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Rode Wireless GO II 2-Person Compact Digital Wireless Microphone System/Recorder (2.4 GHz, Black)

Rode Wireless GO II 2-Person Compact Digital Wireless Microphone System/Recorder (2.4 GHz, Black)
Key Features
  • 2-Person Interviews, Vlogs & Podcasts
  • Built-In Omni Mics & 3.5mm Mic Inputs
  • 2 x Mini Clip-On Transmitters/Recorders
  • Records 7 Hours of Uncompressed Audio
Expanding on the original Wireless GO with updates allowing for two-person shoots, onboard recording, a greatly extended range, and flexible output options, the black Rode Wireless Go II system lets videographers, vloggers, and mobile journalists confidently and quickly incorporate wireless audio into their setup regardless of their experience level or what device they're recording to.
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Rode Wireless GO II Overview

  • 1Description
  • 2Version II Upgrades
  • 3Powerful Customization
  • 4Out of the Box, onto the Set
  • 5True Wireless Microphone Ready for Run-and-Gun
  • 6Grab a Mic and Go
  • 7Sonically Solid and Secure
  • 8Works with Rode Connect
  • 9Additional Features

Expanding on the original Wireless GO with updates allowing for two-person shoots, onboard recording, a greatly extended range, and flexible output options, the black Rode Wireless Go II system lets videographers, vloggers, and mobile journalists confidently and quickly incorporate wireless audio into their setup regardless of their experience level or what device they're recording to.

Boasting secure Series IV 2.4 GHz digital transmission, easy operability, and built-in mics (lavalier mics available separately), the system is ready to go at the press of a button; you can focus on getting the shot knowing that the Wireless GO II is delivering quality audio at a range of up to 656 feet. There are no menus and no finicky dials, just simple power-on-and-go functionality and a bright, informative LCD screen showing you what you need to see. When you're ready for more, use Rode's companion app to access a powerful feature set and extended customization of settings.

The transmitters can capture uncompressed audio with a maximum resolution of 24-bit / 48 kHz. Using Rode's companion app, you can export files in the same recording resolution, or other settings such as 32-bit float / 48 kHz, which only offers compatibility with DAWs and other programs that support 32-bit float. The transmitters do not record in 32-bit float.

Version II Upgrades

Whereas the original Wireless GO employed a single channel, version II is a dual-channel system, capable of handling two transmitters at the same time for simple, two-person shoots with low latency (3.5 to 4 ms).
Use the Rode Central companion app (Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android compatible) to unlock powerful features and device customization—onboard transmitter recording, configurable safety track recording in dual mono mode, file playback and export, and more.
Via the app, each transmitter provides an onboard audio recorder offering up to seven hours of uncompressed recording (24-bit / 48 kHz WAV) or 24 hours of compressed recording, perfect for worry-free backup recording or a fast and easy way to capture sound from your subjects. Export files in various formats such as MP3 or WAV (16-, 24-, or 32-bit float) with date and time stamp information as well as automatic markers anywhere the transmitter-receiver link was broken.
Since the Wireless GO II can handle two transmitters at once, it features the ability to switch between stereo or dual-mono output modes. This enables each transmitter, and therefore each subject, to be recorded to a separate channel. Alternatively, signal from both transmitters can be mixed together and recorded identically to left and right channels. Use the app to activate safety track recording (-20 dB on the right channel).
In addition to the traditional 3.5mm TRS analog output, the Wireless GO II receiver has a USB Type-C digital audio output for operation as a 24-bit / 48 kHz audio interface. This can be connected to a computer with the supplied USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable, to the Lightning port of an iOS mobile device via the Rode SC15 cable, or to the USB Type-C port of a laptop, iPad Pro, or Android mobile device with the Rode SC16 cable (SC15 and SC16 cables available separately).
The new Series IV technology extends the line-of-sight operating range of the Wireless GO II to approximately 656' compared to the 230' maximum range of the original Wireless GO. It also offers increased signal strength in crowded wireless environments. Plus, the system is designed to run both transmitters without affecting the range performance.

