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Atomos Ninja V+ 8K HDMI/SDI Monitor/Recorder Pro Kit

Key Features
  • Atomos Ninja V+ 5.2" Recording Monitor
  • AtomX SDI Module with 2 x 12G-SDI Ports
  • Atomos Connect 4K HDMI to USB Converter
  • Pre-Activated SDI Raw, H.265 License
Expand your on-camera monitoring and recording options all the way up to 8K30 and 4K120 ProRes raw with the flexible Ninja V+ 8K HDMI/SDI Monitor/Recorder Pro Kit from Atomos. Designed to bridge the gap between mirrorless and cine-style cameras, this kit pairs the latest 5.2" Ninja V+ 8K HDMI recording monitor with an AtomX SDI module, a free-to-download H.265 codec license, and a pre-activated SDI raw key. Designed to offer multiple recording options for both HDMI-output mirrorless cameras and SDI-output cine-style cameras, this bundle will keep pace with your choice of the latest cameras for each job you take on.
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Atomos Ninja V+ Pro Overview

Expand your on-camera monitoring and recording options all the way up to 8K30 and 4K120 ProRes raw with the flexible Ninja V+ 8K HDMI/SDI Monitor/Recorder Pro Kit from Atomos. Designed to bridge the gap between mirrorless and cine-style cameras, this kit pairs the latest 5.2" Ninja V+ 8K HDMI recording monitor with an AtomX SDI module, a free-to-download H.265 codec license, and a pre-activated SDI raw key. Designed to offer multiple recording options for both HDMI-output mirrorless cameras and SDI-output cine-style cameras, this bundle will keep pace with your choice of the latest cameras for each job you take on.

This kit's AtomX SDI module adds two 12-SDI ports to the Ninja V monitor's HDMI output, offering the flexibility of up to three simultaneous video outputs. The SDI raw license enables support of up to 8K ProRes raw video via both the HDMI and SDI outputs, as well as up to DCI 4K120 ProRes. Cross conversion options include HDMI raw to SDI output and the ability to crop and down-convert DCI and UHD 4K for compatibility with EVFs and wireless video transmitters/receivers without adding other converters. A sun hood, battery eliminator, a power adapter, a locking D-Tap power cable, and a hard case round out this handy kit.

Atomos Ninja V+ 5.2" 8K HDMI H.265 Raw Recording Monitor

If you're shooting with an 8K camera, then why not record in 8K raw format using the Ninja V+ 5.2" 8K HDMI H.265 Raw Recording Monitor from Atomos. The Ninja V+ is the same on-camera monitor/recorder as its predecessor the Ninja V 5", but the Ninja+ now features a 5.2" display and records and plays back up to 8K30 raw video to and from purpose-built mini-SSDs.

The Ninja V+ can record Apple ProRes RAW up to 8K30 or DCI 4K120 directly from the sensor, and it is compatible with an array of cameras. Display features include a 10-bit screen with a brightness of 1000 cd/m² AtomHDR technology for accurate monitoring of your log gamma footage and support for popular log formats from Sony, Canon, JVC, Panasonic, Nikon, RED, Sony, and Z CAM cameras.

Built to withstand the rigors of production, the Ninja V+ features an aluminum chassis and powers from a single L-series battery. Additional features include a variety of on-screen exposure analysis, framing, anamorphic de-squeeze, and focus assist tools. Separately available AtomX SDI, AtomX SYNC, CONNECT 4K modules, and an SDI raw license key further expand your Ninja V+ capabilities. Firmware update 10.81.00 supports faster Sony and Nextorage drive detection and optimizes audio while livestreaming, and when used with the optional CONNECT unit, it offers access to powerful cloud-based services.

