even faster.
  • Rate and tag images directly in the importer or using the dedicated cull view once your images are already in Capture One Pro.
  • Get an easier overview of similar images with automatic group view — this lets you choose your top selects even quicker.
  • Instant browsing allows you to click through your images with zero delay.
Smart Adjustments
  • Greatly reduce editing time with Smart Adjustments.
  • Get a similar look across photos that are shot under different lighting conditions by automatically adjusting exposure and white balance.
  • This feature helps with portraits, wedding photos, and other photos with people in them.
Layers in Styles
  • Have more control over editing and full flexibility over your style workflow with the ability to include layers.
  • Apply your edits to multiple layers from a single style.
  • This allows for easy opacity control.
  • Save your own styles with layers in them or get layered versions of various Capture One Style Packs (such as Film Styles, Harmony, or Latitude), sold separately.
Change Capture Time
  • Ensure accurate orders of photos for easier culling by changing capture time.
  • When shooting with two or more cameras that are out of sync, or when capture time is set to the wrong time zone, easily adjust the time on each image so the photos appear chronologically.
Variants in Albums
  • Easily sort different variants of the same image into separate albums for more efficient photo organization.
Other Features
  • Each Capture One Pro license includes three separate activations
  • Panoramic stitching of landscapes and architectural scenes with high detail from edge to edge
  • ProStandard camera profiles preserve and protect original camera colors from changes caused by contrast (available for select cameras)
  • Up to 16 different layers can be used on an image along with different brush options and opacity adjustments for controlled masking
  • Adjustable layer opacity for fine-tuned results
  • Editing controls fully support Wacom tablets
  • Luminosity masks
  • Gradient masks
  • Radial masks
  • Clarity tool enhances local and micro contrast values without destroying highlight and shadow details
  • Structure tool helps add definition to fine details
  • Shadow and Highlight Recovery tools help maintain a long tonal scale with rich, natural colors and a longer apparent dynamic range
  • Luma curve for adjusting luminosity values without affecting hue and saturation
  • Feather mask
  • Grayscale mode masking
  • HDR merging of multiple raw images with different exposures
  • Shoot directly to your computer with wireless tethering, available for select Canon and Nikon cameras
  • AI-driven auto-rotate tool for rotating huge image batches simultaneously
  • Style brushes
  • Dedicated Healing tool lets you brush over elements in an image to automatically repair them
  • Review edits with a single click using the Before/After tool
  • Intuitive Adobe Lightroom importer lets you import Lightroom Catalogs while maintaining basic image adjustments and folder structures
  • Basic color editor
  • High Dynamic Range tool
  • Enhanced noise reduction
  • DNG file support
  • Both layers and masks can be copied between photos
  • Native Apple M1 support / seamless integration with Apple M1 processor-based products
  • HEIC support (8-bit) for editing photos from Apple devices
  • Multiple sharpening tools
  • Extensive library of built-in lens profiles
  • Custom-made color profiles from hundreds of different cameras
  • Color Balance tool breaks down color grading with the ability to independently adjust hue and luminosity for shadows, mid-tones, and highlights
  • Dedicated Black & White tool for converting color originals to monochromatic grayscale images while minimizing noise for smooth tonality
  • Color Editor lets you adjust hue, saturation, and lightness for a specific range of colors
  • Skin Tone tool
  • Dehaze
  • Full support for reading layered PSD files
  • Keywords can be added and removed from images using simple clicks
  • Keyword libraries can be created to manage different lists of sorted keywords
  • Third-party plug-in extensions supported
  • Images can be annotated with handwritten notes and drawings directly on the file

Capture One Pro 23 Specs

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Standard: Perpetual License
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3 Users / 3 Devices
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Operating System: Windows/macOS  

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