Powerful Customization

"Always" Recording Mode: When this mode is activated, the transmitter will start recording audio as soon as it is switched on. It will continue recording until it is switched off, regardless of the status of the receiver. This means that you will have a continuous recording from the moment the transmitter is switched on, making this mode suitable for using the Wireless GO II as a standalone field recorder. Note that in this mode, the "mute" function will not affect the onboard recording (although it will still mute the wireless transmission). This will be the default recording mode when the Wireless GO II is on the latest firmware.
"Backup" Recording Mode: When this mode is activated, the transmitter will start recording audio when it connects to the receiver. When the receiver is switched off, the recording will stop. This means that if the signal drops out at any time or if you forget to hit record on your device, you will still have a backup recording for the period that the wireless connection was active.
Off: Switching off the recording function means the transmitter will not record any audio. Existing recordings will remain on the unit until manually deleted using Rode Central.
Activatable input pads on the transmitters engage low-sensitivity mode to avoid distortion when dealing with loud talkers.
LED brightness adjustment for the transmitters allows optimal visibility in any shooting environment.
Change the functionality of the transmitter power button to either mute the input, drop a marker into the onboard recording, or deactivate the button.

Out of the Box, onto the Set

Designed with stunning simplicity and efficiency in mind, the Rode Wireless GO II offers instantaneous functionality out of the box for your next news shoot, video project, or interview. Power up, let the receiver and transmitters automatically pair, then GO!
Mobile journalists, videographers, and vloggers will appreciate the Wireless GO II's pocket- and bag-friendly portability. With the transmitters and receiver each weighing just over an ounce and measuring approximately 1.7 x 1.8 x 0.7 inches, the subjects and camera operator will forget they're even there!
Clip each miniature transmitter to clothing, attach it to a belt, or slide it in a pocket; use it as a lavalier mic (no need for a separate mic), or operate it as a traditional bodypack transmitter with an external lav mic such as the Rode Lavalier GO (available separately).
Thanks to the receiver's minute form factor and integrated clip, it provides the flexibility to be easily mounted on a camera, in a sound bag, or to a mobile device. Its bright, high-contrast display shows battery status for the receiver and transmitter, audio level, signal strength, and more.

True Wireless Microphone Ready for Run-and-Gun

Equipped with a high-caliber, pre-polarized, omnidirectional lavalier built into the transmitter's compact housing, the Wireless GO II delivers quality audio without demanding a separate microphone (external lavalier mics optional).
The internal capsule's omnidirectional polar pattern ensures reliable audio pickup, even if mic placement is less than ideal; your subject's voice will be captured with clarity, intelligibility, and consistency.

Grab a Mic and Go

Already have a top-of-the-line external lav? The transmitter packs in a 3.5mm TRS input with plug-in power, so you can connect most lavalier microphones equipped with a non-locking 3.5mm TRS mini plug (such as Rode's own Lavalier GO, available separately), and still enjoy the convenience of the Wireless GO II.
The 3.5mm TRS external mic input passes wideband audio along to the internal mic preamp, which provides requires no manipulation of settings or parameters.

Sonically Solid and Secure

Like Rode's popular RODELink wireless systems, the Wireless GO II system utilizes the 2.4 GHz frequency band to get you away from the congested and confusing domain of UHF. Forget about scanning for channels and dialing in squelch to get a strong signal; the Wireless GO II just works!
Courtesy of Rode's optimized transmission algorithm, the Wireless GO II empowers you with a line-of-sight range of up to 656 feet, and bolsters signal dependability to mitigate drop-outs in crowded short-range environments such as retail stores, malls, office buildings, and hotels.
Rode's new Series IV 2.4 GHz digital transmission incorporates 128-bit encryption for security, stability, and hassle-free operation while bypassing the frustration of dealing with licenses and frequency mandates. Go anywhere in the world with the Wireless GO II; it automatically gives you a strong signal no matter the scenario.
Note: For optimal performance from this 2.4 GHz system, users are encouraged to maintain as direct a line of sight as possible between the transmitter and receiver. The Wireless GO II is not backward-compatible with the original Wireless GO system.

Works with Rode Connect

The Wireless GO II can be fully integrated with Rode Connect software, allowing you to capture broadcast-grade sound for your content with more freedom and flexibility than ever before, perfect for IRL streaming, recording presentations or classes, and more.
Using the Wireless GO II with Rode Connect is also ideal for podcasting applications where you require the freedom of wireless audio, from recording interviews to casual podcasting setups.
Rode Connect allows two Wireless GO IIs to be connected to a single computer. Each transmitter can be allocated to its own channel in the software for a total of four separate wireless audio streams, each with an individual level meter as well as solo and mute buttons. The Wireless GO II can also be used in conjunction with the NT-USB Mini within Rode Connect.