Firmware Update 10.81.00
When combined with the optional CONNECT module, the 10.81.00 firmware update offers:

  • Access to an array of new cloud-based video production services
  • FRAME.IO camera to cloud (C2C) ability to simultaneously record both high-quality hero and efficient proxy files with matching filenames and timecode

Bug fixes:

  • Faster Sony and Nextorage SSDmini drive detection
  • Optimized audio when livestreaming
8K Raw HDR Monitor/Recorder
The Atomos Silicon chip, AtomIC3, AtomOS 10, and efficient Apple ProRes RAW work together to deliver up to 8K30 and 4K120 continuous ProRes RAW recording while maintaining the HDR, 4K60 raw, and 1080p120 slow-motion abilities of the Ninja V.
5" Daylight Viewable Screen
The Ninja V+ features a 5.2" IPS LCD screen illuminated by a bright 1000 cd/m² LED backlight, making it possible to view in daylight without requiring a hood. Plus, the screen is also color-calibrated from the factory to ensure accurate image representation.
Recording Codecs Including Raw over HDMI
  • Record Apple ProRes and ProRes RAW with select cameras at rates up to 8K30 with select cameras and up to DCI 4K120
  • Enables ProRes RAW capture with smaller, more cost-effective, mirrorless cameras
  • Avid DNx compatibility enables wide camera and editing software compatibility
Bright 5.2" Display with AtomHDR
  • Display ten+ stops of dynamic range of your camera's log image with AtomHDR 
  • 1920 x 1080 display with 1000 cd/m² brightness for daylight viewing
  • 10-bit color processing and user calibration
  • Supports custom LUTs
Compatible Cameras
Compatible with virtually any HDMI source, including but not limited to:

  • Canon C300 Mk II, C500, R5
  • Leica SL2-S
  • Olympus OM-1, OM-D E-M1 Mark III/M1X
  • Nikon Z6/6 II, Z7/7 II
  • Panasonic AU-EVA1, GH5S, GH6
  • Panasonic DC-S1, S1H, S5
  • Panasonic DC-BGH1, DC-BS1H
  • Panasonic VariCam LT
  • Sigma fp, fp L
  • Sony a7 IV, a7S III
  • Sony Alpha 1 (ILCE-1)
  • Sony FX3, FX6, FX9
  • Sony FX700, FS5, FS7
  • Z CAM E2, E2C, E2-M4, E2-F6, E2-S6
8K30 and 4K120 Capabilities
Record 8K30 or DCI/UHD 4K ProRes RAW at rates up to 120 fps, including 24 and 25 fps for a more filmlike aesthetic. All recordings are stored as high-quality Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR files with 10-bit 4:2:2 chroma subsampling. A variety of bit rates are available to fit your project and storage needs.
SSD Recording
Record to standard 2.5" SSD drives or to compact AtomX SSDmini drives offering up to 2TB storage. SSDmini drives offer read speeds up to 550 MB/s and write speeds up to 500 MB/s, capturing up to 150 minutes of 4K video on a 1TB drive.
Codec Options
  • Apple ProRes RAW: Supporting 16-bit raw outputs from the camera via HDMI and optionally via SDI
  • Apple ProRes: An industry-standard edit-ready codec from Apple with scalable compression levels
  • Avid DNx: An industry-standard edit-ready codec for Avid editors with scalable compression levels
  • H.265 (HEVC): A highly efficient compressed codec allows you to create high-quality files with a low bit rate and small file sizes ideal for sharing; it also creates 4K HDR 10-bit deliverables and has the option to ‘bake in’ LUTs to achieve the final pixel look without the need to grade the footage
Anamorphic De-Squeeze
The Ninja V+ supports anamorphic de-squeeze, allowing you to comfortably view anamorphic footage with 1.25x, 1.33x, 1.5x, 1.8x, and 2x ratios.
Selectable Markers
A wide variety of frame lines include:

  • Cine-style 2.4:1, 2.35:1, 1.9:1, 1.85:1, and 4:3 versions 
  • Social media-style 9:16, 1:1, 1.91:1, and 4:5 options
Audio Input/Output
Input/output audio via HDMI or add external audio via the 3.5mm Line In/Mic In port; output audio using the 3.5mm headphone port for convenient audio monitoring.
Optional Expansion Modules
  • AtomX SDI Module for 12G-SDI input and output and HDMI/SDI cross conversion for up to 8K30 ProRes RAW video
  • SDI raw activation key
  • AtomX SYNC for wirelessly synced, timecoded multicamera capture
  • Atomos CONNECT 4K for HDMI to USB conversion for streaming up to 1080p60
Color Pipeline
  • ARRI Log CEI160, LogCEI200, LogCEI250, LogCEI320
  • ARRI LogCEI400, LogCEI500, LogCEI640, LogCEI800
  • ARRI Log CEI1000, LogCEI1280, LogCEI1600
  • Canon C-Log, C-Log 2, C-Log 3
  • FujiFilm F-log, HLG, JVC J-Log1, Lecia L-Log
  • Nikon N-Log, Olympus OM-Log400/Flat
  • Panasonic V-Log PQ (HDR10)
  • REDlogFilm, RED Log3G10, RED Log3G12
  • Sony S-Log, S-Log2, S-Log3
  • Z CAM Z-Log2
  • ARRI ALEXA Wide Gamut, BT.2020
  • Canon Cinema, DCI P3/P3+
  • FujiFilm F-Gamut, JVC LS300
  • Nikon N-Log, Panasonic V-Gamut
  • Rec709, RED Color2/3/4
  • RED DragonColor, DragonColor2
  • REDWideGamut
  • Sony S-Gamut, S-Gamut3, S-Gamut3.cine
Wireless Remote Control
When paired with the SYNC module, the AtomRemote iOS/macOS app provides wireless control for a range of tasks and operations via Bluetooth LE at a range of up to 49'.
Record a time-lapse video as a single file. Available in ProRes, DNx, and ProRes RAW over HDMI or SDI. Time-lapse sequence options include:

  • Number of frames/seconds captured
  • Intervals between frames/seconds/minutes/hours
  • Duration of sequence in frames/seconds/minutes/hours
UPC: 814164022569
Atomos AtomX SDI Module for Ninja V

The Atomos AtomX SDI Module for Ninja V brings 12-G SDI I/O to your Ninja V monitor/recorder. The module supports 4K up to 60p as well as 2K up to 240p and is a simple addition to your Ninja V, mounting to the expansion port in the battery slot. The 12-G ports are user assignable as input or output and support industry standard SDI formats. The AtomX provides numerous playback options including HDR.

The AtomX SDI takes advantage of the expansion port of the Ninja V to pass video signals to and from without using an external cable. The AtomX SDI supports up to 12G-SDI video signals and as part of the Ninja V Pro Kit, it supports RAW video and SDI to HDMI conversion. An L-series battery can be used to power both the AtomX SDI and your Ninja V, passing power to the Ninja V without significantly increasing the footprint of your Ninja V.

Adds two user–assignable 12G-SDI ports to your Ninja V monitor/recorder
RAW Video/Conversion
Supports RAW video and SDI to HDMI conversion as part of the Ninja V Pro Kit
Offers numerous playback options including HDR (high dynamic range)
UPC: 814164021258

