DayStar Filters Eclipse Glasses (5-Pack)

DayStar Filters Eclipse Glasses (5-Pack)
Key Features
  • Great for Looking at Eclipses
  • See Large Sunspots on the Sun
  • ISO 12312-2 Certified Safe
  • Spanish Language Safe Use Warnings
With this 5-pack of Eclipse Glasses from DayStar Filters you, along with your friends and family, can safely view the sun at any time. Each pair is ISO-certified for safe direct solar viewing to the 12312-2 standard, which block 100% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation while filtering out greater than 99.99% of intense visible light. The frames are made of card stock with two creases that allow the ear pieces to be folded so you can customize the glasses to fit faces of various widths.
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ISO 12312-2 Compliant
Warning: Viewing the Sun without proper protection can cause permanent eye damage, blindness, and equipment damage. Always use an approved ISO 12312-2 certified solar filter when observing the Sun through optics or cameras. Never use photographic neutral density filters for direct solar viewing, viewing the sun through an optic, or when using cameras with an optical viewfinder.
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