Additional Features

The receiver's 3.5mm TRS output sends a mic-level signal, making it compatible with an array of devices such as DSLRs and portable audio recorders.
A 3-stage level control (0, -12, or -24 dB) on the receiver allows simple and effective optimization of signal levels. Use the app to adjust the level in 3 dB increments from 0 to -30 dB.
View transmitter and receiver battery levels on the receiver's bright, high-contrast display.
Operate up to four systems simultaneously for more complex setups including up to eight microphones.
Includes the SC5 3.5mm TRS "memory" cable for tidy cable management and compatibility with cameras, DSLRs, and portable audio recorders. Plug into your smartphone or tablet via an SC7 TRS-to-TRRS cable (available separately), or snag a VXLR adapter (available separately) for hookup to an XLR-equipped video camera or audio recorder.
Internal lithium-ion polymer batteries offer up to seven hours of battery life to handle long shoots.
USB Type-C ports for battery recharging, powering via external USB battery packs (available separately), and firmware updates.
Easily recharge over lunch and dinner breaks—go from empty to a full charge in just two hours.
Includes three USB Type-C to USB Type-A cables for simultaneously charging the transmitters and receiver.
Includes three furry windshields to minimize noise from wind and rustling clothes. These have been redesigned with a secure screw-lock bayonet attachment method to eliminate slippage.
UPC: 698813007110

Rode Wireless GO II Specs

Wireless TechnologyDigital 2.4 GHz
Included Transmitters2 x Bodypack with Microphone
Max Operating Range656.2' / 200 m
Max Transmitters per Band4
Built-In RecorderYes
Timecode SupportNo
Control App SupportYes
Latency3.5 to 4 ms
Receiver TypeBeltpack
Mounting OptionsBelt Clip (with Included Hardware)
Antenna1 x Internal
Number of Audio Channels2
Audio I/O1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm TRS Female Unbalanced Mic Output
Gain Range-24 to 0 dB (12 dB Steps)
USB/Lightning Connectivity1 x USB Type-C (Audio, Bus Power, Charging)
Power RequirementsBattery or Bus Power (USB)
Battery Type1 x Built-In Rechargeable (Included)
Battery Charging Time2 Hours
Approx. Battery Life7 Hours
Display & Indicators1 x Graphic LCD (AF Level, Battery Status, Metering, RF Level, Transmitter Battery Status)
Dimensions1.7 x 1.8 x 0.7" / 4.4 x 4.5 x 1.8 cm
Weight1.1 oz / 32 g
Transmitter TypeBodypack with Microphone
RF Output PowerNot Specified by Manufacturer
Audio I/O1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm TRS Female Unbalanced Input
MutingOff/On Switch
Audio Input Level-20 dBV (Max)
Auto-Level ControlNo
Recorder Sample RatesWAV:
48 kHz (Record)
Recorder Bit Depths24-Bit
Audio File FormatsWAV
Gain Range +20 dB
Signal ProcessingNone
Sync MethodProprietary
Antenna1 x Internal
Power RequirementsBattery or Bus Power (USB)
Battery Type1 x Built-In Rechargeable (Included)
Battery Charging Time2 Hours
Approx. Battery Life7 Hours
USB/Lightning Connectivity1 x USB Type-C (Bus Power, Charging)
Display & Indicators1 x LED (Sync)
1 x LED (Battery Status)
Dimensions1.7 x 1.8 x 0.7" / 4.4 x 4.5 x 1.8 cm
Weight1.1 oz / 30 g
Microphone TypeIntegrated
Sound FieldMono
Operating PrinciplePressure Operated
CapsuleElectret Condenser
Polar PatternOmnidirectional
Frequency Range50 Hz to 20 kHz
Equivalent Noise Level22 dB A-Weighted
Maximum SPL100 dB SPL
Packaging Info
Package Weight0.52 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)6 x 3 x 2"

Rode Wireless GO II Reviews

Good concept. Good customer support. Serious software bugs.

By Yam
Rated 2 out of 5
Date: 2022-06-30

I'm in the middle of a project for which I need the devices, I just spent $13.00 shipping it to Rode for repair, and I won't get the items back for another 3 weeks. The Transmitters record on them in case you loose connection with your receiver. The concept is brilliant. But unfortunately the software has serious problems. I set up the devices on my PC (worked beautifully at first) and then I set it up on my Mac (to speed up my workflow) and the software on the devices started giving me problems to the point that the transmitters and the receivers just stopped working. Mind you, nowhere did Rode indicate this shouldn't be done. Very dissapointing considering how expensive the Rode system is. If you still purchase the product after reading this review just make sure you set up Rode Central either in PC or on Mac (PC seems to work better) but not on both as you'll have serious problems with the audio system.


By Jaycek
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2022-06-02

These small rigs are perfect for someone like me who self films for hunting. They were super easy to set up and they sound fantastic. If you are debating on getting them, go ahead and hit the purchase button. You won't regret it.