Atomos Ninja V+ 5.2" 8K HDMI H.265 Raw Recording Monitor Specs

Panel TypeIPS-Type LCD
Display Size5.2" / 13.2 cm
Resolution1920 x 1080
Aspect Ratio16:9
Maximum Brightness1000 cd/m2
Bit Depth / Color Support8-Bit+FRC (1.07 Billion Colors)
HDR CompatibilityHDR10, Hybrid Log Gamma
Pixels Per Inch (ppi)423 ppi
Color Gamut100% Rec. 709
Real-Time LUT MonitoringSDR, HDR
Image ControlsAnamorphic De-Squeeze, Blue Only, False Color, Focus Peaking, Image Flip, Pixel Zoom, RGB Parade, Scaling, Screen Markers, Vectorscope, Waveform, Zebra
Inputs / Outputs
Video I/O1 x HDMI 2.0 Input
1 x HDMI 2.0 Output
Embedded AudioHDMI: 2-Channel
HDMI: 8-Channel
Audio I/O1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm Mic/Line Input
1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm Headphone Output
Built-In SpeakerNone
Power I/O1 x D-Tap Input
Other I/O1 x 2.5 mm (LANC)
Media/Memory Card SlotSingle Slot: SSDmini/SSD with Master Caddy II/III
Format Support
Video FormatHDMI (8/10-Bit 4:2:2)
8K Raw: 30
6K Raw: 30
5K Raw: 30
4K Raw: 120/100/60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98
DCI 4K: 120/100/60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98
UHD 4K: 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98
1080p: 120/100/60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98
1080i: 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98
720p: 60/59.94/50
Gamma CurveRec709
Timecode SupportYes
Pulldown Conversion2:2, 3:2
Camera TriggerHDMI
Pre-Roll Record4K: 2 Seconds
Full HD: 8 Seconds
Encoding FormatsUp to 7680 x 4320
ProRes 422, 422 HQ, LT, Raw, Raw HQ 10/12-Bit 4:2:2
DNxHD 36, 145, 220x, HQ, HQX, LB, SQ 10/12-Bit 4:2:2
DNxHR HQ, HQX, LQ, SQ 10/12-Bit 4:2:2
H.265 420, 422, HQ, LQ, MQ 8/10-Bit 4:2:2
Maximum Audio Tracks12
DC Input Power5.8 to 7.2 VDC
Built-In BatteryNone
Battery Type1 x L-Series
Power Consumption10 W (Typical)
22 W (Maximum)
Mounting2 x 3/8"-16 Female
Operating Temperature104°F / 40°C
Material of ConstructionAluminum, Polycarbonate
Dimensions5.9 x 3.6 x 1.2" / 151 x 91.5 x 31.5 mm
Weight12.7 oz / 360 g
Packaging Info
Package Weight3.575 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)10.7 x 7.1 x 4.7"

Atomos AtomX SDI Module for Ninja V Specs

Connections12G-SDI: 2 x BNC (Selectable In/Out)
PowerL-Series Battery
Dimensions3.52 x 2.44 x 1.67" / 8.93 x 6.2 x 4.25 cm
Weight4.2 oz / 119.07 g
Packaging Info
Package Weight0.5 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)4.6 x 3.5 x 2.1"

Atomos Ninja V+ Pro Reviews

absolute beast!

By Smith
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2022-06-21


all but one piece worked

By frank
Rated 1 out of 5
Date: 2022-01-26

The Battery Eliminator included with my kit was faulty straight out of the box. I need the recorder and everything for a show. I Called into try to swap out the piece but in order to do so I would need to return the entire kit which I already registered and sent out. Guess Ill have to blow more money on something That should've worked the first time . Its a 23$ part, but it was part of the bundle and the fact that my only option was to send back every single piece is incredibly frustrating. not upset with the ninja itself just upset with B&H

Best equipment I ever bought.

By Ivan
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2022-01-26

This kit does it all. On my R5 it frees me up to shoot everything with confidence. The quality of the image and the size makes this perfect for any shooting situation. Only thing I needed was a nice hard case to hold it all.

Terrific bundle

By Christopher
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2021-12-27

Great functionality at a steep discount over buying the individual components. My only [minor] complaint is that Sony touch screen focus is not [currently?] supported.

Insane Bundle!/

By Olivier
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2021-12-15

THIS IS IT! The ''Must have bundle'' 8K, RAW, 12G, camera-ready. SDI 12G in/out. Battery, power cable. And it came with the most beautiful packaging I ever see for a product like this. And also the wonderful after-services with B&H and ATOMOS is lit!


By Richard
Rated 4 out of 5
Date: 2021-11-20

The reason I got this is for the much anticipated 8K Pro res Raw footage when paired with the Canon R5 which I own. although most of my projects are currently ok at 4K I wanted to future proof my camera and have the ability to record directly to the Atomos and avoiding the overheating issues that come with the Canon R5. Atomos NInja V+ Pro package comes with everything that you need right out of the box. The quality of the footage is really beyond compare even at 4K. A very robust and well built monitor/recorder in a very small package. The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was twofold; First-even at a reduced price it seemed a bit pricey which I anticipate is going to be limiting for your average budget but now that I've seen the features I can see it as a very worthwhile investment. Second- This is my first time with an Atomos, so set-up for me seemed a little complicated at first and there doesn't seem to be detailed instructions anywhere that covered the steps that I needed. For the price, I would have expected much better set-up instructions or videos or both, the Manual and the website are both very limited in my opinion. I had to revert to older videos with the previous model to get an idea of how I was going to set it up. The end result is an amazing recorder that produces very high quality footage in edit friendly formats. For Canon users, I would have loved to see it be able to record 4K 120 which as of this writing can only be done on Sony cameras in the same way the 8K recording can only be done with the Canon R5 to my (limited) knowledge. Either way, looking to enjoy this one for a few years to come and despite the minor set-backs totally worth it.

