Sony DSR-PD150 Professional 1/3" DVCAM Camcorder

Sony DSR-PD150 Professional 1/3" DVCAM Camcorder
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Sony DSRPD150 Overview

  • 1Description
  • 2Avanced 3 CCD Image Quality
  • 3Professional DVCAM or DV Video Aquisition
  • 4Newly Developed high MTF 12X Zoom Lens
  • 5Optical Steadyshot Image Stabilization
  • 6Analog to Digital Converter with Pass Through
  • 7Pre-Settable Time Code
  • 8XLR Audio Inputs
  • 9Digital Video Transfers with Firewire
  • 10Digital Program Editing
  • 11Digital Audio
  • 12LCD Monitor
  • 13Precision Black & White Viewfinder
  • 14Interval Recording
  • 15Manual Functions the Professionals Require
  • 16Custom Presets for Custom Looks
  • 17Progressive Scan Digital Still Photo Mode
  • 18Time and Date Burned Onto Tape
  • 19Info-Lithium Battery with AccuPower
  • 20Digital In-Camera Effects

Going places big heavy broadcast cameras simply cannot, Sony's super-portable professional camera, the 1/3 inch 3-CCD DSR-PD150 offers, first and foremost, excellent image quality. True-to-life images and highly customizable picture-looks along with time-code and professional audio features make the DSR-PD150 a serious choice for the serious shooter. And Sony's CCD's do double duty capturing fine digital-still photo images in 480 line progressive scan mode.

Avanced 3 CCD Image Quality
This compact camcorder features three newly developed 1/3 inch 380K pixel CCDs that allow two scanning modes: 480 progressive (for still photos) or interlaced (for video). These new CCDs also provide high quality acquisition with increased resolution and sensitivity with reduced noise and vertical smear.
Professional DVCAM or DV Video Aquisition
With the DSR-PD150 you have the capability to record DVCAM or DV format video on the Mini tape size. The DVCAM format records highly reliable professional video with locked audio. In the universal DV format you can record beautiful images in SP mode only(maximum 80 minute recording time).
Newly Developed high MTF 12X Zoom Lens
Professional quality picture starts with a high quality lens. Produced with high Modulation Transfer Function (high MTF= high resolution throughout aperture range), the 6-72mm lens provides exceptional detail and clarity that reduces optical distortion, and provides better corner to corner focus. The lens accepts 58mm screw-on filters.
Optical Steadyshot Image Stabilization
Super Steadyshot senses both horizontal and vertical movements, adjusts and optically (not digitally) compensates for unsteadiness while maintaining picture quality.
Analog to Digital Converter with Pass Through
The camcorder's analog inputs feature a built-in Analog to Digital converter that will convert your analog video/audio to a digital signal that can either be recorded to tape or passed-through the i.Link interface to a compatible computer.
Pre-Settable Time Code
The time code can be preset using any number in Hour/Minute/Second/Frame. The time code mode can be selected between "rec-run" or "free run." User bits can also be set.
XLR Audio Inputs
The DSR-PD150 camcorder features dual XLR audio inputs for connecting professional microphones. The input level can be selected from Mic/Line/Mic Attenuator positions. 48 volt phantom power can be supplied. Input 1 audio can be recorded on either CH1 or CH1 and CH2 audio tracks (selected by switch).
Digital Video Transfers with Firewire
The i.Link DV In/Out interface provides a high-speed, bi-directional digital link between camcorders, VCR's, or computers for digital to digital editing, which delivers unmatched versatility and performance.
Digital Program Editing
This feature allows you to edit the tape using the i.Link/Firewire interface. After connecting the camcorder to a compatible VCR and setting in and out points for up to 20 programs, the camcorder and VCR will automatically edit the selected portions.
Digital Audio
PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) stereo audio records two channels of audio with the 48kHz/16-bit or 32kHz/12-bit mode. Audio dubbing is possible when the tape is recorded in the 32kHz/12-bit mode.
LCD Monitor
The built-in LCD monitor does double duty. You will find it handy when setting menu options, and its 200,000 pixels displays a high quality video image. The monitor swivels so as to be viewable when camera is high, low, or when shooting self-portraits.
Precision Black & White Viewfinder
Professionals appreciate that a black and white viewfinder makes critical focus easier and faster. This viewfinder has 500 lines of horizontal resolution.
Interval Recording
Time Lapse video can be achieved with the built-in intervalometer. The interval time is the time that the camera is in standby. So now you can shoot 1/2 second of video every 10 minutes, as an example. Shoot a flower opening over several days while recording only a few minutes of videotape. Select from .5 minute, 1,5, or 10 minute intervals with .5 second,1, 1.5, or 2 second record times.
Manual Functions the Professionals Require
  • Iris
  • shutter speed
  • Gain
  • AE Shift
  • White Balance
  • Color Level
  • Sharpness
  • Neutral Density Filters(1 and 4 Stops)
  • Spotlight
  • Backlight
  • Zebra (70% or 100%)
  • Audio Rec. Levels
  • Custom Presets for Custom Looks
    Set and store the preset options to get the video to look hard or soft, warm or cold, the way you want it.
  • Color Level
  • White Balance Shift
  • Sharpness
  • Auto Gain Control Limit
  • Progressive Scan Digital Still Photo Mode
    Digital Still Camera function allows you to capture high quality VGA (640 x 480) resolution JPEG file digital still images, and store them on to the supplied 4MB(up to 60 photos) Memory Stick digital media.
    Progressive Scan CCDs capture a complete frame for still photos rather than interlacing two separate fields to produce a video frame. This high performance system eliminates the stair stepping effect that can be seen in standard interlaced systems when capturing still images. The images will be sharp and clear with excellent definition.
    Time and Date Burned Onto Tape
    Useful in legal depositions, security applications or anytime you just want to remember the details, the PD-150 will burn time and date onto the video.
    Info-Lithium Battery with AccuPower
    The DSR-PD150 works with the Infolithium system of Sony batteries. The lithium battery chemistry means longer overall life with more uses because there is no memory effect. The Accupower feature gives an accurate battery life meter in the viewfinder of the camcorder.
    Digital In-Camera Effects
  • Titler
  • Chroma-key
  • Fade in/out
  • Flash motion
  • Trail
  • Sepia
  • Shutter
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