Rode Wireless Go II

By Dwayne
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2022-05-30

These were purchased to use as microphones used by ministers at a church. There were many comments from members after the first use about the clarity of voice from the audience I am very pleased with them. The wireless use is marvelous.

dead after 3 months

By mark
Rated 2 out of 5
Date: 2022-05-26

Bought wo systems, one died after 10 - 15 uses. Receiver hangs at boot.

Stop working on the 5th day

By Junting
Rated 2 out of 5
Date: 2022-05-26

It was great when it works. Once I updated the mics to the newest firmware, one of the transmitters stopped working. It is connected to the receiver but there is no sound, no matter how I tried to disconnect/reconnect. I am going to call Rode and send them to repair.

Works Great, but........

By Donny
Rated 4 out of 5
Date: 2022-05-25

It's almost as if I am collecting Rode microphones. I've been using them for years and they have all been great. The Go 2 is no different. It does seem to clip a bit here and there, but you have to option to record a safety track as a backup. Which is great. The main reason I bought these was the internal recording. One other downside, which isn't a deal breaker, is having to have 3 separate chargers if you want to charge them all at once, which most people would. The battery last as long as they claim, and when they say line of sight they are not wrong. Overall they work great just like any other Rode product. I was a little bummed to see that right after I picked these up they went on sale so now is a great time to get them. I believe there is a third party that makes a charging case as well. But the soft case that comes with them works better for me and my bag. I hope this helps. They really do sound great and you should not hesitate to get them

So far so good

By Frank
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2022-06-17

I got this as an upgrade for a similar off brand wireless set I had. The internal recording feature was the primary reason for this upgrade because dropped audio is miserable to edit. So far it works well and sounds better than the old mic as well. I paired it with the rode lav go and it really is a big difference in quality. I look forward to long term use with this set.

Excellent for 2-person live-streaming shows

By Jeff
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2022-06-07

We wanted high-quality sound, easy setup, just a few buttons, rugged design, a case, long-range wifi, long-lasting quick-charging batteries, OBS compatible, Zoom-compatible, and YouTube-compatible. We got all that and more to handle the audio for our outdoor new live-stream. We're very happy campers.

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Is it possible to connect multiple receivers to ...

Is it possible to connect multiple receivers to the same transmitters (ie. using this system to hop an audio mix to multiple cameras)?
Asked by: Cory
This is not a suggested usage of this digital wireless system.
Answered by: Steve
Date published: 2021-04-05

Can Rode please explain why there is no gain ...

Can Rode please explain why there is no gain control for the internal recordings? How do you know what it is being set to and if it is clipping or not?
Asked by: Nathan
That's incorrect. Those gain levels are for the output of the RX not the internal recordings of the TX. Per Rode's support they just told me there is no way to set the gain level of the internal recordings....which doesn't make much sense as they're not recording 32 bit float internally.
Answered by: Nathan
Date published: 2021-10-25

Will these work with GoPro Hero 8?

Will these work with GoPro Hero 8?
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Yes, using this adaper:
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Date published: 2021-08-30

Is this wireless mic system compatible with the ...

Is this wireless mic system compatible with the Sony a6500 mirrorless camera?
Asked by: Jonathan
Yes will work and connect with Sony A6500 no problems
Answered by: Raul M
Date published: 2021-11-21

What is the voltage that the transmitters are ...

What is the voltage that the transmitters are capable of sending to lavalier microphones? Want to know if this can be used with higher-end lav mics like DPA, Sanken, Countryman etc.
Asked by: Nathan
No tech info available on Go ii, however, the Rode Wireless Go provides 2.8V and I would assume that the ii is the same: Rode Wireless Go: Audio Output Standard 3.5mm TRS microphone input Supplies 2.8V plugin power for compatible microphones
Answered by: james
Date published: 2021-03-01

Is this system true diversity?

Is this system true diversity?
Asked by: Dale
Answered by: David
Date published: 2021-10-17

In combination with a 20dB physical pad is ...

In combination with a 20dB physical pad is line-level input possible? For example the Whirlwind IMPAD20?
Asked by: Tycho
Rode confirmed that a -20DB pad will enable the transmitter to handle line level input.
Answered by: Marty
Date published: 2021-02-24

Is this possible to link two mono audio files ...

Is this possible to link two mono audio files from both TX and export as a single stereo file?
Asked by: sergey
Yes. The Rode Wireless Go ii Receiver allows this. See Quick Start instructions below:
Answered by: james
Date published: 2021-03-19
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