unlock your camera

By Derek
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2022-02-02

Loving this with the FX6, if you're a colorist you'll appreciate the added bit depth. Prores raw is a tough workflow due to lack of compatibility with Resolve, but 12 Bit color is worth it.


By Emanuele
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2022-02-02

This is a steal. The best bundle deal I've ever had. Incredible performance, and the freedom to shoot forever EVEN WITH THE R5, which now will NEVER OVERHEAT!!!

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will this work with RED V Raptor as a monitor?

will this work with RED V Raptor as a monitor?
Asked by: brad
Yes, the SDI output from the RED V-Raptor can output a video signal to the SDI port of the Atomos adapter used with the Ninja V+.
Answered by: Richard
Date published: 2021-10-21

Which cameras can the Ninja V+ record 4K120, ...

Which cameras can the Ninja V+ record 4K120, currently--with current existing firmware?
Asked by: Nick
At this time ProRes raw recording over HDMI is listed for up to 4K120 with the Z Cam E2 and E2-M4 cameras.
Answered by: Joseph
Date published: 2021-08-10

with the sdi module, can it take a Wave slowmo ...

with the sdi module, can it take a Wave slowmo camera 1080 hdmi signal and cross convert it to 1080 SDI?
Asked by: nate
Hello Nate, The NINJA V+ with SDI module DOES give it the ability to cross convert, so as long as the signal can be seen on the screen, then yes it can.
Answered by: Atomos Expert
Date published: 2022-02-04

Why will this pro kit only record up to 60 fps ...

Why will this pro kit only record up to 60 fps with an A1 via HDMI 2 when HDMI 2 is 50% faster than 12G SDI?
Asked by: Jack
Limitations of recording ability with an external recorder are often due to limitations of a camera's HDMI output. While the A1 is able to internally record 4K at 120 fps, the HDMI output on the camera, does not support 4K at 120 output. Even though the Atomos Ninja V+ 8K HDMI/SDI Monitor/Recorder Pro Kit, supports 4K at 120 recording, the specifications for the Sony A1 for maximum HDMI output are "Raw 16-Bit via HDMI 4332 x 2248 at 59.94 fps"
Answered by: ericsc
Date published: 2022-11-06

Is the Ninja V+ Pro quieter than the Ninja V?

Is the Ninja V+ Pro quieter than the Ninja V?
Asked by: Justin
The fan noise levels for the Ninja V+ and Ninja V are about the same.
Answered by: Nicholas
Date published: 2021-08-10

Do I need the XDCA extension unit on the FX9 to ...

Do I need the XDCA extension unit on the FX9 to get RAW with this? Or does this circumvent the need for the extension unit?
Asked by: Francis
Yes you will need the XDCA extension unit to enable the FX9 to record ProRes RAW on the Atomos Ninja V+ Pro Kit.
Answered by: jabarih
Date published: 2021-04-29

Is the 2 second pre roll feature compatible with ...

Is the 2 second pre roll feature compatible with ursa mini pro 12k?
Asked by: Garth
Pre-roll on the Ninja V+ would be limited to 2 seconds when recording in 4k. The Ninja V+ would work with the URSA's SDI output. Please note that this feature does not work with RAW recording.
Answered by: Chris H
Date published: 2022-08-01

Will this support Canon R5 4k 120fps?

Will this support Canon R5 4k 120fps?
Asked by: Mark
In the meantime, we can all submit feedback via social media or directly to Canon's website asking for consideration in releasing a firmware update so the R5 can output 4k @ 120 FPS. I know i'll be purchasing the V+ if this happens!
Answered by: Adam
Date published: 2021-12-16
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