Kodak E100VS 135-36 Ektachrome Professional Color Slide (Transparency) Film (ISO-100)

BH #KOE100VS36 • MFR #8069627
Kodak E100VS 135-36 Ektachrome Professional Color Slide (Transparency) Film (ISO-100)
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Kodak 8069627 Overview

  • 1Description
  • 2Kodak's proprietary color amplifying technology
  • 3Kodak T-Grain Emulsion technology
  • 4ISO 100 speed
  • 5Superb reciprocity

Kodak E100VS film gives photographers the most vivid, saturated colors available in any 100-speed transparency film. It's a daylight-balanced, color reversal film designed for Kodak Chemicals, Process E-6. And its brilliant colors are made possible by Kodak's new, proprietary Color Amplifying Technology.

E100VS Film is designed for both location and studio applications. It's ideal for creating high-color transparency images that jump off the light box. Use E100VS for nature, scenics, wildlife, food, and jewelry - in fact, any subject that calls for brilliant and dramatic hues.

Kodak's proprietary color amplifying technology

Outstanding color intensity; Neutral gray scale; Images that come to life on a light box

Kodak T-Grain Emulsion technology

Exceptional sharpness; Very fine grain

ISO 100 speed

More versatility in available light; Capture more salable images

Superb reciprocity

No compensation required for exposures from 1/10,000 second to 10 seconds

Kodak 8069627 Specs

Type35mm color slide film
SpeedISO 100
ApplicationsLocation and studio shooting, E100VS is ideal for photographers who must create high-color transparency images that spring to life on the light box; Nature, scenics, wildlife, food, jewelry, and any subjects that call for brilliant, dramatic hues
ProcessProcess E-6
Color SaturationNeutral gray scale; Great color across the entire spectrum, including solid reds, greens and blues
GrainFine grain
Exposure LatitudeNarrow
Push/PullNot specified
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